15 Pics That Show Pregnancy Off The Grid Is More Messed Up Than We Thought

The majority of us pregnant lady folks soak up our nine months of gestation in luxury. Think about it: we laze around on our plush sofas in our snug, warm homes or air-conditioned abodes. When hungry, we waltz over to the refrigerator and grab a snack. We wipe our blossoming bums with plush paper twenty times a day and snooze on mattresses comparable to clouds. We have it made when you consider that some pregnant ladies spend their nine months plus roughing it living in the wilderness.

Off-grid living is like camping on steroids. It's extreme and most certainly NOT for everyone!

Check out these expectant mommies who chose to live off-grid. Never again will any of us city or suburban moms complain about our current conditions. Clearly, things could be way worse!

15 Loneliness Surrounds You

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Pregnant women everywhere count on their crew to get them through those lonely days of gestation and motherhood. The whole parenthood experience can be completely isolating, and a substantial gang of ladies who have your back can brighten any cloudy day. Pregnant women living off-grid may lack connection with other women in their condition. This is because their home base isn't exactly crawling with tons of gals with bumps. Hundreds of miles might separate them from another person who shares their plight.

14 Be One With Nature...And The Constant Grime

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Women who are in the family way tend to be on the tidy side. They spend their days cleaning, organizing, and making sure all is orderly for when the big day arrives. This behavior, known as nesting, doesn't always jive with off-grid living. Imagine being obsessed with tidiness while living in a home fashioned with dirt floors and wooden walls? Living in the wilderness means becoming one with mess and grime. It's certainly not everyone's cup of tea.

13 Hunting For Your Food, Literally

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There are times in pregnancy when waddling over to the fridge seem comparable to crossing the Saraha desert. Even short walks across the kitchen feel like marathons in the eighth and ninth month of gestation. Women who live off-grid have to go much farther than a couple of rooms to feed their bellies. Sometimes they have to trek out into the wilderness and hunt their next meal down. No thanks!

12 And Always Know What You Pick To Put Into Your Mouth

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So perhaps hunting isn't your thing. That's cool; there are plenty of plants that can serve as meals for pregnant women living in rugged terrain. Just because you are a gatherer and not a hunter doesn't mean that you have to be any less careful with your choices of meals. Plant-based diets are swell, but not all plants are created equally. These off-grid vegans have to know what is safe to ingest. Munching on the wrong plant could cause serious tummy issues.

11 Must be At Ease With Four-Legged Friends

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Furry, four-legged friends are not everyone's jam but for the women who live and raise kids off-grid, animals are a must. For many families, animals are a source of food, warmth, and comfort. Plainly said, if animals aren't your thing, then chances are neither is off-grid living. Choosing to detach from traditional lifestyles means that animals are essential components of life. If you don't do pets, don't try this lifestyle.

10 Staying Hydrated Can Be A Challenge

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Expectant mamas living in cities and suburbs have to do nothing more than walk a couple of feet to the sink to get their hydration on. Their off-grid counterparts have to work much harder to stay hydrated. Dehydration is extremely dangerous to pregnant women, so off-grid mamas must make sure they have sanitary water at all times. And this simple necessity isn't simply acquired. Scoring clean water is not always an easy process! Walking to the sink is NOT the same as trekking to a river in below zero temperatures.

9 Hygiene and Cleaning Can Look A Bit Unconventional

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Nothing beats a nice warm soak in the tub after a long day of hauling around a fetus. Sinking into a nice bath is a luxury that many suburban moms take for granted. Off-grid moms have to work a lot harder to take a load off, or even scrub themselves clean! The mere thought of gathering all of that water and then heating it makes our pregnant bones ache.

8 As A Mom You Will Wear Many, Many Different Hats

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Motherhood is hard! Once you graduate into that coveted role, there are so many hats to wear. It can be daunting for a new mom to find herself being so many things to her child at all times. At least most moms can send their little darlings off to school for a few hours for educational purposes. When their angels fall ill, they can run them to the nearest medical center. Moms off-grid must be teacher, doctor and playmate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

7 Getting Sick Off Grid And Pregnant Can Be Super Frightening

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For those of us who have been pregnant while ill, we can sympathize with that level of misery. We get it. It stinks to be sick and expecting. Thankfully, most mamas to be who find themselves feeling like junk can run over to the local doctor and pharmacy and be feeling better in a flash. Not off-grid mommies though. These hardcore ladies often have to ride out the illness or rely on their own wisdom and tactics because medical assistance is far too out of the way to count on.

6 Those Constant Trips To The Toilet Might Be A Hike Away

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Bathroom trips are a significant component of a pregnant woman's life. Every seven seconds warrants a trip to the bathroom in the third trimester. Expectant moms living in the wilderness have to devote way more time to potty trips considering the potty is often several yards away from the main house. Suddenly those nighttime treks down the hallway don't seem to bad, do they?

5 Getting To The Doctor Isn't As Simply As Driving Up The Road

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Most pregnant women make time to get to their pregnancy doctor once a month and at some point, once a week, to make sure that mom and baby are in tip-top shape. Off-grid mamas have limited choices when it comes to prenatal care. They either forego it altogether, or they carve out huge chunks in their lives to make the journey to the nearest medical provider.

4 Getting Your Temperature On Point Takes Work

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Managing your temperature in pregnancy can sometimes feel like an impossible science. When pregnant, one minute you are hot, then the next you are cold. It's a real challenge to stay comfy even in the best of conditions. When living off-grid, maintaining the optimal temperature takes much more than turning the dial on the thermostat.

3 Exhaustion Will Be Your Constant Companion


Pregnancy is an exhilarating and exciting time in a woman's life. She often finds herself busy with preparing for the little one's arrival. Thankfully many moms can end their busy day by collapsing on the couch, frozen pizza in hand. For the small percentage of off-grid living moms though, this luxury is far from reach. Women living in the wilderness work from dusk till dawn, pregnant or not. We are tired just thinking about that.

2 The Big Day Might Not Take Place In A Hospital

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While not every mama-to-be gives birth in a hospital, most expectant ladies know that the option is there for them should they choose it. Hospitals are not for everyone, but for most, they are there should the need for them arise. Moms giving birth out in the wilderness often have nobody to count on but themselves. If things go south, a medical professional could be hours away! Unnerving indeed.

1  Ready To Figure It All Out On Your Own!

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So you think that having an isolated pregnancy was challenging? Try navigating parenthood off-grid. Now THAT is isolating. Out in the wilderness, there are very few, if any, resources available to new mothers muddling their ways through those initials days and months of motherhood. These off-grid mamas have to trust their instincts fully and hope for the best! We are with you gals, but only in spirit. This off-grid living is definitely for the birds.

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