15 Inappropriate Pregnancy Snapchats That Cross The Line

We've all done it and if anyone claims they haven't, they're probably fibbing just a little. Snapchat is fairly addictive and there's no sense in denying the inevitable: We all post things that go just a liiittle bit too far sometimes. Occasionally, we might even do the unthinkable and post something so wildly inappropriate that we even surprise ourselves.

Luckily, Snapchat deletes photos and videos after a 24-hour period. Unluckily, most, if not all, phones have the ability to screenshot. Thus, we bring you 15 of the most 'whoops' snapchats that women (and men!) have taken during their preggo days. Prepare for all the cringe.

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15 DJ Khalid With The Inside Scoop, Literally


There's no better love than that which is expressed via Snapchat... or something like that. For DJ Khalid, that apparently includes the inside deets when it comes to his baby being born. While it's adorable to capture your baby's first few moments in this world, it's not adorable to capture... well, everything else.

14 ... Or Maybe Not So Much


Uh, we're going to take a 'heck-to-the-no' on this one. First of all, food babies are a legitimate thing and aren't to be messed around with. Secondly, claiming that you're '8 months pregnant' isn't necessarily funny to everyone, even if it is just dinner and some snacks rollin' around in there.

13 There Are No Words For The Level Of Disgust


As we said before... pregnancy does strange things. It affects nearly every part of us, including the nether parts. This can lead to some less than savory (no pun intended) results post-meal, which apparently was captured via this delightful Snapchat. Time to get some Beano and maybe Febreeze the entire restroom.

12 Surprise! It's A Chicken


Wait, what? First of all, we'd really love to know how she got a chicken to sit in her sweatshirt without losing its mind. Second of all, there's gotta be something else in there besides just chicken. A second chicken, perhaps? 'Surprise! It's twins... Sike!' And queue the farmer jokes.

11 But Is It A Spoiler If It's Posted All Over Snapchat?


When it comes to celebrity announcements, we're all over them. There's nothing more this world loves than a little bit of gossip, especially when it includes anything pregnancy or relationship-related. Therefore, a pregnancy announcement ranks pretty high on the list... Unless it's not so much of a surprise, in which case, there can be no actual spoilers.

10 Where's The Lie, Though?


Now, this is just cruel. It's one thing to have a false positive, it's another thing to create a false positive. This is either the greatest prank in a relationship or the absolute worst. Either way, it's pretty convincing if you don't look too closely at the test. Let's hope she didn't leave the marker out...

9 Snapchat Is Not A Pregnant Test Help Center


We post many things on social media, but usually not pregnancy tests with 'uncertain' results. If a test is inconclusive, usually a woman goes to her doctor to either rule out or confirm a pregnancy test. But hey, in the digital age it's much easier to post it on Snapchat and get a quick (albeit gossipy) response.

8 The Crack Of The Whip Is Strong With This One


Not going to lie, we're kind of living for this. It's not that we believe men should cook us dinner all the time (perhaps there's a bit of a white lie in that statement) but we should be pampered every once in a while. Crack that whip, girl! Make him clean up after, too.

7 Yeah... No Kidding


Sometimes, we post things that are just common sense. Pregnancy does a lot of weird things including make us think we're funny when we're really just corny. This snapchat is one that fits that exact logic and though it's funny to us, our recipient is likely rolling their eyes on the other end.

6 When Your Cat Finds Out Your Happy News Before Anyone Else

This cat's expression is priceless and we can only guess what the scenario was like which led up to this crowning moment. Not only is this Snapchat gold, but it's the perfect way to announce your pregnancy. Which, if it was unintended, is obviously now no longer a secret.

5 Brutal Honesty Is The Best


Pregnancy isn't always something that we're aiming for (pun slightly intended) but it happens. So what's the best course of action? For some women, it's just doing the natural thing... Responding with the first thing that comes to mind. We're sure 'oh Lord' has been a common instinctual reaction.

4 Yikes, Talk About Gains


Some women fluctuate drastically on the scale post-pregnancy while others remain in a certain range, and neither is right or wrong. There's no judging a healthy pregnancy via a scale, but Blac Chyna has obviously chosen to find humor in her gains. We're not so sure anyone else finds it funny, though.

3 This Sums Up Everyone's Feeling Over Surprise Pregnancies


Kim Kardashian is known for her striking poses and brutally honest Snapchats and this is definitely a high-ranking moment. Not only is it highly relatable for some, but we have to ask... how many pregnancy tests does one need in order to confirm a baby? Apparently, you can never have too many.

2 That Was Straight Savage


It's only mildly hilarious. Sometimes the truth is best served cold and those of us who are an only child can't help but say 'Hallelujah' to this one. While we adore our baby brothers and sisters (sometimes), we don't always want to welcome another tiny human into the family... no fault in being honest, right?

1 If You're Pregnant You Will Apparently Eat Anything


It's true, even soap isn't safe. Women have been known to eat some strange things while they're pregnant and this is a perfect example. Craving chocolate is definitely not unusual and sometimes, you've just gotta eat what's in front of you. We don't recommend it, but what's a girl to do when life hands you soap?

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