15 Pics Of Ben Affleck That Will Make His Kids Be Ashamed Of Him

Once upon a time, in a not too distant past, Ben Affleck was one of the most respected named in Hollywood. He started his career young, as a child actor in the 1984 educational show  The Voyage of The Mimi. He then became a staple in several Kevin Smith films, and gained notoriety in the Academy Award winning gem Good Will Hunting. At 25, he had proven to the world that he could compete with the big names in Hollywood, delivering Oscar-worthy performances on the regular. His career high slowed down towards the early 2000's, when a few flops (namely, Gigli) proved that  he wasn't consistently landing great roles.

In 2005, Ben married Jennifer Garner, and the pair settled into a seemingly happy domestic life. The pair have three children together, and over the years, trouble began to brew in paradise. Ben, having issues with alcohol and gambling dependence, was burning the candle from both sides for close to a decade. Jennifer had finally had enough, and called it quits in 2015. Although the pair did try to reconcile for the sake of their family, the damage proved to be irreversible and they filed for divorce in 2017.

Over the years, Ben has descended into a dark mess of a life. From a hugely successful and respectable actor, to a man who let his wife and children down over and over again. Sadly, his downward spiral has been documented very publicly. Here are the 15 Pics Of Ben Affleck That Will Make His Kids Be Ashamed Of Him


15 After 10 Years, Jennifer Garner Called It Quits

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When Jennifer Garner started dating Ben Affleck in 2004, he had recently split from Jennifer Lopez, calling off a wedding that was planned for 2003. Jennifer and Ben quickly became Hollywood's newest "it" couple, being photographed by paparazzi and plastering gossip magazines regularly. They didn't wait long before getting married, tying the knot in a private Turks and Caicos ceremony in 2005. Although they were very much in love, Ben's drinking, gambling and drug use quickly proved to be more than bad habits. In 2015, after many "last chances" Jennifer finally called it quits, for good. They officially separated and began the process of divorcing. Rumours have been circulating that Jennifer is now dating steamy actor Chris Pine, and Ben is dating television producer Lindsay Shookus.

14 His Three Children Will Grow Up And See All The Messed Up Things He's Done


Ben and Jennifer have three children together, daughters Violet,12, Seraphina, 8, and son Sam, 5. Despite having a loving family and children that need his love and presence, Ben has regularly put his own selfish needs first. Clubbing, partying and going out until all hours of the early morning have been his natural patterns for years. With three children and a wife at home, the party boy image was no  longer cute, and it's no wonder that Jennifer finally got tired of his antics and gave him the boot. During their marriage, Ben sought treatment in various rehab facilities, but sadly, he seemed to always relapse and fall back into his harmful patterns. Addiction is no laughing matter, but it's understandable that Jennifer couldn't continue to live her life with this huge obstacle.

13 Jennifer Has Supported His Sobriety Journey Throughout The Years

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Over the years, Jennifer Garner has been a huge support system to her partner in parenting, Ben Affleck. Even if they are no longer romantically linked, she continues to support his efforts to get clean and sober. Just recently, Affleck has been at the center of allegations of inappropriate behaviour, causing him to fall back into unhealthy habits. His downward spiral has forced him to face unpleasant truths: until he gets this problem under control, for good, he will never be able to provide guidance and support to his growing children. Not to mention, his career is one misstep away from a total flop. If he doesn't get his act together now, he risks any future roles that might bring his career back to what it once was. Jennifer Garner and Ben's brother, Casey, are allegedly doing all that they can to support his recovery efforts.

12 His New Girlfriend Might Not Be The Greatest Influence

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By now, it's been made Facebook official that Ben Affleck has moved on to a new girlfriend. SNL writer Lindsay Shookus is that girl, and the pair have quite the history. Back in 2013, long before Ben and Jen were officially over, Ben was spotted spending time with Lindsay. She was married at the time, too, to SNL producer Kevin Miller, whom she divorced in 2014. Apparently, Jen confronted Lindsay while on a business trip to NYC in 2015, an altercation that was said to be one of the "final straws" in her relationship with Ben. Not only did this pair meet under dishonest circumstances, Lindsay also did a lot of partying with Ben, making her an accomplice to his addictive habits. It seems that she has since cleaned up her act, and is doing her best to be supportive while Ben goes through treatment. Time will tell if this time its for good!

11 He Went On Live TV Drunk

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In summer 2016, Ben Affleck went on a majorly embarrassing drunk rant while being interviewed on late night program (and seasons premiere, no less!) of Bill Simmon's Any Given Wednesday. The show was allegedly taped at 11AM, raising even more attention to Affleck's inappropriate behaviour. While discussing the HBO show Deflategate, Affleck went off on a football tangent that involved dozens (if not, hundreds) of flying f-bombs. He barely let the host, Bill Simmons get one word in over his heated sports banter. According to Affleck's rep, he was sober at the time and is just an avid football fan who got worked up talking about his favorite sport. A quick view of the video might have you doubting that, but OK! If they say so! Definitely not Ben's proudest moment.

10 He Falls Off The Wagon Easily

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One thing that all addicts have in common? They need to use super vigilance when in the face of substances. Some people get a good hold on this quite early in recovery, but for others, extra attention must be focused during outings. The Hollywood scene has no shortage of drugs and alcohol, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to stay clean and sober, either! Many stars have adapted their lifestyle choices to the Hollywood atmosphere. Unfortunately, Ben Affleck seems to struggle in this area. His on-again, off-again sobriety seems to be tested at big events, like awards shows. This year's Sundance Film Festival resulted in him partying a little too hard. By the time the Oscars rolled around, Ben had learnt a thing or two about his habits. He brought his sober coach with him to the ceremony to make sure he didn't stumble off the 'ol wagon again. That's a responsible step up!

9 He's Wasted A Lot Of Money Gambling

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Sadly, Ben Affleck has more than one vice. This is super common amongst people with addictive personalities, they tend to latch on to several unhealthy habits. In Ben's case, those would be drinking, smoking cigarettes and gambling. Back in 2014, he opened up to Entertainment Tonight when rumours began to circulate that he had been banned from the blackjack tables at some reputable Las Vegas casinos. While Ben confirmed that the rumours were true, he downplayed the reasons behind the ban. According to his defense, he was only banned because he was such a good player, which the casinos felt was threatening. Other reports state that he was banned for being too drunk while playing, not respecting casino rules and being arrogant and hot-headed. It's probably best if Ben skips the casino going forward.


8 He Acted Inappropriately With Hilarie Burton

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Ben Affleck just can't seem to keep himself out of trouble. Whether it's drinking and making a fool of himself, destroying his marriage or tanking his career, the guy just can't find a good, healthy balance. So, sadly, it didn't come as a shock when Hilarie Burton came forward with accusations that Ben had groped her back in 2003 on an episode of MTV's TRL, while she was hosting the program. Burton came forward after Ben issued a statement about Harvey Weinstein, who has recently been at the center of dozens of misconduct allegations. Affleck stated that he was horrified by Weinstein's actions, and condemned this type of treatment. Well, he might've spoken too quickly, because Burton was quick to remind him of his inappropriate behavior in 2003. He has since issued a public apology to her.

7 He Broke J-Lo's Heart

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer's Lopez might've ended over a decade ago, but the scars of their botched romance are still very real. Jennifer has stated that her split from Ben in 2004 was her first experience with real heartbreak. She would marry Marc Anthony just 6 months later, and admitted that she fell into a marriage with her ex so quickly because she was hurting so badly. She even compared her need for companionship and love as the same type of addiction that Ben has with alcohol and gambling. So what went wrong with the once-most-famous couple in the world? The problems were a combination of things. Ben, for one, didn't deal well with the constant media attention and paparazzi craze that their relationship was subject to. Jennifer added that she is often attracted to the passion of love, and doesn't think about the practicalities of future stability. Sadly, she knew that Ben couldn't provide her with the life she wanted, so she called it quits.

6 His Brother Also Has A Bad Reputation

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It seems that trouble just runs in the Affleck family. Ben's younger brother, Casey, has also had his share of scandal in the past couple of years. In 2010, several women came forward to allege that Casey had behaved inappropriately while filming I'm Still Here. He was sued for several millions of dollars by two co-stars, who claimed that he had exposed himself and been suggestive during the filming. Casey has stated that he got sober in 2014, and hasn't touched a drink since. The boys' father had a very serious drinking problem, and their grandmother was also an alcoholic, so it's clear that this penchant for booze runs in the family. Sobering up was definitely a good step in the right direction for Casey. Hopefully Ben can take some tips from his little brother and follow suit.

5 He Went A Little Crazy With The 'Facial Alterations'

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In December 2015, a newly shaved Ben Affleck was photographed looking visibly less wrinkled and almost wax-like.  Celebrity plastic surgeons agreed that Ben definitely looked like he had had several procedures done. Not only is it possible that he got a mini facelift, he has definitely injected his cheeks, forehead and chin with quite a large dose of Botox. His overly alert face made him look like he had downed a dozen cups of coffee and had a permanent Joker style face. Not what a man who played Batman wants to hear! Since the obvious transition in 2015, he seems to have relaxed with the treatments. As Botox is not permanent, his face has somewhat gone back to his pre-procedure state. The beard also helps cover up any ridiculously smooth and not age appropriate skin he might still have!

4 Did Gigli Ruin Him?

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Ben Affleck's career hit its peak when he was a mid-20's something. His performance in Academy Award winning masterpiece Good Will Hunting, in 1997, exposed him as an actor with talent, range and passion. Sadly, he followed up with some pretty epic fails, some of which still haunt him today. Some would say that his role in 2003's Gigli was the end of his acting career. The film was a total flop at the box office, bringing in less than $8 million dollars, not even enough to cover the production costs of $75 million. He did meet Jennifer Lopez on set, which was, at the time, a good thing for his personal life. Many actors and critics claimed that he was never taken seriously in Hollywood after this performance, even if some of his subsequent films were quite good.

3 He's Cheated Many Times

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Another reason that Ben Affleck is not that likable? He constantly cheats on his partners, including his wife of almost 19 years, Jennifer Garner. We want to like Ben, but he keeps doing things that are just so unforgivable! He was linked to current girlfriend Lindsay Shookus before he broke things off with Jennifer Garner, but that was not the first time he was unfaithful within his marriage. Shortly after the pair split, Jennifer confirmed that Ben had had an affair with their nanny, Christine. Jen continued to say that his actions were the result of "terrible judgement" but that they were not the main factor for their split. Seems like Jen was pretty patient with Ben over the years, and the fact that she still supports him is a nice sign that she really cares. He still could've treated her better, though!

2 He Smokes A Ton


Another thing that's not great to do around your children? Smoke a ton of cigarettes! Ben seems to have a pretty nasty habit when it comes to smoking. Over the years, dozens of photos have been snapped of him standing around, puffing on a Camel, looking pretty down and out. It's as if Ben has a fixation with all things that are harmful. His smoking has been a big part of his life, for ages. Even when he does manage to get sober for months at a time, he still holds on to his nicotine addiction as a crutch. Cutting out alcohol and tobacco at the same time might be hard, but it would probably be the best option for our Ben. Give your body a break and let it heal, before it's too late! And, teach your children that smoking isn't cool at the same time!

1 Everyone Loves Matt Damon More

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Back when Good Will Hunting came out, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were kind of on the same level. Two ridiculously good-looking and massively talented young men in their career prime. Sadly, when Ben Affleck fell from grace, everyone jumped on the Matt Damon bandwagon. He quickly became the fan favorite, even though the two pals remain super close. The good news is that Ben seems to have a good sense of humour about his descent into Hollywood's black book, and can still laugh about some of his bad acting choices. As for Matt, he went on to excel in all of the Jason Bourne movies, and received an Oscar nomination for his production, Manchester By The Sea (which also had an amazing performance by Casey Affleck).

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