15 Pics Of Hair Bleach Gone VERY Wrong

So you want to bleach your hair, huh? Okay, girl, let’s get this straight. You want to bleach your hair at home, by yourself, with no professional help and YouTube videos as your number one guide and reference. Girl, are you thinking correctly or have the fumes from the bleaching materials already gone to your head? Stop everything, go and Google "hair bleaching gone wrong". Take a look at the pictures and YouTube videos before you do anything.

There’s so much to consider. Are you feeling lucky? There is some luck involved here. As an amateur, you have no idea what those chemicals can to do to your hair even if you think you know your hair type, texture, and the state it’s in. You won’t be the first and you won’t be the last to bleach your hair though. Others have come before you. Others who dove in, head first, towards that hair bleaching goal. Some dove in with their eyes closed, some with their ears closed. You know how it is, when you want something, there’s no stopping you. We're here to show you the error of their ways so that you don’t have to learn from the error of your ways.

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15 More than split ends

via dailymail.co.uk

You might, cross your fingers and toes and your heart and your eyes, walk away from bleaching without breakage. Some girls are left with burns from bleaching, like this poor dear. But as the story goes, that’s highly unlikely to happen. You will be a victim of bleaching in some way. What does that mean? There could be some damage. Whether it’s minor or major, prepare yourself because it is inevitable. Breakage can be at the tips, which is pretty standard because that’s old hair anyways that has been, more likely, damaged already. Breakage can also go all the way up the shaft to the root. Are you prepared for that kind of damage? Those are some pretty severe results for wanting to bleach your hair. This chick was ready and willing to go for it. She took the risk and went to a salon that clearly didn't know what they were doing. With consequences like those, it's well worth it to put this idea on the backburner and let it stew for a moment before you go jumping in the bleach bucket or the nearest salon. Be wise, little grasshopper. It’s not recommended that everyone jumps on the bleaching craze bandwagon. And research those salons, not all are created equally.

14 Hair loss

via youtube.com

You’ve learned and seen so much. By now, you’re somewhat of an expert at hair bleaching mishaps. You know about stripes and spots and brassy tones and uneven coloring and breakage, but did you know about hair loss? It doesn’t have to happen the moment you do the bleaching. It can take some time before those results appear. It can happen in the shower, during brushing, while putting your hair up in a ponytail, while sleeping. There is no sure fire way to know whether it will happen to you or not. To avoid this at all costs, you can step away from the bleaching kit and the idea and walk away today with a full head of hair. Talk yourself out of at home bleaching while you’re still blessed with healthy hair. It’s not worth the risk. But if you're hell bent on bleaching, do it the smart way. There are plenty of girls walking about with heads full of bleach blonde hair. Why not stop them and ask them how they avoided breakage and fall; we learn by asking. Ask away, girl.

13 Frizzball city

via www.dailymail.co.uk

If you don't know what you're doing or if you go to someone, who doesn't know what she/he is doing, like this chick did, you could end up in a world of frizziness. Bleaching is not always easy to accomplish.  If you don't have the right equipment or person on your side, you could be in for a surprise.  While there are some companies and products out there that claim they protect hair from the effects of bleach, the truth is, putting harsh chemicals on your hair, despite some preventative measures, can cause problems. Bleaching dries out your hair if it's not done right; and that's what's happened to this poor dear. Bleaching removes all the oils and life that make it somewhat bouncy, shiny, and radiant.

Bleaching can be very problematic if you don't do it right, therefore do don't jump in without having done proper research and don't just let anyone touch your tresses. Investigate how to do it properly at home or get some recommendations from girls who have lovely, healthy bleach blonde hair.  You might have some treatments or applications that can help combat that effect, but in general and overall, you could be left with hair that would be more appropriate on the head of a scarecrow rather than that of a human being. Hot oil treatments will be applied liberally despite the fact that you should avoid all heat as much as possible. Bleaching sounds like a nightmare if you don't do your research.

12 The curl killer

via natural-nashville.com

You have curly or wavy hair, it might even be kinky. People comment on it all the time. They tell you how they’d love to have some texture, some body to their limp strands. They tell you how they have spent hours and hundreds of dollars to imitate your natural hair. They are green with jealousy because of all the volume you have. Meanwhile, you’re thinking how much you might like to have their pencil straight hair. But maybe not. Maybe you love your curls and ringlets, good for you.  Clearly, this girl did, but no one told her that bleach, if left on too long, can strip the hair of it's texture.  Having texture and body is nice and it’s natural and it’s what many girls want these days. If you love your curls and waves, you’d better think twice about bleaching. This girl kicked out all the curl in her hair by leaving on the bleach for way too long.  Bad mistake and clearly she didn't heed warning about the effects of bleach.  This does not have to be you, really know how long you should leave the bleach on your hair.  Take care of your hair by learning more about it.

11 Mellow yellow

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If you think that applying bleaching kits will leave you with super white hair, you’re wrong. You have been misled. You have not read the instructions properly. You are delusional.  And that's what happened to this dear soul.  She had no clue that bleaching was a process and not a one-time, one-stop deal.  Bleaching takes several steps and with each step you continue to chemically treat your hair, ignoring the fact that your hair was once gorgeous and flowing and healthy. Each time you apply bleach you should be getting closer to a lighter shade, but that’s not always the case. Don't expect miracles over night or after one application.  Sometimes, no matter how many times you apply the bleach, you might be left with this strange yellow color. To fix it you either have to continue with the bleaching treatments, then tone your hair or you’ll have to go back to some natural color that suits your skin tone. Whatever the case may be, you’ve taken your hair through some traumatic stages and the result is this yellowy color that can’t be called anything other than putrid. Even if yellow is your absolute favorite color in the world, this is not a flattering hair color –on anyone, ever, anywhere in the entire world. Not even Lady Gaga.

10 Tiger stripes

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Bleaching is its own beast. While there are steps to follow, a process to learn, and a science behind the act itself, bleaching can be so unpredictable that even professional stylists sometimes like to steer clear of bleach jobs. When bleaching you run the risk of major damage, no doubt. But you also run the risk of getting uneven results that, no matter how much bleach you apply afterwards, will not go away. Like this girl, wh0's gone through three stages of bleaching and still has a ways to go.  However, she's aware that she might have to go through some very unattractive colors to get what she wants.  She's realistic. And you should be, too.  Bleaching can only do so much against certain colors, red tones especially. Bleaching can only do so much on hair that’s been pre-colored several times over. And bleaching can only do so much against highlights and lowlights. You might end up with stripes or spots or both. If you expect to have even results, the stuff you see on the box of the bleaching kits, you’re living a lie. Get ready to have unexpected results that require a labor of love to correct. You will need to be patient, forgiving, and have a huge sense of humor about yourself and your hair.

9 Uneven color

via verrillihairstudio.blogspot.fr

You’ve learned about the stripes and the spots, right. So did this young lady.  She's smiling because what else can one do with hair the color of the sunshine?  Bleaching can cause general patchiness.  It can be caused by uneven application which is very possible if you’re going into this bleaching fiasco alone. It can be caused by poor dye jobs that were not done right to begin with. It can be caused by cheap, crappy bleaching kits, the manufacturers of which don’t care about the results. The point is, bleaching is tricky. The girl in this photo is learning the hard way and realizing that bleaching is not as easy as buying the kit and applying.  If you aren’t sure of how to avoid uneven results, then stop right now. If you think that another round of bleaching will remove these disastrous results, you’re wrong. More bleach will only make the lighter parts lighter and the brassy pieces a little less brassy, but you will not achieve that white bleached look you desire if you don’t face the facts first. Your hair will have to go through many processes. It’s not an overnight or a buy one box and you’re done sort of process. No, dear, this is serious business. Pause right now and consider that this could be your own result. Think on that for a minute. And see a professional.  That way you avoid undesired results and unnecessary damage.

8 Flat, lifeless hair

via youtube.com

Bleaching, as we’ve seen so fair, has the potential to wreck hair, even the healthiest of hair. It can suck the life out of it, attacking it on all sides, only one objective in mind –to remove color and gloss. Bleached hair could end up looking like hair that has lost some life. If you’re ready to deal with that, fine, by all means, bleach your hair. However, if you’re not prepared for the fact that the quality of your hair is bound to change, then bleaching is not for you.  This girl was not so prepared or informed, she was a victim.  And while she's facing the facts, you don't want to be her.  You want to know what you're getting into prior to the first application.  Your hair may not be what it once was; it could become hair unknown to you, you could have to learn how to style this new hair and you might not be happy with the process or the results. Again, if you have read all the disclaimers and know what you’re getting yourself into, then go for it –bleach you hair and get the look you so desperately desire. If you're into trying new things, then by all means, go for it; bleaching is probably your thing.

7 Orange brassy tones

via midorilei.com

If you think you can go from any medium brown shade to bleach blonde, you clearly have not been introduced to the internet and all the articles and videos on bleaching. If your hair is darker than medium brown, you are likely to be left with orange hair. If you hair has red tones or has been colored red at some stage in your life, you will be left with brassy hair without any question. Bleaching dark hair requires several applications. Don’t think you’re going to bleach today and tomorrow you can show up for work or class with bleach blonde hair, that bleach blonde hair that your dreams are made of. If you go to a professional, maybe that will be your outcome. But even then, they warn that bleaching should be taken slowly, in manageable steps so as to avoid hair loss and damage. If you are doing this at home, novice, yes, you will end up with orange brassy tones in your hair. That’s just the way the bleaching kit rolls. You can’t escape it. Know that it’s part of the process. And know that you will need to tone your hair. If you don’t know that toning is a part of the bleaching processes, you should return that bleaching kit to whichever beauty supply store you bought it from this very moment.  You must tone, dear bleacher.

6 Light roots and dark ends

via flickr.com

Bleaching will react the strongest on your virgin hair. What does that mean? Your new growth is virgin hair, it has yet to be tainted by coloring of any kind, therefore it’s really ready and able to accept any color process you apply. New growth is very easy to color in comparison to old growth which hangs down and is almost resilient to color. So, here you have two types of hair on the same head. What, can you imagine, will be the results? Yes, you guessed it, uneven results, hence the very light roots and the ends that never seem to change. You can apply bleach kit after bleach kit and what will end up happening is that you will get white roots and the ends might reach a light brassy stage. Essentially, you will be left looking like a crazy person. However, if this is your mission, to have light roots and dark tips, then this will be the procedure for you.

5 Pastel hair steps

via paperblog.com

So you want pastel colored hair. Don’t we all, girl?  It’s been popular for quite some time and it’s not going out of style anytime soon. Using pastels is a subtle way to express yourself. It’s girly. It’s like fantasy islands and mythical creatures. Pastel hair conjures images of fairies and unicorns and what girl doesn’t love that? Well, hold on, dear one. To get to that pastel hair, you have so many phases to pass through; it's like an epic journey almost. Here’s what one of those phases looks like. Yep, you guessed it –more yellowy, brassy, orangey bits of hair. The girl here knows that going from her natural color to the pastel color of mystical creatures will take time; she did her research.  The phases are not pretty, not like pastel hair is. And they are not easy, they take dedication and patience. Getting pastel hair at home is not for the faint of heart, so if you’re willing to go the long haul, be advised that things will not go as you hoped or planned. Have back up plans and lots of them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but if you go this alone, know it will be a winding, meandering road through the forest.

4 Black to yellow

via serkonstgjortut.blogspot.fr

Taking pitch black hair into bleaching territory is a seemingly endless process. Okay, it has an end, but the end is so far from where you start. The steps are precise and the road is long. Are you ready for that type of dedication just to get bleach blonde hair? Who says blondes have more fun? The hardest hair to bleach is black or blue-black hair. Even some stylists dread the thought of bleaching jet black hair.  There is no quick solution, you’ve got to go through all the steps and still in the end you may never achieve that bleach blonde look that you see on billboards or in advertisements. If you’re okay with a light yellow, then you can avoid dramatic crying and lower your expectations. Unless you hit up a salon, at home bleaching for women with black colored hair will be tough. Dark hair can only go so light and after that, if you keep messing with it, you’re liable to bleach it off, like falling off of your head off. Understand the risks, ladies, read the fine print. But if it's your heart's desire to be a blonde, go forth with positive vibes and a bleaching expert by your side.

3 The point of no return

via reddit.com

There might be tears. Actually, there’s a high probability that there will be tears, like this girl who just can't believe she actually talked herself into bleaching her hair.  If you don't cry, then you might have regrets and gasps of horror as you watch yourself take your hair from a state of health into a death-like state. If you haven’t seen YouTube videos on this subject, stop what you’re doing now and go forward, with bravery, and watch what the unsuspecting masses have done to themselves. Even with knowledge and skill, some of these girls are outright shocked by the outcomes of what a bleaching session can do. This girl, despite research, was still shocked.  You will see your hair transform, but not necessarily in a way that will please you. When you get in too deep, you're at the point of no return.  Don't stop, don't look back, but do pause and seek help.  There’s no point in crying, suck it up, be stronger than you ever thought possible, and keep going.

2 Stand to attention

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Hair is said to be an extension of our nervous systems. Tribes insist that hunters keep their hair long to be in tune with the world around them, to track better, to feel the unseen vibrations and energies. When their hair is cut, they lose all the sensitivity. So hair is a way for us to pick up on things around us. When you remove life from your hair, it will lose that essence. It might look like hair, it might even act and smell like hair, but it will be a version that’s not quite what it should be. You will see your hair do things that it couldn’t do before, like bend and mold in ways that you didn’t think were possible. Your hair will require tender love and care. Brush your hair ever so gently, you don’t want more falling out. Oil your hair religiously, you want to give back some nutrients you lost during the process of bleaching. Be true to your hair, be kind to your hair.  Don't let bleaching give you the hair that detaches you from connecting to the planet.  Take some preventative measures and use products that promote healthy hair growth or recovery.

1 Shave it off

This woman had to shave off her hair.  She bleached and she bleached and then she bleached some more.  And in the end she decided to say goodbye to her damaged locks and pulled out the razor. You may or may not be sad about this; this might be something you always wanted to do and voila, you’ve got your wish. That's what this woman says, she claims she always wanted to shave her hair.  But this might be something you dread. In advance, know this could be your future in extreme circumstances. If you are not about having a shaved head, despite how gorgeous it looks on most women, then don’t overdo it with the bleach. You could regret it. And you will remember an article you once read on the horrors of bleaching and realize that instead of heeding warning, you walked in blind and stubborn. Don’t be that person, girl. Be smart. Sleep on this decision. Really sleep on it for a few night and weeks. Who knows, the whim might disappear on its own like so many other whims.

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