14 Places That Body Hair Removal Is The Most Painful

You love the luscious locks that grow from your head, but anywhere else? Forget about it. You must have Viking roots because your hair grows here, there and everywhere. If you’re concerned about your body hair, you’re not alone. Many women feel self-conscious about the excessive number of follicles sprouting from their skin. Body hair can be a real pain (literally!) especially during hot summer months when all you want to do is bare your silky-smooth skin at the beach. Razor jobs never seem to last longer than a day or two at most, but you hate the chemicals found in drugstore hair removal products. Your best bet is to book a trip to your local (and well researched) esthetician for your next head-to-toe hair removal.

Yes, waxing can be cringe worthy and ouch-inducing stuff, but it also leaves your skin soft and hairless for three to six weeks (depending on your body’s hair re-growth process). Depending on your wax location, you might be skipping out of the salon like a polished goddess, or limping out of your appointment like a bruised boxer. There’s no doubt that a Brazilian wax can leave you feeling like you just escaped a match in the wrestling wring. It’s been an hour and you can still feel the sting! From your legs, to your forearms, to your lady bits, to your toes- if you’ve got it, chances are, you can wax it. Unfortunately, some places on your body are a little harder to access and some, well, are A LOT more painful.

On a scale of 1 (painless) to 10 (painful), here are the top 14 body locations where hair removal is going to leave you wincing and gasping the most.

14 Bikini Line (Pain level 9)

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Whether you’re looking to run like Carmen Electra Baywatch style at your local beach or just prance around in your panties closer to home, having a clean bikini line is something to be celebrated. Your bikini line wax includes a tidy up of your pubic area and upper legs and thighs. The process can be quite painful with the more difficult hairs being the ones closer to your V, but this wax is easier than a full Brazilian, hands down. The waxing process feels like a sharp but (relatively) short-lived sting for maybe several seconds (again, like the pain of a piercing). You might involuntarily flinch or curse (especially around the landing strip), but the sharp pain quickly dulls after pressure is applied. The initial pulling pain around your bikini line doesn’t last long, though you may want to do some deep breathing prior to the ripping of hot wax strips.

13 Underarms (Pain level 9)

There have been some strange trends involving body hair over the years, and dyed armpit hair tops that list. You’re all for standing out from a crowd, but high visibility, vibrant blue pits was never a fad you wanted (thank goodness). You’ve been happily shaving your armpits for years and prefer your underarms to be clean opposed to shaggy. When you do raise your armpits for the esthetician, be prepared for some serious wincing. Surprisingly, the skin on your underarms is highly sensitive, so hair removal in your pits can be quite painful. Some women compare the pain of an armpit wax to a Brazilian or bikini wax. Yes, it’s a completely different area but your armpits are surprisingly sensitive! Because the skin here is so pliable, it may feel like your skin itself is being ripped off- ouch! The pain level of an underarm wax may be enough to make you flinch, wince or cry out in pain.

12 Lady Bits (Pain level 10)

Your lady bits can be extremely delicate, especially when it comes to anything involving strips and hot wax. But you’re willing to forego all that pain (including having an esthetician that close to your embarrassingly overgrown bush) so that you can enjoy all the pleasures of being hairless down there. A Brazilian includes not only your bikini line but ALL that hair down there (your V and your buttocks too). Your lady bits are sensitive and pulling sensations down there can be an agonizing adrenaline rush. There are a lot of nerve endings around the pubic bone and the waxing process might leave you feeling a little faint. Depending on your pain threshold, you might cry, or yell out in pain. It helps to breathe deep and hold tight! With all the delicate folds and crevices, this is indefinitely the most painful body place to get waxed. The pain is comparable to that of an ear piercing (the sting is immediate and sharp) though in a much more sensitive area, but like all bad things (except your 18-year-old tattoo), it fades with time.

11 Legs (Pain level 8)

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There’s no better feeling than lying in bed with your loved one and wrapping your legs around him. Smooth legs are an essential for bedroom play. You know the feeling of rubbing your hands over your legs when your leg hair is growing back- hello prickle party! Leg hair can be a nuisance, especially because out of the areas you have hair, this is the area you bare to the world the most. Luckily your legs have some tough skin thanks to all the daily exposure they get, and while hair removal here is not effortless, it’s less painful than your lady parts. The pain level feels like deep burn or a sharp slap. Having your shins waxed can feel foreign but what makes the process the most painful is how long the waxing takes. This area is more painful because the surface area is so large and your skin is so tight here. Yes, it is going to take some time to wax those long legs and it will probably feel like your legs got terribly sunburned afterwards.

10 Forearms (Pain level 7)

If you’re comparing your forearms to your next-door beauty queen, don’t. Chances are, if her forearms are silky, sleek and hairless- she’s waxing them. It’s normal to have hair covering your forearms, though some women have less, finer, blonder hairs and some women are cursed (or blessed, depending on how you view them) with thicker, darker, coarser arm hairs. All wax jobs involve some level of pain, and your forearms are no exception. Waxing your forearms can sting and hurt quite a bit, especially if there is a lot of hair there. Luckily, your forearms have thicker, tougher skin because your arms are more frequently exposed than other body areas. The pain will feel like a deep burn as so many hair follicles are being extracted at one time, and your arms will normally turn a reddish hue afterwards. This process is slightly less painful than getting your legs waxed, but will no doubt have you expressing some choice expletives. But velvety smooth limbs are worth it, right?

9 Thighs (Pain level 6)

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Depending on the climate in which you’re living, chances are, your thighs see a lot of daylight (and that’s a good thing -- hello summertime and short shorts)! If your legs are clean-shaven and hairless, it would look totally weird for your thighs to be long-haired. If you’re visiting your favorite esthetician for a Brazilian or bikini wax, your upper thighs and the area close to your lady parts is usually included in this hair removal treatment. While you have luscious lady curves and shapely thighs, you’ll be happy to hear that despite the large surface area, you have more fatty tissue above your knees, making for a less painful waxing experience than your legs. Your inner thighs can be particularly sensitive and admittedly, this zone can be seriously wince-worthy. The pain feels like a sharp sting, especially closer to your V, but just breathe deeply and think smooth thoughts! You will probably experience a tingling or burning sensation following the wax. Pressure applied to your thighs immediately afterwards will help alleviate the sting.

8 Chest (Pain level 6)

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Hairy chests are something you thought was only possible for men, but some women experience hair growth on their chests and breasts as well. While you’ve probably heard males talking about shaving their chests and pecs, this method can be a little more dangerous for woman, who tend to have more sensitive skin around the nipple area. If tweezing these unsightly hairs isn’t doing the trick, you may consider waxing the areas where the hair growth is occurring. While there are usually less hairs growing in this area, waxing can still be painful because your skin is so tender here. The pain will feel like a slight burn that lasts for a few seconds at most, as these hairs are generally finer and thinner hair follicles than in other bodily regions. What does hurt, however, is the pulling of your skin, which is generally more pliable and stretchy here. So, when the hair is ripped, it’s possible your skin might be too. Ouch!

7 Stomach (Pain level 5)

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Let’s face it, treasure trails or happy lines look much better on men than they do on women. Hair leading from the public line to the belly button is sexy for males, but you’d rather opt out of abdominal hair. While it is less common for women, many ladies have hair growth around their belly buttons. If you have hairs leading down to your nether regions, chances are you’re probably tried shaving, tweezing or waxing those unsightly hairs. Many women have fine, light hair growth on their bellies and others have darker, coarser hairs. While it’s usually a small amount of hair in this area, hair removal can be slightly painful as it’s a sensitive zone (especially right below your belly button). Luckily, if you do have hair there, it’ll be an easy fix that’s over in one rip (comparable to a light punch in the gut)! You will feel an uncomfortable burning and stinging sensation that will make you inhale sharply, but it will subside quickly. Generally, one strip of wax will do the trick, making this an easy wax with minimal discomfort.

6 Booty (Pain level 5)

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What?! You’ve got hair back there? Of course you do, and while these softer hairs may be less visible in your day-to-day life (unless you’re twerking in front of your bathroom mirror that is), you definitely have follicles back there. Both men and women have hair on their butts, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. One of the reasons you have hair back there is to prevent chafing between your cheeks. If you’re having a Brazilian wax, having your ghetto-fabulous-booty waxed is all part of the hair removal process. Surprisingly, after getting your front lady bits waxed, your backside treatment feels like a relief as this area is not as sensitive. Of course, the process is a little painful, and you may experience a slight twitch after the strip is ripped, but your junk is remarkably robust. The pain is nothing more than a few seconds of stinging (or a tickle compared to a Brazilian wax) that quickly dissipates.

5 Upper lip (Pain level 4)

You’ve got luscious, pouty lips and lots of amazing things to say to the world. There’s no sense in upper lip hair getting in the way of your everyday communication (including locking lips with your special someone). While most women have light hair lining their upper lip (it’s totally normal!), if you have to groom your mustache before every outing, it might be time to consider taking the plunge (or more aptly, ripping the strip). Luckily, waxing your upper lip is relatively painless and you’ll be happy to hear that it’s over in one quick rip! Because the surface area above your lips is so small, it normally only takes one or two strips of wax to remove your lip hair. The process feels like a short-lived insect bite and the slight, burning pain dissipates quickly. You’ll be enjoying hours of sensual lip locking faster than you can say, “check please!”

4 Eyebrows (Pain level 4)

If you’ve been hoping to make eyes with that cute new waiter at your favorite, go-to restaurant, a trip to your local beauty salon may be in order first. Eyebrows do more than just protect your eyes from dust and debris, they frame your face and beautiful peepers. Yes, applying wax and ripping hairs above your eyes can seem daunting, but the process is quick (a few quick rips to a small surface area) and luckily doesn’t hurt that much. Your eyebrows can be a bit sensitive, but this facial feature hurts far less than other areas. The pain is comparable to that of tweezing your eyebrows, but feels like a slightly more concentrated sting, as more hair follicles are being ripped out at one time. If you’ve been tweezing your brows since you were a teen, chances are your brows are used to a little tough love, so the process won’t feel too painful.

3 Chin (Pain level 3)

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Bearded women are generally better suited for the circus. If you’re happy sporting a chin strap, power to you(!), but if chin hairs are making you feel more masculine then you’d prefer, you’re like many women who experience (and loathe) their chin hairs. Most women who have hairs lining their chin experience light hair growth in this region that is easily fixed by tweezers or waxing. Shaving your chin isn’t recommended as is your skin is sensitive here (not to mention, you probably don’t want telltale nicks and cuts on your face). Your chin is generally more weathered and strong than other areas of your body, making waxing here not painless, but pretty close. Your chin will experience a slight sting when the follicles are initially ripped, but this will quickly disappear. As chin hairs are usually sparser, and the skin is tighter around this area, the wax job is usually completed quickly, with minimal wax time (making for a less painful experience)!

2 Toes (Pain level 7)

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During hot summer days, you want to be wiggling smooth and hair-free toes, not feet like those of Bilbo Baggins from Lord of the Rings. Don’t feel self-conscious about your hairy toes if you’ve got them. Most women have some hair sprouting from their toes, and like all hair growth, hormones and genetics dictate how much hair you have. Toe hairs are usually lighter and finer than other areas, but you may have darker and longer hairs on your toes (and if you do, it’s nothing to worry about)! Waxing your toes is relatively painless and while there will be a burning sensation when the follicles are ripped out, it’s short lived because there is minimal hair. The sensation is uncomfortable because it is a strange place to get waxed, and not so much because of the pain. Generally, all the hairs can be waxed off in one swift motion, meaning less time feeling uncomfortable.

1 Back (Pain level 5)

While you generally show more of your front than your back, if you’ve got a hair growth on your back, it’s probably something that makes you feel a little self-conscious. Sure, hairy backs are more common for males than females, but many women have back hair (usually along the spine or on the lower back). You may feel like bringing sexy back a little more frequently if your back is smooth and hair-free. While your back isn’t immune to waxing pain, your back is a weathered, tougher area of skin and the process isn’t too painful (unless you have A LOT of hair back there). A deep breath in will prepare you for the tugging process (which won’t take too long as the surface area is relatively flat and easy to wax). The pain might feel like a bad sunburn or a slap on the back, but your back isn’t very sensitive, so the sting is easily managed and dissipates quickly. Yes, the pain is enough to make you breathe in deeply and possibly curse, but you can handle it girl!

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