15 Pics Of The Most Dreamy Doctors On Instagram

We all have fond memories of our family doctor as a child. Usually much older men that always gave us a candy for being brave enough not to cry during vaccinations. We never thought that the man who saves us from all our ailments was ever anything to think about other than our local physician. Thats just the way it's always been.

Well not any more...there's been a little change. We're not sure that this change is from doctors being hotter, since they now have Instagram to document their hotness, or perhaps it's just a sign of us getting older, but there are a few b-e-a-utiful men out there who we wouldn't mind checking our fever! These guys have made it through medical school and are now commendable professionals in their fields.

We have performed extensive research (though we're not complaining) and gone through all the most handsome men who have various Doctorate Degrees in the medical field in order to determine our top picks—those who we know you'll deeply appreciateNot only are these men literally saving lives, but they're certainly making our days pass a whole lot faster when we see any new posts. So, we hope that you will enjoy a little Insta-stalking, curtesy of these hot docs! You're welcome.

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15 Dr. Jake Deutsch (@drjakedeutsch)


Let's start off strong with Dr. Jake Deutsch from New York City. Yes, we know...McDreamy! Going through his entire Insta, which we accomplished with ease, we found that he has a big thing for dogs and particularly his golden retriever, which just makes him even more endearing! Dr. Deutsch specializes in emergency medicine, which is one of the more fast-paced environments within a hospital setting. He is also the founder of Cure Urgent Care, which is a state of the art facility for medical care. So, he has an amazing mind as well as lovely face! Okay, were about to break some hearts, though. Very fortunately for him, (but unfortunate for us) he is married to shoe designer, Brian Atwood. So, we now have a super intelligent and very fashionable couple...we are so #jelly.

14 Dr. James (@dr.james.nyc)


Somehow, New York seems to be where the gorgeous Insta-docs are coming from...coincidence? Well, Dr. James has us all a flutter. If you decided to go through his Insta, you will find a large array of selfies and topless pictures...oh yes. There are even some inspirational quotes sprinkled in there because he understands that everyone needs a pick-me-up from time to time. He also seems to have an interest in travelling and being by the ocean or a pool somewhere relaxing and having fun. We have a feeling that someone very lucky gets to hang around with him and take his candid pics, and were stuck here wondering where do we sign up? If tall, dark and handsome are on your check list then Dr. James is the man for you to check out!

13 Dr. J.P Lacroix (@lacroix.jp)


Now it's time to explore what the Canadians have to offer when it comes to dashing doctors. They do not disappoint! Meet Dr. J.P and yes, he is as cute as his name. If you take a trip through his Insta, you will find that he is a traveller and also captions in French...we could just imagine his amazing accent!! This doc seems to have a great social life and great social circle of friends who all pop up in his feed every now and again. He seems like a fun-love doc who is just training and having fun, all while making the world a little better. Swoon. He is also very much into his fitness, so his abs do make an appearance or two...or six...but we fully support it!!

12 Dr. Nico De Stabsarzt (@dr.big.nic)


Blondes have more right? If thats true, then you want to be following Dr. Nico. He comes from Germany and is a dermatology resident. So this guy has an accent, the good looks and he can tell you exactly how to get perfect skin! That paired with his boyish charm makes for a great combination. These doctors all know that health is of the utmost importance, so it is no shock to see topless selfies of him post workout, in-between pics of the doctor in uniform. Try to spot the one of him topless in his scrubs...urgh. We also love when he is spotted in his glasses...how did he just become even hotter? We would happily take him for a beer to talk about...ahem...skin?

11 Dr. Brian Fiani (@doctor.brianfiani)


We had to get a pic of Dr. Fiani looking dapper in his suit because we know that everyone loves a man who can rock a suit. This time we hit the West Coast of the U.S where this doctor is located. He is in the picturesque Palm Springs, we hear its hot...especially when he's around. Ha! When he isn't on the golf course in his spare time, we can see from his Insta-feed that he has a huge interest in luxury sport cars. He apparently has the same interest as we do; looking at pretty things. What is his most impressive quality, you ask? Probably the fact that he is a neurosurgeon, which is one of the most difficult areas of medicine out there. Imagine him trying to guess what you're thinking? Just try not to get too distracted by his eyes...

10 Dr. Yazan A. Ismail (@doctor.yazan)


Honestly, its becoming unfair. Everyone dreams that their future husband will be some handsome doctor, and here we find them on Instagram! Well, they may not be all our future husbands, but we can dream. One man we will absolutely be dreaming about is Dr. Yazan. Again, we have found a resident in Rochester, New York. Not only does this M.D have an interest in fitness, but we have found one who sings!! Are you actually drooling now?! I know, so are we! Excuse us while we try to humbly fall back down from heaven. So, your fantasy of finding a man who's a musician AND a professional have all become realities. We have checked some of his piano covers out and we approve. We invite you to take a look at them yourself. It's impossible you'll be disappointed.

9 Dr. Jake Gogua (@_iamjake)


So, next we move onto the cosmetic surgeons because these are the guys who are making the big bucks and some of it is thanks to Instagram and the trends that it popularizes! Dr. Gogua happily shows pictures of him injecting his patients with whatever they have asked for. Some people who don't like needles and see this may become squeamish, but fear not, the pictures of the doctor himself outnumber those with sharp objects. This Greek resident is somewhat of a traveler in his spare time. His Instagram is more like one of 'wanderlust' than a doctor, but we are more than happy to explore the world through his pictures. He has a great view of the world and takes some great shots. He also shares his travels through his YouTube channel...because we really just needed another way of looking at him.

8 Dr. Chris Mahfood (@foodym)


Okay, we have found the silver fox of medicine in Dr. Chris Mahfood. The search is over! While enjoying scrolling through his pics, we noticed that he has a thing for his dogs, especially a new addition...can you spot the cutie? We meant the dog...In addition to caring for his pups, he spends quite a lot of his time studying and showing us the side of him being a 'hot Doc' that we don't always get to see. Similar to all the guys we have seen previously, he is very much into his fitness also. Along with a very welcomed topless selfie or two, we often see him having cheat meals that make us want to also cheat on our non-existent diet! Guess there is a good reason he's called foodym...He's yummy AF.

7 Dr. Bradley Schaeffer (@doctor.bradley)


Well, we all know there are actually people out there that have a thing for feet, but at least this guy's interest is legit! Dr. Bradley Schaeffer is a foot and ankle surgeon, so he knows exactly how to sweep you off your feet (we had to)! We Wish! This dashing Doc hails from Massachusetts and seems like one of the friendliest doctors out there. He posts pictures of him and young patients who are totally at ease with him, which we can image comes effortlessly. Like a lot of our previous hunks, he is also an aspiring traveler and big into his fitness, so you won't be missing any of those pics on his Insta. Being the genuinely nice guy that he is, he advocates and raises awareness for a variety of causes on his page, which makes us like him even more!

6 Dr. Gabo H Roman (@gabohroman)


Ever wanted your local doctor to be someone who was modelesque? Someone who could give you a dashing look and cure you on the spot? Well, Meet Dr. Roman. He could be something right off a runway, and we do't mind saying it. From what we can tell, he is studying to become a future doctor in Maine, Portland. This gives us the jump on any competition because we're even giving you future doctors to look out for! This future Doc is also very stylish and posts pictures of him looking good all the time. We also get to see a lot of him in his scrubs, which we aren't complaining about either! Okay, so his other half is as striking as he is, so we don't mind, as they make a beautiful pair! Sigh...One Day...

5 Dr. Jarrett (@doctorjarrett)


Well it would seem we have found ourselves back in Manhattan for our next handsome doctor. Dr. Jarrett has been an anesthesia resident for three years, which is impressive on its own, but of course thats not all he has to offer to the world of Instagram. He also has a MS in Nutrition and BS in Exercise Phys. So, he boasts many qualifications and, get this, he's pretty funny too. We're guessing that on his spare time at work, he likes to keep himself entertained by making videos for his Instagram, which are light and funny and pretty enjoyable. We found ourselves going through his page with ease for quite some time! If you follow him, you'll get some healthy tips for everyday life, a bit of comedy and a doctor who slightly resembles Ross from Friends, and we find that pretty cute!

4 Dr. Giulio Giammarioli (@dr.giulio)

The more doctors with European accents that we can find, the better. Nothing against American or Canadian Docs, but there is something about a European man who can explain exactly whats wrong to you in a way that sounds romantic and lovely that is SUCH a turn-on. We can imagine that this is how Dr. Giulio sounds when talking with his patients. This Italian doctor specializes in cosmetic treatments, which he shows the Prima e Dopo (before & after in Italian) on his page. He's definitely proud of his work. He is also a military doctor. We can hear your hearts racing already! So, he has a military background and a fantastic accent...game over! His Insta is full of shots of his hot bod and him at different stunning landmarks throughout the world. Yet, we still find ourselves looking into those dreamy Doc eyes wherever we get the chance!

3 The Fit Doctor (@the.fitdoctor)


Well, doctors are known to keep their privacy, but after all our digging we weren't able to figure out this hunky Doc's name....So, we'll go with Dr. Fit for now...until we meet up in person and fall in love! This doc is based Orange County, California, so he is never too far from the sun shining on him! Although he is a medical doctor, it would seem that the main aim of his Instagram page is to help motivate and teach others about fitness. We love that it has a specific goal in mind and some of his tips and videos are pretty helpful. Despite his medical training, he is a personal trainer and this seems to be a big passion of his. We have to admit, we're going to try out some of his moves at the gym because he also caters to those of us who aren't as buff as him! Regardless of all this, we also just like watching the videos...for...research reasons, of course.

2 Dr. Evan Antin (@dr.evanantin)


What would a good list of hottest doctors of Insta be without a vet. Everyone knows that a handsome man and an animal together in a picture can not only melt a lot of hearts but steal them too. We introduce to you Dr. Evan Antin. Yes, he is real! Again, the Californians seem to be contending with New York when it comes to debonair Docs. Dr. Evan specializes in exotic, small and wildlife animals, which kinda gives him an edge...not that he ever needed any more great characteristics. We admit, we are always looking up pictures of small animals to brighten up our day a little, but with Dr. Evan in the pics too, you'll be scrolling for hours! And why not?! We're not entirely convinced that he wasn't some Prince Charming double cooked up by Disney. Now, how do we get our pet goldfish to California for an urgent diagnosis??

1 Dr. Mike Varshavski (@doctor.mike)


If you need to be introduced to Doctor Mike, then you need to up your Insta-skills drastically! When brainstorming this list he was the first name to come to everyone's mind! With 2.5 million followers, he is THE Hot Doc of Insta. With his huge success Doctor Mike has set up his YouTube channel where he posts videos on fitness, medicine and his life. It isn't hard to see how he was named People's sexiest doctor. There is something dreamy about this guy when we're looking at all his television appearances...and there are quite a few for you to enjoy. He also is a huge advocate for charities and special causes. He is using his fame to impact the world in such a positive way that he's become an inspiration to others. Did we mention we also want to marry him but we think that there is going to be quite a substantial lineup?

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