15 Pics Of Kate Beckinsale

When you think of sexy celebrities in the industry, it's pretty shocking how not all that come to mind are in their 20s. Sure, there's Kendall Jenner and Sarah Hyland. There's Bella Thorne and Kristin Cavallari. But, some that come to mind are much older, proving that 40, or maybe even 50, is the new 30. Some of these older women that still have that middle name of hot and steamy? There's Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Alyssa Milano, and Drew Barrymore-- to name a few.

Then, there's Kate Beckinsale.

This summer, Beckinsale will turn 45-- and her body still looks like she hasn't even reached 25 yet. Not only is she skinny with flat abs and a tiny waist, her skin is flawless and her face is the definition of perfection. When describing her, people have said words like "age-defying", "yummy", and "steamy". Below, we show you 15 pictures of Beckinsale that prove just why those adjectives fit her perfectly.

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15 Less Is More

Steamy is an understatement for this picture of Beckinsale, who looks like a flawless and angelic goddess. The neutral, calm tone of the dress contrasts and accents her tanned skin perfectly, but the thing that makes this picture beautiful is the sunlight streaming onto the perfect places of the dress and her hair. Even though her face has a slight shadow on it, you can still see that her skin is flawless and shiny yet not oily. Furthermore, her smoldering, deep look and pose makes her look incredibly skinny! Like we said, she defies her age with that skinny and fit physique, and this dress and picture accents her figure quite well. We aren't surprised that she is currently dating someone half her age, but more on that later!

14 Black And White Bombshell

Another picture in which Beckinsale gives us that age-defying look. Her face in this picture doesn't resemble someone at the age of 45, but even if we assume it was a picture taken in the past, does it really resemble someone that is in their 30s? I say no. Her innocent pout and stare, along with the skin that has virtually no blemishes in sight, makes her look as if she has barely entered her 20s, let alone been on the other side of them. Even though we can see her tiny frame due to her pose and arch of the back, we still see her curves too. Lastly, the combination of the black and white tones and sunlight streaming in through the windows behind her makes Kate look flawlessly beautiful!

13 Black On Black On Casual Black

This picture is a different side of Beckinsale, as we see her not posing for a picture as an actress and/or model, but casually getting in her car while running errands in Los Angeles. She is wearing all black, which is a classic yet modern look-- it is virtually timeless. She also is resembling her Underworld character, Selene. Underworld is a movie in which Beckinsale plays a vampire warrior, wearing all black (with a cape, too). She played this character throughout five movies from 2003 to 2016! In other words, Beckinsale absolutely knows how to pull off that all black look, as we can see here. Her long blonde-ish brown locks perfectly contrast the black ensemble and the sunglasses are the perfect acessory to complete the look. We just can't get enough of her!

12 Workout Warrior

Well, hello there flat and hard abs!! Just look at that perfectly flat tummy and sculpted cleavage in this picture of Beckinsale wearing sexy workout gear. I don't know many people that wear a crop top while working out, nor do people usually wear shorts rolled up to the point where skinny underwear can be seen, but Beckinsale rocks it and we are HERE for it. The black lining on both the shorts and the top make the sexy look match well. Further, the peekaboo look of the blue undies gives the already steamy look another edge. Beckinsale's faraway stare and plumpy pout leaves little to the imagination and her white nail polish matches everything in the picture so well too, completing the sexy workout look!

11 Full Lips, Thick Hair, And Perfect Pout

It is clear that Beckinsale has mastered the lip pout in all of her modeling looks. In this picture, she takes sexy to an entirely different level with a provocative pose, full head of hair, and sexy sheer white shirt. Her legs are perfectly tanned and the slight hint of cleavage peeking out from her shirt, along with the contrasted black bra we can see, invites everyone and everybody to appreciate her beauty. Her long dark locks contrast with the innocent color of the shirt and the curls are another facet of seductive, too, because we don't think this picture would be as sexy if her hair was stick thin and straight. The full hair gives Beckinsale a perfect edge. Plus, does she look 45? Again, there's no way she even looks 30 let alone 45!

10 Tiny But Tall

Damn! At a height of 5'7'', Beckinsale soars in this picture, especially due to those sky high heels she is rocking. Another all back ensemble she is clearly perfectly executing, Kate wears a barely there undergarment with that full head of brunette locks and a pouty lip. It's her classic look! Her long and tan legs are flawless and as long as the sun is bright. The gentle placement of her hand on her right arm is seductive, too-- somehow! We understand why actor Michael Sheen fell in love with her so quickly in 1995 after they met while touring for The Seagull production. In 1999, the two welcomed their daughter, Lily, and even though they are not together today, they are still very good friends.

9 Underworld Star Sizzles In Black

Another all black look for our vampire warrior queen! This picture looks like it was taken in more recent years; however, we still can't admit that Beckinsale looks 45 because, well, she still doesn't. Like we said, age-defying! In this picture, Beckinsale gives a softer tone, yet still looks sexy while doing it. Her innocent look down doesn't invite you to do anything too dirty, but her sex appeal is still at an all-time high due to the tiny undies, the peekaboo of her flat tummy, and that cold shoulder she's giving. Her long dark locks match the black almost perfectly, too. Even though this is a softer look, Beckinsale is still posing next to a bed, so we still stamp this one as "steamy".

8 Fun And Flirty Kate

A grainy and up-close selfie is a different type of picture for Kate, but we love her so much we really don't care. In this yellowy toned picture, Beckinsale is giving a sweet smile while staring straight at the camera. It looks as if her dark locks are a bit lighter now, looking more blonde and brown rather than dark brown/black. It's a far cry from her vampire warrior look. In fact, she is giving us major romantic comedy vibes, which is also something she can pull off flawlessly. In 2001, off the success of Pearl Harbor, Beckinsale dipped her foot into the romantic comedy pool and starred as Sara in the movie Serendipity, alongside John Cusack. In 2006, she also starred in the comedy Click with Adam Sandler. Her fun and flirty printed bra in this picture is the sweetly innocent piece that completes this cute selfie look!

7 The Ultimate Bikini Bod

Orange is the new black-- and Beckinsale certainly proves that in this casual ocean picture, probably taken by a paparazzi or a fan that was also on the same beach. Her skin doesn't look as tan as in other pictures, but that doesn't matter because it still contrasts so well with the bright orange color of the bikini. The ocean looks super blue, so we wonder where this was taken (we're guessing Miami or somewhere more south, like a Caribbean island). Her messy bun somehow still looks hot even though it wasn't meant to be that way. Regardless, we just can't get over her flat tummy considering she is over the age of 40! Even her legs and arms are skinny! Let's classify this one in the "steamy" and "age-defying" categories!

6 Steamy Satin Seductress

Wowza! This might be one of our favorite looks of Kate's-- because look at those sexy shoes! Purple satin shoes with a matching neutral-toned satin dress makes Kate look like an entirely different level of perfection. She knows exactly how to pose in it, too. Satin hugs all the right curves, so the pop of her bottom makes her look cheeky, the pop of her knee highlights the skinniness of her legs, and the slight twist of her torso accentuates all the right parts on Kate. The color of her hair seems lighter once again and it goes very well with the color of the dress. While we stare at this perfectly flawless picture of Kate, we are still wondering if there is anything she can't do. Sexy is her middle name!

5 Va Va Voom Vixen

This picture is giving me Pearl Harbor vibes in more ways than one and I am completely supportive of it. In 2001, Beckinsale played Nurse Evelyn Johnson in the famous movie Pearl Harbor. The movie chronicled the timeline of two best friends that went to fight at Pearl Harbor and the close women in their lives. It is one of the best movies of the early 2000s! Anyway, in the picture above, Beckinsale looks like she is in her 20s, probably around the time she filmed her role in the famous movie. The white top screams innocence even though virtually nothing else does. Her windswept hair gives off a seductive vibe, along with her popped out cleavage. It's an incredibly sexy picture of Beckinsale and we're beginning to think she doesn't know how to be anything but sexy.

4 White Hot Honey

Damn! We absolutely love this look on Kate for many reasons. First, the high ponytail highlights her cheekbones and young genes, yet another look that makes her look not much older than 30 let alone 45. The gold hoops accent the look well and also contrast with her dark locks. Lastly, that one-shoulder white hot looks is just what we said-- white hot! Her skin is just flawless and she knows just how to show it off. That's why we understand how her Underworld director Len Wiseman fell in love with her while on the set of the first movie in 2003. The two married in May of the next year and just recently split up last year. But seriously, we totally get it, Wiseman. She is perfect in every way and we don't blame you. I mean, just look at those eyes.

3 Skinny, Tall, And Titillating

Another paparazzi shot in which Beckinsale still looks flawless. It looks like she is heading backstage to some sort of talk show or studio and we know that they usually change clothes before they go on stage, but look how good she looks in her commuting clothes! Her open-toed black pumps are beautiful. The romper is a cute print that goes well with the shoes and her matching gray purse finishes and completes the look so well. Her large curls are simply beautiful, too, and the sunglasses are 70s inspired and still somehow go with the look! We are not surprised that she started dating 21-year-old comedian Matt Rife in early 2017. Or should we say we are not surprised that Rife fell head over heels in love with the flawless actress! There isn't a look she cannot rock.

2 Bikini Babe

Another sexy bikini shot, another innocent white piece of attire, and another shot of that flawlessly flat tummy-- Beckinsale has the perfect body. There, okay, we said it! In this picture, which looks very much like an Instagram shot, Kate wears a white hot bikini that contrasts perfectly with the blue water and old-school tone of the photo. Her cleavage is present but not overpowering. Her tummy is flat (shocker) and her arms are pretty solid-- just look at that muscle in the right arm as she grabs the ladder! She still looks seductively sexy thanks to that candid stare and slightly open-mouthed pout. We just can't stop wondering how perfect she'll look in another 10 years. I guess 50 is the new 30, people!

1 Doe-Eyed Diva Dates A 21-Year Old

As we stated earlier, Beckinsale started dating comedian Matt Rife earlier last year and in case you missed this important tidbit, Rife is only 21! That's right, Kate is two years OLDER than his mother, and it is reported that the two joke about it on a regular basis. So, in other words, they don't care! Age is just a number and we don't really disagree with them. Actually, we don't really disagree with Rife because if this article has proved anything, it is that Beckinsale is an actress that can do comedy, drama, horror, and more! She is physically flawless with her flat stomach, skinny yet muscular arms, tiny thighs, and tiny frame! In other words, we love her and we can't wait to see what she does next.

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