15 Pics Of Celeb Proposals That Prove True Love Isn't Only In Movies

Whether they like to admit it or not, most girls have spent at least a little time imagining the moment when the love of their life asks for their hand in marriage. Some of us picture fireworks and a crowd of jealous onlookers, while others want a private place beneath the stars. Since money isn’t an issue in our imaginations, many of us also dream of Disney castles, diamonds big and shiny enough to command attention in a crowded room, 300-pound lobsters and horseback rides beneath private waterfalls. The fantasy differs from person to person, but the basics are the same: most of us want a meaningful proposal that we can’t help saying yes to.

Those dreams might never become reality for the majority of people (though proposals can be just as magical without all that stuff!), but for some celebrities, they’re as real as can be. Massive bank accounts and powerful connections allow celebs to pop the question in style, with all the charm and wonder that they desire.

Think the world’s most romantic and exciting locations, private concerts by the best musicians on the charts, audiences cheering and diamonds that really are to die for, and you’ll get an idea of how far some stars will go for true love.

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15 When Kanye Gave Kim a Diamond the Size of a Baseball


It’s Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: was their marriage proposal really ever going to be less than extravagant AF? Like everything else in the Kardashian world, this moment was captured by the E! cameras, so fans got to feel like they were right there with their favorite reality star and rapper while the magic was happening!

So what did Kanye organize for the love of his life? He took her to the Giants’ baseball stadium in San Francisco, where their family and friends were secretly hiding in the dark. There were roman candles burning and a 50-piece orchestra serenading them, and he told her, “I just want to know,” before presenting her with that super impressive ring. A 15-carat, Lorraine Schwartz ring, to be exact.

14 More than One Proposal for Mariah


Mariah Carey was lucky enough to get not one, but two proposals from Nick Cannon. And both of them were magical enough to make us melt! They’d only been dating a while and the world still had no idea by the time he first asked for her hand.

They were hanging out together on top of her apartment when Nick randomly popped the question. The most amazing part of this proposal was that he presented her with a ring inside a candy pop. And also, the fact that the ring was 17 carats is pretty magical too! A few days later, Nick “kidnapped” Mariah and swept her away on a helicopter ride, where he proposed a second time, just in case the first wasn’t good enough.

13 Desert Dreams for Eva Longoria


Location is one of the most important parts of a fairytale proposal. Eva Longoria knows this more than anyone, since she got the surprise of her life when José Antonio Bastón popped the big question in the middle of the Dubai desert.

Eva stated that it took her a while to get over the beauty and magic of the whole thing. According to the actress, he asked while they were surrounded by camels and falcons. After he presented her with a diamond-encrusted ruby ring, she couldn’t wait to tell everyone on Instagram. José had been planning the proposal for six months to make sure it was absolutely perfect, which meant more to Eva than a million rubies and diamonds could. And you thought true love didn’t exist!

12 Lady Gaga Won't Forget this Valentine's Day


The relationship between Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney may be over now, but that doesn’t mean we have to pretend that this amazing proposal never took place. Gaga has never been one for princess castles and helicopter rides; she’s just a real girl from New York, and Taylor knew that we he planned a proposal that would mean the world to her.

It was Valentine’s Day. It was Manhattan, and it was snowing. Those are three pretty amazing elements that would make any proposal difficult to say no to! Gaga is progressive and independent, but she still likes a bit of tradition every now and then, so it was a lovely added touch when he got down on one knee to ask the question with the heart-shaped ring he’d bought.

11 Not Hilary Swank's Average Hike


This should motivate you to get out there and do some exercise! Hilary Swank thought she was just going on a standard hike the day that she got engaged to Ruben Torres, and it ended up changing her life.

Fireworks, helicopters and glamorous locations might be what it takes to get some people to say yes, but others are much more impressed by proposals that are quiet, private and simple. We don’t know too many details from this moment between the actress and former pro-tennis player, only that it was totally unexpected for her, and she was given a magnificent ring that any girl would dream about. They were hiking, so it’s safe to assume that his question was backed by some pretty spectacular views!

10 Tori Spelling's Parisian Dream


Okay, so this amazing moment when Dean McDermott proposed to Tori Spelling actually took place ten years after the two were married; it’s not exactly your standard proposal! But it was a proposal, none the less, perhaps not of marriage but of continued love and commitment.

While on a family vacation with their four children, Dean got down on one knee in front of the Eiffel Tower and presented Tori with a new engagement ring, a decade after doing it the first time. The couple faced some challenges in the past, and this ring symbolizes their decision to move on from mistakes and pain and spend the rest of their lives together.

9 When Jesy Nelson Was Serenaded by Ed Sheeran


Little Mix star Jesy Nelson has split up with ex-fiancé Jake Roche, but his proposal still deserves a mention here. After all, he arranged for Jesy something that basically every girl would cut off her right arm for: a private show from Ed Sheeran.

Unfortunately, this really is something that most guys (or girls) wouldn’t even have a hope of organizing for their proposals. But Jake just happens to be a musician himself, and both he and Jesy had crossed paths with Ed before the proposal. While they were with their family and friends, Jake got down on one knee and gave Jesy the ring while Ed Sheeran appeared and sang “Tenerife Sea” just for them. Pretty magical stuff! We’re bummed this couple didn’t work out.

8 Julia Stiles' Ocean Holiday


There’s something especially wonderful about Christmas proposals. Everything is just more enchanting during the holidays! It was probably for this reason that camera assistant Preston J. Cook decided the silly season would be the best time to propose to the love of his life, Julia Stiles.

The couple were spending the holidays in Colombia, when Preston asked the question on Christmas Eve in Isla Grande. That’s quite a Christmas present! These two aren’t into tabloid culture and like to keep pretty quiet, so Julia announced the engagement quite simply on Instagram, using the caption “Best Christmas Ever!” to accompany to photo of her distinctive ring. Made of rose gold, this beauty is said to have cost $35,000 dollars. It’s going to be pretty hard for them to top this vacation in the future!



7 Dreams Come True for this E! Star


The engagement between E! News host Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro had to start off with a bang. Unlike many other couples in Hollywood, these two were dating for 19 years before they decided to tie the knot! Keven surprised Maria at work, just after she had given an interview to Howard Stern.

After gushing about her relationship with him on air, Maria was shocked when Keven came in and got real about how much he loved her. Though she repeatedly asked him if it was a joke, she knew he was serious when he presented her with a gorgeous ring. Her parents were waiting in the other room, and they were coincidentally celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary. Keven couldn’t have got it more right!

6 An Aca-Awesome Hawaiian Proposal


As long as everything goes to plan, vacation proposals are life-changing. Details of the engagement between Pitch Perfect stars Anna Camp and Skylar Astin have been kept pretty hushed, but many believe that the thrilling moment took place during a vacation in Hawaii.

The lovebirds posted matching photos on Instagram after it happened, with Skylar writing, “I asked. She said yes!!!” and Anna replying, “He asked. I said YES!!!!” Cuteness! These two didn’t get to have an on-screen romance in the film, but they did have plenty of fun behind the scenes. Anna told E! that the two were originally just friends, but she’s definitely happy now that she decided to accept a date with him. It just goes to show that you never know what can happen!

5 Real Life Fairytale for Corbin Bleu and Sasha Clements


You don’t have to be a Disney fan to dream about a proposal at Disneyland. When you’ve got an enchanting castle, the smell of cotton candy and charming background music, you’ve got the perfect location for a proposal to end all others! And the whole Disney theme is even more special when you rose to fame after starring on a Disney Channel movie!

High School Musical star Corbin Bleu went to every effort to make sure his proposal to Sasha Clements was exactly like a fairytale. They were at Walt Disney World in Florida, and he hid her engagement ring inside a glass slipper. He arranged for her to find it right before the theme park’s fireworks and illumination show began after sunset. Perfect!

4 A Public Proposal for Emma Slater


For some, the thought of being proposed to in front of an audience is nauseating. For others, it’s the stuff dreams are made of! After dancer Emma Slater was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, she and boyfriend Sasha Farber took a spin around the ballroom floor one more time. They waltzed to “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars, and then Sasha finished off on one knee.

“I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time. I love you so, so much,” he gushed. “Will you marry me?” Of course, Emma said yes, and later shared the moment on social media, calling it the best day of her life. We bet she didn’t care too much about being eliminated from the competition after that!

3 Luda Making Magic


With songs like “Pimpin’ All Over the World” under his belt, Ludacris doesn’t really seem like the romantic type. But as it turns out, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for fiancé Eudoxie Mbouguiengue, including preparing a breathtaking proposal. “You gotta be creative, you gotta be different. And these things stick with women for the rest of their lives so I had to go above and beyond,” he told Ellen DeGeneres.

Ludacris wasn’t kidding when he spoke about going “above and beyond” for his love! He had “Will you marry me?” written in giant letters on the grass in Costa Rica and then surprised Eudoxie by flying over it in a private plane. It seems like this will definitely stick with her for the rest of her life!

2 Rochelle Humes and Her Diamond in Antigua


Though some like the idea of being proposed to in a desert in the Middle East, most couples tend to get engaged in tropical settings. With the blazing sun, cool water, stunning views and excess of coconuts, the tropics are practically asking for people to propose there! Marvin Humes couldn’t deny the appeal of the West Indies, and so proposed to girlfriend Rochelle in Antigua.

The couple were holidaying on New Years’ Eve when Marvin presented the singer from The Saturdays with a heart-shaped ring. Bought from London jeweler Boodles, the ring is said to have cost Marvin a casual £45,500! “Its official Marvin proposed 2me 2day,wanted 2 tell u b4 some1 else did! SO excited 2 b Mrs Humes. x,” Rochelle wrote on Instagram after sharing a post of the two toasting away in the tropics.

1 A Passionate Proposal for this Dancer


Sasha wasn’t the only Dancing with the Stars pro to pop the question on stage in front of an audience; Maksim Chmerkovskiy did too, much to the delight of his then-girlfriend Peta Murgatroyd.

During a performance of the pair’s show Sway, which was taking place in Miami, Maksim stopped the choreography and got down on one knee. “I’m in love with you, and I will be in love with you for the rest of my life,” he said. Of course, Peta couldn’t help but accept his request, and has said that she will cherish the romantic way he went about it for the rest of her life. The moment was then shared on Instagram, for even more fans to enjoy (and let’s face it, envy!).

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