15 Pics Of Celebrities And Their Tattoos

In today’s world, we know everything there is to know about celebrities. Everything from their lifestyles, their favorite brands, their beauty secrets, you name it, and it’s been exposed. But one thing that doesn’t seem to come up that often are celebrity tattoos! We’re not going to lie, we’re very excited to put together this list for you because there are some shocking pictures of these celebs that really showcase their ink!

We can almost bet that you probably didn’t even know that some of these celebs have ink on them. Granted some of the tattoos are very small and some are quite large, but we can bet that a ton of these celebrities will shock you with their ink.

We’ve created a one-stop curated list of all the most famous celebrities and their stunning ink. You might even see some ink on this list that makes you a bit mad because it’s just so bad! These celebrities have set a new standard for body art. They’ve made tattoos quite the trend on the red carpet, and it’s become a new normal compared to a decade ago.

These celebrities will be showing off their ink in any way they can, from rapping at a concert without their shirts on to taking a douchey selfie in the mirror because why the hell not?! You name it, we have it. But we’ll also be diving into these celebrities and their lifestyle as well, giving you some background on each of the individuals on this list. Now, are you ready to see some ink?

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15 David Beckham: I Don't Even Know Where To Look


It’s no wonder that we’re starting off this list with David Beckham is it? Just take one look at this picture and you’ll have all the answers you’ll need! From the tone of his body to that stare off into the distance, he has it all going for him! Not to mention those amazing black-work tattoos. Not only are his tattoos amazing, but so is his overall talent. Not only does he model on the side because of his world known fame, but he has been one of the best soccer players (footballer) in the world. Because of how extensive his fame has become he’s been titled as a British cultural icon, and it’s no question that this title has been given to him just because of how talented he is in every single thing he does. He’s also been known as the edgy guy in sports because of his seemingly alternative looks because of his tattoos. Let us know what you think about his tattoos, do you like them?

14 Demi Lovato: Totally Fierce Lioness

X17 Online

For someone in Hollywood that seems so clean cut and perfect like Demi Lovato it actually is quite shocking to see her get such a dramatic tattoo that can’t even be hidden in any way. It seems like this lion has really been a big deal for her and she looks like she loves it because she’s posted this selfie everywhere to show off this tattoo back when she got it. According to Stealherstyle.net the tattoo means, “The lion has many meanings: it is the symbol for her astrological sign Leo, a icon of strength, and a reference to her song “Lionheart.” The song is about about finding strength through love and was partly inspired by her deceased dog Buddy, whom she called her little lion heart. A lionheart is someone with exceptional courage and bravery.” This just goes to show how important this tattoo means to her and it’s no wonder why she got the tattoo on a place where she can always see it no matter what.

13 Shawn Mendes: Looking Shocked And A Little More Rugged


We know it’s small, but it’s still a great quality tattoo either way. Not only do we love the design, but we also love how proud he is of it, it looks like he loves it so much and just had to show it off! While this tattoo might be small, it’s totally not his first, but it is on a very important spot on his body. This bird is located on the top of his hand, a place where he will always see it. So let’s just hope this isn’t some kind of flash art and that it really does mean something important to him! Shawn Mendes started off his humble career posting music covers on Vine, he then was signed and has become a huge deal in recent years. Ever since 2015, he’s been climbing the ladder of success. With this change he’s also been changing the way he looks, he seems more comfortable and he looks like he’s striving to be himself. It’s actually refreshing to see. Let’s hope that this tattoo is just one more thing that makes him feel great about himself!

12 Selena Gomez: It's Not Great But She Pulls It Off


We don’t know about you, but we love Selena Gomez. But one thing is for sure, this tattoo is so small and bad, we honestly believe it was probably a stick and poke or a home tattoo. We know, we know, stick and poke tattoos and crappy at home DIY tattoos can still have a ton of meaning, which is totally fine, but this specific tattoo looks so bad it’s actually kind of crazy how bad it looks. It is even more shocking when you know how rich she is and yet she probably didn’t even pay a professional to do an amazing job on her! Why?! While the tattoo is super small, if it means something to her, that’s all that really matters, right? Would you get a home DIY tattoo if it was something that was really special to you and the person doing it meant a lot to you? Would that change the situation at all, or would you rather get it done well by a professional?

11 Harry Styles: He Even Makes Bugs Look Great


Harry Styles has been known for his tattoos. Not only has his solo career took off, but another unique thing about Harry Styles would have to be his special ink. He has so many icon pieces of ink on his body, that people have actually copied him, even though that’s simply not cool in the tattoo community! Harry Styles has always stood out from the crowd, from his career and going solo, to expressing himself in a new way we’ve never seen from him before. He’s changed so much, but parts of what has changed were seen before when he was in his band called One Direction. It’s so fantastic to see him reach his full potential and really strive for his goals since becoming a solo artist. Not only do we hope to see his interesting ink collection grow, but we also hope to see his music career flourish as well since he now has the space to express himself more than ever.

10 Hailey Baldwin: Minimalist And Cute

Via Pinterest

Simple and small, this tattoo of Hailey Baldwin’s seems to be one of her first tattoos and it honestly compliments her style so well it’s stunning. We love how her backless short perfectly compliments this small tattoo. It’s almost like a perfect accessory. She hasn’t had this tattoo long, but ever since she got it, she seems more and more confident with her style and on social media. It just goes to show how something so small like a simple tattoo can make a world of a difference to an individual’s self-esteem and well being. We wonder what she would want to get as her next tattoo or if she even plans on getting more ink in the future. Would you ever get a tattoo like this, something that’s small and delicate? We know we would love to get something like this. Plus you could hide it super easily!

9 Adam Levine: One Of The Most Popular

Via Pinterest

Adam Levine is one of the most popular music artists in the business and his tattoos have made him stand apart even more. Not only does he always perform with his shirt off but he also has some great quality tattoos that are really old school and interesting to see. He seems to always be adding more and more tattoos as well, but either way, he always makes sure they’re good quality and nothing is poorly placed and executed. While we might not love all of his tattoos, they really do match his personal style and we couldn’t see him changing anything about them whatsoever. He’s probably the celebrity you’re most familiar with when it comes to his tattoos simply because of how often he takes off his shirt when he performs live. It never seems to fail that Adam Levine constantly takes off his shirt, maybe he’s just proud of his ink and it makes him feel young again!

8 Rita Ora: There's No Covering That One Up


Rita Ora has no shame in this tattoo, it’s very old school and shows off her style perfectly. Rita Ora has always taken a liking to vintage styles and this classic ink really embodies that style completely. From the size and the placement on her ribs, you can tell she has really committed to making sure this tattoo stands out as much as possible. Rita Ora has never been afraid to express her style, she’s always been a positive role model in the music industry, always giving off good vibes. It’s no wonder she has no shame in getting ink or dealing with what people have to say about it. Because when she got this ink she had so much backlash from her fans, but she didn’t even respond or bat an eyelash because she doesn’t have time to deal with that kind of drama. No one can stop her from being herself.

7 Justin Bieber: What A... Transformation?

Via Popsugar

This seriously might be one of the worst transformations you could ever expect to see. This had to have been a joke, but sadly it’s not. This is really what the Biebs looks like now, and it honestly just looks like he’s lost his mind. While his tattoos weren’t great before, at least it didn’t look like his tattoo artist just kept falling asleep in the middle of getting tattooed! We’re dying to know if you prefer his tattooed look now, or how he looked before? One thing's for sure, we never want to see him without his shirt on ever again. Maybe with all the money he gets from singing he can invest in tattoo removal. The world can only hope. What would you do if you suddenly woke up like this, with your body covered in tattoos, so much so that you couldn’t even tell what was tattooed on you? We wonder if he has ever forgotten what he has tattooed on him!

6 RiRi: What A Statement


We completely love this Egyptian style chest piece she has going on. As you can see in the image, it looks like she’s actually had this ink for a while, but nevertheless, it’s ended up on this list because of how much of a statement it is. RiRi wasn’t always as edgy as she is today, but part of us thinks that she might have been secretly. Since she’s been rocking these tats for years, there had to be some of that edge in there since the start of her career! Rihanna has always been a trendsetter, and it was no different when she got this tattoo. She actually sparked the inspiration for many other celebrities getting Egyptian style tattoos on their body, and she’s done this with many other of her unique tattoos as well, such as the tattoo you can faintly see on her collarbone. Would you ever take inspiration from a tattoo someone already has? We sure hope not.

5 Kat Von D: She's The Queen Of Tats


How could we have a celebrity tattoo list without including the queen of ink herself, Kat Von D!? Of course, she has some of the best tattoos in the world, they’re all so beautiful and detailed. Plus her face tattoos have easily become some of the most iconic tattoos out there! Not only is she an amazing tattoo artist but she’s also been creating her own line of makeup, combining two passions into her personal brand that completely show who she is. It’s inspiring, to say the least. Not only is Kat Von D a tattoo artist, she’s also known for being a model, a music artist, and a self-made entrepreneur. She’s also had a number of her own TV shows as well, where she was highlighted as a tattoo artist, such as Miami Ink. Did you know that you could even unlock her as a skater in Tony Hawk video games? Many people don’t even know about this fun little cameo appearance!

4 Chris Brown: He Has Way Too Many To Count


Where do we even begin with Chris Brown? While we do love his tattoos, he’s not the best person in our book due to all the trouble he’s been involved in when he assaulted his then partner, Rihanna. We have no time for that kind of mistake, but he’s made this list nonetheless because of his tattoos. He’s a singer and actor that made his way to fame because of his first single called, “Run It”, he then shot to fame with more and more music, as well as collaborating with Lil Mama and rappers like Bow Wow and T-Pain. Currently, he’s been working on his music but overall been a bit out of the spotlight because of how many people refuse to work with him due to his past. He hardly gets any coverage online that’s positive and he’s becoming less and less relevant because of his lack of exposure. Which we’re pretty happy about if we’re being honest.

3 Lana Del Rey: Always Flaunting These

Via Pinterest

Lana Del Rey has “Trust No One” and “Paradise” tattooed on the side of her hands and they honestly fit into her aesthetic more than any of the tattoos on this list. These two tattoos really describe who she is as a person, especially when it comes to the work she creates. She even has work named after paradise! These tattoos have become a signature style of hers and she’s even inspired many other people to get similar tattoos because this is such a unique location on the hand to get tattoos on. One thing we know for sure, it probably hurt really bad to get tattooed there! We know she has a ton of other tattoos, but she doesn’t ever show them off unless she’s in a bikini which is quite rare. But she’s also been known to wear fake tattoos as well for music videos, which we don’t really like but that’s her choice. Many people in the tattoo community hate fake tattoos so hopefully, she either gets the ink or stops trying to be someone she’s not.

2 Drake: He Keeps Adding More

Via Kanyetothe

We really don’t know what to say about his tattoos because they don’t look that great. While the quality of the tattoo isn’t bad, it’s the placement and how big they are that don’t really make a ton of sense. We wish he would have put a bit more thought into the tattoos and where he wanted to get them because as of right now, it just seems a bit too much. These tattoos almost look like he’s trying to prove something; like he’s trying to prove he’s hardcore and not just a poser. Drake’s tattoos just look like he’s trying to fit in and be things that every R&B artist has to have a decent collection of ink to ever make it. Hopefully one day soon someone tells him that this isn’t the case and that he can just be himself. While we do respect that these tattoos were his choice, we just hope he starts making better choices in the future, because of right now he seems to be covered in bad choices!

1 Cara Delevingne: I Bet That Hurt!


Cara Delevingne probably has one of the most unique and interesting tattoos on this list. It seems so different and almost out of this world. Everything from how simple it is, to the placement, and of course those realistic eyes that just stare at you. Everything about it is almost creepy but we completely are in love with her ink because it really does seem to suit her personality. You probably know Cara Delevingne from her modeling career or even just from her crazy faces, but just like some of the other individuals on this list, Cara has never been one to care what people think about her. Not only does she have some crazy tattoos that really compliment her style and how different she is, she’s also buzzed off all her hair because she wants to make a statement. She wants to show people she's more than her typical model beauty. She’s unique and she has style. If that's really what she wanted to accomplish with all these changes, she sure did it!

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