15 Pictures That Prove Kardashians Aren't What They Seem

The Kardashians are reality television royalty. They started getting fame through the patriarch of the family, Robert Kardashian, during the OJ Simpson trial. Years later, their reality show brought viewers into the lives of the many Kardashian children and their momager, Kris. Kris had married Olympian Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn) and had two children, adding on to the Kardashians in the house. The masses became obsessed with the family’s every move and started idolizing them. Every relationship they enter and every child that they have become an obsession that takes social media by storm. Even their makeup and fashion routines have become a standard in fans’ day-to-day life.

Now, over ten years after the premiere of the show, the Kardashians are a household name. People either love them or hate them, there is no in between. As their reality show has continued on through the years, the public and the media have discovered that some of the elements of the Kardashian lifestyle are pieces of fiction. Despite being reality stars, many of the situations that are featured in their everyday lives are not necessarily real. This helps add the drama that viewers crave for the show and for the tabloids. Find out what parts of the Kardashians’ lives may be fictional.

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15 A Home No Kardashian Lives In

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In every episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, there would be a moment where the show displayed the house where the scene was taking place. This outside shot gave viewers a look at the house of the glamorous Kardashian family. The main family house, where Kris Jenner resides, became the house that every fan could quickly identify.

This house does not belong to any of the Kardashian or Jenner family members. This house is quite a few miles away from where the family actually resides. This is alleged to keep the family safe, as Kim used to have people showing up to her house when they featured her real home on the show. This means that fans have come to admire a house that is a complete lie.

14 Kris Humphries: Made To Be The Villain

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NBA star Kris Humphries was married to Kim Kardashian for all of 72 days. The couple’s relationship happened quickly and the wedding was a highly publicized event. Shortly after the wedding, Keeping Up With The Kardashians started showing that Kim was unhappy in the relationship. Scenes started depicting a depressed Kim and concerned family members.

When Humphries took Kardashian to court during their divorce, the show’s producer had to take the stand. Humphries has thought he was being portrayed poorly intentionally. The producer confirmed that there were scenes that were redone or scripted to portray Humphries negatively. Humphries had a vendetta against Kim, aiming to show that she was acting, as was her family. He wanted the world to know he was not the villain that the Kardashians made him seem like.

13 Their Claims Of Support For Cait May Be Far-Fetched

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The stepfather to the Kardashian children and father to the Jenner children, Bruce Jenner, went through a transition to become Caitlyn. While Caitlyn still prefers for her children to call her “dad,” there have been a lot of awkward moments between her children and her ex-wife. On Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the family acts as though they have been supportive through all of Caitlyn’s difficult moments.

They act disappointed with the ways that Caitlyn hurt mother, Kris. Caitlyn has admittedly left out some of the details of her life from her children out of fear they would go to the press about it, as they leak a lot of private information. Caitlyn does not feel supported by the Kardashians. The only children she trusts and keeps in contact with now are her biological children.

12 There Is An Assistant Whose Sole Job Is To Edit Instagram Photos

The Kardashians have some of the most popular social media networks in existence. Their Instagram pictures have broken records for likes. Many people try to replicate the stunning photos that the family uploads to this network. These pictures may not be as easy-breezy as followers are led to believe. Kim Kardashian allegedly has an assistant on hand to edit Instagram pictures.

This person is expected to be able to edit the pictures to perfection at any time of day, also making sure to keep with the brand the account has set. This assistant makes six figures to make sure Kim Kardashian looks her best in the photos that are uploaded. The original photos never get seen by anyone other than Kardashian and this assistant, which has been guaranteed by an NDA.

11 Show Edits Can Be Requested By Members Of The Family

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Robert Kardashian’s widow has taken the other Kardashians to court due to how she has been portrayed on the show. Kris Jenner fought back against this, stating that the family does not have the ability to edit the show. This seems to be bending the truth. Certain family members are listed as producers of the show, which would give them the right to edit.

Jenner said the family gets to see the edited scenes of the show. They then can make suggestions about what changes should or could be made, but these suggestions are not mandated to be followed. This differs from what Kim told Piers Morgan about what she controls on the show. She has stated they all have the ability to edit and finalize any and all footage from the show.

10 Bringing Khloé To Jail Had Not Happened On Camera

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One of the most infamous scenes in early Keeping Up With The Kardashians days was when the family was bringing Khloé to jail after she got a DUI. Kim was taking selfies in the car, causing momager Kris to snap. It has been revealed that it is very unlikely that this happened, as Khloé had been charged with a DUI in March 2007, which was before Keeping Up With The Kardashians was in existence.

While shows do film in advance, it is not likely that the episode, which aired in November, would have been recorded in March. It seems that this was a recreation of a scene that may have happened. There are a few moments on the show that were allegedly re-recorded for dramatic effect or because they were not captured on camera initially.

9 Scenes Are Not Filmed In Order

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There is evidence to suggest that some of the scenes on the show are not filmed in order. This includes reactions to certain situations, vacation events and major plot lines. While the confessionals are usually filmed at the end of the seasons, it would be expected that they would be reacting to actual happenings. There have been scenes in which Kim was pregnant and then her reaction would have no pregnant belly and vice versa.

This also happens with haircuts. This shows that a great period of time can pass between the time an event happens and the reaction. Interestingly enough, some of the reactions to situations were filmed before it even happened. This can speak to some of the scripted moments in the show as well.

8 Kimye’s Engagement May Have Been Scripted

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had a huge engagement that included Kanye West renting out a baseball stadium and getting the entire Kardashian clan to the field. It was a beautiful testament to their relationship. When Khloé came on the screen, she stated that she could not have written a better engagement herself.

This raised some eyebrows about the engagement potentially being scripted for the sake of the show, especially since Kim had been spotted out with her ring prior to the date her engagement allegedly took place.

The couple may have gotten engaged in private and had a big display for the sake of the show. This was a landmark episode for the show that was highly publicized, as this was a highly anticipated event. Momager may have had her hands dipped into this.

7 Tyga Exposed Blac Chyna’s Pregnancy Before It Was Confirmed Publicly

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Kylie Jenner and Tyga dated on and off for a long time. Tyga liked to try to out the Kardashians during his “off” times with the youngest child, as he felt that he did not fit in and that the family tried to run him out. He also experienced a lot of discomfort when his baby’s mother started dating Rob Kardashian.

In one episode, the family sat down for dinner and Tyga started discussing how Blac Chyna would be having the only Kardashian baby, since Rob is the only male child. He said this a month before the couple allegedly revealed their pregnancy to the family, which caused a lot of drama. This could show that the drama created by the announcement was scripted to get viewers sucked into the feud, as they already knew about the pregnancy.

6 Weight Loss Lies

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The Kardashian children are known for being curvaceous, attractive women who pride themselves on their workout routines, small waists, and accentuated assets. Pregnancy can throw this off, as the body has to fill out to hold the baby and the mom-to-be has to up her calorie intake to provide for the baby. There is a lot of pressure put on the Kardashian women to get back to their regular sizes as quickly as possible after birth.

Kim trained hard and ate well, then posted that she only weighed about 130 pounds. Experts weighed in on this, saying she was at least ten pounds more than she said based on her appearance. She may have put on an act to make people back off her appearance or to try to inspire others on their weight loss journey.

5 Caitlyn Was Not As Much Of A Surprise As The Kardashians Made It Seem

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Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, shocked the world when she revealed she was transgender. This announcement was not a surprise to her family, who had seen her periodically wearing dresses and makeup. Kris Jenner even knew the true thoughts in Caitlyn’s head. Once it was in the public eye, the family did not seem to cope well and acted like victims, saying how badly it hurt their mother and how surprising it was.

Caitlyn wrote a tell-all book, including information on surgery, which she shared with stepdaughter Kim, although she left out the surgery from that version. Caitlyn feels that the Kardashians leaked her private information for their gain and did not want to let the world know about her reassignment surgery prior to the book release. She does not trust anyone but her blood children.

4 They Get Paid Big Bucks To Promote Products On Instagram

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On Instagram, celebrities, and content creators can make money by featuring sponsored posts. These are posts that they are paid to do by a brand. The Kardashian and Jenner daughters can make anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000 for an Instagram post. The point of these posts is to get their followers to want the things they have. They sell everything from waist trainers to make people thin to vitamins to grow longer hair.

While protocol states that these posts should be marked as an advertisement, sometimes the sisters will post their weight trainers or other products in unmarked posts, making it seem like a true endorsement of the products. For the younger, more gullible followers, this can be really influential and can lead to them buying products that may not work like they believe they do.

3 Kocktails With Khloé Was Made To Be In The News

Kocktails With Khloé only lasted one season, but several of her episodes ended up making entertainment news. One of the more notable situations that happened on the show was a prank call placed by younger sister Kendall. Kendall called sister Kim and told her she was pregnant. Kim’s advice was to ultimately get rid of the child to save her career. Kim focused on only the negative elements of having children and being pregnant, especially since she had so many complications.

This entire call was allegedly plotted by Khloé, as she knew it would be controversial and would capture the attention of media outlets around the world. It did do this and the show was surrounded by a variety of controversies, eventually getting canceled due to low ratings.

2 The Infamous Tape Was Leaked By Kris

Via: Google Images

One of the Kardashians’ claims to fame was a scandalous tape featuring Kim and then-boyfriend Ray-J. Ray-J was a young rapper. This home movie definitely put Kim on the map. This tape had been leaked by an unknown source, which would be mortifying for an average person. For Kim, the person who allegedly leaked her tape was none other than her mother, Kris Jenner.

It is also said that, for the deal that was received, Kim would have had to give permission for the adult video company to use this video. This means that this scandal was devised by the momager and her daughter. It got them a lot of publicity and helped them get the Keeping Up With The Kardashians television show. A well-planned, but questionable, move.

1 Scripts Are Given For Some Scenarios

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Reality television is supposed to capture real-life events, reactions, and situations that happen in a person’s life. Since the start of reality television, the expectations have been shifted to make sure it stays as entertaining as possible. This means that scripts are given out from time to time to make sure a certain situation happens.

TMZ received word that there would be a fight between the Kardashian matriarch and the Wests due to silverware going missing. It even was supposed to get so dramatic that Kris would throw a brick through one of Kim’s new windows. This was a script for season 10 of the show and was a little over the top. It would not be the Kardashians without some over-the-top drama, though!

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