15 Pics That Show Kylie Should Win The ‘Mother Of The Year’ Award

Kylie Jenner blessed the world when she announced the birth of her first child, daughter Stormi Webster, who she shares with boyfriend Travis Scott, on February 1st, 2018. Since then, fans have been anxious to see more of the adorable newborn and get more insight into how Kylie’s life has changed since becoming a mom.

In contrast to her usual social media-savvy self, Kylie has taken a step back from the spotlight since becoming pregnant. First, the star surprised fans by going MIA on social media (save for several promotional posts) during the majority of her pregnancy. Once Stormi arrived, the celeb re-surfaced on social media, only to recently announce that she’ll be avoiding showing Stormi’s faced online for the time being for the sake of her privacy. If anything is clear, it’s that Kylie’s world has certainly changed since becoming a mom!

While there’s still a lot we don’t know about Kylie’s life with Stormi, we’ve been lucky enough to get quite a few glimpses of the new mom in action. Check out these 15 ways in which Kylie is totally rocking motherhood!

15 She’s Putting Her Daughter’s Safety First

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Many fans were confused as to why Kylie recently deleted all photos of baby Stormi from her social media.

The celeb explained via social media that, for the sake of Stormi’s privacy and well-being, she wouldn’t be uploading any new photos of her mini-me.

Insiders have since explained that Kylie had been receiving threats against Stormi online, which prompted her decision. “There have been an increasing number of trolls on social media throwing out really horrible insults. It’s been really upsetting for Kylie, because also some of the comments are direct threats to kidnap Stormi,” an insider dished to The Sun. “Kylie is terrified – she’s stepping up security. She hardly takes Stormi out in public but is now making sure that she’s got protection at all times,” the insider adds.

14 She And Travis Split Diaper Duty

It sounds like Kylie and her baby daddy Travis have a good system when it comes to changing Stormi’s dirty diapers! An insider recently said the couple tries to split the gross chore evenly, but will often try to bribe each other to get out of it.

“Kylie‘s relationship with Travis is probably the strongest of all the sisters as they don’t really fight about anything, except when it comes to diaper duty,” the insider told Hollywood Life. “They are definitely not fans of poopy diapers and they often promise one another and make deals with one another, different things both materialistic and intimate, to get out of changing Stormi’s diapers.”

13 She’s In No Rush To Get Back To Her Old Self

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Kylie’s sisters have spoken openly about the pressure they’ve felt to get back to their pre-baby size after giving birth. So, it’s refreshing to hear that Kylie is more relaxed when it comes to her post-baby figure. Though the celeb has dropped most of the weight she gained, insiders say she’s not going out of her way to diet or exercise- she’s too focused on Stormi and her career!

“Her secret is youth because lately, she has been eating almost anything she wants, in moderation,”

An insider spilled to Hollywood Life. “She barely works out too. After taking care of her baby and running her businesses, she hardly has time for exercise.” They continued, “Her sisters are all insane with jealousy as Kylie’s post-baby body is rocking. Kim is totally envious because she works her butt off to look good while she watches Kylie look amazing as she rolls out of bed in the morning.”

12 She Doesn’t Party With Friends Like She Used To

Not only has Kylie modified her schedule to meet baby Stormi’s needs, the celeb is reportedly not partying or hanging out with friends like she used to. Rather, it sounds like Ky would prefer having a low-key night at home with her little one and her baby daddy.

“She’s worrying that she won’t have the energy to get as wild as [her friends] want,” an insider dished to Hollywood Life. “That’s something she’s struggling with a lot these days, just being in such a different head space from her friends. None of them have kids, they can stay out and party all night and sleep all day. But Kylie has Stormi to think of now, her priorities have changed so much.”

11 She’s Been Traveling A Lot Less

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Kylie is known for traveling all around the world to attend special events as well as business meetings and promotional ventures. But the celeb evidently knew things had to change when she had her daughter!

Insiders say that Kylie has been traveling a lot less since giving birth to her daughter and, when she does go away, she misses Stormi like crazy.

“Kylie‘s mommy-ing so hard right now and she loves it. Stormi is her world,"

The insider told Hollywood Life. “She hardly ever leaves her side and she honestly doesn’t want to.” With a baby as cute as Stormi, who’d ever want to leave her anyways?

10 They Already Went On A Family Vacation

Traveling with a baby (especially a newborn like Stormi) is a challenge, to say the least. But Kylie and Travis proved they were up for it when they took their little one to Turk's and Caicos when she was only 3-months old last May.

Kylie planned the elaborate trip in celebration of Travis’ 26thbirthday. People Magazine reported that the couple stayed at the Amanyara resort, which is known to be a luxury travel destination amongst the rich and famous. The gorgeous resort boasts over a mile of white-sand beaches and sits on an 18,000-acre nature preserve.

The young couple posted tons of lovely photos of each other and their baby from the trip to Instagram, proving that they seem more in love than ever!

9 She’s In No Rush To Have Stormi On KUWTK

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Many of the Kardashian sisters have had their kids on the family’s reality show since they were born, but it looks like Kylie won’t be one of them- and fans are applauding her for it!

In line with her new desire for more privacy, the celeb has revealed she’s unsure if Stormi will ever appear on KUWTK.

During an interview with ES Magazine, the interviewer asked, “Would you ever allow Stormi to appear on reality TV?” Kylie coolly replied by saying, “I have thought about it but I haven’t come to a conclusion yet.”

Kylie’s baby daddy is likely on the same page as her, as insiders say he’d prefer to keep Stormi out of the limelight as much as possible. “He would love for Stormi never to be on TV but he knows that the likelihood of that happening is pretty much impossible,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “He wants her to be a kid.”

8 She’s Taking Stormi’s Health Very Seriously

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Newborn babies can get sick easily if exposed to any germs (even the common cold!), so we’re glad to hear Kylie is taking every precaution necessary to protect her little girl. "You have to go to her house to visit. She’s being very careful about keeping the baby healthy and indoor,” an insider explained to US Weekly.

Another insider dished to Hollywood Life, "Kylie got boxes of medical masks for people to wear around Stormi because she doesn’t want her exposed to any germs, she’s still so brand new.” They continued, "Kylie makes all the guests wear them. It’s a bit over the top, but she’s extremely cautious when it comes to keeping Stormi safe, she wants to protect her baby girl as much as she can. Travis is the same, they’re both super protective."

7 Kylie Is Working And Mom-ing At The Same Time

Many fans wondered what Kylie would do about her booming career after giving birth. After all, it would require a lot of hustle to keep up with motherhood, a makeup company, and the responsibilities that come with being a Kardashian-Jenner. But it sounds like Kylie is determined to juggle everything- and she’s succeeding!

Kylie’s mom, Kris, told People Magazine that the celeb got right back to work after giving birth, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

“That child never stops. She got right back in the saddle. And I love that about her,” she explained, adding that Kylie has many new projects lined up for the next few months. “She’s really so impressive. And she’s such a good mom. She’s so dedicated to her baby.”

6 She And Stormi Have Matching Outfits At Family Parties

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Stormi may only be a few months old, but Kylie has proven that she’s taking steps to socialize her baby. Talk about mom goals!

At the beginning of June, the young mom was photographed with her 4-month old at her nieces Penelope Disick and North West’s joint birthday party. Kylie kept her little one wrapped tightly in a designer baby carrier that’s reportedly worth a cool $625. She posted an Insta shot of her and Stormi showing their matching outfits of khaki shorts and white t-shirts. Stormi looked extra cute with a delicate white bow on her head.

If we don’t know what’s better than wearing a matching outfit to your baby, then we don’t know what is.

5 Kylie Hired Help When She Needed It

Before giving birth, an insider said that Kylie was determined to raise Stormi without the help of nannies. Evidently, she thought her large family and supportive baby daddy would be help enough, so she could still pursue her career.

However, insiders say Kylie’s opinion changed after giving birth, and she learned that she could actually use a helping hand.

“She knows she can’t rely on [mom Kris Jenner] every day and hired some help for the baby,”

An insider told People Magazine. “Kris is helping out as much as she can, but she also runs a business and has her own life.”

Another insider added to Life & Style, "As a first-time mom, there are a lot of things she’s unsure about. She wants to make sure Stormi has the best care possible."

4 Kylie And Travis Aren’t Rushing Their Relationship

Many fans wondered if Travis and Kylie were going to rush to the alter after having Stormi in order to ‘seal the deal.’ But the public has been pleasantly surprised by Kylie’s mature decision to reportedly wait. After all, the couple was only together for a few months before she got pregnant, so it’s probably a good idea to take things slow!

“Kylie and Travis are not officially living together. He has his own place. They are co-parenting though, and things are going great,” an insider told People Magazine ‘They are together and happy.” As for whether they’re getting married, the insider added, “They’re not in a rush. They’re just enjoying their little family.” That last thing Stormi needs is her parents rushing into a marriage that may not be healthy or successful, so it’s good that they’re waiting until the tie is right for them!

3 Kylie Has Turned To Her Sisters For Support

Given that three out of four of her older sisters are mothers, too, it’s no surprise to hear that Kylie has been relying on their help when it comes to Stormi. Insiders say the celeb has been bonding with her older siblings more than ever since giving birth.

“Kim and Kylie live very close to each other and spend a lot of time together,”

An insider told People Magazine. “Kylie brings Stormi to Kim’s house. Stormi is around the other kids, including Chicago. It seems too early to call it play dates though.”

Stormi has many cousins who are very close in age; Kim’s daughter Chicago was born a month earlier, while Khloe’s baby True was born only a couple of months after Stormi. We foresee lots of Playdates in the future!

2 Her Views On Fame Changed After Stormi’s Birth

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Before becoming a mom, Kylie was one of the most active people on social media- but that all changed when she became pregnant. The celeb shocking disappeared from social media for almost all of nine months, and also recently deleted all photos featuring Stormi’s face from her Insta, explaining her family’s need for privacy after receiving online threats.

“She is extremely protective and she is very focused on trying to keep motherhood private for right now,” an insider explained to Us Weekly. “She used to love being in the limelight, but that has totally changed. All Kylie wants is for her privacy to be protected right now and [she] is pretty demanding about that at this time.”

1 Kylie Went All-Out For Father’s Day

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If you want more proof that Kylie and Travis’ relationship is better than ever since becoming parents, then listen to this! Insiders say Kylie went out of her way to make sure her baby daddy’s first Father’s Day was the best it could be. Though its unclear what Kylie planned for the two, an insider says she wasn’t holding back.

“Kylie is excited about making Travis’ first Father’s Day super special,”

they told Hollywood Life. “She has a few big gifts planned for him, but she is not telling anyone, she is keeping it all very secret. She wants to surprise him, spoil him and let him know she thinks he is an amazing dad.” The insider even added that the two have talked about having more kids, and hinted that more babies could be in the near future!

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