15 Pics Of The Most Beautiful Real Housewives

It seems like every year, there are a few new Real Housewives cast members — after all, the show is in countless cities at this point, from Orange County to Miami to New York to Atlanta. There are some housewives that only stay for a season before getting the boot or deciding to leave, and others who have been on the show for years on end. We've seen relationship drama and catfights and all sorts of juicy things that are absolute reality television gold.

When it comes to their physical appearances, the housewives truly do come in all shapes and sizes. Some are blonde, some are brunette. Some are petite while others are super curvy. They all have one thing in common, though — they have plenty of money to spend at department stores and salons, which means they always look amazing. Trust us — a regimen of manicures, hair appointments, and shopping can do a lot to make sure you're always looking your best.

So, it's time to take a bit of a trip down memory lane with some of the gorgeous housewives in the series. Here are 15 steamy pictures of the most sizzling Real Housewives cast members out there. These are some majorly smokin' mamas.

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15 Tamra Judge Looking Like One Sizzling Mama In A Bikini

via: okmagazine.com

One thing we totally love about Tamra is that she's not afraid to rock a bikini. Of course, she definitely has a figure that looks way younger than her actual age — most 20-something-year-old women would be proud to show off a physique like that. I mean, it's kind of insane to think that the woman is 50 years old! Tamra's gone through her fair share of drama on the show, and while she's no longer the youngest housewife, many would argue that she's still one of the hottest. She's changed up her look a little over the years, but she's always kept the platinum blonde locks and figure-hugging styles that are so quintessentially her. She may be in workout gear most of the time lately, thanks to her business ventures, but she still looks amazing in swimwear.

14 Kandi Burruss Rocking The Beach In A Black One-Piece

via: vladtv.com

Kandi Burruss is one of our favorite parts of the Atlanta franchise because she's just so larger than life and amazing — which this photo illustrates to perfection. While a black one-piece swimsuit may sound boring in theory, when it comes to actually rocking it, Burruss manages to put her own little spin on it and looks amazing. Plus, can we take a second to notice that the beach is entirely empty in the background of her shot? We're not sure what kind of private beach situation she set up, but one thing is for sure — we're totally jealous. Now, the question is, was she or was she not blasting her hit song "No Scrubs" while she enjoyed her day at the beach? We certainly would be — it's the perfect beach jam.

13 Adriana DeMoura Is Wonderfully Toned

via: dailymail.co.uk

Adriana de Moura has certainly had quite the rags to riches drama over the years after her split from her then hubby left her allegedly penniless, but things are definitely looking luxe lately. She's living her best life and looking far, far younger than she actually is. I mean, if you saw this woman walking towards you on the beach, you'd likely think she was in her late 20s — not her 50s. Her figure is absolutely bananas! We also have to give her props on her choice of swimwear — this two-piece has some interesting details that we're totally digging. Of course, with a figure like that, we have a feeling that just about any swimsuit would look amazing, so it's not as if it would be terribly hard to find something flattering.

12 Kenya Moore Flaunting Her Fab Printed-Bikini On Her Tropical Paradise Vacay

via: rollingout.com

Okay, every physique is beautiful, but it's kind of hard to ignore the fact that many of the housewives have a very similar look — very slim, with curves on top thanks to a talented doctor. However, Kenya Moore definitely doesn't conform to that look — and we love her for it. The former pageant queen is curvy and strong and has a physique that looks like she works hard for it — and she's not afraid to show it off. We can barely handle this teeny patterned bikini and how good she looks in it. As fans will know, she also recently got married, so who knows — perhaps she'll be vacationing a whole lot more lately with the new hubby and showing off countless swimsuits that flaunt exactly what she's got.

11 Cynthia Bailey Looking Amazing In A Sequin-Studded Dress

via: instagram.com

We're not even sure where to start with this shot that Cynthia Bailey shared on her Instagram page. First of all, we're living for her voluminous natural hair — she tends to rock a sleeker style on the regular, and we love the change of pace this look offers. Then, the ultra steamy make-up — I mean, the combo of the perfect nude lip and the smoky eye is everything. And finally, that dress — an entirely sequinned dress may seem a little bit extra, but it's extra in the best possible way. The color makes her skin look amazing, the fit makes her figure look amazing... if we were her, we'd just wear this every single day, everywhere. We're not sure who styled this particular look, but we've got to give them some major props because she looks like a superstar.

10 Gretchen Rossi Rocking A Fitted Dusty-Rose Bandage Dress

Gretchen Rossi has had quite a bit of drama over the years, but one thing has remained the same since her very first season on the show — she has an amazing figure. Her look may not be everyone's cup of tea — she definitely falls on the 'full glam' side of the spectrum, regardless of where she's going or what she's doing — but you can't deny that she has a rocking physique. This dress proves that fact perfectly. Many women would find this dress almost impossible to pull off — the pale shade doesn't have the same slimming effect black does, the dress is entirely fitting, and the cut is a little challenging to rock. She, however, manages to look flat out amazing — seriously, forget her beauty entrepreneurial ventures, she should be creating a diet and fitness book!

9 Sheree Whitfield Proving Casual Wear Can Be Just As Steamy As A Fancy Gown


When they want to look seriously steamy, most housewives will rock a skimpy swimsuit or gorgeous, tight-fitting gown. However, Sheree Whitfield proves in this photo that even a super casual outfit can be majorly sultry. Most women have a black tank and yoga pants in their closet, but we bet you had no idea they could look this good. Of course, not every woman has the attitude that Sheree has — the woman is definitely one of a kind. And, she proves that they definitely make them pretty darn spicy in Atlanta. Also, we're not sure if it's just because of the long blonde locks or what, but she's definitely channeling some major Kim Kardashian vibes in this shot — the platinum blonde version, of course. We'd take a selfie if we looked this good too!

8 Bethenny Frankel Proving Her Diet And Exercise Regime Keeps Her Young And Fit


Unless you've been living under a rock for the past decade, chances are you know who Bethenny Frankel is. Even if you don't follow the Real Housewives franchise, you likely know her thanks to her entrepreneurial ventures — namely, the Skinny Girl empire. Now, if you're the one who thought up a company like that, it only makes sense that you'd place a high priority on health and fitness, right? Well, Frankel definitely does. She works hard to maintain the toned physique she's rocking in this photo, and we have to admit, she looks pretty darn amazing. That flexibility is definitely something she's developed thanks to hours of yoga, pilates, and other similar workouts. We also really love her shorter 'do — definitely makes her look way more effortless than the longer locks did.

7 Kelly Bensimon Treating The World Like Her Personal Catwalk

via: dailymail.co.uk

It's no surprise that Kelly Bensimon used to be a model because, well, look at her! She's totally gorgeous, she's tall, and she has the perfect physique to showcase clothing. In this shot, she's strutting her stuff on a sunny day wearing just a pair of bikini bottoms and a breezy button-down that's knotted at the front. The look manages to showcase her long legs and toned stomach without being too over the top — and it proves she's definitely one of the most sizzling Housewives out there. She may not be in the cast anymore, but we have a feeling this beauty may get her very own reality television show someday — the camera absolutely loves her! It's kind of tough to believe that she's nearly 50 years old because she looks amazing.

6 Alexis Bellino, Who's, Without A Doubt, Extremely Beautiful

via: pinterest.com

Alexis Bellino has her fair share of haters thanks to her religious views and somewhat controversial views on marriage and relationships, but there's one thing everyone would agree on — her figure is amazing. Now, she's been honest about the fact that she has to work really hard to stay in the kind of shape she's in, but in a way that makes us like her even more — there's effort involved, and we respect that dedication. This purple and black patterned bikini has some major lingerie vibes, and it looks totally amazing on her. Although let's be honest — we have a feeling it would be tough to find a swimsuit that doesn't look absolutely incredible on her physique. She has the kind of shape that was made to rock teeny bikinis, which is amazing considering she's a mother of three.

5 Melissa Gorga Looking Like A Total Beach Babe

via: celebrityhealthfitness.com

It's kind of tough to believe that Melissa Gorga is a cast member on the New Jersey edition of the show rather than Miami or Orange County because she has the type of figure that should pretty much always be in swimsuits — she looks gorgeous! This shot gives us a peek into what a beach bombshell she is, and we have to say, her hubby is certainly a lucky guy! The simply patterned string bikini is nothing spectacular, but her curves make it look like a total knockout. Melissa is definitely one of the younger housewives, as she's still in her 30s, but based on how amazing so many of the housewives look well into their 40s and 50s, we have a feeling this babe will maintain her incredible physique for years to come.

4 Brandi Glanville Showing Off Her Bikini Style

via: nydailynews.com

Brandi Glanville is definitely a blonde bombshell. The reality television veteran got her start as a model when she was just a teen and went on to pursue a variety of things in the entertainment industry since then. She's also penned two books which, well, definitely appeal to a certain kind of audience. Whatever your views are on Glanville's writing skills or podcasting abilities, one thing is for sure — she's in fantastic shape. Bikinis with such thin straps as details can always be a little dangerous because you run the risk of the swimsuit lines digging into your skin in a not so cute way. However, when you have a physique as amazing as Glanville's, you don't have to worry about that — for her, it's just a bit of visual interest on an otherwise fairly simple suit.

3 Marlo Hampton Straight Up Slaying It

Whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit that Atlanta's Marlo Hampton looks totally fierce in this photo. Somehow, the off the shoulder dress with sheer panels manages to look even more steamy than if she were just wearing a straight up swimsuit — and we can't even talk about her gorgeous hair, retro sunnies, and the assortment of jewelry glimmering in the sunlight. If you took a look at this photo with no context if you had no idea who the woman in the picture was, chances are you'd still assume she was living a life of luxury — she looks totally glam and we would swap places with her in a second. Who wouldn't want to be sipping champagne in the sunshine? She's living her best life in this shot.

2 Joyce Giraud, Who Has Legit Not Aged In Decades

via: instagram.com

Okay, we're pretty sure that Joyce Giraud has legitimately not aged in decades — the gorgeous Puerto Rican babe is in her 40s now, but could easily pass for a 20-something hottie. Giraud has certainly been busy over the years, dabbling in ventures from modeling to television to pageants, and we have a feeling we certainly haven't seen the last of her yet. And, when you see shots like this, you can tell exactly why she was a successful model back in her younger years — her smile is captivating, her shape is still absolutely amazing, and the woman definitely knows how to pose. I mean, a few adjustments to this pose and she could easily be taken straight out of the pages of a magazine rather than just having her photo taken by a friend while she's out and about.

1 Joanna Krupa, Without Doubt, Miami's Spiciest Housewife

via: instagram.com

No matter who you ask, we have a feeling they would agree — Joanna Krupa is definitely one of the most sizzling members of any Real Housewives franchise cast. The blonde babe is a total stunner. She's done her fair share of modeling over the years, often in swimwear or lingerie, and has the kind of slim yet curvy figure that makes men drool. And, she recently got divorced from her hubby of 5 years, so she'll have her eye out for another man in her life — and we have to admit, we're majorly curious to see who will capture her attention. Her face is gorgeous enough on its own, but when you add her incredible shape into the mix, you have a total bombshell on your hands. This swimsuit definitely isn't the easiest look to pull off, but she manages to do so effortlessly because, well, look at that physique!

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