15 Pictures Of Millennial Moms That Gave Us Secondhand Embarrassment

These moms would rather party, take selfies, and would pretty much rather be doing anything but parenting their child.

Let's face it, every generation will say that their parents were the strict ones and every generation after them had it easier. And the truth is somewhere in there, some people are definitely stuck with strict parents no matter what day and age they are living in. But it is hard to deny that standards for parenting have gotten a lot more chill, only in the sense that it seems more parents are their kids friends than ever before. A lot of us older folks remember our parents telling us they are not our friends, they're our parents. Part of this probably has to do with the extended adolescence that is prevalent in society today, people are maturing later even though they're having kids. This means too many parents are treating their kids like their peer which doesn't usually yield the most positive results when used as a parenting tactic.

The parents on this list all seem to be in some form of arrested development and unfortunately it is definitely impacting their children. Some of the kids in these pictures are little enough that they just might be able to forget Mommy acting the fool and she may change by the time they are old enough to remember, but their prospects don't look great. These moms would rather party, take selfies, and would pretty much rather be doing anything but parenting their child. Some of the moms though are imparting important lessons to their offspring, like how to twerk, funnel a beer, and even how to appreciate body "alterations" from a young age. Good luck kids.

15 These Days Kids Get Body "Alteration" Vouchers - A Page From Kris Jenners Parenting Book


You know we could not pass up an opportunity like this without bringing Kris Jenner into it. Say what you will about her, love her or hate her, there is no denying this woman supports and loves to cosmetically and surgically augment her moneymakers, oh kids sorry. And herself but that is besides this point. This contestant for Mother of the Year with her delicately drawn on beauty mark is a strong argument for people have to take some kind of test before they procreate. The saddest part is the little girl is thrilled, she has been taught to think plastic surgery is something amazing that can change her life because when she is pretty enough she will get all the attention she needs. We blame the Kardashians. If you already couldn't tell.

14 Baby Can Walk! Mom Needs To Chill

Why should walkers only be for babies and toddlers? If you can fit in it, you should be able to use it! At least we imagine this sentence coming out of this woman mouth before she plopped down into her kids walker and lit up a secret. Before we judge her for being a terrible human and mother, we really don't know the background of the photo. She could have just finished a long shift at work and needed to sit down. No that doesn't sound right. She can't be coming from work with that outfit right? Well, we tried to imagine a scenario where this picture could explained without making her look too bad but we just have not been able to come up with anything plausible.

13 Teach Them How To Twerk While Their Young


See, we told you that we included some Mother's in this list that clearly want to teach their kids what they think is important to know. Like how to twerk before you are even out of diapers. This is really just a super heartwarming moment between Mom and toddler, one that we hope the toddler forgets. Twerking is well and fine and there is a time and place for it. You know where there is never a time and place for it? A time and place that involves a parent and a child together. There is just no need for a parent to twerk in front of their kid, teach their kid to twerk, or ask their kid to twerk and vice versa. Like, it just shouldn't happen. Twerk away to your hearts content but do it with your friends!

12 Springbreak Mommy


When you can find a babysitter for you kids so you can go party on the beach, are you just not going to party? Heck no! You are going to take that kid with you and teach him the ways of classy day drinking on the beach. Important childhood lessons including sun and surf. Have you ever funnelled a drink before? If you have you probably remember the first time you did because it exploded all over your face and got up your nose and you basically almost choked to death. Well, imagine being 8 like this child looks and funnelling for the first time. We feel like this is a drowning hazard. Wouldn't it be ironic if her kid drowned while being on the beach but without actually being in the water? Sorry, that got too dark but we are talking about a picture with a kid funnelling something in it.

11 At Least She's Kind Of Supervising His Bath?


Kids love to take baths and who can blame them? You get to splash around with some awesome bath toys and who can forget the best part, the bubbles! And anyone with a toddler knows that it gets messy whenever they get into the tub and you have to be there to supervise the whole thing. This is fine for the first ten or fifteen minutes, but then it can be hard to get them out of the bath because they are having too much fun. So you can do what more rational parents would do and just pick your child out of the bath without giving them a choice. Or you can take that opportunity to have a little photoshoot you can post on your tinder until your kid gets cold enough they beg you to take them out of the bathe.

10 She's A Mom But She's Also A Modern Woman Okay!


Can't you just hear these words coming out of her mouth? Oh and she would probably tell you that its her life and she can do whatever she wants and raise her kids however she wants. And don't forget she will tell you not to talk about her kids EVER or else she will come for you! People have lots of different approaches to parenting and while some of them are equally valid some are just wrong. We are going to go out on a limb and say that this Mother may not be employing the best parenting techniques that are out there to make sure her little one grows up to be a contributing and positive member of society. Probably will grow up to be just like her.

9 I'm A Cool Mom!


Don't let a baby cramp your travel style! Why get a car with a car seat (other than to ensure the safety of your child) when you can just adapt your motorbike to fit your offspring in such a way that almost entirely hides them from view. This makes it perfect for you to take a photo still looking like a cool chick on wheels without a baby ruining her overall look. We mean, did you think that she was going to ruin the overall cool vibe she has going on with that pink face mask by letting her kid be fully visible? WE THINK NOT! And before you say anything about her being a bad mom, note the chair she provided so that her kid can sit comfortably. Please! She is going above and beyond as a parent.

8 I'll Look At The Baby Later! I Need To Check Instagram


Parents will tell you one of the most precious and memorable moments of their lives was the first moment they were able to look at and finally hold their baby. This goes beyond emotions, its biological. We are literally programmed to immediately fall in love with our babies and want to protect them forever. Well this girl clearly has some other priorities and all we can really think is how did checking her phone even cross her mind right after coming out of labour? Women who have done it will tell you other than there baby, there are few other things on their exhausted minds. Their bodies have just been pushed to insane physical limits! But obviously she had to check Instagram to see what Kylie Jenner posted. She is going to make a great Mother.

7 Mom Has Her Priorities Straight

Reddit / Trashy

This gem of a Mother obviously does not even have a pin drop of self aware to think that this is okay. She made a social media post about not being there for her kids second birthday and then openly admitted it was because she would rather go out and party! She does not think that there is anything wrong with that scenario at all. Granted, the little one will not remember his 2nd birthday but is that really a reason to miss it? Every decent parent will tell you no, and that your child's first couple of birthdays are more for the parents than the child, in the sense that they did it! They successful grew a baby into a toddler and than child. The worst part is he will probably see this one day. So forgetting she wasn't there won't even matter when he see's this.

6 Just Your Average Walk


And then she goes over a crack in the sidewalk or a small pebble, causing her to fall forward and thrust the baby carriage in front of her. There are so many things that can go wrong in this scenario, but we wanted to give you just one example. This is like a poster for some parody of the millennial parent. Pushing their baby in the carriage while they are on a segway because yay, it's the 21st century and people can do this now. She probably thinks she is way ahead of the curve too. Like why would anyone walk when segways exist? Well we just hope she doesn't have to learn that lesson in too hard of a way. Is this even legal? Because it really does not feel legal.

5 Don't Let Your Baby Stop You From Going To The Bar! Take It With You!

Reddit / Trashy

Don't even bother putting it somewhere close to you where you can keep an eye on you infant child. Just pop baby in the corner and go do your thing. We have so many questions about this photo. First, since when are you allowed to bring a baby into a bar like this? And second, is that the baby's dad? Because that means two people have failed at having natural parenting instincts that would dictate taking your baby to a bar is a bad idea. If it isn't the dad, that means this girl has a baby and is already out on a date with another guy. And he is okay with her being the type of girl that brings a baby to the bar! There are just so many wrong ways to read this picture.

4 Make Your Baby Part Of Your Fandom!

We get being a big fan of something or someone, but somehow people really deep into any fandom always find a way to take it too far. Tattooing the name of your favourite Vampire romance novel is going way, way too far. Of course it is 100% likely that the tattoo is not real, but just why? Babies skins are so sensitive it seems kind of risky to put a temporary tattoo on them, its not like they are made from super high quality material. Especially Twilight themed temporary tattoos she probably bought at her local Target. When this baby grows up to be a teenager and starts to hate their parents for teenager reasons, they will see this photo and feel validated in their hatred.

3 This Kid Must Be So Claustrophobic!

We don't even know what to say about this one. How can a mother just dump all her groceries on top of her kid without batting an eye. There's so many things wrong with this image, and there's so many solutions! Firstly; if there's no room in the cart for the groceries and your child, you can make your child walk. There's nothing better than some exercise. We wouldn't surprise if this kid is sitting in the carriage with an iPad, cause that's a popular solution from millennial moms to distract their kids. Second, give your child some room to breathe! Just looking at this photo makes me claustrophobic. This is a pic from 'people of Walmart' so we're not really surprised to see something like this from that site. But it's still a shock when you see a kid squished by groceries in a carriage.

2 Bonding Activities Are Important While A Child Is Growing

It is really important to spend a lot of time with your kids while they are growing up, and to do boding activities with them as much as you can. This creates happy childhood memories! This lady is kind of doing that, but her approach is totally wrong. While it is definitely impressive that she is swinging around a pole with one hand while holding a child with the other, we aren't here to talk about how talented adult exotic dancers are we are here to judge her for her parenting choice. We can't come up with a lot of reasons why she chose to do this, but we can hope its not too encourage the little one to take the same career path when she gets older.

1 Don't You Hate When Your Baby Photo Bombs Your Sexy Selfie


So let's pretend, because it does look like the toddler zoomed into the picture, that this gal thought she was alone she decided to take this kind of photo. You know she isn't sending this picture to her Grandma, so. And then the kid ran in and totally photobombed her and before she realized what was happening the snap was taken. While we would really like to think that this is what happened, and she wasn't unbuttoning her pants and flashing her thongs for a picture around her child something just tells us that thats just wishful thinking. She definitely got photobombed, but you just know that home girl was not doing anything to contain her sultry photo taking activities. Wait till the kids are sleeping at least girl!

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15 Pictures Of Millennial Moms That Gave Us Secondhand Embarrassment