15 Pics That Prove These Celebs Are Not Well

Being a celebrity comes with a lot of pressure sometimes. Not only do they have to watch out for the paparazzi documenting every part of their life. But they also have to make sure that they are behaving so as not to give the public too much of a personal glimpse into their lives. Of course, in those moments when they slip up and aren't making the best decisions, there is always someone there to document.

However, regardless of the fact that celebrities lead a public life, that doesn't mean they need to be making such extreme choices in their lives. Like even if we were famous you wouldn't catch us getting arrested six times ala Lindsay Lohan. Pretty sure by the second time, it's got nothing to do with her being famous and everything to do with her being unstable. So while our poor choices aren't documented like famous people, we also aren't pulling the same crazy stunts that celebrities pull sometimes.

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15 Only Charlie Sheen Thinks His Behavior Is Normal

Where do we even begin with Charlie Sheen? How about we start with that he was once the highest paid actor on television earning $1.8 million on Two and a Half Men? Then lets casually segue into his fall from grace where he was openly dating adult stars, addicted to bad habits and neglecting his kids. Oh, and did we mention, also possibly spreading an infection to various women because he failed to share that information with anyone? Yes, Charlie Sheen is a classic Hollywood example of someone who let the instability take over. There are also far too many photos to choose from where this is evident. From falling out of cars with his eyes half open to acting wild in public, Charlie Sheen became a paparazzi's dream. While he has been laying relatively low these days, there's no forgetting his behavior.

14 Janet Jackson: Trendsetter Or Muse?

When it comes to celebrities and their style, it can be difficult to point out if it's a fashion faux pas or if they are just trendy. Between some of the weird designs that come out every year and some of the older cringe-worthy trends resurfacing, it's hard to tell. Like when platform sneakers from the nineties made a comeback, and at first we thought no way but now they've grown on us. Or when we thought mullets were a horrid thing of the past and then all of these rocker Instagram bloggers started bringing them back again. Well, there are those things and then there is Janet Jackson and this questionable outfit. No matter which way you slice it, this outfit cannot be justified. Come on Janet, we think you need to consider hiring a stylist if these are the choices you are making.

13 Lindsay Lohan: Nothing Good About Having This Many Mugshots

Perhaps the first couple of times we could understand Lindsay Lohan getting arrested. After all, it is almost a rite of passage in Hollywood to be a teen star turned troubled young adult. But usually after the first or second time, other celebrities get over this phase in their life. But not young Lilo. Instead, she proceeded down a slippery slope of being in and out of holding cells and courtrooms. We are not sure what kept drawing her back to making these bad decisions, but she just couldn't get enough of it. Not only was she in and out of holding cells but she also felt the need to fuel the fire when in court. Everyone remember that middle finger 'fu' episode? Anyway, if we had to choose our favorite mugshot, it's the one in the bottom right corner where she's wearing her Parent Trap jacket. How nostalgic.

12 Farrah Abraham: Only Instability Could Lead To This Much Filler

No one in their right mind would think that they need this much filler in their face. But alas, Farrah Abraham has proven time and time again that she doesn't make the greatest choices. From the career she moved into after leaving Teen Mom to the number of procedures she's had, she doesn't always think things through. Or at least she doesn't really think things through like the rest of us. Perhaps she's making these decisions to fuel her barely-there fame. Or maybe she's just never really grown-up. Or it's possible that she genuinely believes she would look good with lips that big. But it is, as they say, bigger is certainly not always better. Especially when you are left with a top lip that's the size of an orange wedge.

11 Jenny McCarthy: Someone Knows Nothing About Boundaries

We get it, you're standing next to Justin Bieber, and well, that can bring out all sorts of feels in anyone but isn't that a bit much? Sure, we won't deny that we would be overly excited being in such proximity to Biebs but we still respect personal space. Come on Jenny McCarthy you should know better than that. You are twice his age and quite frankly, should know how to read body language by know. Poor Biebs just wanted to go up and accept his award without a sloppy kiss on the back of his neck. While don't get us wrong, Jenny McCarthy looks great; we are pretty sure Justin's mama would not approve- it's possible they are the same age. Whatever happened to a good old peck on the cheek or maybe even slipping a peck on the lips? The neck seems far too intimate.

10 Shia LaBeouf: Takes The Instability Cake

Shia LaBeouf has been pretty outspoken and wild for years now, but there's still something about his antics that catches our attention every time. This instance above, in particular, caught our attention when Shia decided to react to Tumps presidency. Shia set up an anti-Trump live stream at the Museum of the Moving Image, with the intent to protest. He encouraged individuals to go up to the camera and say "he will not divide us." While Shia's intent may have been pure, it ended up resulting in numerous acts of violence as people would argue with one another in front of the camera. Shia himself got into a physical altercation with another protester, which resulted in that mugshot above. Seems that above all Shia may need to work on his temper.

9 Dj Khaled: Oversharing To The Maximum

Generally, when a mother gives birth to her child it's a pretty special and private moment- unless you are a Kardashian of course. Nevertheless, we are pretty certain that Dj Khaled's baby momma is not a Kardashian and indeed did not sign up to be filmed mid-pregnancy. The poor woman's already concentrating on pushing out a baby, and the last thing she wants to worry about is how she'll look on camera. And not just on any camera but on Snapchat nonetheless. Dj Khaled probably needs to learn a thing or two about privacy because if we were his baby mama, we would be livid. She is literally laying there about to give birth, and he's up in her business with his iPhone. To make matters worse, he didn't even put a Snapchat filter on.

8 Kris Jenner: When You Have No Sense Of When To Stop

If there is one thing that the Kardashian's are really good at, it is getting loads of work done. They are of course, also really great at being famous for no reason but we will save that for another post. Anyway, Kris Jenner has undoubtedly had many procedures throughout the years and has been somewhat vocal about them. From facelifts to nose jobs, to fillers and everything in between, most of her enhancements have been captured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She's even had bizarre procedures like getting her earlobes cut and shortened. This was on the latest Kardashian episode in case some of you are not keeping up with them. So while it is kind of refreshing that she's open about her nips and tucks instead of pretending her face suddenly became smooth, she has taken it a little too far.

7 Mel Gibson: The Wild Behavior Never Ends

Where do we even being with Mel Gibson? From his racist rants to his anti-semitic movie, Passion of the Christ to his all-around lousy attitude, this guy has been unstable for over a decade. It was really a shame to watch his decline too. He was once a Hollywood leading man, charming and good looking but now he's just a rude mess. Just take a look at this photo for instance; where is he going? Why does he have a beaver with him? Why is his mouth open like that? And is it just us, but doesn't the beaver even look displeased to be in his company? Sometimes the pressures of Hollywood get to an individual and other times it is just age that brings out the worst in a person. In this case, we think it was a lethal combination of bitterness, disdain and a splash of Hollywood.

6 Peaches Geldof: Has Her Priorities Out Of Line

We are not saying that we would be the mother of the year if we had kids but come on Peaches, get your priorities in line. We are pretty sure if we were walking with our baby and we dropped our stroller on the ground and our baby tumbled we would pick her up immediately. But evidently, Peaches Geldof was on a very important call that she could not end to react quicker. Why not just quickly hang up and tuck the phone away to pick up your baby? Instead, she decided that one hand would suffice to pick up the child and stroller. Well, Peaches, it looks to us like perhaps it was being on the phone that caused this in the first place. You know how they made being on your phone and driving illegal? Perhaps they should instill the same rule for when you're pushing a stroller.

5 Scott Disick: No Excuse For Such Poor Behavior

If anyone was ever a fan of the earlier days of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you may recall this little incident that Scott had with a waiter. You know the one where he was in Vegas with the family and became belligerent? Wait, it's Scott, we realize that this has happened on way more than one occasion. But nevertheless, this incident really stood out to us because of his actions. He wasn't just his usual lippy, and slurry drunk Scott. This time he physically hurt someone too. The victim in question is none other than the waiter above who got a mouth full of money from Scott. For one, that's super dirty, Scott and secondly so incredibly out of line. While Scott has tried out sobriety over the years, it never seems to work out for him.

4 Kathy Griffin: Took It Way Too Far


We know that comedians love to push the envelope and often land in hot water but come on, this is just extreme. After the newest president was elected, there were a lot of outspoken celebrities displeased with the results of the election, but Kathy Griffin stood out the most. Instead of posting an angry tweet or leading a protest, Kathy decided to post something rather gruesome on her social media- Her holding a severed head. An angry tweet would have sufficed instead of this, thanks, Kathy. While we are not here to discuss political views, we will discuss moral ones. No matter how much you hate someone, pulling something like this is disturbing and not done with much tact. There are better ways to get attention for your cause than this, girl.

3 Tom Cruise: The OG Of Instability

Let's rewind to 2005 for a second. Tom Cruise was a pretty huge Hollywood star and was used to doing press, but something about this appearance on Oprah blew us all away. Or rather had us scratching our heads like "what is going on with Tom Cruise?" So he made this appearance on Oprah and midway through started jumping up and down on the couch screaming how happy he is. Basically, like a Toddler when they find out they are going to Disney Land for the first time. The only difference is Tom Cruise was forty, and he was acting this excited over Katie Holmes. This also happened to coincide when Tom was deep in the world of Scientology, so we all wonder if his craziness had to do with that. While he hasn't been jumping on any couches lately, there is still something creepy about him and the fact that he never ages.

2 Johnny Depp's Midlife Crisis


Oh, Johnny, where art thou? Johnny Depp was one of our favorite actors in the nineties and even early two-thousands, but then something happened to him. Instead of aging gracefully and handsomely like George Clooney or Brad Pitt, Johnny refuses to let go of his rocker-youth lifestyle. Not only does he dress grungy but he is also starting to resemble Keith Richards, and we are not so sure we mean in a good way. On top of his grungy look, Johnny has only now started a band and developed a drinking problem. We are not ageists so good for him for pursuing his passions. However, we are pretty disappointed in the actions which have followed his change over the years. Like the fact that he got physical with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

1 Macaulay Culkin Is Unrecognizable

McCauley Culkin was once the super cute kid in the Home Alone movies, but that was a thing of the past. It's always a hit or miss with child actors and in Culkin's case, so we dare say it was a miss? Sometimes cute child actors flourish into poised adults with their stuff together like Dakota Fanning. Other times, they grow up to be a little bit off a misfit like McCauley Caulkin. We don't know at one point he decided that this look was it for him, but perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he was over being "the cute kid from Home Alone." Or maybe he just stopped worrying about appeasing Hollywood and decided to rebel against the status quo with his style. Or perhaps he just started to drink a lot and make other poor choices, which resulted in his look. It's a mystery.

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