15 Places To Take Your Next Date

Tired of taking your date to dinner every time you hang out? Sometimes it gets a bit boring doing the same thing with your date every time you go out. Sometimes you want to have a bit more fun, and not be so traditional. There are hundreds of things that you can do as a couple that will make your day or night fun, silly, romantic, or special. Make it a date that is more about making a memory than to just go out with somebody that you like. Not only are these places fun, but they are places where you will have time to get to know somebody if you have just started dating them. Make dating fun again by thinking outside of the box! Your dates don’t have to be super expensive too, sometimes the cheapest dates are the best ones!

15 Hike

If you’re looking to do something a bit more adventurous for a date, go on a hike! There are tons of trails that you can research that you can go check out with your date for the first time, or if you have a specific favorite spot in mind that you want to show them, go ahead. Not only will you probably get a great workout from the hike, but you will be able to hold some great conversation time with your date as well. And by going on a hike, you’ll be able to avoid the awkward silent moments because you both will have tons of stuff to look at and distract yourself with! If you start running out of things to say, just start mentioning the view, or point out if you see any wildlife—even if it’s a bug! It will be a great moment when you reach the end of the hike, whether that’s at the top of a mountain with a scenic view, or if you’re surrounded by forest—this the perfect time for a celebratory end of the hike selfie! After the date, you can even extend it to go get some healthy smoothies or lunch to continue your time together!

14 Flea Market

One way to have a fun day out, do a little shopping and find some bargains is to go to a flea market. No, this is not a market full of fleas—It is usually a place where people sell antiques, jewelry, paintings, or anything that is homemade to the general public. It is fun because you usually always find some hidden gems that you usually wouldn’t find anywhere else, and for a much cheaper price. It could be fun with your date to walk around, explore, and talk about the different things that you find. This is a great place to get to know somebody because you can walk around and chat while you are both invested in what kinds of interesting and unique things that people are selling! You never know what kinds of things that you might find!

13 Rent Bikes

One date idea that you can try is to rent bikes! This is a great way to explore the city that you’re in, have the wind in your face, and to have a fun and adventurous time with your date. There are many different places that you can rent bikes from—one classic way is to rent bikes along the beach and have a nice and relaxing beach cruise. Another place to rent a bike is if you live in a city—some cities have bikes that you can rent right on the street and you can return to many different locations depending where you are. This is a fun way to explore the city with your date because it’s quick and easy to get to places especially if there is a lot of traffic. Maybe explore a park and grab lunch at an outdoor café where you can keep your bikes safe at an eye’s distance. It will be a memorable time for you and your date and you will be itching to do it again!

12 Bowling

One absolute classic spot to go on a date is to go bowling. It’s a place where you can let loose a little, have fun, and not take yourself too seriously. It’s a fun way to break the ice with someone if it’s a little awkward because you’ll be constantly distracted by trying to get as many pins down as possible! It could be a good flirting mechanism—to tease your date about their shot or to brag about how much you are winning! You can eat, drink, have a good time, and even dance a little if there is some good music jamming on. You can play against one another in a game, or even flirtier, play as a team and try to get the best score that you two can possibly get. Bowling is a great time for everyone, and you’ll be surprised by how comfortable bowling shoes are!

11 Festival

If you really want to impress your date—take them to a festival. Now, this could be a festival of anything—a food festival, music festival, or even a beer festival (if you’re of age)! A festival is a great place to walk around, chat, and eat fun and different foods that are there. If you’re at a food festival, maybe have a contest to see who can find the wackiest food, or, if you know that your date loves a certain band that is playing at a music festival, make sure you’re both in the front row jamming along! Festivals are very social places to be, so don’t be worried if it’s going to be an awkward time between you two. There’s tons of stuff to do, people to see, and food to eat to keep you busy! Look up online to see if there are any festivals happening in your area, and go check it out! You are bound to have a great time!

10 Mini Golf

Another classic date spot, but one that is always reliable, is to play some mini golf! Now, since mini golf doesn’t require a lot of actual golf skills, this will be fun for anyone at any age. It could be a challenge trying to get your ball into some of the crazy holes that they have around the course. Make it a competition with your date, and see who will be the overall winner of the night! Whoever loses can pay for the arcade games that are usually inside of the facility! Anything that doesn’t require much thinking for a date is always nice, cause it’s always beneficial to have a chilled out night out with the person that you’re dating. Make sure to take tons of selfies, and to celebrate if you get a hole in one!

9 Go-Karts

If your date is a bit more of the adventurous and athletic type, then a great place to take them is to go go-karting! Go karting is essentially karts that you can accelerate yourself and you go around on a track with a bunch of other competitors. It’s hilarious because you realize how difficult it is to try and maneuver your little kart around! You get to race your date, and the best part is the satisfaction of passing them on the track and beating them! This is an awesome place to break the ice with your date too, because technically, you don’t really have to talk the entire time you’re racing each other. It is something easy to do together and is a great topic of conversation if you’re looking for it! If you’re in the need for speed, definitely go ahead and check this fun and exciting date spot out!

8 Casino

I know what you’re thinking. Why would I take my date to a casino? Hear me out! A casino isn’t JUST for losing your money from gambling. I mean, it could, but there is so much more to do. Casinos are places that can be fun and exciting if you allow them to be. Slot machines can be a fun way to pass the time, and who knows, you might win some money! Casinos also have shows and concerts going on in them all the time, so check out the schedules and see if there is something that is even somewhat interesting and go watch! Casinos are also known for their buffets. Who doesn’t love a restaurant that lets you pick out how much food and what kind of food is on your plate? You and your date can dress up and have a fun night out just walking around and socializing around the casino—you never know what you might see!

7 Beach

The beach can be one of the most romantic places for a date. You can go at any time of the day, and it will always be a beautiful, relaxing, and entertaining place to be. Take your date to the beach and have a fun day out just chilling out. Bring some food, your beach towels, and a swimsuit and have a beach day picnic where you can relax, chat, and eat while watching the waves crash along the shore. If you don’t want to have a full beach day, going to the beach to catch the sunset is always a beautiful spectacle to see—especially if you are with someone you really like. Just sit and watch the sun go down, smell the fresh beach air, and feel the wind on your face! You and your date will love the relaxed, cool, and peaceful vibe of your night!

6 Museum

If you’re looking for a nice, quiet, time out with your date, a museum is the perfect place. Research some museums in your area and you will be shocked by how many there are out there! Museums are nice to walk around in, and it’s a great place to expand your mind and actually learn something. Whether it’s a museum of modern art or even a museum about your local city, it’s still a fun experience to witness and be surrounded by all things historical. This is a fun place to take a date because you can walk around and chat about the different things you see. There will always be a topic of conversation around you, and it might even be fun to make it a game! For example, whoever finds the weirdest or prettiest painting or artwork gets to buy the other one a coffee! You don’t have to make your museum experience a boring one, there is always interesting, weird, and fascinating stuff that will keep your mind busy!

5 Concert

Want to be able to let loose and have some major fun on a date? Go rock out at a concert! The atmosphere of any concert can be totally fun if you allow it to be! Ask your date what their favorite bands are and check out to see if they are playing anytime soon. Or, it could be fun to check out a band that neither of you has ever seen nor heard of before! You can dance all night, rock your head to the music, and guarantee a night of laughs, music, and fun with your date. It doesn’t have to be a very popular band either, there are always local bands that play in coffee shops, restaurants, or parks around your area that are more than likely free to attend. Not only will you have a wonderful time with your date, but you will be supporting your local bands as well!

4 Dance Lessons

Now, before you give an absolute “no” to this next date spot, think of all the benefits. If you’re in the mood to do something totally out of the box, take your date to some dance lessons! Obviously, you don’t have to take it completely serious, and you don’t have to sign up for any dance competition, but taking dance lessons together can be a fun and hilarious time together. Check out salsa classes, ballroom dances, or even modern dance lessons. Both of you will be a team and will lean on each other for support (literally!) during the entirety of the lesson. Don’t be embarrassed if you mess up or if you feel like you look stupid, just don’t take yourself so seriously and be able to laugh at yourself! Not only will you get in a great workout, but you and your partner will forever have some dance moves that you can show off to the world when the opportunity comes!

3 Sports Game

Go cheer on your favorite sports team by making it a date! Any sports game you chose to go to will be totally full of energy, and even if your favorite team loses, you will still have a great time. You will feel the energy of the crowd around you, you both will be able to people watch, and you’ll enjoy eating all the hot dogs and popcorn you want. Whether it’s a professional sports team, or even just your local city’s football team, you are bound to have a great and memorable time with your date. Make sure you wear all of your team’s gear—tee shirts, hats, face tattoos!! You two can have fun and flirty conversations in the stands and best of all, you can share some cotton candy! Don’t be afraid to cheer, sing at the top of your lungs, and root for your favorite team in front of your date!

2 Amusement Park Or Carnival

Want to take your date somewhere fun? Somewhere that you can stay the whole day and not want to leave? Go to an amusement park! You can walk around, play games, eat a bunch of junk food, and best of all—ride some classic amusement park rides! If you or your date is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, then definitely check out what your local amusement park has to offer. There are probably roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and rides that will absolutely make your head spin. This is a place to have fun, and what better place to take someone who you really want to have a great time with? See how many times you both can go on a certain roller coaster until you can handle it anymore, or better yet, play some games to see if you can win and take home any prizes!

1 Movie

This is an absolute classic, but so many people take their dates to the movies for a reason. It’s fun, entertaining, and you’re able to laugh, cry, or get scared together. Although there’s not much time for talking, this could be a good thing if you’re just starting to date someone and you want to get past that awkward first date stage. Head to dinner before or go get some ice cream after to continue the date and to chat about what you thought about the movie. If you want to make things even more special, go into a drive-in movie! You’ll be able to watch and chat in your own car and won’t have to keep quiet in a movie theater. Or, it’s always nice to watch a movie and make someone dinner at home! Whatever it may be, movies are always a great idea if you’re itching to ask out someone you’re crushing on!

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