15 Pics Of Lindsay Lohan Growing Up (+ 5 From When Things Took A Turn)

Lindsay Lohan is a name that is synonymous with trouble and the law. We are always hearing about the antics and trouble she is getting herself into. However, it wasn't always this way.

Lindsay is just one name on a long list of former Disney stars. She started her career with the mickey mouse ears on, and she seemed to be doing very well for herself. She starred in a lot of shows and went on to do some pretty big movies. She even ventured into the music industry for a while.

In 2005, things started to take a turn. She started hanging out with a different crowd, and she just didn't have the same look in her eyes anymore. There were rumors of substance issues and we watched this princess fall from grace.

We are going to take a journey through pictures at the change that happened in Lohan, and see when things really started to change.

20 Such Innocence


Lindsay started her career with Disney, but her first big break was when she was cast for the movie of The Parent Trap. Playing two girls who find out they are long-lost twins and decide to switch lives for a bit.

This role really put her on the scene and people were amazed at how well she acted for such a young child.

19 She Looked So Smart


Lindsay Lohan was born on July 2nd, 1986 in the Bronx, New York. This means that she just celebrated her 33rd birthday.

She has always said that she is a New York girl at heart. No Matter where her career has taken her, she always remembers to come home once in a while.

18 So Much Hope


Before Lindsay stepped foot into the world of Hollywood, she had an early start. Lindsay had a special look about her that agents caught on to right away. It was possibly the red hair and freckles.

Lindsay started her career as a child model. She would appear in both print advertising as well as television commercials.

17 Such A Bright Future!


it is hard to look at a picture like this and imagine that this tiny little toddler would one day grow up to struggle so much.

There was so much hope, but it is easy to see why you can never really tell how a child will grow up and what their future holds for them.

16 When The Rumours Started (2005)


2005 is when a lot of the rumors started about Lindsay using and abusing substances. She had seemed to lose the spark in her eyes.

Sadly, this was not uncommon for former child actors. They don't usually grow up with the most normal life, and this can give them an unreal view of the world around them.

15 All The Sibling Love


Lindsay had a lot of support growing up, even though her parents were plagued with drama. She had three siblings to share the joys and sorrows of life with.

Lohan has 2 brothers and 1 sister. Her two brothers are named Michael Jr. and Cody and she has a sister who is named Ali.

14 An Iconic Movie


Lindsay has been in a lot of movies that have become iconic now. The Parent Trap was just the beginning of her movie career. Life Size was a Disney channel movie that featured Lindsay and Tyra Banks.

It told the story of a little, lonely girl who has her doll come to life. It is a sweet movie that is still enjoyed by people of all ages.

13 Great Complexion!


Lindsay has been in a lot of productions. She has experienced many sides of Hollywood. She was on a soap opera when she was just 10-years old. When I was 10 I was painting my nails and coloring in my coloring book still.

She also has some experience doing stage work as well.

12 The First Mug Shots


These are pictures that Lindsay probably would like to be burned, but thanks to the internet they are going to be here for the stay.

These are some of her first mugshots. Lindsay found herself getting arrested and it was usually behind the wheel of a car. Lindsay was putting her life and others around her in danger.

11 There Really Is Only One!


When Lindsay did The Parent Trap, many people were very confused. They thought Lindsay was actually a twin and that there were two of them.

Thanks to some great editing and fabulous editing, they were able to play twins as if they really were two.  It was a very believable performance.

10 She Was So Happy


Unfortunately, Lindsay has had to live most of her life in the public eye, and that is a downfall of being a child star.

This means that almost everyone knows about every relationship she has ever been in. She has had a relationship with Aaron Carter, Wilmer Valderrama, and DJ Samantha Ronson.

9 Loved In Hollywood (For Now)


Lindsay won a lot of awards when she was younger for her work in TV and the movies. She had a lot of Teen Choice Awards and nominations.

However, when things started to go south she started being nominated for 'Razzies' which are not exactly awards you are proud to be nominated for or win.

8 Picking The Wrong Friends


She also started to hang around with some of Hollywood's resident party girls. With pals like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and the like, she was bound to be pulled into some naughty behavior.

Your friends, and who you surround yourself with, can impact your behavior and actions a lot so we wonder how big a part that played.

7 Mean Girl In The Making


Probably the most iconic role that Lindsay ever had was that of Cadie on Mean Girls. This movie was all the rage, and it continues to be incredibly popular.

Lindsay actually auditioned for the role of Regina George, the top mean girl. However, she was not quite seen as mean enough so the role went to Rachel McAdams.

6 Just Your Typical Girl Next Door


When things started to go south, Lindsay wanted to revamp her image. She was tired of being seen as a child star.

In an attempt to do this, she decided to do an 8-part miniseries showing her move to NYC. This was aired on the Oprah network. We don' think it really worked well.

5 Preteen Beauty


As if acting, modeling and singing were not enough Lindsay decided to add fashion to her already busy plate. We wonder if being so burnt out had a play in the events that unfolded.

Lindsay started her own fashion line 6126 and even partnered with Sephora to work on some things.

4 Too Far Gone


While she may have been engaging in some pretty illegal behavior herself, she was also a victim as well.

Her Hollywood home was struck by the "Bling Ring" crew. They stole jewelry and clothing from her house. Due to her surveillance camera, the criminals were caught. We are curious to see how Lindsay's life will fan out now.

3 Look At Toddler Lindsay!


Looking at this picture it is hard to imagine that this little toddler would one day grow up to host Saturday Night Live. Not only would she host the show once, but she hosted it a total of four times.

She first hosted it in 2004 and has recently hosted it in 2014. The two experiences were probably completely different.

2 The 2000’s Queen


If we look at the films she has done, the one that was most highly ranked by critics was Freaky Friday. She starred in that with Jamie Lee Curtis.

While it was a remake of an original movie, it was well-loved and is a lot of peoples favorite Lindsay movies.

1 Just Empty Inside


The spark soon left from Lindsay's eyes and she didn't seem to be the happy, beautiful and glowing young woman that we all knew and loved.

She was getting into trouble with the law and her face and name were plastered across every tabloid magazine. It was the start of a really rough time for Lindsay.

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