15 Pics Of Celebs Over 50 Who Decided To Have Children

Over the past few decades, the power of science had shown us its awesome power. Sure, we’re stumbling upon new things every day in regards to science, most of which include finding ways to actually live longer. Another way science is showing us its awesome power is that it’s actually helping women conceive children after their “fertile” years are considered long over with. If a woman gives birth after the age of 35, the pregnancy itself is considered a geriatric pregnancy.

And yes, that’s the same geriatric word that means “old age”. At 35. Insane.

However, thanks to science, the word “geriatric” should be expunged with and just replaced with the word pregnancy. Doctors are finding all sorts of ways to help women get pregnant well out of her 20s, and the rich and the famous seem to be benefiting from these new discoveries. Sure, there are a lot of men on this list who have decided to have children well beyond a particular age (we’re used to seeing that stuff) but there are some wondrous women on here who are becoming mothers for the first (or second or third) time in their golden years. And it’s more power to them too.

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15 Ms. Jackson's Stolen Heart

Bollocks to being in your 20s and spitting out a few kids! Super famous and super beautiful Janet Jackson is proving that it’s never too late to be a first-time mother – and she did so by having her very first child at the age of 50. Ms. Jackson and businessman Al Mana welcomed a baby boy named Eissa into the world last January and the singer couldn’t be more thrilled, even though Jackson had to postpone her tour in order to concentrate on her family. “We’re in the second leg of the tour, and there actually has been a sudden change,” Jackson announced via a clip on her website. “I thought it was important that you be the first to know. My husband and I are planning our family. So I’m going to have to delay the tour.”

14 Goldblumming It Later In Life

It’s never unusual in this day and age for a man to have children well past 50. I mean, they’re not really the ones who are doing all the heavy lifting so what does it matter to them, eh? Well, at least most of them. It appears that Jeff Goldblum looks to be a very doting father, and a first time one at the age of 63 at that. He and wife Emilie Livingston welcomed son, Charlie Ocean, into the world back in 2016. “I’m at a different place now,” Goldblum told Parade magazine. “I was enthusiastic to marry [Emilie] and try to have a baby. My dad had a younger brother, my uncle Chuckie, whom he adored. ‘Charlie’ is a form of ‘Chuckie’.” If you want to see more of the adorableness that is father and son, you can hop over to Goldblum’s Instagram feed and take a gander.

13 Sympathy For The Father

One shouldn’t be surprised that Mick Jagger, even at his ancient age, is still spawning out kids. And yes, even in his 70s. Back in 2016, Jagger and his ballerina girlfriend Melanie Hamrick (who was 29 at the time), welcomed Jagger’s EIGHTH CHILD (a son) into the world. Even though the couple is no longer together, Jagger still is a very “hands-on dad” as he puts it. The Rolling Stones front-man has children with five different women and is also a grandfather AND great-grandfather. Of course, he assumed that he and Hamrick would be together forever (you know, just like the rest of his girlfriends/wives), but, alas, sadly that isn’t true. Though they claim to still be good friends and Jagger even bought the dancer a $5 million townhouse in New York so she can raise the boy in the city where she works.

12 Steve Martin On The Funny Business Of Being A Father In His 70s

While he’s always been a quirky, and hilarious, fellow, the decision to have another child at the age of 67 wasn’t a funny one, but a one based out of love. “If I had a child earlier, I would have been a lousy father,” the comedian explained to AARP Magazine back in June. “Because I would have misplaced my attention on my career.” Martin first welcomed a baby girl at 67 with his wife, 45-year old Anne Stringfield. Now, at 71, he’s having the time of his life chasing around a 4-year old daughter and loves every second of it. “It’s fantastic. I am very forthcoming with her, and it’s great,” he said. “She’s giving me way more than I’m giving her.” Martin claims that his life as of right now is a “very, very happy one.”

11 Married... With More Children

We grew up laughing with her as she played the high-maintenance Peg Bundy on the hit comedy series Married… With Children followed by fearing her slightly when she played Jax Teller’s hardcore biker mom on Sons of Anarchy. During her rise to fame so many years ago, Katey Sagal was a hard-working mom in real life, and she currently made the decision to become a mom yet again, during her 60s. Both of her older children, Sarah and Jackson (22 and 21 now) were practically raised on the set of MWC and after she split from her husband at the time, she thought her child having days were long over. Until she married SOA creator Kurt Sutter. The couple decided to have a child via a surrogate when Sagal was over 50 in 2007. “We call her our little miracle, our beautiful miracle,” Sagal says of her daughter.

10 Meet The Parents: The Golden Years

Perhaps, when his youngest daughter, Helen Grace (who was born via a surrogate back in 2011 when actor Robert De Niro was just 68) brings home a boyfriend, De Niro will be way too old to pull a Meet the Parents sort of scene where he scares the young man half to death. Then again… maybe not. De Niro and his wife Grace (who was 56 at the time of the birth) had been married 14-years before making the decision to bring a second child into the world (the duo already has a teenage son named Elliot). De Niro himself has four other children, two of which are well over the age of 35, and two twin teenage sons). Both Grace and De Niro actually met in 1987 and were married 10 years later, but separated after hitting a rough patch. Now, they’re back together and happy again.

9 The Zeta-Jones Factor

If you didn’t already know, along with being married to one of the most beautiful women in the world (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and having two children with her well past the age of 50, actor Michael Douglas also has an older son… who he left to rot in prison. Cameron Douglas was sentenced to five-years in federal prison after he was busted for possessing and selling heroin at the age of 37. “I’ve taken the blame about being a bad father-if being a bad father is working your butt off trying to create a career at one time,” Douglas said of his troubled son. Douglas admits to being more of a hands-on father to his two young teenage children with Zeta-Jones, daughter Carys, and son Dylan, both of whom were born after Douglas was 50.

8 Four Weddings And A Late-In-Life Baby (Or Babies)

If you’re familiar with British actor Hugh Grant's playboy (and hard partying) ways back in the 90s, you wouldn’t think he’d turn out to be such a great father later in life. Grant had all three of his children after he had turned 50. Even though the actor is very guarded about his personal life, Grant opened up a little bit on being a father. “It’s made me much nicer,” he told US Weekly. “One of my kids is very obsessed with saying goodbye- he’s only two- to everyone, including the man who delivers the groceries, whoever he might be. He has to have a hug and a kiss, and I find that very charming.” I’m glad that fatherhood agrees with him and has made him into a better person who makes smarter decisions.

7 Alec Baldwin's Tiny Tot Gang

As we know, actor Alec Baldwin had made some “questionable” decisions (not to mention headlines) when it comes to his children in the past (remember when he referred to one of his oldest child as an “ungrateful little pig”? Yikes) but now it appears he’s changed his ways, and that’s all thanks to having three children (all under 5-years old) with a fourth baby on the way. Baldwin and wife Hilaria announced back in November that they’re expecting their fourth child. Baldwin already has a 22-year old daughter named Ireland with ex-wife Kim Basinger. The actor relishes in being a late-in-life father of so many youngins, thanks to his adoring love for his current wife. But, here’s hoping that he’s able to handle them when they reach their teens and start acting out.

6 Once a Play-Boy, Always a Play-Boy

No one needs to be shocked at this particular entry. The late Hugh Hefner made his mark in the world with a curious amount of vigor. He built his Playboy empire on his back and became one of the most well-known faces in the entire world. Famously, he was married three times and had numerous partners over his lifetime, but only had four children, two of which were with his first wife, a Northwestern University student named Millie Williams, a woman he married back in 1949. Back in 1988, Hef, then over 60 years old, married Playboy Playmate Kimberley Conrad and had two sons, Marston and Cooper. Having children didn’t seem to change Hefner’s lifestyle all that much, but his children have been well-known faces in their father’s business empire.

5 Not So "Die Hard" Now, Are Ya, Bruce?

Sure, Bruce Willis has always been a brilliant actor, but he also happens to be one of Hollywood’s biggest grumps. Throughout the years, Willis has been a notorious grump to reporters when promoting his films. “If I didn’t have to do it, I wouldn’t,” Willis once famously said of doing press junkets for his films. But having a late-in-life baby changed all that. “Back in those days, I was a smart a** and hard to be around,” he admitted. He and wife Emma Heming welcomed a baby girl into the world back in 2013. “My job is just trying to make my little baby laugh,” he said of his baby girl. “I’m very sentimental with my children and I indulge them to a very high degree.” Willis has three grown daughters with ex-wife Demi Moore as well.

4 The Piano Dad

Some rock singers obviously think they have the energy enough to produce kids extremely late in their lives. Like Jagger, fellow rocker Billy Joel announced that he too is going to be a father again at 68-years old on the Today show back in October. Both he and wife Alexis Joel welcomed their second child back in November. The couple actually had their first child (a daughter by the name of Della Rose) back in August of 2015. Apparently, Della is a great sleeper, and the aging rock star is hoping that number two will be the exact same way (HAHAHA, YEAH RIGHT). Joel already has a 31-year old daughter with ex-wife Christie Brinkley, so he’s no stranger to the parenting game. Though he WILL be a stranger to raising two children under the age of 4 in his golden years. Good luck, Piano Man.

3 50 Is The New 25... Right, Sophie B. Hawkins?

Okay, so we haven’t heard the name “Sophie B. Hawkins” since the late 1990s when she made the music circulations with two hit songs (“As I Lay Me Down” and “D*mn, I Wish I Was Your Lover”), but her name has been floating around the past couple years after the singer, who was 50-years old at the time, made the decision to become a second time mom back in 2015. She wrote the experience of coming to the realization down on her blog. “’I wasn’t free until I had my children,’ I thought, standing on a golf course covered in snow,” Hawkins wrote down on her blog. “Pregnancy is uncomfortable and draining, and the end isn’t in sight until it becomes unbearable.” Hawkins had a high-risk pregnancy because of her age, but she ended up having a very healthy child.

2 Martin Scorsese's Little Crew

At the age of 75, director/producer/writer/massive screen legend Martin Scorsese is showing no signs of slowing down. Not in his career or his personal life. Scorsese, a well-known Catholic, has had children throughout his five marriages (yes, FIVE). His first daughter Domenica was born to him and his first wife, writer Julia Cameron, in the 70s. After a couple of other marriages, Scorsese then had a daughter with producer Helen Morris, whom he married in 1999. The director talked about having daughter Francesca later in life: “If you’re in your sixties and you’re with the kid every day, you’re dealing with the mind of a child,” he explains. “She’s a life-saver!” The director even wrote an open letter to his teenage daughter a couple years back, talking to her about the industry that famously made him a legend.

1 The Late-Great Elizabeth Edwards

As we all tragically know, Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Senator John Edwards, died of breast cancer back in 2010 at the young age of 61. But back in 2004, she made headlines by having two of her children over the age of 48. Edwards actually left the Senator back after his failed presidential campaign after stories of his infidelities were publically outed. Elizabeth’s life was one riddled with tragedy: She lost her first-born Wade at the delicate age of 16 after he was killed in a car accident back in 1996. Even though she had a surviving teenage daughter at the time, she wanted more children. She was 48 when she delivered daughter Emma and 50 when she had her son Jack. It’s still horrible that she will never get to see them grow up.

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