15 Pics Of Taylor Swift That Will Upset Her Fans

Taylor Swift was the golden child of the music industry for a good couple years there, and she is very good at controlling and playing the narrative that she wants the public to see.  She played the imperfectly perfect girl. She's quirky, funny, and sweet. And she always looks impeccable. Starting with her signature curly long blonde hair when she first burst onto the scene to the most sophisticated look she has graduated to these days. She goes to extreme lengths to avoid paparazzi when she doesn't want them to see her. When she does want them to see her, of course she looks her best and the photos come out perfect. For awhile there they were snapping her every time she left her gym and she looked great in every photo and dressed to the nines leaving the rest of us to wonder, should we be putting more effort into how we look when we leave the gym?

There is no denying that Taylor Swift is a massive control freak, her latest album is evidence. Kim and Kanye flipped the script on The Taylor Swift Machine and she totally lost control of her public image and narrative, so what did she do? She totally took the person they made her seem to be and embraced it for this album. But even Taylor Swift who seems all powerful can in control of every aspect of her life, career, and image can't do one thing. And that is take a good photo every single time someone snaps one. And there is something so satisfying about seeing someone that is put on such a high pedestal look like a raccoon that just crawled out of the trash. Taylor Swift, she's just like us.


15 She's Definitely Trying To Copy Kim K With The Platinum Blonde Thing... Kim Won This Round

We always give credit to people who try, and she was obviously trying very, very hard when she debuted this short ultra blonde look at the Met Gala. She probably thought, what better setting than the ultra high-fash, trendy, and A-list event that is the Met Gala to debut a hawt couture new look. She probably thought it would make her one of the stars of the night. But as you have probably learned by now, even Taylor fails sometimes and this look was one of them. It did not last for long and we aren't surprised as the media's reception of it was not the kindest. Honestly she looks a bit like Owen Wilson in this photo, and while that is a compliment to Owen Wilson it is not to Taylor.

14 Gary Busey? Is That You?


Singers are going to make funny faces, it is just a tenner of their craft. When they are belting out crazy notes they need to move their faces around! There is a picture of every singer ever with some kind of crazy expression on their face while they are singing. Even Beyonce. Some singers are a lot worse for it than others, and Taylor is always very expressive when she is singing. And we have to say her voice isn't that powerful to warrant some of the facial expressions she pulls when singing. We also aren't sure how we feel about the red lips and red mic combo because it can be hard to tell where her mouth ends and the mic begins. And is she ever going to fully grow up and just ditch the bangs all together?

13 Not Even Taylor Can Pull Off A Messy Mullet And An Unflattering Bathing Suit

This is a rough photo. There is no if's ands, or buts about it. We understand that her polka dot high waisted bathing suit is supposed to be vintage but the look is not a cute one. And why with her body, does she feel the need to wear a high-waisted bathing suit? It is not doing her body any favours! The hair here is just tragic, but that happens to all of us when we go swimming. Just be happy you do not have paparazzi following you while you go swimming at the beach. And what lipstick is she wearing that can stays on so nicely after she went swimming? She gets points for that part of her overall look in this photo, and we can forgive the hair as well. But that bathing suit needs to be retired along with any other high-waisted ones she may own.

12 The Third Sprouse Triplet


If there is one thing we have noticed about Taylor, its that she keeps a close eye at things that are popular and uses them to her advantage. Girls becomes the newest hit show? Oh look she is best friends with Lena Dunham now. Gigi Hadid becomes the news fashion IT girl on the scene? She is part of the T Swift Squad. Taylor is a very shrewd player in Hollywood and every move she makes is calculated, including down to who she puts in her squad. With the popularity of Riverdale rising and the Sprouse twins getting more attention than they have in years, we're just surprised we haven't seen them in her squad yet. She can comfort herself with the above photo where she looks like the third Sprouse triplet, as long as they are in and popular she doesn't mind looking like a Sprouse.

11 Did A Flock Of Birds Fly Through Her Hair?


You just know that Taylor Swift fancies herself a Disney princess that can enchant woodland creatures like birds with her singing. And she definitely wants us to have that image of her as well, and she is half way there with this look. She definitely looks like she had the aid of some woodland creatures with her hair to give it that perfect, lived in by animals look. And the way that braid is styled just makes it look even worse. This look is more Cinderella when she was living in a dingy room with mice as her only friends Disney chic rather than like princess chic. In this photo she is actually signing autographs so she showed herself in public like this willingly to fans. Doubt new Taylor would ever look like this while singing autographs though.

10 Someone Really Looks Like They Need A Nap


We have all had ugly moments whether it be when we wake up looking really rough or are just having a bad hair day. And it's funny to take a picture of yourself in that state and maybe it send it to a friend, but it is kind of a shocker that Taylor Swift does that. Like, when she took this photo she could not have even for a second thought she looked good right? We know she has make-up on, but that hair and those under eye bags are not doing her any favours. Even more shocking, this photo somehow made its way to the onto the internet where the rest of us plebeians could actually see Taylor not looking her best. And now we are kind of wondering if she has had a nose job since this photo was taken.

9 These Fake Eyelashes Look Like They're From The Dollar Store

You know nothing is really working for her in this photo, but the first thing that draws our attention is to fake lashes. It looks like she is really struggling to get her eyes open, and she already has pretty small eyes so she does not need anything else weighing them down. Or else its gonna look like she is always just about to take a nap. Granted this photo is from country Taylor Swift days and her look has drastically changed since then. No more sweet curls that make her look like that farm girl next door. She left behind those horrible fake lashes and never looked back. Leave the tacky country looks to Dolly Parton. We also submit this photo for more evidence that she has had a nose job. This being the old nose!


8 No It's Not Kid Rock


The hair, the overalls. We had to do a double take for a second because one Kid Rock came to mind when we first saw this photo. There is a time and place for overalls where they can look cute on a person, this was not one of them. Can picture present Taylor Swift ever stepping out in public and looking like this? That is a big obvious no, now she is all sleek and New York City cool girl and there is no place for overalls in that aesthetic. If someone as all powerful as Taylor Swift cannot take on the internet and get these photos off of it forever, it should show you the true scope and power of the internet. Once something is on there and the public gets their hands on it, it is there forever.

7 See, Even Taylor Has Days Where She Looks Like Death In Public

This could be just any girl on any college campus in Midwest America. We bet that some of you would not have even realized that it is Taylor Swift in the photo. This image  is definitely hard to reconcile with the aesthetic she has going on presently. Listen, all of us have looked like this at some point especially when we are going to pick up some coffee so that we can hopefully feel like human beings again. But she has people to do this for her! But this is still Taylor when she was young and she was not fully running the Taylor Swift Machine. There is no way you would catch Taylor looking anything less than model like while she picks up Starbucks these days!

6 Not Her Best Angle


You know it's great that we can see beautiful celebrities take ugly photos like the rest of us. As much as they make work to try and make us think otherwise, they are just human. And candid photos can be responsible for some very gorgeous photos, but they also have a higher chance of coming out really bad especially if they are taken while someone is talking. Which is what it appears happened to Taylor here. You can see in her eyes she realizes that someone is getting this photo, and she looks angry. There is nothing like that feeling of taking a picture that you know is gonna be horrible and everyone will see. And there is nothing you can do to stop it, even if you are Taylor Swift.

5 You Just Know Taylor Has A Hit Out On Whoever Posted This Photo Publicly

On one hand, this is not a great photo of the pop star, but on the other hand she loves to make us think she is goofy and down-t0-earth. In a very pretty way of course! But the big clown mouth we think would be too much for her, because while she does want us to think that she is this chill girl she really is not.  We feel for her with this photo. No one wants an image of them looking like they just bit into something disgusting and were fighting back the vomit out for the world to see. So next time when you get upset about a bad photo being posted of you online, just remember that at least you aren't Taylor Swift where millions of people will see the photo. No one cares about you or your bad pictures! Feel better?

4 When Glam Goes Wrong


Taylor is not the only celebrity that has been photographed with some really poorly done make-up at an event. But we don't expect it from Taylor! You would think their expensive make-up artists would think to blend everything perfectly and make sure that they make-up works in every possible lighting. Like what else are these celebrities paying their make-up artist for if not to make sure they basically look like a perfect human hologram from every possible angle in every possible lighting? Who ever did Taylor's make-up for this event and had her looking like some kind of albino raccoon probably never worked again after T Swift saw these photos. No one makes Taylor look a fool! That eyeliner is also kind of tragic in its own way so there is just a double whammy of poorly put on make-up in this photo. There are 10 year-olds on YouTube that can do better make-up than this.

3 Hair Or A Rats Nest?

And if we didn't know better. it looks like Taylor is getting kind of upset with whoever has their camera shoved in her face. Curly haired girls will know that it is very easy to go from having a fabulous hairdo to looking like a cave man. Curls are volatile, they get very messy very easily so we do not fault Taylor for this photo, but unfortunately that is not the point of this list. The point of this list is Taylor Swifts most unflattering photographs and this happens to be one of them. We just want to run our hand through her hair and get it out of her face. Maybe this is why she decided to go with a short sleek bob, much less of a chance of it getting all wild. Although some of the photos we have already seen here prove that even bobs can look messy at times.

2 Her Hair Looks Like A Toddlers Who Won't Let Their Mother Brush Their Hair, Plus Those Bangs...


Almost every girl born in the last couple of decades had this haircut when she was a young child, and almost all of us have at least one photo where it is obvious that we did not allow our parents to brush our hair. That is what our dear Taylor Swift looks like in this photo. And it cannot be blamed on the wind okay, that is not wind tussled hair. That is just unbrushed messiness woke up and hit the street hair. She had time to put eyeliner on, so why not finish polishing off her whole look? And only Taylor Swift could take a photo where her hair looks a hot mess and her make-up needing an upgrade and still look like the most smug person on earth.

1 Zombie Chic

Ah, the dreaded eyes half open snap. It has happened to all of us, and at its worst its a bad photo and at its best its a hilarious photo of you so, not really a win-win situation. Her pauper boy haircut also does not do anything to make the photo any better or at the least fashionable. When your face fails you in a photo, it's your hair that can save you! But in this photo Taylor did not have any saving graces. Also what is with her penchant for haircuts that look like the haircuts our moms gave us when we were kids. She probably thinks it is very edgy and high-fash. But its just sort of infantilizes her. Most of the people that try to be high-fashion tend to miss the mark anyways.


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