15 Pictures That Prove Prince Harry Is Actually In Love With Kate

Prince Harry has been the talk of the tabloids lately, with news of his engagement to former American actress Meghan Markle creating a huge buzz. The 33 year old heir proposed to his beautiful girlfriend in early November, after only a year and a half of dating. The pair are wasting no time getting straight to business; although they managed to keep their courtship quite private, this news has pushed them into the spotlight. The craze won't soon dissipate, as they plan to wed in the spring of 2018, and all eyes will be on the Royal wedding preparations and proceedings.

As cute as Harry and Meghan are, there is another leading lady in Harry's life. His sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, has been a big part of Harry's life, since she started dated William back in 2003, when Harry was just a rambunctious 18 year-old flirt. It's no secret that Harry and Kate have maintained a close relationship over the past 15 years, but how close is too close? There have been multiple speculations that Kate and Harry have harboured a secret love for each other since the very beginning. When Kate and William temporarily split in 2007, Harry continued to stay in contact with her, acting as a Royal shoulder to cry on, so to speak.

We have photographic evidence that there's more to their relationship than meets the eye. Should Meghan be concerned about these star-crossed lovers? Here are 15 Pictures That Prove Prince Harry Is Actually In Love With Kate

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15 He's Had A Crush From The Beginning

Kate Middleton first met Prince William while they were studying Art History at the prestigious St. Andrew's University in Scotland. Some Royal connaisseurs theorize that Kate had set her sights on Prince William long before their initial meeting in 2001. She allegedly had a big interest in the Royals, and had actually met Harry and William through mutual friends at a party. Harry was a barely legal teen when Kate first embarked on the scene and started to date his older brother. He immediately took a liking to the ravishing brunette. Many speculated, from the very beginning, that Harry might have more than sibling-appropriate feelings for his future sister-in-law. Their chummy relationship has been the topic of media scrutiny and gossip from the very beginning.

14 They're Never Too Far From Each Other

One of the main reasons that this duo are continuously raising eyebrows, and a few scoffs, is because they can't seem to get away from each other! Yes, their Royal stature requires them to be at the same events, and that means being close to each other in photographs. But, how close is too close? They seem to always be caught mid-chuckle together, as if there is no one in the world except for the two of them. It would be cuter if Kate had a similarly sweet relationship with her very own prince, but her body language around William is slightly more rigid. When she is around Harry, she looks natural, happy and in her element. Perhaps we are reading too much into it, but if we didn't know any better, these two look like they have more than just good chemistry...they seem to have a shared love for each other.

13 He Cracks Her Up

Any Royal enthusiast will confirm that Harry is the more silly and laid back brother. Although both of the Princes have great personalities and good senses of humour, Harry has the little brother cute, silliness that can't be denied. He is a natural born goofy trickster, and can't help but crack jokes regularly. Kate is definitely a fan of this. You can see in photos just how much she laughs when she is in Harry's company. Is it just sibling support and comradery, or something much deeper? One thing is for sure, Harry has no trouble getting Kate to flash her million dollar smile; is this something that his fiance, Meghan, should be wary of? Can she learn to live with Harry's super close relationship with Kate? Time will tell if these two brunettes might foster some harsh feelings while they compete for Harry's adoration.

12 She's A Hands-On Kinda Gal When Harry's Around

Kate obviously has no issues getting hands-on with Harry. On multiple occasions, she has been caught getting physical with the ginger prince. Little hugs, hand holds and shoulder squeezes might be appropriate for her own prince, but this PDA seems to be a little too much. Harry, clearly doesn't mind the flirtatious fondling. Big brother William, however, has had issues with the pair's public flirtations in the past. William finds it extremely embarrassing that his wife flirts openly with his brother at public events, especially when the pair are photographed in lovey-dovey poses. The more modest and quiet brother, William doesn't think their behaviour is appropriate, and it has caused fights between Kate and William in the past. Kate, sadly, enjoys the drama, as she takes it as proof that she is worth fighting over.

11 Nothing But Laughs When These Two Are Together

Here's more proof that Harry and Kate just have way too much fun in each others' company! The giggling pair of hyenas just can't tap into their serious Royal faces when they are around each other. Well, there was one incident in which Harry did not have the last laugh. Back when Harry was dating Cressida Bonas, it was reported that Kate got in between the pair and forced her hand to have them break-off their romance. Back in 2014, Cressida confided in Kate, telling her about the pressures she felt surrounding her relationship with Harry. Instead of encouraging her to stick with her lover, Kate gave Cressida every reason why it was OK for her to call off the romance and take time for herself. The pair split shortly afterwards.

10 Kate Loves A  Man In A Uniform!

It's no secret that Kate goes weak in the knees for a man in uniform. William offered several years of military service, and worked with the Royal Air Force and as an air ambulance pilot. All of these roles came with pretty sassy uniforms. And, here she is, showing her admiration for little Har-Har in his traditional Royal garb. Kate just can't help herself, she is smitten as a kitten when a well-dressed man (especially Harry) makes his presence known. It's been reported that Harry has such an admiration for Kate because she has always had an open-door policy with him. From the time that he was a maturing teen, he was able to confide in Kate and get her perspective on his love life. Obviously, this didn't always work out too well, and maybe over-sharing information gave Kate a way in to his heart.

9 Too Many Princes To Choose From?

When Kate is at an event with William and Harry (which, let's face it, is almost all of the Royal events!) she is often photographed between the Prince brothers. The common theme in these photos? William is often standing slightly to the side of Kate, looking serious and intense, while Kate is visibly tuned into Harry. It doesn't take a body language expert to point out that she is obviously at ease, happy and joyful in Harry's presence. Perhaps these brothers are just such polar opposites, and Kate enjoys Harry's playful and silly side over William's serious and stoic demeanor? Or maybe she just enjoys walking on the wild side a little bit, shrugging it off as a sibling style relationship that is innocent and completely platonic. We aren't so convinced of that!

8 Leaning Over Her Man To Get Closer To Harry

Here's yet another scene that is all too familiar in the Royal world. Kate and Harry leaning over a rather miserable looking William to share a laugh. Is there nothing that will stop these two from displaying their obvious admiration for each other? William, looking pretty displeased here, always seems to be in the middle of the two while they tell jokes, giggle and look like they're having a great old time. At some points, his patience runs very thin, as he has already had several heated discussions with Kate and Harry about their embarrassing public behaviour. Sadly, Kate and Harry brush off William's feelings, calling him too rigid or serious. To these in-laws, they are just enjoying a very harmless brother/sister relationship.

7 Can't Deny This Kind Of Chemistry!

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. This might be why so many journalists, writers and photographers have agreed that there seems to be something romantic between Harry and Kate. Yes, we understand that they have had a close relationship since they met, almost two decades ago. But at what point does the line blur into romance? Is it possible that these two share a love that has never been addressed (for very obvious reasons?). Or even more intriguing, is it possible that they have had a romance that they managed to keep super quiet, before or after Kate married William? With no actual proof, we cannot confirm, one way or another. But these shared looks seem to be a little more than just amicable.

6 Confident And Classic: These Two Are Naturals Together

One thing that Harry is not lacking? Charm, class and confidence. Back in the day, big brother William was considered the cute brother, but since he lost a lot of his boyish good looks (and hair!) Harry has stepped into the role. There's no denying that this ginger prince is a hit with the ladies. He has dated some pretty beautiful women over the years, and hasn't spent much time single. Is this a reason for Meghan to worry? Not only has her beau always had a woman on his arm, he has regularly been spotted next to beautiful and feisty Kate. Will Meghan be able to keep her jealousy in check, even knowing that Harry is basically a chick magnet? They are technically still in the honeymoon phase, so only time will tell if they are able to overcome this issue in the future!

5 Just A Step Behind His Leading Lady

Ladies first! When you look at this photo quickly, it almost appears that Harry has his arm around Kate's shoulder, but it's just a visual trick of the eye. Nonetheless, look at the body language. Harry is so clearly being the gentleman, letting Kate lead the way. This is pretty telling of their relationship. Kate, being older and "wiser" is definitely the one who calls the shots. For little brother Harry, a confident, strong and bold woman is just what he needs to stay in line. Is this the secret behind the attraction? It's no secret that Kate has always played mentor to Harry, but did she provide her advice and opinions in a way that kept Harry under her thumb? We know that she has a history of liking control and knowing exactly how to manipulate Royal men!

4 Offering A Gentlemanly Arm

Don't worry, Kate, you'll never have to go anywhere without an escort. Luckily, you are married to a prince, and his brother seems to never be too far away when you need a hand! Some sources have said that Kate is so worried about losing her husband's attention, that she inadvertently pushes him away by flirting with his brother. By seeming to appeal to Harry, Kate has enjoyed the fact that it gets under William's skin. Her biggest fear is that William will find another woman, and embarrass Kate royally (get it?) by adding a cheating scandal to their story. Her paranoia surrounding William's fidelity is very much unfounded, but it doesn't stop her from subconsciously acting like a flirt when good looking men surround her.

3 Harry Is Digging Kate's Equestrian Flare

Here are Harry and Kate, once again, looking an awful lot like they are on a date and about to ride some horses together. Harry looks pretty impressed by Kate's equestrian flare, while he sports a much more relaxed hoodie and jeans. Why are these two always together, and where is William? Not only do the three of them work together for the mental health awareness non-profit organization, Heads Together, Harry and Kate spend quite a bit of leisure time together, as well. Rumour has it that they regularly watch "their shows" together, which reportedly include Game of Thrones. They also do some physical activities together, shop together and let's not forget, do all of their Royal duties together. No lack of time together, that's for sure.

2 A Cute Kangaroo To Prove His Love?

Here are Kate and Harry, enjoying a toy kangaroo at the Olympic Village. Aren't they just so cute? Typically, sharing stuffed toys is a pretty romantic gesture- not something you do with your brother-in-law, but Kate and Harry definitely don't have a conventional relationship. Back in 2012, Harry moved in next door to the unit that Kate and William were living in at the Kensington Palace. This next door neighbour status meant that everyone got to see each other even more often than regularly- which was already quite regularly! Was three too much of a crowd, though? It's been long speculated that Harry and Kate's close relationship has caused William to have fits of rage and jealously, and its a topic that he has addressed on more than one occasion with the flirtatious sibs.

1 Kate's Eyes Are Fixed On Her Ginger Prince

Blondes are said to have much more fun, but in the case of these prince brothers, it seems to be quite the opposite. Blonde William is serious and stoic, much like his father, while Harry is silly, spontaneous and fun, much like his late mother. It's no surprise, then, that Kate is so drawn to the carefree and relaxed attitude of the younger prince. Being around Harry is a refreshing change when she is used to William's serious style. With Harry, she can let her hair down and tap into her more playful and youthful side. The real trouble starts when feelings get involved. Only time will tell what the future will hold for the Royals, and whether or not we will see the scandal of a century unfolding over the next several years.

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