15 Pics Of The Kardashians Before They Were Famous

Before we all knew about Kimye and Caitlyn, before Kylie's lips were a household name, and even before we knew Scott Disick had a problem, the Kardashians were just a normal family. Ok, so they were a rich, extremely beautiful family, but a normal family nonetheless. They weren't famous the way they are now. Not many people are as famous as they are. Kim and her sisters were just living life, working boring jobs or heading to school for the day and then heading back home at night. No one really knew them, they had famous friends but the media wasn't too concerned with the Kardashian family all that much. It's fun to take a look back and remember when Kim was BFFs with Paris Hilton and the only people shopping at Dash were local Calabasas natives. But now after 4 divorces, 5 babies, and 1 fling with Blac Chyna later, we all love to watch this normal family navigate the world of fame and fortune while still getting together for dinner and arguing over who borrowed whose shirt. Whether you love or hate them, you probably know more about this famous family than any other in Hollywood. Check out these blasts from the past and see if you remember your favorite Kardashian from way back when.

15 Kylie And Tyga

Kylie Jenner and Tyga first met at big sis Kendall's sweet 16 party. At the time, Kylie was only 14 but clearly smitten with the much older rapper. We see Kylie here before her luscious lips have entered the picture, proving Tyga is not just in it for the kissin! Can you tell from this photo that love was already blooming? This was way back in 2011. We weren't hearing or seeing much of Kim's younger sisters just yet but merely 3 years later we start to see Tyga popping up on Kylie's Instagram and a match was born. She turned 17 that year and Tyga hosted her birthday party, so it seems they might already have been a couple. A few months later he announced his breakup with model Blac Chyna and his relationship with Kylie became pretty apparent though Tyga was still claiming they were only friends.

14 Kim


Check out Kim (then Kimberly) in one of her first public appearances around 2006. 10 years later our favorite Kardashian looks very different. She is rocking mom curves and has stepped it up in the makeup and grooming department. Back then, Kim was working as a celeb stylist and was best friends with Paris Hilton. That was all pre-Ray J tape business and before the world got to know Kim for being Kim. A few months later she would land Keeping Up With The Kardashians and we would all be hooked. Kim's look back then was very different from how we see her today. She loved a tan and she wasn't sporting those super defined cheekbones we recognize now. Kim has always been beautiful so its fun to follow her progression. Fans have seen Kim rock every hair color and style while maintaining a flawless appearance throughout the years.

13 Dash


While Dash may not be an official Kardashian, it is certainly a part of the family. The original store opened in Calabasas, CA. It was right next door to a children's boutique owned by Kris and Kourtney. They knew nothing about running a retail store but Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim dove in head first. The location moved to Los Angeles in 2012 and they have opened up 3 other stores in Miami, NYC, and the Hamptons. The first wasn't quite as glamorous as the newer locations but Kardashian fans will never forget it. Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney were the original Dash dolls. Now Dash dolls consist of other beautiful employees that work in and model for the store. The Dash Dolls even ended up with their own reality show. As the brand grows, it's fun to look back at the store that started it all!

12 Khloe

Look at precious Khloe with her dad Robert Kardashian! Khloe has always struggled with looking different from the rest of the klan, but it's clear she was loved regardless. She was such a gorgeous child and we see those model good-looks started early. As the youngest Kardashian sister, Khloe was taller, paler, and blonder than the rest. Khloe has refused DNA testing and always maintains that Robert is her father both biologically and otherwise. Obviously he and Kris made some pretty cute kids together. Khloe has had a huge change in appearance since childhood. Though she admits struggling with her weight throughout her youth, Khloe is now slim and trim having embraced a fitness lifestyle. It's hard to see the statuesque high fashion diva in these photos of a super cute kiddo.

11 Kourtney


Wow! Kourtney has totally changed over the years. This 33-year-old mom to 3 was looking quite different in her teen years. The tiniest of all the Kardashians, Kourtney says she has always naturally been small. The proof is in the pics. As you watch the sisters grow up we see them each outgrow Kourtney one by one. As the oldest sister in the Kardashian Klan, Kourtney was always looked up to by her siblings. She was born in LA in 1979. For awhile it seemed she might follow a traditional path. She went for a natural look and attended college like all the other girls her age. Kourtney's path changed when she began filming for the show KUWTK. Now this normal big sis has become a household name, fashion icon, and mommy expert to millions of fans around the world.

10 Scott

He is technically an ex Kardashian but who can leave out Scott Disick. Though Scott clearly believes he has always been God's gift to the world, and to the Kardashians, you have to wonder if he has always had such a high opinion of himself. It seems maybe his self esteem was over built at a young age by his stunning modeling career. Here we see a young model Scott posing for the cover of some preteen paperback books called Heartland. His innocent look almost makes you feel bad for the guy. Scott's cover co-star reports that he was awkward, shy and had no style. I guess things have changed! Now Kourtney's baby daddy is a jet-setter, sporting his preppy rich-boy style all over the place. We rarely see him step out with a hair out of place. It sure would be great so see him recreate this epic Carhartt jacket look!

9 Rob

Before Rob was famous, he just might have held the title of Kutest Kardashian! Check out that baby face. We actually see little boy Rob looking a lot like big sister Khloe in this pic. Rob has grown and changed tons over the years. He seems to struggle finding his place in the Kardashian world. It can't be easy battling with your weight in the public eye with a bunch of beautiful sisters by your side. Thankfully the 29 year old seems to have found a partner and as he and Blac Chyna start their own Kardashian Klan, we all hope Rob finds success. The couple has their own show that premiered Sept. 11 and they are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new addition. Rob also dished recently that he plans to expand his Arthur George sock line into infant sizes in honor of becoming a dad.

8 Bruce


Everyone knows that Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn. He has had the most drastic change of all the clan. Look at this pic of a young Bruce, before Kris and the Kardashian chaos. He was olympic-fit and quite the hottie. No wonder Kris snatched him up shortly after their divorces. Nobody can rock a crop top and cutoffs quite like this guy. Now leading the glam life of Caitlyn, this olympian has swapped his medals and shorts for jewelry and heels. The change didn't happen overnight. Bruce began altering his look via plastic surgery in the 80s. He admits to many face-lifts, a nose job, a tracheal shave, breast implants and facial feminization. So many procedures leave fans wondering if this father of 10 has a plastic surgery addiction. Caitlyn seems happy with her new look and her family is supportive but it's still fun to check out Bruce way back when!

7 Kris


It's easy to see where all the Kardashian girls get their good looks. Kris has always been stunning and just keeps getting better with age. Kris and Bruce did a series of workout videos together featuring Kris' amazing, post-4-babies bod! It's obvious the genes are gorgeous in this family. Kris' look has changed a bit over the years but not too much. Yes, she looks a little older and has had a few procedures done to maintain her youth, but she looks mostly the same. She still rocks a similar hairstyle. This is her signature do that never seems to change or look dated. When you know what works, stick with it! Even when the paparazzi catch this momager sans makeup, she still looks great at 60 years old. This mom of 6 can rock a business suit or a bikini. It's safe to say that Kris is a fashion icon for women growing older glamorously!

6 Kendall


Kendall may be the only Kardashian sister who hasn't changed at all. Sure this long-legged teen has grown up tremendously, but she has opted out of plastic surgery and kept the baby face we see before she was famous. Unlike her sisters, Kendall did not develop the curvaceous look that we see growing in popularity. AKA she has no butt! This doesn't stop Kendall from owning her own beauty. She may be different but this slim statuesque star has taken the world of professional modeling by storm. She doesn't just appear in ads and videos produced by Kardashian loyals. Kendall works for the top magazines and editors around the world. Vogue, Allure, and Marie Claire just to name a few. Even at a young age Miss Jenner put off a different vibe than the rest of the Klan. A little more calm and simple, Kendall has stolen the spotlight with her natural beauty.

5 Kylie And Her LIPS


Kylie has changed drastically since she became famous. Her face is almost unrecognizable and of course the biggest change are those lips. Kylie admitted to getting temporary lip injections on a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She also spoke about how it is an insecurity of hers and she is not ready to talk to the media about this.. Regardless of how she got them, Kylie is looking amazing. Her new sophisticated style is being copied by everyone from Hollywood starlets to suburban teens. She is far from the youthful girl we see in old photos. This sexy siren has some grown up curves now and she isn't afraid to show them off. At 19, this social media queen has taken the world by storm. Before she was famous, she seemed shy and reserved but now we see Kylie the adult putting it all out there for her fans.

4 Blac Chyna

Born in 1989 as Angela Renee White, Blac Chyna isn't quite a Kardashian yet but she is getting close. Blac is currently pregnant with the newest Kardashian heir and engaged to the one and only Mr. Rob Kardashian. There are a lot of rumors about her transformation but looking at older pictures, fans can see that she hasn't changed too drastically. She appears to have had some contouring and admits to butt implants but Blac's face has always been beautiful. After mocking Kylie's super plump lips, Blac posted this older photo of herself showing her big smackers are au naturale! Blac's lifestyle may have changed more than anyone else in the Klan. She began as a stripper at 18 in Miami. She quickly landed modeling gigs and roles in rap videos, meeting future hubby Tyga who would lead her into the luxurious lifestyle of the Kardashians by introducing her to Rob.

3 Kimye

So Kim and Kanye have pretty much always been famous. On the other hand, Kimye hasn't always been a thing. It only took them 9 years to figure out they were perfect for each other, though most people say Kanye figured it out years before Kim did. Kim had to go through a few marriage debacles and Kanye dated a few duds himself. The truth is fans always saw it coming. His name starts with a K after all and he has always been her type! They first met in 2004 and Kanye began making remarks about Kim's super sexiness in 2006. In 2007, Kanye was actually engaged and Kim was with Reggie Bush but the pair posed for their first photo. Later on Kris Jenner's talk show, Kanye would admit that he began crushing hard on Kim in 2009. Kanye didn't want to let Kim get away again so in 2011 when she divorced Kris Humphries, he swooped in and swept his lady love off her feet permanently.

2 Brody And Brandon Jenner

Before the brothers were really famous, we could spy them on a few short lived reality tv series. Brody first appeared on MTV's The Hills as BFF to Lauren Conrad. He and his big brother Brandon were featured for a while in their own reality show, The Princes of Malibu. The show chronicled their uber rich boy lifestyle. Their mom, Linda Thompson and divorced dad Bruce Jenner so the boys were not raised among their super famous stepsisters. Though they weren't in the spotlight, they were always near it. As the more reserved brother, Brandon went the more traditional route by getting married and starting a family. He and his wife Leah have a baby daughter, Eva. We see them from time to time on KUWTK. Brody has worked harder to stay in the spotlight. He seems to pop on TV here and there and he is always strutting his stuff down the red carpet.

1 Jonathan Cheban

Jonathan Cheban is an honorary Kardashian and all Kardashian fans love him. He is fun, smart, and always there for Kim. The pair have been friends for years so we have been able to follow Jonathan on reality shows as long as we can remember. If you check out older pics of Mr. Cheban, you can see the drastic change to his looks. This Hollywood lifestyle PR guru is surrounded by plastic surgery perfection so of course he would go under the knife himself. He has chosen to keep his look fairly natural but we do see a big change from his high school grad photo, to his entrance into the Big Brother Celebrity house this year. Not only have his looks changed, Jonathan says his personality has changed a lot over the years. He has to put up with a lot of crap being in the spotlight. Mr. Cheban admits he isn't the nice guy he once was.

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