15 Pics Of Millennials Being So Dumb They Make All Other Generations Hate Them

Millennials seem to be the most hated generation of all, which is kind of unfair when we stop and think about it. After all, we're not trying to hurt anyone with our love for Netflix and chilling and avocado toast. We want what everyone else wants: good jobs, money, security, love, friendship, and maybe a hobby or two. Not all of us are "entitled" or "lazy" or just want to hook-up. The amount of flak that millennials get from others for being such big fans/users of social media is a bit much, too. Social media is really fun, so of course we're going to be into it. There are good and bad parts about every single generation, right? Why the millennial hate? Seriously, what did we ever do?! We're just trying to live our lives and have fun and work hard (and, okay, maybe we do have a bit of an avocado toast problem, but hey, it's so good).

Sometimes, of course, some millennials prove that the criticism and negativity might be warranted. We've rounded up some pictures that definitely prove that statement to be true. Check out 15 pics of millennials being so dumb they make all other generations hate them! Some of these are truly strange and confusing.

15 Invisible Boyfriend

It's kind of a thing to joke about having an invisible boyfriend. Hey, it's not our fault that dating is literally the worst thing ever and that a ton of us are staying single for much longer than we want to. Millennials are just trying to amuse themselves by posting this stuff. It's all fun and games... but, let's face it, this post is a bit too silly.

We can honestly see other generations shaking their heads at posts like this one. While we know that this girl's just trying to poke fun at her single status and not feel bad about the fact that she's on her own (because she should be proud of being single -- it's truly not a big deal), we're not so sure that other gens would see it the same way.

14 Five Guys Fail

This girl's keeping those "that's what she said" jokes alive and well... and we kind of wish that she hadn't tried. Because even if we smiled or even laughed when we first saw this Snapchat, we know that it's pretty silly. And we also know that other generations would look at this and go, "Ugh, millennials."

We can just see it now: people asking why this girl had to post this and why she couldn't just enjoy her burger and fries and soda in peace and quiet. What's with millennials and their constant need to post things online? Why can't they just... be? And sit around without looking at their phones? Yeah, we know those are pretty common complaints, and we do get it. We definitely understand that sometimes, it's best to just put down our phones already.

13 Chilling By The Pool... Or Not

Yeah, this is definitely another example of a post that would make other generations say, "Okay, those millennials are way too dumb." Of course, we would hope that they would use nicer language, but hey, that's just the way that it goes sometimes. We don't think that our generation is dumb because that's a massive generalization. But, yeah, there are some people who post some dumb things on social media. There's a difference.

This guy joked that he was lying by the pool and then said, "Jokes. I have no life." This feels weird, right? It makes us feel super bad for him on the one hand since we wish that he had friends and a life, but on the other hand, we're not so sure that he should have even posted this at all. Some things are best to keep to yourself...

12 On Fire

We definitely relate to this girl's Snapchat about trying to cook something for dinner and totally failing. We've all been there. It's a total millennial thing: we want to be grown-ups and actually learn to feed ourselves... but adulting is hard. If we try to make dinner and burn the chicken in the oven or try to grill and light everything on fire (and not in the way that we want), that's all the impetus we need to order pizza. And then we're right back where we started: eating crap and wondering if we should be healthier. It's a vicious cycle.

We can hear it now: people saying that this girl should have figured out how to cook a long time ago and that she's being super silly. They're thinking, "What's with millennials and their inability to do any normal domestic things?!" We get it. We think that too sometimes.

11 All Smiles

This person Snapchatted this because they just couldn't believe this girl's tattoo, and we have to say that we can't really believe it, either.

Who gets a tattoo like this?! We know that other generations would say that this is a pretty silly statement and we totally agree with them. This is one instance where we might be like, "Okay, okay, you kind of have a point about those millennials..." This is just way too corny and way too much. Yeah, it's better to smile than to frown, and yeah, you look much more attractive when you seem happy. There's really no reason to tattoo it on your body (especially on your back). It just seems so preachy and like you're lecturing people all the time.

10 Why?!

So we have a lot of questions about this. Why does this guy need to show that he's lying in bed? Why would that impress a girl? If his thought process was that she would get all hot and bothered and tell him that she was coming over ASAP, we're pretty sure that didn't happen. No offense to this guy. It's just that girls aren't really into that. We like to be courted (no matter how old-school that sounds) and we want a little bit more romance than a Snapchat or text message. Call us crazy.

This is honestly such a silly post. It's one of those things that's so silly that it doesn't even seem that funny. We definitely know that other generations would look at this and not think that it was anything even remotely hilarious. They would think that we should be doing better things with our time.

9 Enough With The Duck Face Already

Unfortunately, the whole duck face trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere, even though we seem to have agreed as a society that we're done with it. We definitely don't do this face anymore (or at least we hopefully don't) and our friends don't, either. But this girl didn't get the "duck face is totally over" memo because here she is, doing it loud and proud.

She might have captioned this with "Duck face... Or invisible spaghetti?" and we know that she was trying to be funny, but this is something that people would honestly hate seeing. When we see stuff like this, we definitely know that we spend too much time on social media. It makes us want to pick up a book or something.

8 Time To Order Pizza

Another millennial cooking fail. We get it: we can't cook. We try and we fail and we try again (and fail again) and that's just the way that it goes. We know that other people are laughing at us and telling us to learn some basic kitchen and domestic skills.

Hey, it's not our fault that pizza and other fast food are so good, and that cooking is so time-consuming. When we order pizza, nothing can go wrong. Well, okay, maybe it can show up super late when we're already way too starving, but besides that, it's a pretty safe bet. When we cook, literally anything can go wrong. It's just a lot to deal with and a lot of pressure. This cooking fail is so silly that it would definitely make people shake their heads.

7 Party Animal

Umm... Okay. We're not sure why someone would put soup into a red plastic cup and carry it around at a party. Honestly, if this guy wanted to drink soup, he should have just been open and honest about it. It's kind of a silly, superficial thing to hide, right?

That's what other generations would think. And we're right there with them. We're totally and completely on the same page. We're not sure why this is something that needs to be kept a secret. Of course, it's not a secret at all, since as soon as he posted this on social media, the secret was out. We're also confused about why it's so important to him that others think that he's drinking. What's the big deal?! No one really cares that much about what other people are doing.

6 The Silliest Post Ever?

Look, we get it. We're girls and we're always buying and losing bobby pins. It's a thing. It's kind of like when we do laundry and one sock always gets magically and randomly lost... but the female equivalent. Yup.

Although we get why someone posted this, we also know that people would find it kind of dumb. We can't say that we disagree. There's no point to this post, is it? It's just one of those things that our generation tends to find super hilarious but is really just surface-level funny. We know that other people would probably say that it wasn't a necessary post, but then again, that's what people say about almost anything that's on the Internet. It's a super common complaint that we hear all the time.

5 Um, Okay

We can hear it now: people asking why this was even a Snapchat at all. Why does the simple fact that this person chose a self-checkout machine instead of waiting in line need to be broadcast on social media?

We have the same question on our minds... and we're totally millennials. It's just kind of confusing that people honestly feel the need to talk about things like this. We agree with other generations that not everything belongs on Snapchat or other social media platforms. Maybe we all need to take a long, hard look at what we post on social media. If it's not that funny or important, maybe we should post something else... or take a break from posting that day. That wouldn't be the worst thing ever, would it? Definitely not.

4 Self-Deprecation AF

Another super silly post that would make people go, "Oh, those millennials are at it again." This one doesn't even surprise us since our generation tends to be super into the whole self-deprecation thing. Even if we tell ourselves that we should be more confident and less than insecure, we still tend to post stuff like this online.

This might confuse some people since everyone tends to think that millennials are the most confident generation ever, but honestly, we're really not. We've had tough times and our 20s are just as bad as they were for every other generation before us. We've all tried to enter the real world and have been taken down a notch (or 100 notches). We admit that it's kind of funny that this person was all, "You can't even see me because I'm literally being hidden by the crease of this paper" but we know that others might not see it as that funny.

3 Duck Face... Again

We love that this is literally captioned with "Duck face fail" because that's all that we can think. Anytime that someone does a duck face in a photo, it's a fail. It just automatically is. There's really nothing else to say about it.

If we're saying that we can't believe that members of our generation are still doing duck faces in photos, we can only imagine what other generations are saying. They're probably not saying anything all that nice. The problem is that making a silly face like this just isn't necessary. It doesn't look good and it just makes the entire picture seem a million times more awkward. This is a time when we totally have to agree with other gens that, yup, our own generation makes weird selfie faces way too often. And it totally needs to end.

2 Oops...

Someone should tell this girl that she Snapchatted this... so... she definitely showed someone. In fact, she showed literally everyone, or at least everyone that's following her on Snapchat. And now this post is living on the Internet forever. That's a funny thing about the Internet...

Of course people would look at this Snapchat and go, "Those millennials. We can't even believe what they do sometimes." And, well, in this case, we don't really blame them. We're thinking the exact same thing. We're not sure if this girl accidentally posted this on Snapchat or what was going on. She must have known that she was posting this on social media. Didn't she? What else would she have thought? We really don't know what to say about this.

1 No Words

This goes into the "supposed to be funny but just isn't" category. We give this girl an A plus for trying to be entertaining because, let's face it, way too many people post silly and boring stuff on social media. At least she was trying. It just didn't work out all that well and ended up being kind of awkward.

We can see people reacting to this photo and going, "What? What's going on? Why is she holding up a banana in front of her eyes?" We're saying the same thing. Did we mention that this photo was totally awkward? Yeah, it's so awkward that it needs to be said twice. Oh, millennials... Let's all agree to be more careful about what we post on social media. Sounds like the perfect plan.

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