15 Pics of Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere is one of those actresses who we all love and who we all love for different things. Some of us might have become super fans after seeing her dramatic role as Juliette on the country music show Nashville. Some of us have been fans since her time as cheerleader Claire on Heroes. The rest of us saw her adorable turn in Raising Helen as the niece of Kate Hudson's character. No matter what we're fans of her for, we can all agree that Hayden is both adorable and sweet, and that she always does a great job in whatever project she's a part of, whether film or television.

Hayden's been around Hollywood for a while and started off as a child star. The 28-year-old actress actually was in a commercial when she was just shy of a year old. She was on the soap operas Guiding Light and One Life to Live as a kid in the 90's and was in the movie Remember the Titans at only ten years old. Pretty cool, huh?! Since then, Hayden has had a successful career, and we're always excited to see what she's doing next. Of course, we can't forget to mention how totally gorgeous the actress is. So that's why we got the best photos of her for you to see! Check out 15 pictures of Hayden Panettiere that prove she's every man's crush!


15 Peaceful Panettiere

Could Hayden look any calmer in this photo!? We don't think that would be possible.

She looks pretty much perfect in this super cool bathing suit. It's not really a style that we see every day, and that's why it's so awesome. We like that it's a one-piece so it's fairly modest and not too showy but it's got some interesting detailing. In this photo, Hayden honestly looks like any regular girl. Sure, she's absolutely attractive, no doubt about that, but there's just something about the look on her face. It's like she's figured out the secrets of the universe and knows that there's no reason to worry or stress out about anything. We would totally love to be her best friend and get some de-stressing advice. We're sure that we could all use it.

14 Getting Retro


What a retro photo, right? Hayden looks awesome here in her cropped white top, high-waisted red shorts, and white shoes. We think that every photoshoot should take place on a beach. It's the best idea ever. Everyone looks beautiful on a beach. Not that Hayden needs any help, of course. She's always a true beauty.

This photo has a real All-American vibe to it thanks to the red and white and the blue ocean behind her. We couldn't love it more. It's just so gorgeous. We also have to say that Hayden's pose is pretty impressive. Honestly, we would totally fall off immediately if we attempted that. That pose takes some serious skills. Apparently Hayden does a ton of yoga and is also a big fan of pilates, so maybe she's been practicing her balance for a while and that's why she can pull this off. Yup. That's probably what's going on.

13 BFF Vibes

Hayden's chilling with a friend in this photo and looks like any other girl. This was taken back in 2013 and, honestly, she looks exactly the same now. It's amazing how some people just don't age. It's a sign of true beauty, we believe. She was 23 years old in this photo and now she's 28, but we would swear that this photo was taken just last summer.

We can totally tell that Hayden works out all the time thanks to her toned abs. She says that she loves yoga and pilates and this photo is proof. Back in 2010, Hayden was interviewed by Self magazine, and she said that she loves the bicycle crunch move: "I think the bicycle crunch is great. Not only are you doing sit-ups, but you're working your obliques at the same time. And if you do it properly, it's great. It's about the quality more than quantity. If you can do ten good ones, that's better than 100 not good ones!" If that's what it takes, we're going to do bicycle crunches every single day.

12 Those Eyes


Talk about a glamour shot. This was taken for Glamour magazine and we don't think that Hayden could look any more gorgeous.

We love seeing her in this white and red polka dot bikini. It's totally a bikini that we need to get for summer 2018, which honestly can't come soon enough. This picture really shows off Hayden's beautiful eyes and definitely proves that she's every man's crush. Yup. Every man. We're sure that our boyfriends count her as one of their celebrity crushes, even if they think that they can't admit it to us. But if we asked them to be 100 percent honest with us, they probably would cave in and agree that they love her. It's cool. We understand completely. She's totally crushworthy.

11 Bathing Beauty

Hayden's literally a bathing beauty in this photoshoot which took place in a bathtub. We love when photographers get creative and decide to photograph celebrities in unique, different situations, like this picture. We see so many pretty glam shots of female celebs and it's cool to switch things up.

Hayden looks drop-dead gorgeous in this low-cut flowing dress. She's showing a lot more of her chest than she usually does and her body looks amazing. Those yoga and pilates classes are for sure working out really well for her. We love that her hair is pulled back in a tight bun and that she's staring at the camera with a seductive look on her face. Yup, she could totally seduce any guy. We're sure of it.

10 Beautiful Bride


Hayden looks gorgeous in this super cool wedding dress, and it makes us confident that she's going to look just as good on her own wedding day. She's been engaged to Wladimir Klitschko for most of 2017, and we're eagerly awaiting the big day. Not like we're going to get invited or anything, of course. But we're excited to see the photos. And we're totally going to pretend that we're sitting in the audience witnessing her storybook ending.

The vibe of this photo is so summery and lovely. We love seeing Hayden smiling so big. She looks so beautiful, we can't even describe it. We also love that she's wearing a wedding dress that's super short. It's a cool, interesting style that more brides should think about embracing. Who says that wedding dresses have to be super long?!

9 Cute Cowgirl

This photo was absolutely taken a long time ago since Hayden looks super young here, and we think that she looks really cute. Of course, any girl looks cute when she's dressed like a cowgirl. It's just a thing. We've definitely all embraced this costume idea for at least one Halloween. It's probably something that we pull out when we just can't think of what to wear, right? It's okay. That happens to the best of us.

Hayden looks great in this super short t-shirt and jean short combo, and the fact that she's wearing her hair in pigtails and is staring at the camera with a sexy look on her face would definitely get the attention of any man. If we weren't sure that guys would majorly crush on this star, our minds would be changed by this photo and this photo alone. It's the definition of hot.


8 Blue On Blue


Hayden looks so great in this striped blue and red bikini and denim shirt and sunglasses, we can't even. Her body is serious perfection. We definitely need to start doing more yoga and pilates because it clearly works.

We just know that Hayden is very man's crush and that's all there is to it. She couldn't not be. No guy could disagree with how beautiful she looks in this picture (and in every picture that has ever been taken of her). We love how cool and chill she looks here, like she's just lying around and it's really no big deal. In reality, she's posing for a professional photo. Of course, this is probably just another day to her, so it really is no big deal. Lifestyles of the rich and famous, right?!

7 All Smiles

Wow is all we can say. Hayden's body is insanely good in this colorful patterned bikini. We love that the top is light green with white zigzags, the straps are turquoise, and the bottoms are navy with white zigzags. It's just a really unique, different bikini. We see so many photos of female celebrities in bikinis, and while we're not complaining since they give us major #fitnessinspo, Hayden looks awesome in this bikini.

We love how sporty and healthy and fit she looks. It's hotter than anything. It's inspiring when someone takes care of themselves and is committed to living a healthy lifestyle, and it's obvious that she cares a lot about working out regularly. Just look at her abs. Those don't just happen magically.

6 Mermaid Vibes


If we didn't know any better, we would totally say that Hayden was really a mermaid after seeing this photo. Okay, okay, so we do know that mermaids don't really exist. but come on. She's rocking some serious mermaid vibes in this picture since she's totally submerged in the most beautiful blue/green water that we've ever seen. We would love to know where this picture was taken. We have to go to that water immediately. Next vacation spot?!

This is an interesting photo since she's clearly wearing a bathing suit but we can't see any of it except for a bit of the strap, and her hair is mostly wet and her makeup is simple. It's all about her face, which is absolutely beautiful. If the purpose of this photo was to show off Hayden's true and pure beauty, we think that it was 100 percent successful.

5 High Pony, Good Vibes

Another photo that was taken for Glamour magazine and it's just as pretty as the other one. We're all about Hayden's black one-piece bathing suit with the coolest cutouts ever. These are really, really amazing, and this is another swimsuit that we would love to add to our summer 2018 shopping list. Her gold cuff bracelet is also really awesome.

Hayden looks so great with her high ponytail. We appreciate and respect a good high pony. This one has some serious Betty Cooper of Archie comics fame and Riverdale vibes and we're not mad about it. We probably have all wished that we could rock the high pony at some point in our lives. Some of us can do it effortlessly and for the rest of us, our hair just doesn't do that. It sucks. Let's just stare at this pretty photo of Hayden instead of getting sad about it. Sounds like a good plan.

4 So Glam


We can't get enough of how pretty Hayden looks in this photo. Everything is so awesome, from her slicked back hair to her grey one-shouldered dress to her strappy black heels. We need a minute to process those heels. They are so cool. So cool. We would love to own them and we would seriously wear them everywhere.

This is a really cool photo since it makes Hayden look so glamorous. We think that she looks pretty glam no matter what she's wearing, but lying on this leather couch and wearing this outfit just makes her look like the most sophisticated person around. We're fans of it for sure. This is a photo shoot fit for Juliette, her Nashville character, and now we're even more excited for the sixth and (sadly) final season of the country music drama.

3 Blazer Babe

Guys would totally focus on the fact that Hayden's showing some serious cleavage in this picture... and we wouldn't blame them. Hey, they're only human, and it's kind of the main focus of the photo. That's just where your eyes go, right?!

We think that Hayden looks awesome in this black blazer and fancy black shorts combination, and this is an outfit that we would wear for sure. Well, if we were heading to the office or to some professional event, we might not opt for showing off so much of our chest. Just saying. But otherwise, we're into it. Hayden is all smiles here once again. She really proves that pretty girls become even prettier when they crack a smile every once in a while. Nothing pretty about someone who thinks that they're better than everyone else.

2 Thumbs Up


We're going to give this photo of Hayden a thumbs up. We would give it an even higher rating if we could. That's how good she looks and this is yet another reason why she's every man's crush.

Sure, we see photos of actresses in little black dresses (aka LBDs) all the time so it's not like this is anything new, but on Hayden, it's basically a revelation. She looks so gorgeous. This dress is a bit different since it's got a more interesting neckline than your basic black dress and has some ruffles as well. We would totally wear it (if we had anywhere fancy to go, that is, which we probably don't). Hayden's hair looks cool swept back like that. Honestly, we totally understand why our boyfriends can't help but crush on Hayden since she's totally our girl crush.

1 The Hottest Cheerleader Ever

Hayden played Claire Benett on the TV drama Heroes and won a ton of praise for that part. The coolest thing about her character? The fact that she was a cheerleader and therefore seemed like just your typical high school girl... but she had something super special about her. She could literally get hurt (to the point where she shouldn't have survived her injury) but nothing would actually happen to her. Her official superpower was "rapid cellular regeneration" (phew, that's a mouthful).

This is a photo of Hayden as Claire and she definitely looks gorgeous. Her cheerleading uniform is fairly modest since it's not like she's showing off her stomach or too much cleavage, but even so, she looks insanely good. We love her perfectly styled wavy hair and the smirk on her face. It's like she's saying that she knows how hot she is... as she should. We definitely know how hot she is (and every guy does, too).



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