15 Pictures That Prove How Women Cheat Men Into Thinking They're More Attractive

Our Instagrams are so carefully cultivated that art historians will have a field day 100 years from now when they’re researching old online art. We know exactly what angle to hold our cameras at for the perfect selfie, and we know which way to lean so the light will catch our good sides. We know how to cover up a food baby, and we definitely know what to post to make certain boys jealous of the awesome and fulfilled single lives we’re leading. It’s not even magic!

These are habits and artistic choices that we’ve developed over the months and years of having Instagram. Some men might think that it’s not fair; why should we, as women, get to put filters on our photos and make ourselves up? Well, boys, first off: we don’t owe you a thing, and we don’t care if we’re natural-looking or not. We put our make up on for our own enjoyment, not for you. Secondly, Insta is a way we can express ourselves and love ourselves, even if we do use a couple cheats here and there. They aren’t bad though! We’ve listed the 15 most common cheats used by women in their photographs. You’ll see how harmless they are, and maybe you’ll start integrating some of them into your own pictures!

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15 We Show Off Our Assets

You know the phrase “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”, right? One thing that we’ve learned is that it doesn’t matter how good what you’ve got is. What matters is that you’ve got it. If you’re not the hottest person in the world, it’s okay. People are still going to look twice at you… We promise. That’s because flaunting it is the best way to show you’re confident in yourself, even if you are faking it a little. Instagram is easy to fake confidence on, as they’re all single-moment-in-time photos. Thus, one of the biggest ways we cheat men (and others) into thinking we’re super body-confident is to post pictures of our body. It doesn’t matter if it’s the best one in the world or not. What matters is the fact that you’re showing it off, loud and proud.

14 We've Perfected Our Grumpy Pouts

The grumpier the better, right? Wrong. There’s a threshold of grumpy that shouldn’t be overstepped, or else you just look… Well, sad. The best level of grumpy pout is just enough to still look cute, but not quite enough to actually display any emotion other than slight boredom. This cheat is used by women to show more of a range of emotions, and to show off a really good make up day. No smiling means no wrinkles or pulling, which highlights that A+ contour you did. While you definitely shouldn’t use this cheat too often, it’s a nice option for getting some easy hits. Not to mention the fact that your crush might be open to curing your grumpiness…

13 We Know How To Cover Up That Acne

These before and afters are startling, and are the best way to show these Instagram hacks. While this woman’s acne isn’t the worst that’s out there, it’s pretty bad. No doubt she’s faced some comments or stress about it, and probably doesn’t want to miss out on likes just because people are judging her skin. Oftentimes acne isn’t a reflection of how clean you keep your face, but rather a hormonal or dietary reaction. It’s sad that people judge others because of their skin. While we’re trying to change that mindset in people, in the meantime you can use all your make up skills to cover it up. If that makes you feel more confident, go for it. It’ll definitely cheat your crush into thinking your skin is great, which may or may not be what you want…

12 We Know Our Most Flattering Angles

It’s all about angles, ladies! Nobody looks good from every single angle. Some of us look really good straight-on, but terrible from the side. Almost no one looks good from an under-the-chin angle, but most of us look good when the camera is above us. Do you know your best angles? We suggest you learn, as it’s an quick and easy cheat you’ll use all the time. Some women’s favourite selfie angle has been used so many times that they’ll automatically put their camera in that position, even if they’re just using the screen to check their lipstick. You can’t help it if you know it makes you look (and feel) good! Start experimenting with your favourite angles and see what you can develop into your own perfect pose.

11 We Utilize Shapewear

There is NOTHING wrong with wearing shapewear, friends. Most of us feel more secure when we’ve got some shorts on under those dresses, and the extra smoothing out helps a lot when you’ve got a skin-tight pink dress like Kim K here. While we know this is more of a life hack rather than an Instagram cheat, we had to include it because it’s so useful. If you haven’t jumped on the shapewear train, you’d be surprised. Even for those smaller ladies it can help smooth out lines and keep your dress from bunching. There’s nothing worse than a weirdly wrinkled dress in a photo. Keep your Instagrams looking as fresh as Kim K with this cheat, and rest assured that no one needs to know if your shorts are shapewear or protection wear.

10 We Show Them Just Enough To Keep Them Interested

There’s a unique skill that we women have where we’re able to take cute photos with only a fraction of our face actually showing. Nobody seems to care that they can only see hair, sweater, and a perfectly manicured single eyebrow. This photo is still one of the most attractive shots on the list, and it has a lot to do with the fact that she knows exactly how much to show to get people excited. It’s a balancing act where you’re always trying to hint at more than just what you’re covering up. The cheat is a tricky one to perfect, but keep practicing. You’ll find that it’ll work out with just a little practice… And some awesome hair. That’s an important part of this cheat. There has to be something full to look at!

9 We Always Use The Perfect Filter

You’re not an Instagram artist if you don’t have a go-to filter for your perfectly angled selfies. Whether you like Ludwig or Reyes, there’s a certain emotional quality associated with each filter option. Even if you don’t like to spend a lot of time editing your shots, we’re willing to bet that you’ve probably let yourself have a minute or two to scroll through the filters. Filters can feel like a bit of a cheat because they automatically smooth out lumps and bumps, turn your splotchy skin smooth, and give this romantic glow to all your photos. Filters are a super important aspect of the Instagram experience, and we love it. We embrace this cheat not even to look more attractive, but just to promote our own Instagram aesthetic.

8 We Embrace The Ancient Art Of Contouring

Contouring! Who doesn’t love contouring? If you’re not on this train yet, jump on up, girl. Contouring is a game changer that isn’t going to do anything but make you feel good. We all want to feel like a superstar, and contouring is one easy cheat to help you get there. You know how to do your foundation, your eyeliner, and your brows to make them look amazing. Take your face to the next level and throw some highlight, bronzer, and contour on there. It’s an easy step that isn’t going to take you more than 2 or 3 minutes extra (including blend time). It makes such a huge difference, and will definitely cheat all your Instagram buddies into thinking you’re more attractive than you might immediately present as.

7 We Use The Power Of Perfect Lighting

Lighting can make or break a photograph. The brightness and shadow toggles on Instagram are really useful for highlighting or hiding different parts you might not be interested in showing. On the flipside, they’re also useful for heightening shadows that might actually be accentuating your beauty. For example, cheekbones. A well-angled light (because it’s totally all about angles) is the trick to getting those cutting cheekbones. The light will pick up on the highest part, and the shadow underneath will create more depth and shape. It’s not a cheat if the light is already there, right? You’re just using what you’ve been given to make yourself look the best you can. Instagram has those toggles for a reason, and it’s because lighting is super important to making you look casually attractive.

6 We Make Sure We Post Our Yearly Bikini Shot

Ladies, admit it. You’ve got a “perfect” bikini you bought a couple years ago and keep bringing out every summer. You feel amazing in it, and it’s stayed trendy no matter how much the popular colours palette changes. At the first sign of sun come May/June you’re out there, ready to take and post your yearly bikini shot. There’s something about bikini shots that are inherently attractive. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a “bikini body”. There’s a bikini on your body, therefore it’s a bikini body. Instagram loves it, as does the guy that you’re trying to sweet talk through your Instagram photos. That bikini shot screams confidence and cool, as well as doing a good job of making everyone just a little bit jealous of how much fun you’re having.

5 We Make Sure We're Achieving Our #squadgoals

You and your squad are together almost constantly; you love each other, and you’re there to support each other. This includes keeping each other’s Instagram accounts looking totally fresh. Whether this means you capture that perfectly lit shot for your bff after hiking up a mountain, or your best friends make sure to snap group shots after helping you up off the floor at a bar doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you and your girls look like the perfect, tight-knit group… Because you are! We love to watch people enjoy themselves, and we really like to see people appreciate and support their friends. Keep that love alive and keep the #squadgoals strong. While it’s not a real cheat like contouring, it’s definite way to get your Instagram account looking awesome.

4 We Show Off How Wild We Are Out In The World...

Hiking, swimming, fishing… Whatever it is, you’ve got a photo for it. You can show off your wild side easily with just the click of a button. It makes you look incredibly well-traveled, not afraid of adventure, and even more approachable; we all love people who are outgoing, especially when we ourselves are not. Taking photos of your travels is the best way to show yourself off as a world wide adventurer, even if the shot was just taken in your backyard or the hiking path down the street. A bonus to this one is the fact that you’ll look more active. This is always a benefit, as it shows off how well-rounded you are… Both in the workout leggings and emotionally/spiritually. The lighting is always better outside, too.

3 ...And One-On-One

Wild sides aren’t just for the outdoors though. Any girl worth her Instagram account knows that you’ve got to get a little naughty to get those views. Whether this means showing off your McD’s binge (which we’ll get to later) or snapping a sneaky #wokeuplikethis shot is totally up to you and your aesthetic. An easy way to cheat people into thinking you’re more attractive than you think you might be is to show off your quirky side. Only the people most secure in their own attractiveness are the ones willing to post a photo that doesn’t show them in the most flattering light. You can cheat that system by showing off your wild side, while still making sure you look good. Being a little naughty is the best way, so go ahead… Ride that shopping cart like a chariot and get your bff to capture it.

2 We Pretend We're Always McD's-And-Sweats Casual

While you’ve probably got a token fancy-dress-and-a-wine-glass shot on your Instagram, the default is a McD’s and sweatpants look. Grubby jeans, big sweaters, and a smile big enough for a whole large fries makes you look totally relaxed and happy with your life. Whether it’s true or not doesn’t really matter; the Instagram look is one of joy and moderate frivolity. It’s a way to let people into your way of seeing the world, which is hopefully a positive one. We aren’t afraid of showing off our casual side, though we know it’s more often forced than an actual relaxing shot. That’s okay. Instagram is meant for remembering the good times. Even if you haven’t showered in four days, post that casual photo. People will see you as relaxed and happy, which definitely makes them want to be around you.

1 But Behind The Scenes There's A Ton Of Hard Work

There’s usually a ton of unseen work behind every Instagram photo. Most of these cheats take some time to perfect: the perfect angle, the best lighting options, and understanding how to actually make contouring happen on your face. Men don’t know just how much work we put into cultivating our Instas, and that’s probably for the best. We wouldn’t want to give away all our secrets, would we? We do support posting a gym selfie every now and then. Like the wild side photos, it shows off a different aspect of you that most people find incredibly attractive. Keep doing you, lady. Hang out with your bffs and take photo after photo. Even if people do judge, you can laugh. Your Instagram is WAY better than theirs.

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