15 Pics That Prove The Kardashians Can Be Problematic Parents

When you think of the Kardashian / Jenner clan, what comes to mind? Money, manufactured physical beauty, opulence, fashion, and just their huge social media presence. It seems like the family has sold everything they could market under the sun. There are a couple of other things that come to mind when you think of the Kardashians as well though. Uneducated, trashy, desperate, immoral, addicts, secrets, body image issues, and mental health issues. The family definitely has a dark side to them, and you don't need to look very far to see it. Heck, they even put it on their show, but don't think for a second they are not completely in control of the narrative. Unfortunately for them, they can't control everything and things fall through the cracks so people know they aren't this beautiful, hard working successful family they desperately want to portray.

Why would all the men in the family be dealing with such severe issues? Scott has been spiralling for like, a decade. Kanye had a mental break down this year, and don't even get us started on the poor wretched soul that is Rob Kardashian. The women show their insecurities in different ways, Kylie with her 'alterations'. Well, all of them with their 'alterations'. They are fame and money obsessed and nothing is too sacred to them. They're vain, shallow, and selfish. For all these reasons and more, they make up some of the worst parents in America. Thank goodness for nannies.


15 Kim Can Barely Pay Attention To Anything Or Anyone But Herself

For a woman that created a book of her own selfies called selfish, is anyone really surprised? Kim has made a career, a very successful one at that, that centers around self-promotion and exhibiting some of the worst human traits. Being vain, shallow, and narcissistic. Do you know the kind of maintenance that goes into making Kim look the way that she does? She has a kid about to turn 1 and North is 4. Parents of young kids will tell you they barely have time to shower, but Kim does not have to worry about hands on parenting when she has a team of nannies. While help with childcare is important and valid, when you are spending zero time with your kid and doing none of the little things like bathing them, feeding them, putting them to bed, this creates a hole. There is no way that North did not make a sound when she almost face planted behind her Mother, but Kim knew that nanny had her and she had to pose for the paps.

14 Kourtney Is Supposed To Be The Good Mom Out Of The Bunch -- But When The Paps Are Watching She Has To Pose!


Compared to her sisters, Kourtney seems to be the most chill and down-to-earth one. She is all about natural living and healthy lifestyles, and seems to really enjoy being a mom. When she first had Mason she was and still is a big advocate for attachment parenting which means she must spend more time with her kids than her sister Kim. Regardless though, she is still a Kardashian and the family traits are still there. Expect the help to do all the heavy lifting. If you haven't; noticed by now, the Kardashians are experts at making sure their nannies do not end up in their pap pictures because they want people to think they are the ones taking care of their children. Yea right. Poor Penelope got smacked right in the face with a car door because her mother was too busy making sure she looked good and fashionable for the paparazzi instead of opening the door for her kid and making sure she got into the car okay.

13 Kim Photoshopped Baby North - Because Of Course She Did


Does the really surprised anyone? Lots of babies come of the womb being hairy, and some get hairy as they older. But it doesn't matter, you know why? Because they are babies. Not if you are the offspring of Kim Kardashian though. Even as an infant child you have to adhere to the strict image standards that she holds for herself and the people around her. Little North had a unibrow like so many other kids when she was little, and when this picture was posted people immediately called Kim out for waxing it. While she denies denies denies, she cannot explain where the unibrow that was once there is in this photo. We like to hope that she did just photoshop it, a tool that her family heavily relies on rather than actually doing any hair removal on her babies face. But who knows with her.

12 An Army Of Nannies Do Most Of The Parenting - And They Have Very Strict Rules To Follow

Daily Mail

We get having help with your kids, but when you are never at home and your nanny / nannies are the primary caregivers to your kids that is just sad. Kim and Kanye have a strict handbook for their nannies which includes set times for FaceTime calls. Apparently the kids get to FaceTime Kim twice a day and their dad Kanye twice a day. Honestly we do not believe that they even FaceTime that much. For some reason Kim is always trying to hide her nannies and their use of them, but you only have to look at her social media and see how busy she is to know that she just does not have the time to spend with her kids. North gets lucky in that sometimes she gets to go to photoshoots when her mom needs her as a prop, but poor Saint probably see's his parents even less. Kids need their parents, not nannies.

11 Kanye West Is A Narcissist That Spends Zero Time With His Kids


So who can blame North for her reaction when this strange man she has a foggy memory, starts to try to cuddle her. It is not that hard to realize which celebrity parents actually spend time with their kids and which ones don't. We feel it is safe to say that Kanye probably only see's his kids when Kim needs a family photo opportunity. He is always in the studio it seems, the only pap photos of him showing him going and leaving the studio. And it's not like the kids are getting a lot of attention from their Mother. It is easy to read North's expression in that photo and she is definitely thinking to herself who is this fool draping himself over me? Looks familiar but no go.  And is it any surprise that Kanye is an absent Father? The man is obsessed with himself and his 'talent' so of course his kids have to take a backseat. Narcissists good parents do not make, and these kids have two.

10 Even When Kim Does See North Fall, There Is Other People To Help Her Baby Up

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And it is her sister Kourtney that lifts her child up when North falls, see we told you Kourt was the lesser of multiple evils when compared to her siblings. Kim could just not be bothered to lift her head up from her child falling, the way that she did not instinctively react to it says a lot about her and how much she cares about her child's wellbeing. You can't make this stuff up folks. Usually Kim is so in control of her public image, but this one slipped through the cracks and we can see the just how much of a self-absorbed Mother she is. Selfish people just don't make good caring parents. The whole point of having kids is putting them first and above everything else in your life. At this point we honestly wonder why Kim even had them.

9 Kylie Jumped Relationships And Got Immediately Pregnant With Her New Boyfriend - A Recipe For Success

Kylie is a girl who grew up with the older Kardashians as her role models. So what did she learn? She learnt enough to want to drastically change her face and body before she even turned 19 - something that Kris Jenner obviously allowed her to do. No one is surprised that Kylie grew up to be obsessed with how she looks and always desperately seeking the perfect glam that her sisters also chase after. She has become like a cartoon version of Kim, and honestly we feel bad for her. It's no wonder that she is searching for some kind of depth to her life, unfortunately it is going to be in the form of a child. A child with a man she has been with for 6 months at this point. There just does not seem to be any critical thinking happening or self-awareness on her heart, but we wish her future baby all the luck in the world. It'll need it! Hopefully it won't be the first toddler to get lip injections. We probably just have Kris Jenner an idea.


8 Soon To Be Mom Khloe Has Huge Anger Issues!


Every season of Keeping Up, we get to see Khloe yell at her family. Mostly at her mom though. But no one was actually spared any of Khloe's wrath. You would probably have anger issues too if you had to be compared to an ogre all the time and were 4x the size of your two beautiful older sisters. Oh and also be constantly told that your dad is not your real dad because your mom is a cheater and you look nothing like your three other siblings. Now that Khloe has come out the other end of the Kardashian image machine and looks like a glamazon, she seems to be a bit calmer. Let's hope her looks don't change so that she doesn't yell at her baby all the time. We're worried because she'll be dealing with baby weight. Her confidence at the moment is built on such a superficial trait and this makes it fragile. Good luck to Khloe's future babies.

7 Oh Kylie, What Kind Of Body Image Issues Are You Going To Pass On?

Probably the exact kind of body image that her mother and older sisters passed on to her, leading her to get Jocelyn Wildenstein level amounts of plastic surgery a couple of years before she is even legally allowed to drink. Unfortunately, a lot of girls and women can relate to growing up with women who are image and weight / body obsessed and many have stories about how that affected them and their self-esteem. Its honestly really sad because we as a society watched Kylie grow up from a normal faced girl to transforming into something that really shows off her insecurities. We wonder if she is worried about her baby being born with her old face? No worries little babe, your mama will give you access to the best plastic surgeons money can buy.

6 Rob Got Tricked Into Having A Baby While Dealing With Some Serious Mental & Physical Health Issues

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Poor Rob. Before this whole situation with Chyna happened, the youngest of the actual Kardashian children had not been seen in public in years, and his body went from being fit and healthy to obese. It was and still is obvious that he is dealing with some serious issues. Goes to show that you can have access to all the money and things in the world, and still be miserable and depressed. He was an easy victim for Blac Chyna, and she played him with a fiddle. And a part of us applauds her for her patient, stealthy, evil revenge she enacted on the Kardashians over the Tyga / Kylie debacle but now the fact is there is a child from these two gems. Rob has once again fallen out of the public eye and it is pretty obvious he is still struggling with his personal issues. Hopefully he can get it together for baby Dream.

5 Kids Are Used As Accessories

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The Kardashians capitalize on literally anything and everything, including their own souls. Kim makes a scandalous tape? Sell it! Kylie blows up her lips and gets tons of attention? She is going to start making lip kits! Khloe loses weight, she needs her own weightless show! Ugh. Well their kids are no exception, especially for Kim. She had kids so she had to start her own kids clothing line, Kid Supply. And the clothes she puts her kids in are just ridiculous and obviously meant to match her and her look. Just look at poor baby North. It was her second Halloween and her mom made her dress up as some random fashion person named Andre we are pretty sure. Babies her age are supposed to be pumpkins, but that wouldn't fit Kim's look. Did you expect Kim to see her kids as anything other than mini-me's though?


4 Scott Disick Is A Party Animal That Cheated On His Kids' Mother - This Always Makes For A Great Dad


One day, his three children will grow up and they will watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Who wouldn't in their shoes? And what will they see? Their father choosing partying and a jet set lifestyle over their mother and them. Oh and all the other women as well. And not just once, and not even only when the kids were born. Scott has been trouble since before Mason was even born. Things really started to spiral for him after the birth of his first child, who can forget the infamous episode of Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami where he gets hammered and trashes their bathroom while baby Mason is in the next room. For some reason, even though he never changed Kourtney went on to have two more kids with him which really shows sound judgement on her part. Scott is still spiralling with seemingly no rock bottom in sight. We just feel bad for his kids and hope the daddy issues aren't too bad for them.

3 One Day The Kids Will Get Older, And Realize What Their Mother Kim Did To Get Their Fame

There is nothing wrong with getting into adult entertainment, we want to make that clear. But there is no denying that there is an effect on children of people who have shown all of themselves to the world. While Kim has never technically been an adult entertainment actress, she did make an amateur movie that showed all of her to the world. So when her kids grow up an wonder about what exactly their mother did to get the money and fame she has, well if they do find the truth out they will realize their mother got famous over an intimate tape that their grandmother helped market and sell. They will also have to deal with being made fun of over it for the rest of their lives. Thems the sticks kids.

2 None Of Them Are Good Role Models - None


Kardashians are about one thing, outer beauty and materialistic things. It is all about make-up, fashion, clothes, and cars. Kourtney is the only one that went to college and it's not like she did anything with that education. Look no further than Kylie to see what effects growing up around the Kardashians will have. Kylie was the youngest one looking up to her siblings when she was growing up and look at what she turned into. Some kind of weird morphed version of Kim with more plastic surgery before turning twenty than most women get before 40.

The Blemish

At least when Kylie was little the family was still living relatively modestly and things were a bit more natural, but this is a whole new world that the next generation is growing up in. They don't have great people in their family to look up too, so we just hope that they are able to succeed in spite of their family. Of course they will have more money than they will know what to do with, but we mean succeed personally as a human being in ways that the rest of their family members have failed to do so.

1 Kris Jenner Is Shameless

This woman will do anything for fame and money, and it can be said she has done almost everything for it. Including executing the deal to sell her daughters adult tape. A situation that would make most parents feel anger, shame, and saddness just looked like an opportunity for Kris Jenner. She has been a social climber since the beginning, and she was always determined to be famous and rich, and she did it. She has made her moneymakers, ugh kids we mean, sell everything and hock everything under this sun. She was willing to get her kids to do anything to see what would stick. No one can say that the Kardashians have hustle. And what kind of children did she raise? Vapid, self absorbed kids. Only one of her six children pursued any kind of post-secondary education but they all really like expensive things. Important values passed on from Mother to children.


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