15 Pics Of Celeb Couples (And What Their Body Language Actually Reveals)

As fans, there’s nothing we want more than to see our favorite celebrities fall in love. We root for their relationships like we do our own, and are devastated (on a worryingly personal level!) when our fave couples call it quits. So seeing visual evidence of these relationships makes us incredibly excited; we’ve always got time for a loved-up snap!

The truth is we’ll never really know what’s going on behind the scenes for these couples, since we aren’t seeing anything first-hand. But photos can give us a pretty good idea of the state of the relationship, even (especially) if they are staged! Reps may confirm or deny all they like about famous couples, but we’re more inclined to believe what the pictures show. After all, don’t pictures speak one thousand words?

After studying photos of the following 15 couples, body language experts have weighed in to hypothesize about their relationships. A lot of them really do seem to be living out their own fairytale romances, while for others, it could all be one big act.

How does your favorite couple measure up when it comes to body language? Is the love just seeping out of them, or are things just a little bit too icy? Read on to find out!

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15 Beyoncé And Jay-Z Might Not Be As Crazy In Love As They May Seem


For a long time, Beyoncé and Jay-Z were everybody’s couple goals. They’re both successful and powerful and seemed to be perfect matches for one another. But the illusion crumbled to dust after years of rumors, questionable elevator footage and one very honest album took their toll. From what we understand, Jay-Z cheated on Beyoncé, but the two have worked through their problems and are standing strong as a couple.

This picture, taken before their problems went public, reveals some of the unhappiness surrounding them. Though they are kissing, their embrace is stiff and awkward. Jay’s face makes it seem like he’s in the middle of a shift at work rather than with the love of his life, and Bey’s smiling at the camera gives a very strong vibe that this is nothing but a P.R. stunt.

14 Loved-Up Meghan Might Be More Suited To Royal Life Than Harry Himself


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the couple of the moment. Having recently announced their highly anticipated engagement, they’re all the world is talking about right now (not that we’re complaining!). The opportunities to see them together have been limited so far, but the snaps that came from their first official photo call might tell us quite a bit about things between them.

All the photos show them standing close together and smiling genuinely from their eyes, and body language expert Judi James told MailOnline that the couple seems totally in love. Subtle details, like Meghan’s hand over Harry’s, and Harry’s fiddling with his jacket and his pockets could show that Meghan is actually the one taking the lead, while he struggles with nerves. Most people would be nervous in that situation, and Harry’s anxiety in particular could show that he really hopes the world is accepting of his new love.


13 Selena And Justin Are Talking Again, And Falling Back In Love


It hasn’t exactly been clear sailing for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, who first got together when they were still kids. Since then, they’ve broken up, had passive-aggressive Instagram beef, bagged each other on talk shows, and even moved on to date other A-list stars to get over one another. But it looks like all that time apart has left them with a longing for one another, because recent pictures show the couple could be falling back in love.

Selena publicly ended her relationship with The Weeknd not too long ago, but she and the Biebs already seem to be naturally gravitating back toward each other. These snaps taken in Beverly Hills show the stars in a tight hug, and give a sense of strong friendship and longing. The way Selena snuggles into his neck shows that she might have really been missing him, and has no reservations about getting close to him again.

12 Katie Holmes Seems Much Happier With Jamie Than She Did With Tom


Just as her public dating ban has come to an end, Katie Holmes has stepped out with new beau Jamie Foxx. Her relationship with Tom Cruise was essentially a public affair from start to finish, so we can understand why Katie would want to keep this one a bit more private! We don’t have nearly as many photos of these two as we did of her and Tom in the early days, but we don’t think we need them.

Already, Katie seems much happier and more comfortable than she did with Mr. Cruise. Mind you, she is older, wiser and more experienced now. But still, her posture is more relaxed in the photo with Jamie, and she allows him to hold all of her hand. With Tom, she’s noticeably less comfortable, is just grasping onto the tips of his fingers, and gives the impression that she doesn’t really want to be there.


11 Zayn And Gigi Might Not Be On The Same Page, Even Though They're In Love Now


We have been supporting Zigi, aka former One Direction star Zayn Malik and supermodel Gigi Hadid, since they first got together. Gigi loves to gush about Zayn in interviews, and the two have had plenty of steamy pictures together, candid and posed. But do the body language experts think they’ll last?

Well, judging from this picture, probably not. Though they do seem in love, Judi believes that their individual body language signifies that they’re too different. With his head low, a glum frown and his rush to walk ahead, Zayn seems like he is lacking in confidence and has a desire to hide from all the attention. Gigi, on the other hand, seems confident with her head up, her smile which could be making up for his frown and her two-handed grasp on his arm, which shows ownership. In short, their feelings seem genuine, but their differences could tear them apart. We hope not!

10 Victoria Adores David, And Probably Calls The Shots


There have been quite a few shots of Britain’s other royal family, the Beckhams, over the years. With one of the longest marriages (by Hollywood standards!) in the game, David and Victoria have been under much speculation as to how they keep their relationship strong, and whether it is just a business thing, rather than a love thing.

Although there have been many photos of these two, their poses are always very similar. They both stare directly into the camera, with David often facing it and Victoria often facing him. More often than not, her hand is clasped either around the back of his neck or his shoulder. This dominant hand movement could well show that not only does she adore him and wants the women of the world to know that she’ll never give him up, but that she might hold the power in the relationship.

9 The Bond Is Deep Between The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge


And now to Britain’s first royal couple! Obviously, Wills and Kate get much more P.R. training than other famous couples, so their interactions can often be more difficult to interpret. Not only that, but royal protocol usually forbids them from showing too much affection during public engagements, so we have to really analyze the few images that we do have of them being affectionate.

More than anything, this photo signifies that the love between these two is real and deep. Just compare them with photos of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, who had a very unhappy marriage, and you’ll see what we mean! They’re having a private moment talking to each other when there’s so many other people there to talk to, maintaining eye contact and leaning in to each other. Kate especially reinforces her feelings with her hand on his knee.

8 It's The Real Deal For Kimye, Not A 72-Day Thing


Body language experts have debated over what the interactions between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West could mean about their relationship. After all, this is one of the most talked-about unions in Hollywood, and with Kim’s history of short-lived marriages and a strong dedication to her family’s TV show, many have wondered whether this marriage is just another stunt.

Most photos seem to show that this is the real thing! In this particular shot, their smiles appear to be genuine as they come from the eyes, and they’re subtly leaning toward each other even as they sit down. Their hands are all over each other, with Kanye’s arm resting right across Kim’s knee almost indicating that he’s proud to call her his and wants the world to know it. Cute!

7 Pippa And James Are In A Happy Place Together


You might have guessed that Kate’s sister Pippa and James Matthews are in a good place, since they tied the knot earlier this year! This photo taken before they said I do confirms the strength of their relationship, according to Judi James.

The position of their legs shows that they’re both relaxed, even though he’s doing a bit of an alpha splay. Her legs are crossed away from his, meaning that their torsos are closer, and this is something that couples do when they feel comfortable together. Their heads are turned to the same angle, suggesting a love match and an intellectual match, and they are smiling naturally in response to each other. While her mouth shows that she’s happy and relaxed in his presence, his shows that he admires her and wants to keep her smiling back at him.

6 Liam's Happy, But The Power Lies In Cheryl's Hands


Zayn isn’t the only 1D heartthrob to make it onto our list! His ex-bandmate Liam Payne and partner Cheryl have been one of Hollywood’s most surprising couples, considering they met when Liam was just a kid auditioning for The X Factor, and she was a TV judge. They’ve come a long way since then, though, and now even have a son together!

This photo suggests that Cheryl is the independent one in the relationship, posing confidently rather than retreating into him for a cuddle. Her pose seems a little rehearsed, which is probably because she’s a seasoned A-lister, but Judi believes that Liam looks less comfortable; his face shows that he’s just doing what he’s been told. Cheryl’s stare into the camera could indicate she loves being in charge and in control, whereas Liam’s lowered chin might reveal a hint of submission. His grin does show that he’s still having fun though!

5 It's Intense Passion For Will And Jada


The Smiths are another couple that seems to have made it through Hollywood’s challenges. Will and Jada (and their clan) are more royalty in the business, and these two hot parents are thought to be another prime example of couple goals. Their relationship has also faced scrutiny and rumors, but from what we can tell, they’re still going strong.

It’s clear from all their photos that both Will and Jada are pros when it comes to red carpets. Neither one ever looks uncomfortable or shy in front of the camera. In this particular image, their torsos are angled towards each other, with Jada’s more so, which indicates a desire on both their parts to be as close as possible. Both staring confidently into the camera, they seem like they’re totally on the same page with regards to their public image, and are so in love that they can’t keep their hands off each other!

4 Neck-Touching Means Genuine Love For Justin And Jessica


Okay, so intense kissing in public isn’t usually Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s style. But on this particular occasion, they happened to get caught on Kiss Cam at the basketball, so you can’t blame them for the PDA! And as we’ve already seen from some entries on this list, kissing definitely doesn’t guarantee that a relationship is happy.

But this kiss sure does look like a happy one! Obviously they are playing it up considering thousands of eyes are on them and they’re having a bit of a joke, but their hands still give away their true feelings. Touching somebody’s neck is seriously intimate, and you usually don’t do this (especially in public) unless you’re super comfortable and in deep love with your partner. Since Justin and Jessica are all over each other’s necks, it’s pretty clear that the love between them is strong and authentic.

3 Carrie Bradshaw Might Have Searched For Love, But Sarah Jessica Parker Has Found The Real Thing


Carrie Bradshaw was TV’s top example of a girl on the hunt for good old-fashioned love. She eventually found it in the end with Mr. Big (though he gave her some strife after their happy ending!), but it looks Sarah Jessica Parker’s real-life experience is more of a fairytale than the one she has on TV. She and Matthew Broderick have been married for 20 years and in every photo that surfaces of this legendary couple, they look happier than ever.

Like in this picture, they typically pose quite close together on red carpets. SJP especially leans in to be as close to him as possible, and to let the world know that they are a packaged deal. Her hand on his stomach might indicate a sense of dominance, bit his hand is also firmly on her waist, making it likely that they do see each other as equals.

2 Tom Hanks' Marriage Is Based On Partnership And Equality


Speaking of seeing each other as equals! If anybody can do marriage in Hollywood, it’s Tom Hanks. This seasoned movie star married the love of his life, Rita Wilson, in 1988, meaning they’ll be celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2018. That’s some serious effort when you’re as famous as Tom Hanks! Most people are aware that this marriage is the real deal, but how do they keep it so strong?

Judging from this picture, they have a true partnership going on. Everything they do mimics the other, so there’s no sense of one person trying to outdo anybody else. Their expressions are the same, they’re focused on the same point, and even their hands are imitating each other, probably without realizing. As they stand so close together, it’s clear that they are partners and real equals.

1 Nicole And Keith Are A Unit; They Both Have A Role


There is a common theme in pictures of Australia’s favorite couple, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. This pair are always full of laughter, and always look like they’re in a happy place, having a good time together. Looking at their postures and hand movements, it appears that they work as a unit, and they both fill their roles.

Nicole’s hand is often placed firmly on Keith’s back, neck or shoulder. This indicates that she may be the dominant one in the relationship, and also that she is there to offer her support for him. This may have eventuated from Keith’s time in rehab, where he would have craved his wife’s encouragement. Nicole is also known to crouch down so she doesn’t appear taller than him, which could be her way of not wanting to overshadow him or appear too dominant.

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