15 Pics Of Celebs In Yoga Pants

Staying fit during the holiday season is on everyone’s mind. Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to start thinking about how we’re going to get through Christmas without exploding. After that, we have to start thinking about which gym we’re going to join for our New Years resolution before quitting in February. Celebrities somehow make looking fit seem so easy, especially when they hit the streets before or after the gym, dressed comfortably and effortlessly, showing off their perfect bodies that make the rest of us ask how is that even possible? Well, I’ll tell you how it’s possible. They all pay for personal trainers.

The secret to being hot is being hyper aware of what you eat and being able to afford a personal trainer. That's it. Looking perfect is nearly a full time job, any of these women will tell you that. Admittedly, striving to replicate the bodies of these women isn’t realistic for regular people. Hollywood has its own set of standards, and celebrities live in a bubble. Understanding that these standards aren’t realistic, however, doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate what these gorgeous women have. Bonus – there isn’t even one Kardashian on this list (no shade, love you Khloe!). Check out who made the cut with the perfect butt, and maybe gain some much-needed fitspo.

15 Selena Gomez Evidently Has A Fetish For Fitness

Selena is looking much better following her appearance in the music video for Fetish ft. Gucci Mane. She’s raw and childlike in the music video (two descriptors that sound super weird together), singing about a toxic relationship while writhing on the floor, eating bars of soap. After she and The Weeknd split, she was spotted hanging out with ex Justin Bieber. I guess she has a fetish for his love? Selena has had a busy year outside of her boy problems. She went public with her struggle with Lupus and launched a collection of sneakers with sportswear brand Puma. She has found a fashion refuge in athleisure. While her career has been successful this year – Time magazine went as far as to name her one of the most influential women – it’s clear she has been dealing with a lot of crap too. At least she looks great in yoga pants.

14 Emily Ratajkowski Leaving Something To The Imagination (For Once)

Emily Ratajkowski, an amateur art collector / model, always seems to be grabbing headlines for bursting out of her clothes. That’s why it’s kind of shocking to see her wear leggings - she doesn’t normally step out in sportswear! While her pants leave a lot to the imagination, the low-rise and the crop top recall early 2000s Christina Aguilera. She looks sporty and chill but her abs scream “I’m aware my body is amazing!” After starring in the music video for professional creepy uncle Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, she appeared in Tyga’s Tequila Kisses donning a series of tight dresses and sexy lingerie. Like, we get it! You’re hotter than the rest of us! Emily had a crazy busy year and has many upcoming projects, but her most important role to date has been her appearance in the scorn woman’s Bible, Gone Girl, as the woman Ben Affleck cheats on his wife for.

13 Julianne Hough Is Wholesome & Hot

Julianne Hough, currently participating in everyone’s moms’ favourite reality show Dancing With The Stars, looks amazing as she walks her two dogs wearing a pair of jewel-tone midnight ocean spandex yoga pants. The Utah-born dancer, country singer, and actress has been on the scene for years, and even made a brief cameo in the first Harry Potter movie. In early November, she teamed up with MPG Sport to design a line of affordable activewear, which is pretty fitting considering she probably spends 99% of her life in a rehearsal studio or practicing choreography. It shows, too. An avid practitioner of Yoga, she often shares photos of herself posing on Instagram, posing in her yoga pants and swimsuits. When it seems like everybody in Hollywood is getting butt implants and Botox, it’s definitely refreshing to see somebody who works super hard for the body they have. Healthy and fit look good on everyone.

12 Georgia Fowler, The Angel With The Coolest Boyfriends

This Victoria’s Secret Angel is the ex flame of One Direction’s Harry Styles. Born and raised in New Zealand, Georgia dabbles in fashion modelling besides Victoria’s Secret. Her full time job is essentially spending time with hot people, being hot, and making me look in the mirror and wish I looked like her. She has actually been a model since she was 12, which means she never even had a chance to be an awkward teen. Relatable! She’s currently dating Nick Jonas, which is her second teen pop royalty boyfriend, meaning she’s probably living out her middle school fantasy. When she’s not with the cutest Jonas brother, she spends a lot of time working out, doing yoga, and hiking in LA. She often poses in Victoria’s Secret’s athleisure line, Victoria Sport, spends a lot of time lately promoting the brand for their Train Like an Angel campaign.

11 Adriana Lima Exercises Like A Supermodel

Adriana has been a model with Victoria’s Secret since she was 17. Since then, she has been the longest running model in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and a bona fide supermodel. She has done a mix of underwear and fashion modelling over her long career but you would never be able to guess if it wasn’t for her expertise and professionalism. She is one of the highest paid supermodels of all time and has been in the top 10 women from the FHM Sexiest Woman in the World list 5 times. It’s no wonder she would be on this list. The Brazilian bombshell looks totally amazing in her Victoria Sport workout clothes, staying hydrated, reminding the entire world she has perfect abs. Adriana has said that to prep for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she maintains a vegetarian diet and amps up her workout routine. Should we be taking notes?

10 Bella Hadid Coming Through With The VS Sport Leggings

After Bella’s recent gig at the centre of the Homeboy’s Gonna Like… Get It meme, she walked the sacred Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show stage. Who can forget last year when she walked during the performance of her ex boyfriend The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face – and who can believe it’s already been that long?! Bella has had a relatively short career, but things move FAST in 2017. It’s hard to tell which Hadid sister is more gorgeous, but it doesn’t really make sense to pit them against each other. Besides a brand deal with Nike, she has been working on the Victoria Sport Train Like an Angel campaign. Bella was also apparently ghosted by Drake earlier this year following a brief fling following her 21st birthday. That’s fine. More Drake for me, right? Since then, she has been spotted hanging out with The Weekend, who recently split with Selena Gomez. Hot people travel in small circles.

9 Gigi Hadid's Job Is To Look Perfect

Gigi Hadid has been modelling since she was a baby. It seems like only yesterday that she was the face her first Guess campaign, but it’s been over 5 years and since then she has done pretty much everything. She and her sister have been dominating the runways for the past couple of years, and for good reason. She is absolutely stunning! While Bella has partnered with Nike, Gigi teamed up with Reebok, becoming the face of the brand amidst the renaissance of old school streetwear. She also surprised fans everywhere when she dropped out of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show this year at the very last minute, explaining she was unable to make it Shanghai. The VS Fashion Show had similar issues this year, with other celebrities like Katy Perry unable to perform after being banned from China. It’s a shame, really, because it’s great to see the sisters work together.

8 Stella Maxwell, AKA The Fitness Angel

Stella Maxwell is a British model who is also currently in the rotation of Victoria’s Secret Angels. Noticing a pattern here? Who is Victoria and what is her secret anyway? It probably has something to do with how to look bomb in yoga pants, even when you’re not doing yoga. Stella is the girlfriend of Twilight star Kristen Stewart, the current face of Chanel. The entertainment world is so tiny! When asked by E! reporters how she prepared for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she said she does a lot of “toning and lengthening” exercises, eats well, and frequently goes to the sauna. I’m beginning to think that all hot people diet and exercise… In any case, she also participated in the Train Like an Angel campaign, demonstrating how easy it is to look amazing in leggings and a sports bra when you’re already hot. Wait - is that Victoria’s secret?

7 Demi Lovato Is #SorryNotSorry For Loving Herself

Demi Lovato has a contentious relationship with body image. The actress / singer battled bulimia very publicly alongside issues with drug and alcohol abuse. Now an advocate for mental health awareness, her fitness journey has been a part of her recovery. Throughout her career, Demi has spread messages about body positivity and works hard to ensure she is healthy both physically and mentally. How does Demi have such great legs? A mixture of Soul Cycle and genetics. In an interview with Fitness Magazine, Demi applauded the Kardashian family for making curvy bodies cool in the mainstream. During her tours, Demi maintains a meal plan as part of her eating disorder recovery and works out with a personal trainer. While not everybody can afford the same care, Demi is a great role model when it comes to recovery and a great motivation for personal health and fitness.

6 Is Emma Roberts Reading Her Way To A Bikini Body?

Do you want to know something crazy? Emma Roberts is only 5’2”! Emma has discussed her body image issues surrounding her height before, and has shared that the only diet she partakes in involves intuitive eating and not denying yourself food that makes you happy. It seems to be working for her. She is also a frequent practitioner of yoga, doing it nearly every day, and does her cardio with a personal trainer. When she’s not doing either, she attends shape classes in LA. She eats very clean diet with a lot of vegetables and lean meat, allowing herself the occasional indulgence and spending the extra effort working out if she needs to. Emma is also the founder of a book club, and uses reading as a method to unwind. Between all the running and the turkey burgers, that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

5 Bella Thorne Is Literally Perfect But I Have Questions

Is there a celebrity in existence as confusing as Bella Thorne? I don’t remember Hollywood without her, and I don’t remember when exactly I followed her on Instagram, but like, where did she literally come from? How does she do the whole broke art student thing without actually being a broke art student? Bella has actually been on the scene for a long time, working non stop since she was a kid. She has years of acting experience under her belt and has become an Instagram superstar, rebranding from a good Disney-esque girl to a weird sexy mix of Grimes and Scary Spice. She maintains her physique through circuit training, or high intensity aerobics, as well as running and yoga. She was recently in the news following the death of her ex boyfriend Lil Peep, who died suddenly from an accidental OD while on tour. We hope she's doing alright.

4 Kate Beckinsale Is Clearly Reaping The Benefits From Her Crazy Fitness Habits

Kate Beckinsale is actually the oldest on the list, but that doesn’t mean 44 is too old to look great in yoga pants. It also doesn’t mean she’s too old to be dating her 22-year-old boyfriend, Matt Rife, either. While Kate has been an avid fitness junky for years, admitting that she loves yoga and eating clean, to prepare for roles she often works with a personal trainer to deliver “punishing” routines. This is probably because maintaining a perfect body is nearly impossible to begin with for the average person, made more difficult with age. This is also a testimony to the level of access she has to fitness trainers as a celebrity. Beckinsale has also advocated clean eating to promote energy, and she actually looks amazing. She actually works with the same trainer as Jennifer Anniston, who specializes in routines that transform bodies very quickly. Looking perfect isn’t actually effortless.

3 Ariana Grande's One Last Time In Yoga Pants

Do you know how rare it is to see Ariana Grande outside in yoga pants? She is never seen in anything tighter than jeggings. At only 5’0” tall, she is often wears heels which have the effect of elongating the leg and making your behind look firmer. Although Ariana has never discussed her fitness routines with interviewers before, her personal trainer has. It’s a mixture of a moderate daily exercise and eating well, but it doesn’t seem like Ariana is a fanatic. She’s under slightly less pressure than a Victoria’s Secret Angel to weigh nothing but have perfect muscle tone. As for eating well, Ariana is a strict vegan. She’s the only vegan on the list, which is interesting considering how popular veganism has become. Maybe the hidden lesson here is that it might be easier to get abs with turkey than with tofu.

2 Jennifer Lopez Is Still Jenny From The... Gym?

Jennifer Lopez has both amazing genes and a wizard dermatologist because she does not look 48. She is slated to be the face (or the legs!) behind Guess Jeans 2018 campaign. How does the saying go about thick thighs saving lives? Jennifer is a fan of body weight fitness. Her trainer has said in interviews that she likes high intensity and high energy workouts, and her diet is totally clean. She doesn’t even drink alcohol. That is certainly some intense discipline. Lately, Jennifer has been promoting her single Amor Amor Amor, spending almost all of her time performing and rehearsing. In her off time it seems like she has found a pretty good match with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, a sports commentator on Fox. But really, 48? I don’t believe it.

1 Chrissy Teigan Is Honesty Goals In Every Single Way

Chrissy Teigan is unfortunately beautiful, funny, and smart, while I’m only 2 out of three and that’s an entire debate in itself. Chrissy is pretty candid about her experience trying to maintain her body under the pressure Hollywood. She has admitted to having work done on her face and even had liposuction to draw fat from her armpits. She is also open about “flaws” like stretch marks and has shared photos of hers on social media. Fitness wise, she seems to favour visiting trendy LA fitness classes. Imagine trampolining, pole dancing, Soul Cycle, and weird combinations of these. As for her diet? It seems like she eats pretty much anything she wants. While we can never be sure because we’re not following her around with a camera, it seems like Chrissy has a pretty healthy relationship with food and engages in intuitive eating. Not too much, not too little, just enough.

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