15 Pics That Show Life In A Trailer Park Is More Messed Up Than We Thought

People are all shaped in some way by their childhoods. Show us one adult out there who isn't carrying around some baggage courtesy of their parents. Most people make it to adulthood with minor, lingering issues that are efficiently worked through constructively and healthily. A select few are sadly and genuinely traumatized by what they witnessed in their younger years. Their childhoods are better forgotten.

Trailer people are a rare breed of human, however. They grow up in a bizarrely backward community, and while they should feel scarred by their youth, they don't. They love their trailer park roots and seem quite proud of them. Whatever. Ignorance is bliss, so they say. It must be because these fifteen images show us just how jacked up trailer park life is.

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15 Trailer Park Beauty Salon

via jackassnation.com

Just because you are being raised in a mobile home park doesn't mean that there isn't a little bit of room for beauty. Trailer park parents don't have the funds to send their wives and kids to the hair and nail salon every month, but they do okay. They are nothing if not resourceful. Yardwork tools serve multiple purposes in the trailer park.

14 Just A Little Family Outing

via Duh'Merica.com

Trailer park families also make time for family outings and bonding opportunities when they can. Here is one tightly knit group enjoying a day out, most likely at a carnival or a monster truck relay. It looks like they spent the budget an excellent experience as opposed to buying mom maternity clothing.

13 Carnie Bonding

via stinkstackbeacon.com

Nobody loves a carnival like a trailer park resident. Trailer park and carnie are about as synonymous as peanut butter and jelly. They two have gone hand in hand, basically since the beginning of time. Love the masks and face paint on this crew. This is most definitely not their first rodeo. Way to keep the youngster on the right hydrated. That giant bottle of Moon Mist should keep him ready to rock the carnie circuit for a solid twelve hours or so.

12 Close To Fine Dining

via reddit.com

Just because you live in a trailer park and have to stretch the dollar doesn't mean that you should miss out on exceptional dining experiences! This particular trailer park community understands this and makes sure to advertise precisely how close they are to long-established dining spaces like McDonald's. Bonus: You can walk over to the local Walmart! OMG. Living the dream!

11 Celebrating The Holidays

via peaceloveandtrailerparks.com

The mobile home moms and dads love the holidays just like everyone else. In fact, we might argue that no one else on EARTH gets into the winter holidays quite like the good folks of the trailer park. These residents made sure to take their holiday decor to the next level. We are sure this is a safe idea. What could possibly go wrong here?

10 Classy Tubbing Happening Here

via theproudparents.com

Again, these people can dual purpose just about anything. One day it is a truck, and the next it's a hot tub! We applaud the creativity here. Someone, probably living without air conditioning, used his scant brain cells to create something that trailer park generations can use for years and years to come.

9 Sunday Dinner

via reddit.com

We can't come down too hard on this mother considering she has two kids underfoot and one about to fall out onto the Walmart floor. Girl, we have all been to that dark space where we are about to go straight hot dog on our kids. She is going to be mega-mad when she turns around and sees that her son has used the condiments as war paint. That is going to put her riiiight over the edge.

8 Taking Those Vows Very Seriously

via pinterest.com

Keep it, classy guys. What if these were your parents, and this picture was mounted over the family fireplace for the world to see? How utterly embarrassing! Just kidding, mobile homes don't have fireplaces, so no need to worry about your parents' questionable wedding being on display. Nothing says forever like beer cans and jean shorts.

7 A True Trailer Park Multitasker Here

via therichest.com

Oh boy. Drinking and driving is illegal, but drinking and stroller walking? This parent-child trailer park activity is approved! This exercise-loving papa takes his father-son time pretty seriously. So seriously that he clearly cannot be stopped to go inside and refill his cup part way through his walk. That's pretty hardcore dad-ding and drinking.

6 Strollers Are Overrated

via therichest.com

While some parents find ways to assemble booze machines into their strollers, other trailer park parents forego the stroller all together. Why spend money on something you don't need? According to this money-savvy momma, walks can be achieved by rolling the crib out of the front door. Boom! You're off!

5 Starting Them Young

via ebaumsworld.com

Playing with dad's Budweiser can is as timeless a trailer park tradition as any. Emulating the big guy and his excessive drinking habits is a rite of passage for so many trailer park youths. Note: In this iconic trailer park images, often the Budweiser brand is swapped out for other popular trailer park brands such as Pabst Blue Ribbon or Keystone.

4 Let Me Snap This Pic; Then I'll Wash Your Hair Junior

via ebaumsworld.com

Single moms living in the trailer park are just like the rest of us. Except for the fact that they have no real moral compass nor an understanding of boundaries. For if they did, they would realize that snapping racy pics while their kid was in the tub three feet away was utterly obscene.

3 Paying The Bills Takes On Many Forms

via babygaga.com

Mobile home moms and dads have to pay the bills just like the rest of us, often resorting to unusual methods of gaining income. This parent decided to tote Junior along while she blew her budget on the slot machines hoping to strike it rich. It will probably work out exactly as she has planned.

2 Spending Quality Time With The Kids

via trailertrashparents.com

Hey, at least the rope is tied to the swing, and not the kid. When it comes to trailer park family fun, believe us, we have seen worse, so this one is fairly tame. This image highlights many aspects of trailer park culture; beer, sedentary parents, and a questionably creative parenting hack.

1 Creative Folks Those Trailer Park People

via trailertrashpictures.com

Here they are, doing what they do best. Trailer park parents make sure to teach their children that no matter the lack of resources they find themselves faced with, anything that can be imagined can be created. A case of Natural Ice often helps the creative process in many cases.

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