15 Pics Of Grown Men Caught In Diapers

Did anyone know that it is apparently a thing for men to wear diapers? Well, this was a first for us, so we decided to dig a little deeper on the subject. Turns out, it’s true. There are men that actually go out of their way to put on a diaper among other baby accessories and they find this to be normal behavior. Go figure. Our question is, who is finding this appealing? Is it the women that they are hanging around, their friends, or are they just doing this for their own sake? It is confusing and weird to say the least.

Well, we found a list of men that look a little too comfortable while hanging out in their diapers. Some men are really playing up the part pretty well, other look like they were forced to put their diapers on because of the event they are at, and some just look plain creepy to say the least. Imagine running into one of these men just chilling out in one of these diapers, just seems alarming and odd. Take a look at our list of men just kicking back in diapers and form your own opinions on the matter.


15 Got an Extra Large Stroller?

I want to start by getting everyone to take a look at the woman this big baby is with. Look how utterly confused she is! I might be wrong here, but is this Hollywood Boulevard? This would make a lot of sense because this picture just looks way too posed, not only that but this baby looks way too comfortable being out and about on a busy street. Does his bib say got milk? That made me shiver a little bit.

Is it just me or does that pacifier look way to big for even this grown-up man’s mouth? Not to mention, isn’t is a choking hazard to have a pacifier tied around your neck as a baby? Got you there, didn’t I big baby? Plus, why are you wearing a backpack? Babies don’t wear backpacks!

14 Pacify This


No! No, no, no, one thousand times no! This guy’s face right now is so not acceptable. It is enough to haunt your dreams, seriously. Think about it, he literally took the time out of his day to make a baby costume complete with a safety pin and a pacifier to wear around in public. Oh god why? Is he at a convention by the way? Is that an actual thing? Please say it isn’t.

By the way, is that a bottle of whiskey he is hiding behind his back? I wouldn’t say that’s exactly appropriate for a baby to be drinking if that’s the case. This guy looks like a total creep to me, not that I want to judge based off of one picture. He looks like the type of guy that would actually go potty in his diaper and get into character while he is out and about. Ew.

13 Diapers, Taking Over World News Networks?

Out of all the pictures we’ve seen, this one confuses me the most. Who was the one that approved this to air? Why is he wearing a diaper in the Philippines? What’s up with the popsicle? I don’t see how this breaking news story has anything to do with a diaper. In fact, it looks like he is standing outside of a capital building, which makes me raise my eyebrow even more.

Is there a diaper festival happening in Manila that this guy is attending? If so, then why are they showing this building rather than the festival? Maybe this guy was looking to get fired and decided to get a last minute trip out of the deal. I’m not sure we will ever have an answer for this one.

12 Who's Having a Worse Day, the Man or the Diaper?


I’m not an expert in the diaper field, but it looks like this guy (and diaper) is having a bad day. Is he pouting about something? Why doesn’t he have a shirt on? I just have so many questions in this situation. By the way, has he been crying? Is it just me or does it literally look like he’s balling right now? Maybe I’m the one who is far off on this one, but this situation is all around weird. Maybe he messed himself and needs his mommy to change him?

Does anyone else see this massive pile of dirty laundry on the side of the picture too? Maybe this guy ran out of clothing and was exposed for his potty problems, and that’s why he is crying. I think I solved the case here.

11 He Luvs His Diaper

Again, not the authority figure on Luvs diapers, but I’m not sure they make adult sized diapers. Regardless, why would they do a promo shot with a middle-aged man dressed as a baby in a diaper? Also, what infant wears bunny ears? Again, am I the one that’s far off here? It almost looks like he is proud of wearing this diaper based on how he’s posing.

What kind of sicko company wants this as a promo picture is my main question? I find it hard to believe that Luvs put him up to this. They seem like they are a pretty family-oriented, conservative company, but in this day and age you just never know. Either that, or it was just a lot of effort made by a guy with a camera and a diaper.

10 Ride 'Em Polar Bear? #Matchymatchy


First of all, can we mention that both the guy and the polar bear have the exact same diaper on right now? As if that’s not weird enough, this guy has absolutely no business being shirtless. Does anyone else see that back hair? No thank you. I don’t know if I feel worse for this guy who is clearly making a spectacle of himself or the poor polar bear that is likely thinking of nothing but escape.

What is up with that seductive face with that bottle too? Gives me goosebumps. I mean at least shave your beard if you’re going for the whole baby look…and maybe your back and chest along with it. Ew. Another side note, why is that polar bear wearing goggles? What the heck is happening right now?

9 Dolla Bills and...Huggies

Um, what? This guy obviously thinks he is a baller, but I’m not exactly sure he’s potty trained yet. Was he dared to wear a diaper filled with dollar bills, or did he just get a really big allowance this week? By the way, I don’t think that a child can drink Natty Light under any circumstances, but that’s just my opinion.

To top it off, this diaper doesn’t even fit him properly. How is he able to do his business correctly if the diaper isn’t even his size? Everything is all wrong in this situation. This room doesn’t even look like a safe place for a baby to be. Is he in a basement? His mother should be a little more worried about him because this is not safe for a child.


8 Feeding Time!


So we have yet another baby event I suppose. At least these guys decided to remain fully clothed underneath their diapers so no one is worried about them messing themselves during said event. Thank goodness. However, it looks like these big babies are ready for a good bottle of milk based on their bibs they are tying on. Hopefully this event has a lot of them since there are so many babies around.

I’m going to be real with you though, these guys don’t seem as dedicated as the other participants we’ve seen on this list. They don’t seem as comfortable in their diapers. They look like they were somewhat forced to be dressed up as babies, but were good sports about it. But you have to applaud the effort.

7 Winnie the Poooooo Bear

Oh dear lord, this guy submitted this picture to OkCupid. Let that soak in a minute. People accepted this picture and went on a date with this guy. People are actually attracted to this kind of stuff. It is shocking and insane, but it is also true. I just can’t right now. Did he dig in his child’s closet to get a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal too? Like seriously right now? I think he did, which makes this picture pretty disturbing all around.

The only thing that would make this picture weirder is if he was in a play pen or something. I don’t know what weirds me out more, this guy or the people that would actually go out with him. It literally gives me the heebie jeebies.

6 Will Wear Diapers for Bottled Juice


I’m just going to point out that there are a couple grown men dressed in diapers here. Is this an actual event or something? Maybe it’s a run for diaper rash even though it’s an ailment that’s completely cured. Wouldn’t that be a sight to see? It also looks like they have bottles of juice? It’s not exactly milk, but I guess it’s the next best thing since I guess they are technically toddler level. I mean, they are walking.

Is that a stroller holding their drinks? They actually went out of their way to buy a stroller too? These guys are dedicated. I’ve also noticed that no one behind them are dressed in diapers, which makes these guys officially weird to the public. I hope they are proud of themselves.

5 More Like Bear-ly Clothed

What’s up with the bears? Did anyone notice that his bed sheet is even bears? What the heck, am I right? Next question, where did he even find a diaper that would fit him? It’s another one of those guys that should always have a full outfit one because he’s a bit on the…hairy…side. Why is he lying all creepy-like too? Is he looking to get changed or something? That’s what it looks like and it’s weird.

Did anyone else notice that a lot of these middle-aged guys in diapers are wearing glasses too? You can’t be a certifiable baby with a pair of creepy old man glasses on. It just doesn’t work out. At least he has something in common with his bear collection, his hairiness. Shave that ish off man!

4 Too Hairy for Diapers?


The guy on the left has shoulder hair. I’m going to take a moment to let that sink in to everyone. Shoulder hair. Can I also mention that these two grown men have a playroom dedicated to the “childhood” shenanigans? What is the guy on the right holding by the way? Is that a pickle or a caterpillar? We can only hope it is. He is also wearing a bib. Why? There isn’t any food there. Is this what these guys do on their leisure time? Just sit around and play with toys with bibs on?

I can only wonder what their wives think about this, unless these guys are partners and this is just how their relationship is all the time. That would be strange, but to each their own I guess.

3 Reliving His First Steps

I get it. First steps are pretty big time in your life, but this guy already lived that moment in his life. Is he trying to relive the moment somehow? I hate to break it to him, but putting on a diaper and taking a few steps doesn’t mean that you are taking your first steps again. Also, can you please put on some pants? Oh and, he’s walking around outside in socks…gross.

I think I speak for the general public when I say that no one wants to see you walking around outside in a diaper and no pants too. Come on man, people are rolling their eyes at you. Then again, this guy obviously thinks it is amusing because he is laughing his butt off at it. To each their own; who am I to judge?

2 Unboxing the Diaper Donning Way


Uh huh. This guy looks like he is making an unboxing video on YouTube, but he forgot that he’s wearing a diaper. He almost looks like he is either ignoring that fact that he’s wearing a diaper or it just slipped his mind that he’s supposed to change into an outfit that involves pants. This is just one of those baffling WTF moments that you just sit back and say, “Well this is happening.”

I wonder what this guy is unboxing. Is it baby related? It has to be baby related since he’s wearing a diaper, right? Wouldn’t it be weird if he was just doing business as usual in a diaper? Like he’s opening the latest Xbox controller just donning a diaper. Now that would super creep me out.

1 He's a Sucker for Pampers

Oh don’t mind me I’m just chilling…in a diaper. What is wrong with these people? This guy just looks like he’s kicking back like it’s no big deal to be kicking it in a diaper that afternoon. What? Does he realize he had to go out of his way to buy a diaper and a pacifier apparently to wear them around like it is no big thing? That isn’t normal! Am I taking crazy pills or is this just off the wall?

He doesn’t look like a guy that’s getting into a baby obsession or anything, he’s just a normal dude wearing a diaper. Now I’m really confused. Maybe his buddies dared him to do it or he lost a bet or something. I’m going to keep a positive attitude with this one. I’m just hoping for the best.


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