15 Positions That Will Drive Him Crazy

Nothing beats the feeling of getting that elusive climax, but there is also a certain sense of satisfaction watching your man get there—with your indispensable help, of course. Unlike women, men can pretty much hit the Vegas jackpot in any position, but he will surely appreciate it if you decide to spice things up and take the driver's seat every once in a while.

Men love feisty and confident women, and the best way that you can show that in bed is by choosing a position that he just can't resist. And instead of thinking about your own needs, why not make him beg for more by putting his pleasure first and foremost? I guarantee you: he'll be itching to return the favor as soon as possible.

So take things into your own hands and try out these 15 positions that will make your man go crazy over you:

15 The Waterfall

A really intense position for your man. To do the waterfall, let your man lie down on his back at the edge of the bed, his shoulders and head hanging down on the floor. In this position, you do all the work, so he can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the unique sensation of a head rush like he has never felt before.

Since this is essentially a woman-on-top position, it allows you to be in control of the depth and rhythm. It also gives your man an amazing view of your lady bits, making him reach the finish line in no time.

14 Standing Up

This isn't the easiest of positions logistically speaking, but what makes it irresistible for men is its gotta-have-you-now vibe that makes for some great and unforgettable passion.

Plus, there are many variations of this position that you can try, such as standing straight up against the wall and wrapping one leg around his hip. If your man has big guns, he can carry you while you wrap your legs around his waist and enjoy the unique ride.

13 Spooning

Whether you like it or not, your man won't always be in the mood for a lot of action in the sack. Sometimes, he just wants to shower you with affection. This is when the Spooning position comes in handy since it allows him to get up close and intimate with you while also having access to your whole body.

Make it even hotter by twisting your body and head slightly to kiss him while his hands roam around your body.

12 The Pretzel

This is a bit more complicated, but it's worth learning if only for the pleasure it gives both of you.

Lie down on your side, leaving your bottom leg flat and outstretched while raising your top leg and wrapping it around his waist. He will kneel and straddle your bottom leg during the deed. Hey may also use his hand to support your top leg while thrusting.

The angle of the Pretzel gives him a great view of the action. You both have to work together to find your rhythm since neither is in control of the action, giving both of you not just a physical connection but a mental connection as well.

11 The Valedictorian

The Valedictorian is actually a variation of the Missionary position, but it feels so much better. Starting from the Missionary position, extend your legs and place your ankles on his shoulders so that your legs form a "V" shape. The eye contact, deeper feeling, and added kinkiness factor will definitely send your man straight over the edge.

Want it even deeper? You can try grabbing your ankles to give you more stability and an added stretch. Those flexibility exercises will surely come in handy with this one.

10 Around The Bend

There's something sexy and primal in letting your man bend you over towards the nearest piece of furniture. That's exactly how you do the Around the Bend position, which satisfies his urges from the start. With your legs spaced just right and your butt in the air, your man will be able to get a deeper feeling, letting those pleasurable sensations wash over him.

To make this more intimate, you can ask your man to lean forward so that his chest touches your back while his hands remain free to fondle the other parts of your body.

9 Cowgirl

Hands down the favorite of majority of men, the classic Cowgirl position puts you on top and gives him a delicious view of your body while you do most of the work. That means he can simply lie back and enjoy the view until both of you climax. It also allows for maximum feeling, which results to maximum stimulation and pleasure for both of you.

8 Butterfly

This one is a pretty simple position, but also incredibly sexy because practically every part of your body is in full display. Lie down at the edge of the bed while he stands or kneels during. You can put your legs over his shoulders and slightly tilt your hips upwards for an easier time.

Your man is in a dominant role with this one, but seeing you vulnerable and taking it all in will make his every thrust extra special for him. You can do it on the bed, on the table, and even on the kitchen counter—it just adds to all the raunchiness!

7 69

You might think that you'll love this position more than him, but if your man is the type of person who keeps on giving, then this position is something that both of you will love. It's the ultimate position for giving and receiving, thus heightening the pleasure and enjoyment that both of you are experiencing.

However, 69 can be a bit awkward for couples who are not used to it, so it's best to find a variation that feels most comfortable. For instance, the one on top could go on all fours to allow more space. You can also opt to lie on your side to make it more comfortable for both of you.

6 The Lap Dance

Burn the house down and raise the hotness level to an all-new high by giving your man a lap dance—or at least just assume the position. Pull up a chair, let him take a seat, and get on top of him. He will definitely love the look and feel of you straddling him and being in control.

You can do this while facing him so that you're able to kiss and make eye contact. If you want to get a bit kinkier, turn your back on him and do the deed while in front of a mirror. Trust me; the view will drive him crazy.

5 Inverted Rear

Do your man a favor and make it easier for him with the Inverted Rear position. To do this, let him lie down on his back while you lie on top of him facing the ceiling. Your movements will be limited, allowing him to take control of the action as long as he likes.

Some men love being dominant in the bedroom, so this position will surely give him the alpha male feeling that he so craves. And once you try out the Inverted Rear position, you'll realize that being at the mercy of your man is not so bad at all.

4 Reverse Cowgirl

Your man will love the Reverse Cowgirl position because it would give him a sexy view of your rear. It also lets him just sit back and relax as you grab the reins and control the action.

On the other hand, this variation of the more common Cowgirl position will also work for you if you're feeling self-conscious about your body. If you're craving for a bit of intimacy though, try flashing a sly look back at him while you do your thing. That small movement is enough to drive him over the edge.

3 From Behind

You position yourself on all fours while he takes you from behind. It really allows him to feel the intensity at a speed that his lust could take him. The position also frees up both of his hands so that they can roam your body, tug your hair gently, or even give you a bit of spanking.

If you want to make your man feel like a king in the bedroom, let him have you this way.

2 The Flatiron

If you want a back-entry position that still feels intimate, try the Flatiron. Lie down on your stomach in a plank position while your man straddles you from behind. Raise your hips a little towards him to allow for a deeper feeling.

This position will really feel good on him because of the snug fit, making him feel larger down there. On the other hand, it will also feel great on you because it feels as intimate as the missionary position, but you still get to indulge on your primal side. It's a win-win for both of you.

1 Missionary

Some might say that this position is too common, but the fact remains that this is still a favorite for most men because it puts them in control while still being intimate. It's just so easy to lock eyes and lips in the Missionary position while his hips are doing all the work.

Since he is in control, he can also do a lot of things with this position, such as pinning your hands above your head, nibbling your earlobes, and kissing and biting your neck. This power position also allows both of you to set the pace together.

Nothing really feels more intimate than the Missionary position.

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