15 Pics Of Blac Chyna That Destroy Every Baby Mama's Reputation

Blac Chyna is a goddess, regardless of what we mere mortals see in the tabloids and papers. She’s a crazy good entrepreneur and has a smart head on her shoulders. Beginning as a night dancer, she’s worked her way up in terms of wealth and having people recognize her. She’s got everything from cosmetics lines to lyrics written about her. She’s been a staple in the media scene ever since she bursted into it, and that doesn’t look like it’s letting up soon… Especially with the most recent scandal.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have had their ups and downs. The relationship seemed like a good one at the start, with Chyna helping to inspire Rob to get his act together. The queen bee built a lovely, homey nest with Rob, bringing a child into the world with him and almost immediately slimming back down to her regular, superstardom size-self. The woman just doesn’t rest! However, it’s undeniable that there’s some controversy surrounding their split. Some people even seem to think that she’s wrecking baby mamma reputations everywhere based on her recent actions. What do you think? We’ve gathered (mostly) impartial evidence, and are leaving it up to you to judge.

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15 She's Already Moving On To A New Man

If you’ve kept up with Blac Chyna at all, you know that this shot is actually a little older than the recent, final split between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Not only have the two of them ceased fighting on Instagram, it seems like Rob is starting to move on. At least, let’s hope so. In the meantime, Chyna had been spotted hanging around with Mechie, a rapper who was so head over heels for her it’s rumoured he tattooed her initials onto his body. They’re no longer an item as far as we know, as he ended up not being able to keep his sweet nothings whispered into Chyna’s ear only. We might have considered him a rebound, if it hadn’t been for the fact…

14 Or Maybe 2 New Men?!

… That now she’s dating yet another boy! She and Playboi Carti have been spotted sending snaps. Chyna has certainly moved on quick from both the bad summer fling and her poorly-ended relationship with Rob. This picture features hearts, a subtle smirk, and definitely raise some red flags about this being another new relationship. These are true snapchat shots of Chyna and Playboi Carti getting cozy and close on a ride around, goofing off and basically being happy, normal people. Is this a hint that Chyna has officially put her Kardashian life behind her? Or is it just another work-based obligation? We’ve heard that he cast her as the love interest in his newest music video! That definitely could be a hint at their relationship status being more than just work buddies.

13 AND She's Flaunting All Her New Tattoos

One of the most scandalous things to come out of the Rob/Blac break is the fact that Blac Chyna seems to hold no regrets about leaving. She might have good reason as well, if the domestic violence allegations are true. We’re not here to say whether or not they are, or whether or not the Kardashians were justified in tossing the restraining order to the side. Unfortunately, it’s sending a bad sign to the world that one of the most influential families is ignoring a domestic violence restraining order. However, there’s some fishy things happening on Chyna’s side too. She went and got some new tattoos in the midst of all this courtroom stuff. You’d think that someone who’s so worried about the violence would want to focus on dealing with it.

12 Some Of Her Outfits Are More Flattering Than Others...

Outside of the relationship issues, Blac Chyna is sending a lot of signals to the world about how to best present yourself. She’s a fashion icon, dressing to the nines no matter where she’s heading. At least, that’s what we thought before seeing this photo. The shot is surprisingly unflattering, with too much emphasis on those jean shorts. While we hope that all the baby mammas out there are focusing on Blac Chyna’s coolness and directness, this shot makes us think that maybe they should look to someone else for the fashion advice. The jean shorts don’t fit well, and that yellow is basically washing her out. A little brighter, and maybe a little looser on the jeans fit would have changed the whole thing… But no! Definitely find a different casual fashion icon, baby mammas of the world.

11 She's Not Giving Up the Body-Con, Even When Pregnant

Not only would we not have the confidence to wear a dress like that in our regular lives, we can’t imagine the guts it takes to put that on when you’re pregnant. Body con is best reserved for those “I’m super hot and attractive and nothing can stop me” days, rather than the “I’m carrying another human inside me” days. It’s a flattering colour, but the collar and the large slit up the front send a very different message than is maybe wanted. Especially when she’s 7 months pregnant! The dress definitely screams clubbing rather than pre-natal. Baby mammas, take note: If you’re dressing like you’re heading to a party, you might get some strange looks from the people that notice your big ol’ belly. But hey, if you’ve got the confidence to wear it, definitely go for it.

10 She's Working Hard In Minaj's Menagerie

After the baby weight came off Blac Chyna went right back to being the hardworking woman we know and love. She’s cashed in on her just-like-new incredible body, and has given herself a good amount of time to rebuild any of those modelling gigs she might have lost out on by being pregnant. She’s got a lot stamina, which is shown by her immediately booking some acting work with Nicki Minaj after the revealing photos scandal the Rob Kardashian put her through. It’s not like he posted them by accident; he knew what he was doing. Blac Chyna was upset, but we can’t help but think that maybe the scandal helped put her name back on the map. Any publicity is good publicity, right? Especially since the music video was filmed (and released) not too far after.

9 Do You Think They're Going To Go For Kid Number 3?

We know that this photo of Chyna and Mechie is a bit of a lie, since they didn’t end up working out. There’s a larger question at play here though. Once upon a time Blac Chyna was with Tyga. Does anyone remember when that was a thing? She and Tyga had a kid together, as did she and Rob. Those have been her two serious relationships in the public eye so far. Do you think she’d go for a third kid with someone else? We’re honestly not sure. Twice is not enough to classify something as a pattern, but it might be enough to raise a red flag when we see her latching hands and sending snapchats with a new boy. Playboi Carti and Blac Chyna definitely sounds good together… But maybe not good enough yet to have a baby.

8 She's Got Her Hands Full, Despite The Two Kids

What… What is going on here? We’re not sure anyone is enjoying what’s happening, and it’s a weird power play on Chyna’s part to be fondling those beautiful women. Not to mention how tiny she looks! It’s hard to remember when she was this slim and trim because of all the baby photos bouncing around now. Chyna’s always been gorgeous though, and we believe that she’s just going to get better and better as time goes on and her looks get more and more refined. In this shot she’s definitely representing the party side of her personality, chilling in a t-shirt and leather pants. Casual, fun, but sending much too much of a wild message for her baby mamma persona. Just imagine this shot in a family photo album!

7 Being Involved In Her Community Sounds Sweet On Paper...

…But sometimes it feels like just an excuse to flaunt what she’s got. This photo came from a fun night she and Amber Rose had when they went to an art exhibit put on by somebody’s friend. While it sounds awesome that two superstars such as these beauties are supporting the arts scene, it feels a little like a publicity opportunity for Blac Chyna. She dressed bigger and better than some of the art on the wall, showing off her figure and making every single person in that room jealous. We would love to be able to pull off an outfit like this, but it doesn’t seem like an option for any mortals like us. While she looks great, it’s not at all what we’d expect a baby mamma to be wearing out and about at some casual gatherings of art lovers and friends.

6 Her Children Seem Like Her Last Priority

Maybe not her last priority, but definitely not the same level of priority as something like her upcoming music video and rap career. She is a consummate entrepreneur, which leads her to make choices like giving more interviews about her career than her family. We can’t really blame her though, as she could just be trying to protect her kids from that evil influence fame can have on young, innocent minds. There would be nothing worse than having the paparazzi go after her’s and Tyga’s son, pictured here with Blac Chyna. Hopefully Dream is given the same treatment, with her innocent little brain being protected until she’s old enough to understand. It’s hard to look past it now though, considering the fact we rarely see pictures of her with the kids.

5 Best Buds, Or Budding Beaus? Who Knows, With Rob Out Of The Picture

Just kidding. You’ve probably heard about the bromance of Blac Chyna and Amber Rose, and we low-key love it. Those two ladies are power houses, and are well matched. Amber Rose has been outspoken about rights and fighting for equality, as well as doing as much as she can to further her personal career and choices. Blac Chyna is in the same boat as her, with passion solely for creating the life that she wants to be leading. There is something to be said about their closeness, though. If it was any other pair we’d assume that things were getting hot and heavy between them. However, we know they’re just friends. It’s a little confusing though, sending the mixed signals… Especially when Blac Chyna is now a baby mamma two times over!

4 Red Lace Is The Perfect Post-Birth Outfit

We love the fact that Blac Chyna has got such a overflowing amount of confidence and positivity, and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that she’s got a line of extreme lingerie or body con dresses in the works. She’s so outgoing, and this is another one of those outfits that really highlights just why that’s true. While she’s got some ridiculous photos out there on the internet, this is one of the ones that’s going to give her a lot of grief now that she’s got two babies under her belt. Imagine looking that good once and then having to re-achieve it again! While we don’t doubt she can do it, we do doubt that she’ll want this red lace number as her top post-birth outfit choice.

3 New Moms And Felons Are Always A Good Mix

Jeremy Meeks, for those that don’t know, was a felon/prisoner who was turned into a model seemingly solely because his mugshot was hot. Whether there’s more to the story or not is up in the air. We don’t know whether or not he’d been trying to get a modelling career going before this happened or if it was just a fluke that he booked a couple gigs, but either way he’s now rubbing elbows with Blac Chyna. This photo is a little scary to look at, just because we can’t imagine ever getting that close to a felon. Chyna is certainly making the best of it, and maybe it was a good teaching opportunity for her kids… People change, and it’s not our job to judge them regardless of what happened in their past.

2 She Can't Seem To Stop Flirting... With Everyone

There’s nothing wrong with some harmless flirting, but it’s definitely a tough thing to do with a baby on your arm. Blac Chyna has made a commodity of her attention and love, and we applaud her for that. It’s a great use of power, and gives her a huge amount of respect and safety in her life. Her fans are loyal, people love her, and she’s not only got job offers flying at her but she’s also able to use her connections to bolster her own opportunities and ideas. It’s incredible to watch her charm everyone. She has this magic aura around her than draws people in. While we don’t suggest all baby mammas do the “Flirt for work” approach to life, it certainly works for this baby mamma. Just don’t think that all of them are this straightforward with their love.

1 If Only This Was Our Version Of Working Hard Too!

Whether you love her or hate her, Blac Chyna is the queen of all baby mammas. She’s the quintessential success story, carving her own path and making a name for herself amidst the noise of judgment, insecurity, and expectations. We personally are Blac Chyna fans, despite some of the eyebrow-raising choices she might make sometimes. We respect her hustle, and aren’t afraid to hear her tell it like it is. Not to mention the fact that she totally makes the best of everything: opportunities, outfits, and her incredible wig collection. She might not be the best example of a perfect baby mamma, but she’s an undeniable icon when it comes right down to it. Plus, we’re so jealous of her work. We want to make a living posing poolside too!

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