15 Pics That Prove The Kardashians Got Their Good Looks From Kris

We all know who they are because they are basically everywhere—the Kardashians. They basically rule reality television with Keeping Up With the Kardashians as well as their spin off shows. Not to mention all of their brands that they have that you may or may not even be aware that you are using. I’m talking about perfumes, nail polish, clothing…need I go on? But have you ever noticed how basically every single one of the Kardashians look just like their mother, Kris? Yeah, it is so true. If you put them all side by side you’d swear that Kris was just another one of the sisters rather than their mother, honestly.

Kris obviously has some strong genes because all of her girls are the spitting image of her—especially Kim. Those two are literally twins that steal from each other’s closets. The girls and Kris even seem to promo the same products too, which only makes this argument even stronger. If you are looking for the evidence to prove that the Kardashian girls got their looks from their mama, we got it. We compiled a list of pictures that prove that these girls got all of their looks from Kris.


15 Gettin' Their Workout On With Some Detox Tea Promo

We all know that Khole had a recent resurgence with her love of working out, but it looks like she gets this deep appreciation for the gym from her mama. Heck, both of them are even promoting the same product after getting their sweat on. I guess this detox tea must actually work because these two look great. Talk about walking in each other’s footsteps though. I wonder if they even have the same routine too.

They say that 70 percent of the battle is your diet and they must be eating pretty well too if they are keeping the weight off. Props to Khole for getting it together and really getting lean and mean. Hopefully they both keep it up, then again I guess it’s easy to do when you have five-star trainers and chefs at your disposal.

14 Bathrobe Beauty Selfie Queens


I’m not exactly sure why both of Kris and Kim are both wearing a full face of make up while they are wearing a bathrobe, but who am I to judge? I thought the point of a bathrobe was to sit back and relax but it looks like both of them are way more concerned about taking selfies with their perfect hair and make up rather than chilling back.

In the same respects, you can definitely see where Kim gets her looks in this shot. Kris and Kim basically look like twins. Isn’t it pretty amazing how Kris looks like she isn’t a day over 30 in this picture? I think pretty much anyone would want to age like her because she’s hit the genetic lottery. Looks like Kim has those same genes.

13 Looking Lovely In Hats

Just something simple like a hat can make Kim and Kris look pretty similar. If you notice they also have the same pout when posing for the camera. Regardless, with or without the hats, they look so alike it is kind of ridiculous. I always thought that Kim looked the most like her mother even though all of her siblings definitely get their genes from Kris.

All of the Kardashian girls are pretty much clones of their mother despite who their dad is. It is pretty crazy. It’s almost like Kris did a deal with the devil to make them all look amazing or something. What do you think Kris; did I figure it out? No one has that many kids that are all that good looking, let’s be honest.

12 Hanging Out On A Boat


Hanging on a boat is one thing, but no one does it quite like the Kardashians do because they do it up with style. They aren’t just on any old boat, they are on a glamorous yacht with only the best of the best at their service. They aren’t just renting a boat for the day and heading out on the water, they are having a full on private party out on the water that is probably worth a monthly paycheck for many of us. Life is tough, right?

However, it looks like Kim and Kris have the same idea by hitting the soft side of the boat and resting by the water. Of course they are getting their rays to tan their already sun kissed skin too. Sounds nice.

11 Standing Out In Army Print

It appears that the Kardashians supports our troops by sporting some cameo gear while they are hitting the scene. Maybe they are a little more concerned about making a fashion statement rather than a political statement, but hey, at least it looks like they are supporting the men and women over seas I guess. Kim and Kris have a habit of wearing really similar outfits for some reason. Not only do they basically look like twins, but they dress the part too, which is kind of a little odd.

Perhaps they have the same stylist and they think it is cute to put them in basically the same outfits. Regardless, it just makes you raise an eyebrow a little bit that they do not mind dressing so similarly on the regular.

10 Being The Lady In Red


Here’s just another example of Kim and Kris looking exactly the same. Sure the dress is slightly different, but come on. The only thing that would make the two of them look a little more alike would be if Kim parted her hair to the side. It makes you wonder if these two raid each other’s closets or something because it seems like they are always dressing alike.

Maybe Kim sees what fashion works with her mom and she follows suit since she looks so much alike. You never know. It just appears as though these two are a pretty close-knit pair, especially when it comes to fashion. This curve-hugging dress is something that might have even been recommended by Kris since she is her manager and all.

9 Rocking A Leather Jacket

Sure a leather jacket isn’t a huge fashion statement since it’s been done so many times before, but it’s just another example of Kim and Kris looking alike while they are out on the town. However, if you notice, it doesn’t look like Kayne is all that excited to be part of this situation. It actually kind of looks like both of them just got finished fighting or something. Kris on the other hand, looks like she’s having a fun night out.

Kim is rocking her blonde locks here, but as hard as she tries, she still looks exactly like her mom. It does seem like Kris likes to smile in more pictures than Kim does though. It always comes off like Kim takes herself way too seriously; lighten up a little bit.


8 Jet Skiing With Kourtney


Kendall and Kourtney also look just like their mother and this picture pretty much proves it. Not only do they look alike though, they also enjoy the same outdoor activities as their mom—jet skiing. Kourtney always seems to be the one that is, well, in the news a little bit less than the other Kardashian girls but she still has that trademark Kardashian look thanks to her mom.

It’s so hard to believe that all of them have that same look, even Kendall that doesn’t have the same dad and Kim, Kourtney, and Khole. It’s nice to see the Kardashians unwinding and not taking themselves so seriously for once because they just are wound up so tightly all the time. Probably doesn’t help that their manager is so close to them.

7 Showing Power In Their Suits

When the Kardashians get down to business, they look good in the process. We all know that Kris has business on her mind pretty much all of the time since pretty much her entire family is famous due to her management, but Kim also has her moments in business mode too. This powerful family looks even more powerful once they bust out their power suits, I know I wouldn’t want to get in their way.

Pretty much all of the Kardashians have their own side business they tend to as well, so they aren’t just appearing on television all of the time. You can’t show up to business meetings in pajamas or a bikini, right? They show up dressed to kill when their mind is on business and this shot proves it.

6 Posing For Adorable Couple's Pics


Couple pictures are always so sweet, but when it comes to the Kardashians they bring a whole new level to their couple pictures. Notice how both Kim and Kris are dressed similarly to their significants. It just looks like they were meant to be or something. In this shot, Kris and Kim are even posing in a very similar way, so it goes to show you that these two that look so much alike even pose the same way.

It’s also funny that both Corey Gamble and Kanye West have a somewhat similar expression on their face as well. Both of them are playing up that tough guy look although they are posing for a picture with their ladies. It’s kind of comical but, again, who am I to judge?

5 Vacationing With Black Bikinis

Here we see Kris and Kim enjoying a relaxing day at the beach both dressed in a classic black bikini. Although you can tell that Kim is a bit curvier than Kris, you can still see that she gets a lot of traits from her mama. Even though Kim has her blonde look rocking, it still doesn’t hide that fact that she is a spitting image of her mother, if they were at this beach together they would look like twins.

Although the Kardashians work pretty hard on the regular, they also know how to vacation and party hard too and it appears they are really taking some necessary time away from the grind right now to get their tan on. It just goes to show you that even celebs need some time off.

4 Wearing The Exact Same Dress


Okay now Kim and Kris look like the exact same person because they are wearing the same dress. Kim even has her hair slicked back to make her hair look short like her mother’s. This is one of those déjà vu moments because they just look so similar. How did Kim even dig up the same dress that her mom wore? Why this dress too? It looks like Kris wore this dress a long time ago, so why did she pick this specific dress?

Kim does look proud to be wearing the same dress her mom was wearing and that is awesome, especially because these two are so close. It just makes you wonder how many other outfits have they shared and did Kim actually dig this dress out of her mom’s closet?

3 Making A Splash In The Same Swimsuit

Here we have Kylie and Kris wearing the same bathing suit. Yes, Kris has a great body, but maybe she should have left this one to the younger generation because it just looks like she’s trying a little too hard here. Yes, they both look really similar in the shot, but this wardrobe choice just looks a bit strange on Kris in my opinion. Personally, I think she looks much better in a black bikini or something a little more mature.

This swimsuit looks like it is practically begging for someone in their early 20s to be wearing, and not that Kris doesn’t rock it but it just is an odd selection. Maybe she was promoting the brand or something you never know. I think she should rethink this one though.

2 Being In White Is Alright


This is just another example of Kris and Kim looking pretty much exactly the same in a white dress. Although Kim’s is off the shoulder, Kris looks very stylish in her very similar outfit that doesn’t quite go to her shoulders. It is amazing how much Kim looks like her mother when her hair is the same color, Kim looks like a literal time warp of Kris it’s kind of creepy.

In this case, it looks like Kris is at a red carpet event where Kim is taking a promo picture of sorts but it looks like another example of Kim copying yet another outfit of her mother’s. These two really have a habit of digging in each other’s closets to get the right look. Like mother like daughter I guess.

1 Taking A Selfie

Everyone likes to take a selfie from time to time, but you have to say that the Kardashians are the masters of the selfie. Here we have Kim and Kris taking selfies at a red carpet event and the only difference is that Kris has a massive smile on her face where as Kim is taking a much more serious approach to her selfie. Both are wearing black outfits and based on the background that they are both standing in front of, it looks like they are at the exact same event. Spooky.

I’ve just come to the conclusion that these two are basically the same person that have the exact same closet. They look the same and they dress the same, they way too close for comfort in my opinion.


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