15 Pics Of People Trying Way Too Hard (And Failing)

They say that Instagram should be your highlight reel and not your behind-the-scenes but some people take that to an entirely new level--and it's hilarious. Instagram is a great place to make your life look much more exciting than it actually is but there are some who will straight up lie in order to get more likes and followers. When Instagram users post photos that are either stollen from the internet or edited in some way, it's called "flexing for the gram" or "fronting for the gram". The people who flex for the gram are desperate to make their life look a lot better than it actually is--though it rarely fools anyone. There are few things more satisfying and hilarious than when a lying Instagram user is exposed.

In the world of Instagram models like Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Hayley Baldwin, there are people everywhere who are trying to be like them by pretending to have the most exciting and glamorous life on Instagram. This means staging the perfect photo, posting pics of places you found on the internet and pretending you took it yourself, or Photoshopping yourself into a picture with a celebrity. These are all things that people do in order to impress a bunch of strangers on the internet and get more likes and followers. You will see just how far people will go to show off on their Instagram and it is so satisfying to see them caught in their own lies. Sure, you can make your life seem more interesting on social media but make sure you're sneakier about it than these people.

15 You're Driving Us Crazy

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Most people have told a little white lie or two on their social media but lying about having a car or what kind of car you drive is a very bad idea because it is easy to disprove. You can't just take a picture with a Bentley and post it on Instagram without a few people asking you where your Bentley is the next time they see you. These Instagrammers made a big mistake by posting pictures of them "driving" cars when it's obvious that they are just posing for the camera. In the first photo, the Instagram user says he is driving a BMW but it looks like he's reaching to touch the steering wheel while sitting in the back seat--plus there are no keys in the ignition! In the second photo, the Instagram user posted a blurry pic "driving" a car but it is obviously parked since there are no keys in the ignition. Now this is just sloppy.

14 Beautiful Fake Memories

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Speaking of Kim Kardashian, even the biggest and most famous Instagram users can lie from time to time and the Kardashians have been caught in so many Instagram lies that you'd think they'd have learned their lesson by now. Kim decided to post a beautiful photo of Thailand with the caption "Thank you for the beautiful memories Thailand" which totally implies that this was a photo from her recent trip to Thailand. First of all, that photo is way too beautiful to be shot on an iPhone and second of all, it's one of the first pics that pop up when you Google "Thailand beach." It turns out that Kim did not take this photo and fans quickly realized that and called her out on it. She responded saying that she never claimed that it was hers which is an easy way out but did she give credit to the actual photographer? Nope.

13 Don't Even Try

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Some guys try way too hard to hit on girls on social media and the slimiest of the slimy will try to slide into your Instagram DMs. However, this may not be the best idea because anyone you send a photo to can see how many other people who you sent it to, so if you're going to send a pic of yourself to a girl, you shouldn't send it to all of them--or you could just not be a creep and not slide into the DMs at all. This Instagram user tried to impress his female followers by sending a photo of himself laying in bed and one heroic woman replied writing, "You do realise I can see how many other girls you've sent this picture to?" Apparently he didn't. Let this be a lesson to all of you men out there, don't be creepy and don't send unsolicited photos of yourself to girls. This has been a public service announcement from creeped out girls everywhere.

12 Locks of Lies

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Instagram user and influencer Lele Pons made headlines when she posted a pic on her Instagram of her brand new haircut with the caption, "DONATED MY HAIR !!!!" In the photo, female companion is holding up the recently cut hair but many people were outraged when they noticed the tracks. Many of her followers on Instagram and Twitter called her out for pretending to donate her extensions which is obviously not allowed at Locks of Love. Pons responded by saying that she "intended" to donate her hair but couldn't because no one would accept her "color treated hair". She never acknowledge the fact they were extensions that she pretended to donate. If she was only intending to donate her hair then she probably shouldn't have claimed to have already donated it in her caption. People will go to any length to impress their followers, even pretend to donate their hair to cancer patients.

11 Do You Even Lift, Bro?

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There is nothing wrong with posting photos of yourself at the gym, especially if it helps to motivate you to stay in shape and to get healthy. However, there are people who like to post gym pics in order to impress their followers and it is seriously annoying. Guys especially, love to post pics of themselves lifting weights because then they can flex and show off their muscles to try to impress their followers but it's an obvious thirst trap. However, the Instagrammer who posted the photo on the right tried to trick his followers into thinking that this was actually a photo of him and he thought he could get away with it because he cropped the top off. Unfortunately for him, you can still totally tell that this photo was stolen from Drake's Instagram. Now this Instagram user will forever be known as the guy who tried to pretend that he was Drake.

10 That Swag Speaks For Itself

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Speaking of stealing celebrity Instagram pics, this particular user thought that it would be a smart idea to straight up steal a photo of Jay Z and pretend that it was actually him. Maybe he thought that his minimal experience with Photoshop (or MS Paint) would be enough to help him to remove Jay Z's head and paste his own head onto Jay Z's body. Obviously he didn't do a very good job because. not only is his head way too big for his body but his face just looks weird. Even if it was a good Photoshop job, it's still pretty easy to tell when someone else's head is superimposed onto someone else's body. Still, this Instagram user probably put more effort into this photo than any of the other users put into theirs and it shows you just how far people will go to impress people.

9 Money is Green, Not White

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Even celebrities lie to their followers in order to impress them and though Jay Z and Drake might not do this, Souljaboy definitely does. In a now iconic Instagram pic, the "Kiss Me Through the Phone" rapper posted stacks of money to impress his followers. However, anyone with eyes can tell that underneath those hundred dollar bills are just pieces of white paper. Souljaboy may not know that money is not white but his followers certainly do and many of them called him out in the comment section for blatantly lying. He pretends to be holding $50,000 when he's really only holding 500 bucks. Did he really think that his followers would be so gullible? There are many Instagram users who foolishly post photos of cash and it sometimes leads to the IRS getting involved but Souljaboy definitely doesn't have to worry about that.

8 Bow Wow Challenge

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Bow Wow started the trend "#BowWowChallenge" after he posted an Instagram pic of a private jet with the caption, “Travel day. NYC press run for Growing Up Hip Hop. Let’s gooo. I promise to bring yall the hottest show EVER.” Here's the problem though...Bow Wow does not fly on a private plane and he was caught in his lie when he was spotted on a commercial flight. Technically, Bow Wow never said that he was going to be flying on a private jet but he definitely made it seem like he was. Regardless, it will not soon be forgotten and the #BowWowChallenge was one of the most hilarious trends ever as people began to post photos of themselves obviously trying to make themselves seem better off than they actually are. We get that you're trying to impress your fans but people will respect you a lot less when they catch you lying.

7 Morning Pizza

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Everyone loves pizza and who doesn't love pizza with pepperoni hearts? Apparently, this Instagram user thought she could make everyone jealous by posting a photo of a heart-shaped pizza that she ate for breakfast. According to the caption, the Instagram user woke up in the morning and immediately wanted pizza so her partner somehow managed to either buy or make in order to meet this Instagrammer's pizza needs. Wouldn't it be nice to have a significant other who would put in that much effort to make you happy? Well, it turns out that this story is not at all true and this pizza was not consumed by this particularly Instagrammer and we know this because this exact photo is one of the first to come up when you Google "heart shaped pizza". This little detail makes this Instagram post go from weird to pathetic.

6 Pure Art

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Though becoming a skilled photographer is an art form that takes talent and experience to perfect, most people with a smartphone and access to filters thinks of themselves as a photographer. There are a lot of people on Instagram who try to take "artsy" photos and put a black and white filter on them and call them art. This Instagram user thought of themselves as an artist so they took a boring photo of some light coming in through a window, posted it, and added the caption, "I'm actually artistic okay." Some people really don't have an eye for photography. Of course, their followers called them out with some sarcastic comments. While there are a lot of talented photographers on Instagram, for every good one, there are a dozen more who think that taking a photo of a window is artistic.

5 Sometimes Less is More

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There are many accounts on Instagram that belong to people who show off their unique styles and interesting looks but there are some who take it way too far. The ensemble seen above is so busy that it almost hurts to look at it. He's wearing a sweater, a bowtie, a beanie, a necklace, a white t-shirt, round sunglasses, two watches, orange pants with what looks like a red bandana skirt, and some kind of jacket wrapped around his waist. Oh and don't forget the high socks and those hideous ugly Nikes. Most of the elements of this ensemble wouldn't be particularly awful by themselves but when worn all together like this, it's a wonder how this person could even leave the house. Instagram is a great place to share your styles but don't go too crazy with it or you'll look like you're trying way too hard.

4 Publicity Stunt

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It seems super convenient for Justin Bieber that someone happened to be following him who knew he was and also knew to take a photo of him giving money to someone in need and if this photo was taken by a complete stranger, how would they send it to him? These are questions that need answers though it's pretty obvious that someone who worked for him took the photo and posted it on Instagram for him so that he could come across as charitable. It's also possible that this isn't Justin Bieber at all and he just pretended that it was him. We're going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he just hired his social media manager to take the photo for a publicity stunt. Let's just hope that he gave the woman in the photo more than a couple of crumbled $1 bills.

3 Is This a Game?

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The Game angered a lot of people when he posted an obviously Photoshopped photo of himself with Tupac Shakur along with a caption that honored the rapper and thanked him for teaching him valuable lessons through his music. When he was called out for posting the edited photo, he claimed that it he never meant to offend anyone. The Game released a statement that said that the photo was sent to him by a fan and it was never meant to imply that the two ever met but that it was just a way of showing respect. Sure. If that were the case then he could have just posted a photo of Tupac without digitally inserting himself into the pic. It really is crazy to see just how far people will go to impress their followers--even edit themselves into a photo of a deceased individual who they claim to respect. Yikes.

2 Booty Call

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It seems like everyone on Instagram wants a booty like Kim Kardashian but not everyone has the money to afford it. It seems like this Instagram user decided to edit a photo of herself in MS Paint and just paint a booty on her backside. Could she really have looked at this photo and thought that no one would notice? You've got to admire her confidence in her own editing skills but it doesn't even come close to fooling anyone. Sure, having a big booty is trendy and most of the biggest Instagram influencers love to show off their plump behinds but you can't flaunt it if you don't got it. Honestly though, this Instagram user looks great in that dress and she definitely didn't need to draw on a rear end to impress anyone. It's hard to look past that edit though. Even Kim K's doesn't go up that high.

1 National Boyfriend Day

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It's honestly hard to tell whether or not this person was being serious posting this photo or if it was just a joke. It is so poorly edited that it seems almost impossible that someone could really think that anyone would believe it. In this photo, the Olympic swimmer Tom Daly was edited into the user's photograph with the caption "#nationalboyfriendday yes this did happen. Be jealous." Though it's obvious that Tom Daly did not pose for this picture with this girl but he swings the other way so he's not into girls anyway. As if we needed more proof that this is a fake! You can clearly see her fingers on her hips since they were not completely edited out of the photo and she was superimposed over whoever was actually in this pic with him. Sorry but we're not jealous.

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