15 Pics Of Celebs & Their First BFs/GFs Before They Were Famous

We’ve all been there. I mean, we see them when we go through old school photos from our past:those awkward, arms-length-distance-apart photos of us with our childhood/first so-called loves. Yep, our first boyfriends/girlfriends during those innocent times where we flourished at the whole “will you hold my hand during Homeroom” bull. Sure, we look back on those days and ask ourselves the inevitable question of “what the heck were we thinking?” when we look at the type of person we were attracted back then, but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious.

But you know what we’re thankful for? That we have the power to show those old pictures to other people at our own will. Megastars? Nope, don’t have the same option.

It’s the price that comes with fame – when your past is no longer off limits and late night talk show hosts manage to find EVERYTHING.

In the case of these 15 celebs, it was actually family members of their exes that came forward with these juicy pictures and shared them with the rest of the world. And we are so very thankful for them (and for the late night talk show hosts who featured them on their shows and made fun of them). Here are 15 pics of celebs with their first BF/GF that will make you feel grateful that YOU’RE not famous.

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15 No One Forgets Their First Love... Unless You're Justin Bieber

Now, when I first saw this, I couldn’t stop laughing for a good five minutes. I honestly thought someone used a Snapchat face-swap application on this picture or that Justin Bieber was the one carrying his girlfriend on his back. Upon closer examination – nope, I was totally wrong. This young lass is named Caitlin Beadles, and she apparently dated the “Baby” singer back in 2009 when his music had only started making our ears bleed. We don’t know what went wrong with their relationship, but chances are it had to do with Justin thinking he was getting too big for his little boy pants and wanted to sample other girls. Which he did. Most famously, he dated Selena Gomez (and is back together with her again? Maybe? They’re too on-then-off-then-on-again for my taste).

14 Ariana Grande Finds Love In Theater

Then you have your people who decide to post photos on social media, claiming that they’ve dated celebrities when all they really have is a single picture. This guy, whoever he happens to be, posted this picture to his social media account, along with the line, “Lol, back when Ariana Grande and I “dated” and did theater together.” Okay, so putting the word “dated” in quotation marks can only really mean a couple things: Since it was probably during middle school, his version of dating was holding hands and walking along the blacktop together during gym. Possibly even a peck or two on the cheek. Or! They were supposed to be a couple on stage in “theater” class (looks like they're Cinderella and the Prince here)? I’m guessing it’s the former. Either way thumbs up to the dude.

13 Joe Jonas' Inspiration For "Mandy"

It’s always fun when a teen pop sensation writes a hit song about you. This happened to be the case for Joe Jonas’ first love, Mandy Van Duyne, who was the inspiration for, you guessed it, the song “Mandy”. Ah yes, it’s a pitiful little tune with lyrics like “Mandy always laughs when I act stupid, I am unaware that I’m a nuisance, with her it’s never wasted time.” Goodness, that’s some grade-A, award-winning lyrics right there (*rolls eyes*). Apparently, Miss Van Duyne was a close friend of the Jonas family and Joe happened to fall in love with her. Their little love seemed adorable and the stuff that Disney shows are made out of, but as we all know, it didn’t last despite the lyric “And I’m never gonna let her go, ‘cause Mandy always knows.”

12 Yep, Taylor Swift Should Have Totally Said No

First of all, we now all know why she coveted after a dude named Drew – because, in real life, the boy she was really with was a real turd-miser. Meet Sam Armstrong, just one of many Taylor Swift ex-boyfriends – though this one is less than famous. Before she was paling around with the likes of John Mayer or Jake Gyllenhaal or any of the Kennedys, she was dating Armstrong here (dork alert). Ever heard her hit song “Should’ve Said No”? Well, the song was based on her relationship with Sam here. Apparently, like a lot of her other boyfriends, Sam here cheated on our sweet Taylor and the rest is history. “You shouldn’t be begging for forgiveness at my feet, you should’ve said no, baby and you might still have me.” But what does Taylor have instead of Sam? A platinum career, that’s what.

11 This Idiot Literally CHEATED On High School Sweetheart Beyonce

Be thankful you aren’t this guy. Or related to this guy. Are even once locked eyes with this guy across a crowded room. And why is that? Well, this is Beyonce’s high school sweetheart, folks – his name is Lyndell Locke, and he reportedly dated our rightfully appointed hip-hop Queen for NINE FREAKING YEARS. And what happened to end their young courtship? Well, the moron cheated on her. THAT’S RIGHT. Now, while this situation sounds all too familiar and perhaps a little “lemonade”ish, it appears that Beyonce was dealing with cheaters way back in the day. But, unlike what went down recently in the public eye with husband Jay Z, Beyonce wasn’t taking any crap from Lyndell and ended up kicking his rear to the curb. And, yes, he apparently regrets it vividly to this day.

10 Harry Styles In Young Love

Well, it turns out we don’t know much about Harry Style’s first love, except that her name was Felicity Skinner and that he was madly in love with her. Do we know what happened that ended up breaking the relationship? No – and no one appears to be asking Styles or Skinner for that sort of information anytime soon (soon). Though, from the looks of it, the young lady appears to have a certain look that appeals to Styles’ taste (*cough, cough* blonde *cough*). However, Skinner seems to pop up after a young woman named Abigail Crawshaw, who was apparently his girlfriend from when he was 12-years-old (always the lady’s man, I see). Wait… so the blonde wasn’t the first girlfriend? Shocker! We all still know which blonde singer holds a certain place in his heart, though (her name rhymes with Baylor Gwift).

9 He Melissa Joan Hart Over Before HE Was Famous

Normally, I could say that who would blame Melissa Joan Hart for falling for a young Ryan Reynolds before he was even famous, but I can’t stop laughing at his hairstyle long enough to express it. That’s right! Hart, who was riding high on her young fame from the series Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, was insanely smitten with funnyman Reynolds DESPITE what was going on with his hair back then. And can you blame her? His face could be covered in scares via Deadpool style and almost all women would find him utterly appealing. Obviously, the relationship didn’t last long because Reynolds went on to become super famous himself and marry the gorgeous Blake Lively. And trust us, their love alone will actually make a skeptic believe in true love and soul mates.

8 Can't Seem To Let Go Of This One, Taylor Lautner

Before he was a werewolf who was following Kristin Stewart’s goth looking character around in the Twilight series, Taylor Lautner was just another kid who was dipping his big toe in the dating pool. This lovely lady’s name is Sara Hicks and she just so happened to be Taylor’s high school sweetheart that he couldn’t quite let go of when he hit the big time. He dated her before he was famous, and notoriously afterward as well. Sure, he dated Selena Gomez, but after things went south with her, he went running back to Hicks. Same thing after his relationship with Taylor Swift went sour – that’s right, back to Sara he went. You have to wonder if there’s something deeper here, or perhaps the guy just can’t NOT be in a relationship and poor Sara is constantly stuck picking up his broken pieces.

7 Childhood "More Than" Friends With Blake Lively

Since we included her husband Ryan Reynolds on this list, we might as well mention the stunning Blake Lively and her past as well. Truth be told, even though he looked like a geek, this happened to be Lively’s first love Kelly Blatz. Turns out, they had quite a little love story: they were close childhood friends and Blake (yes, HER) had feelings for her friend and he didn’t reciprocate… until later down the line. Apparently, Kelly “finally came around” (as Blake put it) in 2004 when they started dating. Reportedly, Penn Badgley actually came between them and swept Lively off her feet and away from her childhood first love… and then Ryan Reynolds came in and blew every other guy completely out of the water. Yes, we all know the end of this love story.

6 This Sister's Little Secret About Usher

Well, you’d think if your sister dated hip-hop singer and dancer USHER in high school, you would’ve definitely known about it. I mean, the guy started gaining attention for his music back in 1994, for Pete's sake, which made him sixteen around that time. Sure, he really didn’t become SUPER famous until the late 90s, but still – if you were dating Usher, you told EVERYONE. I mean, he’s been linked to some of the most famous names in hip-hop: Chilli Thomas (of TLC fame), supermodel Naomi Campbell, model Eishia Brightwell. He married (and divorced) stylist Tameka Foster before getting together and settling down with his longtime girlfriend, manager Grace Miguel. Despite all this, it looked like the woman in the picture may have dodged a bullet with Usher, considering all the negative press he’s been getting lately.

5 Before Beyonce, Jay Z Dated... This Dude's Aunt

Sure, if Beyonce was out there playing the field when she was in high school, why not hubby Jay Z? Who, by the way, looks EXACTLY the same as he does now. You just know this woman has to be kicking herself in the rear for letting this future mogul go (hey, maybe her and Lydell Locke could get together? That would be an interesting little six-degrees love story). I mean, Jay Z is literally ranked the “Greatest MC of All Time”, so of course this woman is regretting every bad decision she made back then. Of course, his marriage to Beyonce hasn’t been an easy one since he was accused of infidelity (uh, by his wife) back when Lemonade dropped. Since then, they’ve appeared to patch up their problems so he won’t be running back to this woman anytime soon.

4 Tupac…. And This Other Guy's Auntie

The man, the myth, the legend who was taken waaaaayyyyy before his time. Tupac was a pioneer in the rap industry before he was killed. So, naturally, in the short time he blessed us with his talents, the women he dated went down in history. Well, not really this young woman, but still! The women in his life included Jada Pinkett (before she became Jade Pinkett Smith), Kidada Jones, and even had a three-year relationship with Madonna. So, naturally, Tupac had quite a few relationships that were in the public eye, so for this woman to say (or rather, tell her family) that she dated him and even showed the receipts, that’s a big deal and something she and her family need to hold onto. I mean, seriously, TUPAC.

3 Bill Nye The Science Guy, OF COURSE, Dated A Teacher

I’ve never met a single person who doesn’t follow up the name Bill Nye with the words “the Science Guy”. Bill Nye hosted a live action science show on PBS by the same name. Nye was actually a mechanical engineer who went from working for Boeing Corporation in Seattle to hosting one of the most popular children’s science shows of all time. In the 90’s, he started out with Bill Nye the Science Guy and won 19 Emmy Awards during the course of the show (from 1994-1999) before moving on to Netflix (his series Bill Nye Saves the World started last year). As popular as he is, we never really thought about his personal life. He was married once (but it was declared invalid) but has dated other women as well. Including this teacher! We’re not shocked, either.

2 Justin Timberlake Was With Someone A Little Familiar...

We all know his face. We all know his name. Though, kids these days don’t seem to understand that Justin Timberlake came from the boy band known as N’SYNC and shot to fame while dating fellow teen pop star Britney Spears way back in the day. Every teenage girl at that time was totally invested in their relationship that they seemed to overlook every other girl that Timberlake dated before and after Britney (not including his wife Jessica Biel, though – she’s perfection and they’re the most adorable couple on the face of the planet). But did you know that when he was just 16-years-old, Justin was actually with…. Fergie? That’s right, the 23-year-old Black Eyed Peas singer dated Timberlake briefly despite their age difference. Now that’s some new news.

1 Demi Lovato's 7th Grade Love

What’s super fun about this little love story is that this young man, who happened to be attempting to work his way up the ladder not too long ago, never even mentioned dating the famous Demi Lovato – SHE did! Cameron Mitchell starred on the reality show The Glee Project back in 2011 and made it to the Top 12, where he was noticed by Lovato herself. “Oh my god… just saw my first boyfriend ever on the glee project… Just died!!! Small World!!!! Hahahaha,” she tweeted out. Apparently, she was in the seventh grade when they “dated” and he was slightly older. Lovato’s famous ex ended up dropping out of the competition but is doing well for himself and continues to pursue his singing career.

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