15 Pics Of Jenna And Channing Tatum's Relationship Has Been On The Rocks For A While

Have you heard the sad news? Jenna and Channing Tatum announced today that they're getting divorced after a whopping nine years together. Yup, that's definitely not a breakup that any of us saw coming. According to TMZ.com, there is "no secret or salacious event" -- they just found that it was best to break up, although they always looked lovey-dovey in pictures.

It's always shocking when a seemingly happy celebrity couple chooses to part ways. It makes us question what love is and whether us mere mortals should expect to find lasting love when celebs can't even do it. Fans seem particularly upset about this couple and if you go on any social media site, you'll see a lot of posts along the lines of "No way! They can't be over! They were so in love!" Well, there are a few pictures of the celebrity pair that seem to tell a different story. No, we're not saying that they weren't in love because it seems like they were, and they were together for almost a decade. But the body language in these pictures is interesting. Check out 15 pictures that prove Jenna and Tatum's relationship has been on the rocks for a while.

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15 Phone Problems

The celeb couple was most likely on vacation in Cabo when this photo was snapped since we can see the Cabo airport shuttle sign behind them. We would expect a happy couple to be all over each other when they were going on a romantic getaway, right? Think holding hands, snuggling, and sneaking a few kisses here and there. It should be inspirational and adorable and make us miss our boyfriends (or, well, wish that we had one if we're single).

That's not what we see here in this photo. Instead, we see Channing and Jenna not even looking at each other... and looking pretty serious. They definitely don't seem like they're in a good mood or happy to be going on a beach vacation.

14 Looking Bored

If someone took a photo of us and our boyfriends and he had the same expression on his face as Channing Tatum does here, we might not be that thrilled.

Honestly, he looks bored and like he didn't really want to be there, which is confusing for fans of the couple who thought that they were so happy and so in love. This is also a bit of an awkward picture, let's be real here, because Jenna is staring at Channing with a super loving, adoring expression on her face... and he just doesn't look like that. In fact, he looks like he's smirking. Why would he be smirking? What was going on? We would really love to know what went down and what caused their breakup.

13 Unhappy Couple

No doubt about it, Channing doesn't look that happy in this photo, and Jenna's smile also seems a bit... strained. Or forced. Or whatever you want to call it.

This is not the happy celebrity couple photo that we would expect from these two. It's a running theme for all of the photos here, really: Channing looks off into the distance or looks bored or has an unhappy look on his face. It begs the question, what was he thinking about when these photos were taken? And, again, why did this seemingly lovey-dovey couple decide that it was best for them to go their separate ways? We definitely want some answers and we want them now. It's hard to sit back and wait for that kind of information for sure.

12 Weird Body Language

You know how magazines will quote body language experts and talk about whether a couple seems in love or not? Sometimes thinking about body language can be helpful in that way. Do we think that this body language is a bit, um, strange? It is, right? Why is Channing's arm around Jenna like that?

Sure, it seems like he was trying to hug her, but why not hug her waist or put his arm around her waist or something? This body language is just kind of awkward and confusing.  Yeah, Jenna might have been wearing a pretty big rock on her finger, and they were married for nine whole years, but it doesn't seem like they were that happy in this photo (or in any of the photos on this list, for that matter).

11 Super Serious

Here's another photo of Channing and Jenna where she looks really serious and he looks like he's smirking and holding back a ton of laughter. What was he laughing about? What was going on?

There seems to be a bit of a theme here with these two, at least when it came to red carpet or movie premiere or Hollywood event pictures. Channing would look into the distance and seem bored or he would smirk, and Jenna would have a serious expression on her face. It seems like they're each thinking hard about something here, although of course, it's anyone's guess what was really going through their minds. Why weren't they looking crazy in love? That's what we would all expect to see from them.

10 Holding On Tight

In this candid photo of Channing and Jenna, it seems like she is really holding onto him for dear life, like she doesn't want him to get away. And, once again, he's not smiling and is staring down.

It also looks like she's trying to talk to him about something and he's just not that interested, but who knows if that was actually true? What seems to be a pattern is that Jenna looks much more present in photos and Channing is often staring away from her or looking at the ground. We would never think that we would see a photo like this of this two. We would definitely have said that they would have been cuddling and laughing and smiling because we always heard that they were such a great match.

9 Ignoring Each Other

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is certainly true with this photo of Jenna and Channing.

Instead of going for a nice, leisurely, pleasant walk where they held hands and kissed and connected with each other, they seemed to be ignoring each other. Jenna was staring down at her phone and Channing was looking away. Neither one looks happy or in love. It's kind of sad to see this photo, actually, since it makes us wonder about whether a couple who we think is happy actually is. We never know what's going on behind closed doors, of course, and even though they're both famous, we don't know a lot about their relationship. Maybe more things will come out about them in the next few days.

8 Stressful Stroll

We have no way of knowing what these two were talking about here, of course, and even though we're all noisier than we should be and want to know, we'll probably never find out. But it's safe to say that Jenna looked upset here. She was wearing sunglasses so we can't really tell, but do we think that she was crying and wiping away tears? Maybe?

According to PerezHilton.com, Channing Tatum is a pretty big flirt and that might have been the reason that he and Jenna are breaking up. It's definitely easy to see why someone wouldn't want to stay with their husband if that was really the case. Who wants to compete for attention and wonder if their so-called partner has eyes for other women?

7 Looking Away

When celebrity couples pose for a photo on the red carpet of an award show or at a movie premiere, we want to see them staring in the same direction. We want them to have their arms around each other and look all cuddly and make us wish that we were as cute as that with our own partners. We can tell ourselves that we are, but we know the truth: stars are just that much more adorable.

That's not really what we see here. Instead, we have Channing and Jenna standing with each other, sure, but they seem to be looking in opposite directions, and they definitely seem to be turned away from each other. What were they thinking about? Were they always unhappy and no one ever knew?

6 No Smiles Here

You can totally feel the tension in this photo, right? We can probably all agree that this is not the type of photo that we expect to see of these two.

Sure, they're holding hands, but they honestly seem to be holding each others' hands super tightly. What's that about? Seriously, what's it about? Maybe a body language expert would say that means that they're trying to hold onto something that doesn't exist anymore, like their love or their relationship. Who knows if that was true, but it definitely doesn't seem like typical holding hands. They also each have a frown on their face and don't look pleased or in a good mood. It's hard to imagine them ever looking happy even though, of course, we have seen much happier pictures of the pair.

5 Still Holding On Tight

Jenna is really holding onto Channing in this snapshot, like another photo on this list, and they're both looking down at the ground instead of at each other. Why aren't they making eye contact?

It makes sense that a couple who are in love who would want to be close to each other even when walking around or running errands, which is why so many couples hold hands or put their arms around each other. That kind of PDA definitely makes sense and there's a time and a place for that. But we might argue that this PDA seems to suggest trouble in paradise since she's holding on super tightly and he's pretty far away from her on the sidewalk. Or are we reading too much into it? Hmmm...

4 Eyes On The Ground

Once again, here's a picture of Channing, looking down at the ground instead of at his beautiful wife.

Otherwise, this would have been a truly adorable, sweet, and very attractive photo of two very attractive people. Jenna looks awesome in her army green jacket, plaid dress, and brown ankle boots. Most of us would probably love to have this outfit hanging in our own closets. And Channing looks really stylish and cool, too, so they definitely seem like a cool celebrity couple. But instead of looking in love and content, they're standing super far apart (like really, really far apart) and they're not talking to each other or even looking at each other. It's confusing and makes us wonder why they didn't look in love here.

3  A (Not So) Sunny Pair

We often hear that if we're in a relationship, we should spend time with our boyfriend and leave our phones at home (or in our purses if we're out for dinner). There's really nothing worse than when we're trying to have a conversation with someone or spend some quality time with them and they're texting or looking up social media on their phone. It makes us wonder why they don't want to give us their full attention.

In this particular photo, Jenna and Channing aren't talking or looking each other or close to each other at all. Nope. They're standing far apart, like in a few other snapshots on this list, and she's looking down at her phone. It makes us feel really sad that this couple is no longer together and this photo has kind of a sad vibe, too.

2 Out For A Walk

Why do these two look so incredibly serious in this photo? No, really, why? We wish that we knew, not only because we're nosy as we established earlier, but because it's hard not to want all the dirt on a celebrity breakup. Just human nature.

We would love to know if they were having a serious conversation when this photo was taken or what was going on because this doesn't look like a photo of a celebrity couple who are totally and completely in love. They're not even standing close to each other and they don't seem to be even talking to each other. If body language can tell the story of a relationship, then this body language seems to be saying that things weren't perfect and that it wasn't exactly paradise all the time. What do we think really happened between these two?

1 You Can Cut The Tension With A Knife


What's going on in this image? Whatever it is, both Jenna and Channing just don't look happy. We look at images like this and we're quickly brought back to the quote Jenna said in an interview with Health.com, where she said “When people say you guys have such a perfect life, I want to scream and tell them no one’s perfect”. This picture speaks volumes and attests to Jenna's quote. Nobody is perfect, and no couple is either.

Whenever a couple in Hollywood who have been together as long as Jenna and Channing, it leaves the public remembering that celebs are in fact human, and nothing is as what it seems. We're just going to sit here hoping no other beloved couple is next! We're looking at you David and Victoria...and also you Blake and Ryan!

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