15 Pics That Prove Mariah Carey Is So Extra We Couldn't Even Handle It

No one is denying that Mariah Carey has an absolutely phenomenal voice. Her vocal range is literally not even human, and she can hit those high notes like no one's business. Sure, she may not be quite as popular nowadays as back when she was a bit younger and getting hit after hit on the charts, but she still definitely has plenty of fans. Plus, let's not forget perhaps the most iconic Christmas song of all time, "All I Want For Christmas Is You." She's definitely a pop superstar.

She is also very, very extra.

Lately, Carey made the headlines because she broke up with her partner — and not because she caused a huge scene or anything like that. Nope — Mimi simply asked for an exorbitant 'inconvenience fee' because he wasted her time. The woman is a legend.

On the one hand, she's so extra it's almost painful. On the other hand, when so many celebrities try to put forward an image of themselves as just regular, ordinary people, it's kind of nice to see someone who just wholeheartedly owns her fame and fortune. If you ever worry you're being a bit too extra, just scroll through Mariah's Instagram feed and you'll feel a whole lot better.

Here are 15 shots of Mariah Carey being so extra we can't even handle it.

15 Mariah in an extra fur look, posing on the stairs of her luxe 'Mariah' suite in London

via: instagram.com

It makes sense that celebrities would want to look amazing as much as possible — after all, they never know when they'll be photographed. Plus, they have to share some content on social media with all their fans. Mariah takes it to a whole new level. First of all, the luxe black fur coat is so extra it's not even funny. Then, add the fact that she's wearing sky high boots and an all black outfit. And then, of course, the fact that she's wearing sunglasses indoors. As if all that weren't enough, the caption also fills her fans in on the fact that she didn't just stay in a luxe hotel when travelling in London — she stayed in the Mariah suite in a luxe hotel. Did they actually name it that or did she just decide it would be that from the minute she stayed there? Who knows.

14 When she made people legit carry her like a queen

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We get it — after you've been practicing and performing for quite some time, especially if you're doing it in sky high heels, you're going to be a bit sore. You're going to wish you could just sit down and avoid taking another step for the next 24 hours. The difference between normal people and Mariah Carey is that, when Mariah feels that way, she doesn't force herself to trudge through the pain — she just finds someone to carry her. Yes, carry her — like she is legit some kind of royalty. The fact that she is wearing sunglasses, heels, and holding what looks to be a gold microphone while these two gentlemen carry her just takes the cake. The woman is so extra she doesn't even walk if she doesn't want to.

13 When she incorporated an actual throne into her performance

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There are many performers who have specific things they like on stage in order to be at their best. Some enjoy having the mic set up a certain way, while others only ever perform with the headset microphones in order to keep their hands totally free. Some have crazy costumes changes while others want to be in the same outfit for at least a few songs in a row. Some have insane contraptions that lower them from the sky or raise them from below the stage, while others just walk out. Mariah Carey has one little quirk — she likes to have a place to sit on stage, and you'd better believe that place had better be luxe. We're not talking about a couch — we're talking about a full on throne.

12 Posing, covered in diamonds, holding a dove

via: instagram.com

Okay, first of all, just about every outfit Mariah wears is just so extra. I mean, this gown is basically made entirely of sparkles and sequins, and she's finished off the look by adding a handful of diamonds, because why not? Then, there's the fact that she's holding a literal dove. We wouldn't be surprised if Mariah decided that, in the future, every place she performs has to place a cage filled with 100 pure doves in her dressing room, for her to gaze upon while she gets ready, as if they were flowers. No request is too outlandish for Mariah — she believes she's a queen, and she expects the entire world to treat her accordingly. To be honest, we could probably all learn a thing or two about self confidence from Mimi.

11 On a vineyard tour, looking like she stepped out of a music video

via: instagram.com

Mariah Carey enjoys wine just as much as the next person, and she enjoys going on tours of vineyards from time to time. It's a fun outing, who wouldn't enjoy it? The difference is, while most people would opt for some comfy shoes or a simpler outfit, Mariah goes full throttle, whatever the occasion. She is wearing some kind of a purple satin off the shoulder top and diamonds, because what else would she wear? And, she's gotten whoever is with her to take a photo of her posing and cheesing it up with a wine glass, as if she is the only person on the tour (to be fair, she might be). She also looks to be enjoying herself, so who knows — perhaps she's having a few cases of the most expensive products delivered to her door.

10 When she performed in a literal bathtub surrounded by flowers

via: instagram.com

One of Mariah's most extra moments that everyone remembers is when she did an episode of MTV's Cribs and ended up in her bathtub. That seems to be the incident she's referencing in this hilarious appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show, where she's sharing some champagne with him while in a faux bathtub. Honestly, if Mariah ever decided she wanted her own talk show, like so many other celebrities seem to experiment with, we would not at all be surprised if she invited other guests to get in her faux bathtub and interviewed them surrounded by bubbles. I mean, that would be a totally Mariah thing to do. We honestly can't even imagine her taking a shower — she must take luxe baths, always, because that's just what a queen like her does.

9 When she shopped in Hawaii, as if she grocery shops on the regular

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Okay, first of all, the outfit — while the jeans may make it more casual, that white top with lacing and a low low cut seems like the type of outfit someone would wear to the club, not the grocery store. Yet, this is what Mariah wears to the grocery store — paired with a sky high heels, obviously. She does her holiday grocery shopping at Whole Foods, because that's probably the most extra place you could get your groceries and she's not about to act like a normal person now. And, of course, she has employees following her out to her ride carrying flowers (a necessity for any extra queen) and what looks to be boxes with cakes in them. Let them have cake, Mariah says! They're on vacation, after all.

8 Performing in Mexico on a chaise lounge because standing is for ordinary people — Mariah lounges

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We thought that the literal throne for a performance was extra, but this takes it to a new level. Mariah isn't about to simply sit or stand like a regular performer — she lounges on a chaise lounge, without doubt the most extra piece of furniture you could own. Everything from the vibrant pink outfit to the soft blue lighting trained to hit her while she's performing, to the fact that she is literally performing from a lounging position, is just extra beyond belief. We'd almost love to go see Mariah live simply to experience how many extra details she could incorporate into the overall production — probably a whole lot. After all, when it comes to being over the top on stage, not many have Mariah beat — while others are dancing, she's lounging in luxury.

7 When she enjoyed the morning sun on a private yacht in her lace slip

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Thanks to those super-sized earnings, many celebrities take far more luxurious vacations than the average person. They can afford to grab a private jet, rent out an entire villa rather than a single hotel room, take a private yacht rather than hop on the bus or train, etc. Mariah is definitely a fan of luxe vacations — just take a look at this shot she shared of herself enjoying the morning sunshine on her face while on a private yacht. She's rocking jewellery, even this early in the morning, and a silky white slip that is definitely more for the bedroom than for the dock of ship. However, given she's probably one of the few people on the boat, perhaps she really doesn't need to worry about anyone spotting her in the sunshine.

6 When she shared her Italian Airbnb (yes, this is how Mariah does Airbnb)

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Most people opt to go for an Airbnb so they can keep costs down while they're travelling. After all, they tend to be a bit cheaper than a hotel, and usually have a kitchen or something like that so you can prepare some of your meals instead of eating out at expensive restaurants all the time. Mariah Carey opts for an Airbnb so she can stay in what is basically an Italian castle rather than just a boring old hotel room. And, she walks around her Airbnb in what is the most extra sleepwear of all time — a silky nightie, a floor-length silk robe, and stiletto heels with little puffs on the front. She basically looks like the cartoon version of Mariah Carey — except that it's just her on an average vacation.

5 Getting off a jet in a fur vest and sky high boots

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Most people go for comfort over glamour when they fly — after all, you'll be in a cramped seat for hours on end, then stuck waiting in line for security, for your bag drop-off, everything. Well, Mariah doesn't have to go through all those same inconveniences, and she's not about to step off her private jet in yoga pants and a cozy sweater. Nope — she's rocking a full glam look, regardless of where she's at. Take this, for example — she's stepping off a private jet, wearing a mini dress, a larger than life fur vest, and black boots with heels so high we're surprised she's not toppling down the stairs. This as a flying outfit is without doubt extra. I mean, she's even wearing sunglasses — she was probably wearing them indoors throughout the entire flight.

4 Celebrating St. Patrick's Day by wearing fur and a green gown

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Again, one of the easiest ways to judge just how extra Mariah is is to consider what a regular person would do in a particular situation, and what she does. Take St. Patrick's Day, for example. Most people might don a green item of clothing, or something with shamrocks on it, and head down to their local bar for a beer with some friends. Simple, right? Mariah, on the other hand, celebrated by wearing a full on green ball gown complete with a plush fur coat draped over herself. I mean, where would you even go in an outfit like this on St. Patrick's Day? Is there some kind of a celebratory gala us mere mortals don't know about? Of course, it's also entirely possible that this is just what she wears around the house.

3 Chilling on her private jet in sunglasses and diamonds

via: instagram.com

You've likely managed to guess that Mariah Carey is not about to fly economy class. After all, she's a star — it's private jet all the way. This photo, which she shared on her Instagram account, shows a more casual side of Mariah. There are no crazy stiletto heels or tight outfits — she's opted to relax for this flight in some cozy pants and a soft off-the-shoulder sweater. She is still wearing a sleek low bun, diamond earrings and sunglasses, though. Even when she's casual, she's still a little bit extra, and that's kind of why we love her. This totally makes us want to fly private, though — can you imagine having the freedom to just wriggle out of your shoes and stretch out? Total luxury. We're definitely jealous of how Mimi flies.

2 Honestly — straight up queen right here

via: instagram.com

Mariah snapped a picture of herself lounging here as her glam squad decides on some outfits, and it's just the most extra thing we've seen. First of all, that couch in the shape of some seashell with Mariah coming out like she's Aphrodite is bananas. Second, the fact that the woman is literally almost never without the highest stiletto heels is admirable and a little nuts. And finally, that crazy garment. Is it a cape? A jacket? A sweater? The fringe is over the top, and we have a feeling that once she stands up, this outfit gets even more extra as she struts in her stilettos with a fringed cape trailing behind her like she's some sort of ultra glam superhero. I mean, why not go for it and just have fun with your style?

1 Her insane shoe closet that would make even Carrie Bradshaw jealous

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One thing that most people know about Mariah Carey is that she has an absolutely insane shoe collection. Seriously — if you thought Carrie Bradshaw loved shoes, you really need to meet Mariah Carey and take a peek at her world. The pop star absolutely loves gorgeous heels, and displays them as if they were pieces of art. Plus, she's not about to slide on her shoes while perched on an ugly bench or, heaven forbid, the floor — she's got a luxe chair ready to go. To be honest, we're drooling just looking at this shoe closet — we wish we could have one of these in our own homes. And, knowing Mariah, this closet probably just gets bigger and bigger with each passing year. Hey, there's nothing wrong with loving what you love.

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