15 Pics That Prove Ariel Winter Is Becoming The Next Kylie Jenner

Ariel Winter has come a long way since making her debut as the lovable, brainy, know-it-all middle sister on the awesome and popular comedy Modern Family. It's become super clear that Ariel doesn’t want to be associated with her role as Alex Dunphy forever. She's definitely trying to show everyone that there’s much more to Ariel than meets the eye. Many of been quick to notice Ariel’s recent style transformation that has taken place in the last year and some even suggest that the star’s revealing fashion choices and fondness for posting everything to social media are gradually earning her the title as “the next Kylie Jenner” in the making. It’s not difficult to draw a comparison between the two stars - while one was the product of a super-famous family and the other was starring on an Emmy award-winning sitcom, both grew up in the spotlight... and both really came out of their shells and found superstardom once they finally turned eighteen. It’s become increasingly clear that Ariel Winter is well on her way to becoming the next Kylie. Here are 15 pics that prove it.

15 Braided Babes

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French braids. Dutch braids one braid, two braids, side braid, you name it, but this hairstyle is definitely all the rage right now, and young Hollywood starlets are no stranger to this super chic trend. We’ve all seen Kylie Jenner rock the braided look on numerous occasions, and now Ariel Winter is proving that she too, can pull off the same popular style with ease. The selfie -star posted an image of herself on Instagram rocking double-braids while partying at Coachella earlier this year. Hmmm, Kylie was definitely there too at the same time! Kylie Jenner never shies away from showing some serious skin, and now Ariel is totally following in her footsteps. She also donned a dangerously low-cut top, putting her buxom bust in full view. It’s kind of obvious that Ariel has set out to be the next Kylie, at least when it comes to her style - and she’s pulling out all the stops to make it happen.

14 Daring Hair

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Kylie is infamous for rocking vibrant hair colors and wearing out-of-this-world wigs, and it seems as though Ariel is following right behind her. We absolutely love this look on the both of them and wish we could be just as bold. Ariel recently took to social media to debut her newly dyed red tresses, and it didn’t take long for fans to point out that she’s giving off a serious Kylie-vibe. Of course, anyone can color their hair without being a labeled copycat... but we think that Ariel is well on her way to becoming the next Kylie with her bold willingness to try new trends. Maybe it’s the mermaid-esque hair paired with the dark, arched brows and the smoldering signature selfie that draws a stark contrast between the two ladies. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: both girls know how to grab the public’s attention while keeping us guessing about their ever-changing style.

13 Shades Of Blue

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Ariel and Kylie seem to have had similar hairstyles on a bunch of different occasions, such as when both girls rocked blue hues on the ends of their dark locks. Ariel chose the look for the 2015 Kid's Choice Awards, and Kylie is seen with an undeniably similar style while modeling her line of hair extensions for Bellami Hair’s product campaign. If you’re wondering who donned this look first - Kylie is the lucky winner. Jenner seems to be starting a lot of trends lately so it's no surprise anyone would follow suit because all her looks are amazing. Blue tips were super-trendy at the time, and it likely stemmed from seeing Kylie rock the look before anyone else. If looking like Kylie is Ariel’s goal, well, we have to say that she's definitely accomplished that. We totally think that she’s trying to be the next Kylie Jenner, and these photos are just one of the many photographic evidence that we have.

12 Plunging Jumpsuits

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Is white the new black? Even if it isn't is there anything more perfect than these two looks? Let's take a look. Wearing all white from top to bottom? Check. Deep plunging neckline? Check. Gold clutch? Check. Looking fabulous? Double check. These two eighteen-year-olds are dressed up in white suits that are totally tailored to perfection. These icons prove that even are always awe-worthy at every occasion. Kylie first rocked this spectacular look last year while promoting her hair extension line, while Ariel was next to take on the trend as she wore a similar style this past April. Kylie’s version may be a one-piece jumper while Ariel’s is two separates, but both ladies look flawless. There’s no way to deny the resemblance between the two starlets. Don’t worry if you had to do a double-take, we did too! We honestly can't believe how they could be total twins in these outfits.

11 Gym Attire

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You probably wear a tank top or t-shirt when you head to a barre or yoga class. But apparently, that's not the right way to go! Maybe we’re a little behind on the latest trends, but apparently, a sports bra can now serve as a sufficient stand-in for a shirt. At least that’s the case for Kylie and Ariel, who both appear to be fans of rocking sports bras and yoga pants while running errands. It’s no secret that Kylie and Ariel love to show some skin, as proven here while both wearing black bras in public. Both teen stars are proud of their bodies, including their toned tummies. Ariel might as well write a book on how to be the next Kylie Jenner because she’s the only one able to rival the level of media attention that Kylie gets. Ariel has made it clear that she’s never one to be outdone, and she’s for sure on the right path to following in Kylie’s footsteps.

10 Blue Lace Ladies

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We’re starting to wonder if Kylie and Ariel are secretly planning these twin-tastic outfits to leave all of us scratching our heads. But we love this look too! Further confirming the theory that Ariel is evolving into Kylie’s style twin, both of the girls recently donned a similarly-styled blue lace gown. Kylie wore her lacy get up to a star-studded event, whereas Ariel took her blue gown straight to prom. These fashionistas sure have a way of showing that great minds really do think alike! Taking it a step further, both Kylie and Ariel are rocking their gorgeously dark hair down and have on natural makeup with a soft pink lip. This is just one of Ariel’s many looks that bears a striking resemblance to Kylie Jenner, and we really have to wonder if they were coordinating ahead of time... or if they're even aware how similar they look and dress all the time?!

9 Pouty Poses

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It goes without saying that Kylie Jenner might just be the undisputed queen of pulling off the pouty pose. We've definitely seen enough pictures of her to think that is definitely true... and it seems to be a family thing since we definitely think the same of any of her sisters! But it seems like Ariel Winter has learned a thing or two from the reality star. And it looks like she's succeeded because she does a good job at this too. Ariel is a big fan of posting selfies to her social media accounts, and here we see her looking gorgeous while striking a casual pose for the camera. Ariel is showing off all of her beautiful features, including her dark luscious locks and lovely lips while giving off a doe-eyed stare. Ariel’s selfies have become not much different than the one’s Kylie posts. We can see this is totally obvious when we take a look at both star’s pictures side-by-side.

8 Riding In Style

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When it comes to transportation choices, you're probably a subway or bus kind of girl. If you do have a car, then you probably don't have a super expensive designer one! Naturally, both Kylie and Ariel cruise around in luxury vehicles. You might remember when Kylie was gifted a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon for her 16th birthday. Well, Ariel followed suit soon after and got herself a custom G-Wagon of her very own. Kylie got the whip long before Ariel, and it’s not unlikely to assume that Ariel is aiming to be like Kylie. Both Benz’s are decked out in matte black -- the only noticeable difference is that Ariel’s version features red accents. Both ladies are proudly posing in front of their lavish cars, and both of them probably have enough money to buy a new suped-up G-Wagon every year. This picture is a clear indicator that Ariel Winter is definitely trying to be the next Kylie.

7 Bathing Beauties

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Ariel may very well look to Kylie as her biggest inspiration. Many see bubble baths as a relaxing, private experience… that is, unless you’re Kylie Jenner or Ariel Winter, of course. Both girls have seductively posed in the bathtub for separate occasions. Kylie posted a video of herself lying around in a bathtub as a way to promote her new app – while Ariel has taken to the tub on the set of her new movie, Dog Years. These two can’t get enough of disrobing for all eyes to see, and this is just another instance where Kylie and Ariel appear to look incredibly similar. Both Kylie and Ariel are taking their willingness to undress all the way to the bank... and to the nearest bubble bath. We understand Kylie because she comes from a long line of women who are used to living their lives in front of a camera and posting every single little detail of their lives on social media, but what about Ariel?!

6 Rear Views

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Nope… we’re not talking about your car’s rear-view mirror here. We’re talking about the point of view that both Kylie, and now Ariel, gives their social media followers when posting cheeky back-shots of their rear ends. Kylie comes from a long line of famously curvy sisters and has no problem showcasing her derriere. Ariel is new to the backside snapshot game, but recently gave Kylie a run for her money when she posted multiple views from behind while on the beach. A huge part of Kylie’s claim to fame is her famous figure, and Ariel won’t let her get all of the glory. She wants everyone to know that she’s been doing squats and that she’s proud of her buns. We get it, ladies, you have a great figure and you want to show it off, but there are far better things to be known for than your beach bums.

5 Crop Tops

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We all know that crop-tops are totally “in” right now, and it’s fair to say that Kylie Jenner and Ariel Winter are big fans of this fad. Ariel recently shared a snap on Instagram of her posing for a mirror selfie while wearing a white barely-there crop top and skimpy denim shorts. But that wasn’t before Kylie was first to make the white crop-top a thing, as she shows off a similar mirror-shot while displaying ample midriff and cut-up jeans. It seems as though both ladies are competing for who can get the most attention and show the most skin…and honestly, we’re not sure who’s even in the lead right now. Ariel loves to mimic Kylie’s style choices, and it’s obvious that she isn’t afraid to go big or go home. Both ladies are huge celebs with tons of followers on social media, and each knows that every ounce of publicity is good publicity.

4 Hip Tattoos

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Anyone who follows Kylie on Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram knows that she’s no stranger to showing off her latest ink additions to the world. As well as sharing anything and everything about her life on social media. Ariel has also hopped aboard the tattoo train and took to social media to showcase her first tattoo soon after she turned eighteen. The eye-catching star put on a leggy display while posing in a way that revealed her hip’s newest script body art. Similarly, Kylie also got herself a word tattooed in almost the same spot when she became of legal age. Both stars even documented parts of the tattooing process on Snapchat. Notice how both Kylie and Ariel are even wearing black high-rise bodysuits while barefoot? It’s clear to see that Kylie and Ariel are quite alike, and Ariel’s affinity for showing off super-similar tats in virtually the same location is too coincidental to ignore.

3 Thigh High Boots and Cutoff Shorts

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As if she were taking a page right out of Kylie Jenner’s book, Ariel Winter sure knows how to dress the part. Aside from just bikinis, Kylie is known for wearing form-fitting tops, tiny bottoms, and even thigh-high boots. In this social media selfie, Ariel is rocking all three of those things while looking like Kylie 2.0. Where do we sign up? While there’s no way to prove that these striking style similarities are intentional, there’s no denying that Ariel is slowly becoming the next Kylie. Even Ariel’s nails are done up no different than the way Kylie’s tend to look. If Ariel went out in this get up in October, we’d say her Kylie Halloween costume looks like a dead-ringer for the real thing! We wouldn't be surprised if they both dress up as each other the next time that creepy and super sugary holiday comes around. Talk about confusing!

2 One Pieces

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Kylie and Ariel look stunning in any swimsuit, and both chose to go bold by rocking a high-rise one piece to the beach recently. This is a look that is very hard to pull off and the two of them did it perfectly. Kylie went with a vintage, neon-pink suit that said “Body Glove” across the front, while Ariel looked ravishing in red with a one-piece that said, “Beach, You Guessed It." It’s quite possible that Ariel was inspired to wear a simple one-piece swimsuit because Kylie’s iconic look, but who really knows what goes on in star’s minds. One thing is for sure, Ariel got tons of press and media attention for her beachwear… something Kylie Jenner knows all about. Both of the star’s swimsuits had quite a revealing backside, and in true celebrity fashion, both girls got their photos taken by nearby paparazzi. It’s easy to see that Ariel is already a future Kylie in the making!

1 Underboob

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We all know that Kylie Jenner is responsible for starting some pretty huge trends, and it’s no different when it comes to Hollywood’s latest revealing fashion-trend: underboob. That’s right, we’re talking about the lower half of your cleavage. Kylie was propelling this risqué trend right into high-gear when she wore a skin-tight nude bandage jumpsuit with very strategically placed chest cutouts in early June. Never one to be outdone, Ariel took on a more than similar look when she rocked a blush pink figure-hugging dress that showed off her ample bust later that very same month. Ariel received some backlash for her outfit choice due to the fact that she wore this eye-catching look to her graduation party – an event where several family members were in attendance. Showing off her confident side, Ariel shot back at critics by publicly stating that she looked “HOT” in the boob-baring number. Regardless of the controversy, both of these young stars have killer figures and looked totally fierce and fearless in their showy ensembles. It's easy to see that Ariel Winter has exactly what it takes  to be the next Kylie.

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