15 Pics Of The Olsen Twins Growing Up (+ 5 From When Things Took A Turn)

If we learned one valuable lesson in the 1990s and early 2000s, it would be... "there's never enough of the Olsen twins". Okay, so hopefully, you learned more than that. But it's true, we didn't tire of the Olsen twins back in the day. Mary-Kate and Ashley got their start in the film and television industry when they were a mere 9-months old, switching off as the role of Michelle on Full House. After that, they starred in numerous kid's movies and took on more mature roles as they aged with the majority of their fanbase. But, like many young Hollywood stars, the twins went through a series of major issues. So, let's take a trip down memory lane and see 15 pics of the Olsen twins growing up (plus 5 from when things took a turn).

20 Wherever These Two Went, They Were Total Stars And Were Treated As Such


As we can see, the two young twins were treated like starlets everywhere they went. This image was taken during the Video Software Dealers Convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center back when the twins were still pretty young. Although they definitely weren't the main attraction at this conference, they were given every luxury they could want. That's because they made other people a heck of a lot of money and they were just so gosh darn cute!

19 Identical Outfits Was Basically Their Day-In-The-Life

Vanity Fair 1991

Twins like the Olsens just can't get away from being dressed exactly like one another while they're young. There are so many photos like this one that show that the Olsen twins were basically treated like dolls. But, once again, they made the most of it. In this photo from 1991, they definitely seem to be making the most of their situation. After all, how many toddlers get to be the belle of the ball at a Hollywood premiere?

18 And Then Things Took A Turn: Troubles On The Hollywood Walk Of SHAME

Film Magic and TT

In 2004, the Olsen twins were given their very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, this was during a really tough time for them, especially Mary-Kate who went through some very public problems with eating. As we can see, she looks totally starved in these photos. Later this same year, she entered into a treatment facility to battle her issues head-on. This was definitely a moment where things took a turn for both young women.

17 Constantly Making The Best Of Being "Monkey Performers"


Ashley Olsen has been open about how she felt like a "monkey performer" when she was young. Both she and her sister were basically told to dance and they would do so. After a while, this got really tiring. However, both girls made the most of it. They made sure that they could have fun even when they had way more obligations than children should have.

16 Neverending Promotion For Full House Gave Them An Opportunity To Shine

Amazon and BG

The Olsen twins owe the majority of their success to Full House. If they denied this, they'd certainly be kidding themselves. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the cast of Full House seem put-off by the twins nowadays. But perhaps the twins feel like they need to keep a distance from the show that gave them their start. After all, they are bound to have resentment for it as they were constantly doing promotional work for a show that took up a chunk of their lives.

15 And Then Things Took A Turn: Mary Kate And The Much Older Man

Life and Style

It was downright head-turning when Mary-Kate Olsen got together with a man who was 17-years her senior. Olivier Sarkozy came with a lot of baggage beyond his age, namely his son and his very controversial and famous brother in France. When MK got serious with this man, her life took a major turn and she stopped being the little tike we grew up with. She became a woman. And frankly, it's a bit off-putting... Especially since she looks so uncomfortable in these photos with him.

14 Back When They Were Babies, The Camera Couldn't Get Enough Of Them


It was nearly 9 months after June 13th, 1986 when the Olsen twins began their career. Yeah, that sounds pretty strange, right? How many babies are making bank by the time they're 9 months old? But, as we can see here, the cameras just loved them and they loved the camera. Between that and some, perhaps, overly encouraging parents, the Olsen twins seemed certain for a life of fame.

13 The Bubble-Gum Color Queens Of The Late 90s And Early 2000s


While the Olsen twins weren't precisely "bubble-gum Disney", they certainly kept a clean and preppy image well into their teen years when this image was taken. It was promotional material for the 2000s Our Lips Are Sealed. Here we see two young women with a lot more potential in them, especially in terms of a life in Hollywood. But that wasn't exactly meant to be.

12 Nothing Like Being A Troublemaker When You're A Child Star, But You Need A Certain Energy For It


There have been a ton of incredibly successful child stars that couldn't pull off the same energy that the Olsens did when they were young. People like the Sprouse twins, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley Cyrus all had their own personalities. But they certainly didn't pull off the "charming troublemaker" trope as successfully as the Olsens did. But maybe they couldn't because they weren't drinking a ton of coffee like the Olsens were by the age of 10. Yep, a lot of their wild energy came from bean juice.

11 The Prom Queens Of Every Occasion Except Maybe Prom

via:Us Weekly

By 16, the Olsen twins were basically every young man's crush. After all, they grew into outlandishly attractive young women. And they were dressed for every occasion. Basically, they were prom queens everywhere they went... except for their actual prom that is. They weren't able to attend their own high school prom because they were locked in to host SNL hat very same night.

10 And Then Things Took A Turn: Constant Celebrity Drama, Especially With Paris

TT and Freaking News

Things took a turn once the Olsens entered university. Essentially, their adolescence caught up with them, which landed them in some drama with other major celebrities. Perhaps most notable is Paris Hilton who got between Mary-Kate and her boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos. Additionally, there were a number of other celebrity altercations, usually with people who were jealous of the twins for their success.

9 The Neverending Train Of Movies, Promotional Materials, And Phootshoots Didn't Break Them

Mary-Kate and Ashley.com

They could keep a smile, that's for sure. Even though they were constantly in front of the camera, the Olsen twins kept their energy high. This photo was taken in 1992, when the twins were at the height of their direct-to-video films including To Grandmother's House We Go, Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, How the West Was Fun, Billboard Dad, Passport to Paris, Winning London, Holiday in the Sun, and When in Rome. Even with all this work on their plates, these young women appeared utterly comfortable. Now that's a talent.

8 Biker Chics Who Love Their Mama


Oh, yeah, these two biker chics love their mama. This pic is from 1993 and definitely feels like an homage to Michelle Tanner's iconic line, "You got it, dude!". Once again, we see a type of energy from these two that other young celebrities just didn't have. These two young women could balance the precocious troublemaker trope with the cute and innocent youngster oh so well.

7 Rockin' Out At The It Takes Two Premiere


Finally, we saw a slight variation in the wardrobes of these two in 1995. It felt like the Olsen twins' parents and representatives wanted to confuse us for so long. But with one in black and the other in cream, you could tell them apart. The photo is from the premiere of one of their most beloved films, It Takes Two; a flick that used their identical image to its advantage.

6 So Little Time For A Life But It's All Smiles All The Way Through


By 2001, So Little Time was a hit amongst fans of the twins, albeit it was a short hit as it only lasted a year. But, for some reason, so many of their fans recall the twins' time on this show. We're sure the Olsens appreciate this as they've said they felt like they were in the army as they were balancing school work, filming this show, and all the press that came with it at the same time. Basically, they didn't have a moment for themselves.

5 And Then Things Took A Turn: Yeah, University Wasn't Really All That Successful

The Richest

The first couple of years of university tend to be wild. But the Olsens took this up a notch with their level of beauty, large bank accounts, and incredible access to everything that young people would love to get their hands on. MK only lasted a year and a half at New York Univeirtys due to her partying. Ashley lasted a little bit longer than that but also didn't finish.

4 Insanely Successful By The Age Of 18... Seriously... It's Nuts


On their 18th birthday, not long after this photo was taken, the Olsen twins became co-presidents of Dualstar. The brand has been sold in more than 3,000 stores in the U.S. and in 5.300 stores worldwide. It focused on releasing products that appealed to the teen market that followed them at the time. Because of this, the twins were listed as the 11th richest women in entertainment, with an estimated net worth of over $100 million... and that was before they got into high-end fashion...

3 Some Full House Reunions Worked, Others... Not So Much


As we said earlier, the Olsens have wanted to distance themselves from the Full House cast -- which, in the light of the whole Lori Laughlin thing -- may not have been the worst idea. They haven't made it to a reunion since 2002 when this image was taken. The twins were good sports about their time on Full Hosue for a while, but nowadays, not so much...

2 Rising Above Issues With The Help Of Dr. Drew

In Style and TT

Mary-Kate and Ashley got close with Dr. Drew Pinsky at the Los Angeles premiere of the Warner Brothers film New York Minute on May 1st, 2004. This image was actually a moment of triumph as it was around the time that Dr. Drew helped MK through some of her issues. Of course, things took a turn again not long after. But for the moment, it was a major triumph.

1 And Then Things Took A Turn: Financial Battles Between The Two Beauties

Wireimage and Youtube

The Olsen twins spent most of their lives by each other's side, which only makes it more reasonable that they'd eventually get on each other's nerves. In 2008, things took a major turn when the twins battled over financial control of their New York apartment. The National Enquirer and Celebitchy said that they were really at one another until MK finally gave in in order to make the problem go away. Nowadays, the pair seem to have rebuilt their relationship, which we couldn't be more thrilled about.

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