15 Pics Of The Boy Meets World Cast In Their First Episode vs. Now

Boy Meets World may have debuted in 1993, but it seems like it was just yesterday that we were watching Cory, Shawn, Topanga and the whole crew grow up. When the show started, they were just kids — they ended up going to high school, then college, falling in love and falling out of love, getting into all kinds of hijinx and basically just making us all feel like we were part of the crew too.

It's no accident that when the networks were looking for shows to reboot, they went for Boy Meets World and did a new version called Girl Meets World, where Cory and Topanga's daughter was around the same age they were when the show started. Many people still love to rewatch the show today — it may be a little '90s in appearance, but the episodes are still comforting and tap into our sense of nostalgia.

However, the recent reboot was definitely aimed at kids — so if you're all grown up now and no longer a fan of kids' shows, you may not know exactly how your favorite characters grew up and what they look like now.

That's why we've gathered a little intel on what 15 of your favorite Boy Meets World characters look like today vs. when they first appeared on the show.

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15 Curly-Haired Cutie Ben Savage, Who Played Cory Matthews

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Obviously, the one everyone is most curious about is the main character, Cory Mathews. Actor Ben Savage comes from a family that has plenty of experience in the entertainment industry — his brother Fred is also an actor. Savage has had a bit of an interesting path in the entertainment industry. After making it big when he was just a kid on the show, and being a part of it for several years, he took a bit of a step back from the entertainment industry, going on to intern with a senator and getting his degree. He made appearances from time to time but had really been out of the public eye for awhile when he returned for Girl Meets World. He's definitely changed since the first season of the show, but he still looks like the Cory Matthews we all know and love.

14 Everyone's Favorite Teacher George Feeny, Played By William Daniels

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While many people of a certain age know William Daniels primarily as the grumpy yet lovable Mr. Feeny on the show, the fact is, he had an entire career before ever stepping foot on the Boy Meets World set. He started acting in the '50s, and his longtime role on Boy Meets World came way towards the end of his career. He hasn't done a tremendous amount of acting since the show wrapped because, well, he's freaking 90 years old! After half a century in Hollywood, Daniels definitely deserves some rest and relaxation and time with his lovely wife. He certainly looks older than when he was on the show because quite a bit of time has passed, but he still looks like the same lovable Mr. Feeny who always had some wisdom to dole out.

13 Hunky Big Brother Eric Matthews, Played By Will Friedle

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When the show first started, Cory Matthews was still a young kid, and his older brother Eric was the cool, goofy older brother that everyone wished they had, played to perfection by Will Friedle. If you remember what an animated voice Friedle had, it will likely come as no surprise that the bulk of his work in the entertainment industry since the show wrapped has been voiceover work. So, if you ever find yourself watching an animated show and wondering why on earth a character's voice sounds so familiar, it may be because Friedle is voicing him! He's maintained a pretty low profile over the years, which is why it's so crazy to see shots of him with a beard and shorter hairstyle rather than the fresh-faced, floppy-haired Eric Matthews.

12 Rider Strong, Who Played Everyone's Favorite Bad Boy Shawn Hunter

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At first, everyone loved Shawn Hunter because he was the troublemaker figure who kept Cory's life interesting — albeit with a heart of gold. Then, everyone loved Shawn Hunter because he was a total heartthrob and every teenage girl developed a huge crush on the show's bad boy figure. Well, good news — as cute as he was back in the day, he's majorly steamy now. Talk about a glow up! He's been pretty busy since the show wrapped, doing everything from writing and producing to attending college and earning not just an English degree, but an MFA as well. Who knew Shawn Hunter would end up becoming such a bookworm? He even hosts a podcast with some friends about writing and books. Unfortunately for all you former Shawn Hunter fans, he's now married.

11 Danielle Fishel's Iconic Character Topanga Lawrence, Who Captured All Our Hearts


Next to Cory and Shawn, Topanga was basically the other major character on the show. She started out as a bit of a supporting character, just another strange kid in Cory's classes, but ended up becoming a bigger and bigger part of the show as her relationship with Cory developed. Cory and Topanga are still one of fans' favorite couples ever, one of those dream couples that are total goals. Since the show wrapped, Fishel hasn't taken on a huge amount of acting roles (apart from her participation in Girl Meets World). She's done some hosting work for various shows and seems to be figuring out her new path, but hey — it's tough when you snag such a long-lasting character so early in your career! We can't wait to see what she does next.


10 Bratty Younger Sister Morgan Matthews, Played By Lindsay Ridgeway

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True fans of the show will know that Lindsay Ridgeway wasn't the first Morgan Matthews — the original little sister was played by a different actress in the first two seasons of the show. However, Ridgeway played Morgan for longer, which means she's the one that most fans think of when they think of the character. Since the show wrapped, Ridgeway hasn't done any more acting — however, she's been showing off her pipes by singing the national anthem at various sporting events. She's was also a part of the Los Angeles Kings' Kings Crew ice hockey cheer team. Who knew Morgan would grow up so fast?! We can't help but wonder if she ever gets approached by fans, or if she was too young during the show and people can't make the connection.

9 Shawn's Brother Jack Hunter, Played By The Dreamy Matthew Lawrence

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Ah, Jack Hunter — the few women who didn't crush on Shawn Hunter, played by the dreamy Rider Strong, definitely had a bit of a thing for his hunky older brother Jack. He came onto the show as Shawn's long-lost half-brother and immediately captured our hearts. He hasn't gone on to become a huge A-List star, but he's worked fairly steadily, snagging small television roles in shows like Boston Public and Melissa and Joey. It might not be the best idea to get in touch with him to talk about his former character, though — he has a message on his IMDB page that he won't do interviews with teen magazines, so perhaps all those years of being fawned over by young fans got on his nerves a little bit.

8 Betsy Randle, Who Played Beloved Matriarch Amy Matthews

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It's always a bit less surprising to see what the adults on the show look like years later because, well, the changes are generally less drastic than a child actor who became an adult out of the spotlight. Betsy Randle is no different. Sure, she may have a few more wrinkles, but she's still the beautiful matriarch of the Matthews family that we all remember and love. She had a few roles after the show, including a recurring spot on the television drama Charmed, but nowadays she's hung up her acting hat and just spends time enjoying the California sunshine with her hubby and kids. Given how recognizable she is, though, we wonder if fans ever approach her, half-expecting some kind of motherly advice like she doled out to Cory in all those episodes.

7 Goofy Dad Alan Matthews, Played By William Russ

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Even though he got his start in the '80s and had about a decade of work under his belt before snagging the role as everyone's favorite father, William Russ shows no signs of slowing down. Sure, he's not snagging leading actor roles in huge blockbuster films, but he's been steadily working, snagging roles in shows from The Ex List to 90210 to Criminal Minds and even appearing in the ultra-popular drama Scandal, as well as spending two years playing a recurring character on The Young and the Restless. And, even though he's most recognized for his wholesome role as Alan Matthews, he's proven that he can easily handle any kind of gritty drama thrown his way, which is pretty impressive. We have to admit, though, it would be strange to see our favorite father playing a different kind of role!

6 Class Nerd Stuart Minkus, Played By Lee Norris

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Many television fans know exactly how Lee Norris grew up, thanks to the fact that he snagged another huge television role after playing the nerdy Stuart Minkus on Boy Meets World — the role of the lovable Marvin "Mouth" McFadden on teen drama One Tree Hill. He hasn't had a ton of roles since then, but hey — after being on a television show for 9 seasons, we can only imagine he may want to take a bit of a break! He had a small role on The Walking Dead last year, so he's proven that he can definitely play roles beyond just the lovable nerd — and we honestly can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve. We have a feeling there's a whole lot more to Lee than we've seen in his characters so far.

5 Trina McGee, Who Played Shawn's Girlfriend Angela Moore

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Trina McGee wasn't a part of the cast of the show from the earliest seasons — she ended up appearing when they were a little grown up, playing Shawn's artsy girlfriend for a period. However, she was on the show for enough episodes that fans definitely remember Angela, with her oh-so-90s wardrobe and amazing hair. Since the show wrapped, she's kept a fairly low profile, taking on a few smaller roles here and there as she works hard to raise her children as a strong single mama after her divorce. Perhaps when her kids are a little bit older, she'll make a bit of a comeback and start tackling some serious, meaty roles — we know she has it in her! I mean who could forget what a strong, amazing character Angela was?

4 The Coolest Teacher Ever, Jonathan Turner, Played By Anthony Tyler Quinn

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With his earring and trendy wardrobe and incredible retro mullet hairstyle, Mr. Turner was everyone's favorite teacher. Anthony Tyler Quinn, the actor who portrayed him, certainly earned a lot of fans over the 52 episodes he appeared on the show. Since it wrapped, he's taken on small roles here and there, including in popular shows like House M.D. and Pretty Little Liars. He's kept a pretty low profile, though — we wonder if he'll ever get another major role like he had on Boy Meets World. They certainly don't come around every day. Quinn is still relatively young, though — perhaps he'll have a bit of a comeback if he snags a leading role in another sitcom or drama, and moves beyond the guest-starring gigs. We'd love to see him on our screens on a regular basis again!

3 Maitland Ward, Who Played Rachel McGuire Jack And Eric's Gorgeous Redheaded Roommate

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Okay, first of all, we'll just say that Maitland Ward is a straight up knockout. She was gorgeous on the show, but the oh-so-90s style she rocked at the time definitely didn't do justice to how stunning she was. If you check out more recent shots of her you'll see that she's majorly beautiful. Since the show, she's kept a pretty low profile, appearing in a few episodes of television but not really achieving the same kind of successes as she did once. We're kind of curious about what exactly she's doing lately, actually! Before she was on Boy Meets World, she had a 12-episode role on The Bold and the Beautiful, so perhaps she'll return to her soap opera roots sometime in the future? We'd love to see her in a majorly dramatic role.

2 Bully Turned Softie Frankie Stecchino, Played By Ethan Suplee

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Ethan Suplee was one of the minor roles on the show, but he appeared in enough episodes that you probably still remember the bully who made Cory's life miserable. Since then, Suplee has majorly slimmed down, losing over 200 pounds which is absolutely amazing! He's also appeared in several film projects since then, including Remember The Titans, Cold Mountain, Fanboys, The Wolf of Wall Street, Deepwater Horizon and many more. Oh, and he also snagged another leading television show, playing the character of Randy on My Name is Earl for a whopping 96 episodes. Suplee's career just continues to thrive, and we can't wait to see what kind of roles he tackles next — he's definitely grown a tremendous amount as an actor and he's not afraid to tackle tough roles, which we love.

1 Jonathan Turner's Friend Eli Williams, Played By Alex Desert, Who Taught Media Relations At The High School

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Alex Desert played Eli Williams, who was everyone's favorite cool teacher Mr. Turner's BFF — and fellow teacher, hence the very retro tie and sportcoat combo. He's taken on several roles in the years since then and has also been trying his hand at the music scene as a singer-songwriter in the ska band Hepcat. He's never quite reached the level of A-Lister in Hollywood, and you probably won't see him on a lot of red carpets, but hey — not every actor wants to become the next blockbuster megastar. Sometimes it's enough to just dabble and enjoy their craft. It seems Desert just loves being in the entertainment industry and performing, so we hope he's having an absolute blast! He doesn't look much different than he did on the show, so he's obviously living well.

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