15 Pics Of Amber Heard

Amber Heard is one of the most beautiful and interesting young actresses in Hollywood. She started becoming well-known after starring in the movies The Pineapple Express and Never Back Down in 2008, and since then she's been in Magic Mike and The Rum Diary. This past year, she was in Justice League and will be in the highly anticipated movie Aquaman this year.

The 31-year-old actress was born in Austin and before she got her start in film, she was in The CW teen drama, Hidden Palms. It didn't last for very long but her role as the beautiful and cool girl is one that she definitely seems to play in pretty much every movie that she is cast in. That's just who she is. She's recently been in the news for her dramatic and unhealthy relationship with Johnny Depp. If you never heard of her before she made headlines for that situation, you definitely knew her name after that. And if that was the case, then you should definitely start watching her movies because she's really talented.

We rounded up the best photos of Amber Heard because she's so beautiful that everyone needs to know it. Johnny Depp really doesn't want you ogling at these images, cause they probably remind him of what he lost! Read on to check out 15 steamy pictures of the actress!

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15 Cover Girl

In December 2015, Amber Heard was on the cover of Marie Claire, and this is the gorgeous photo that graced that magazine cover.

When she was interviewed for the cover story, she shared a lot about her childhood and background. She talked about growing up knowing that she would have to work hard because that's just what you do in order to find success. She said, "You respect what it takes to earn it [money], and it also gives you a certain resilience, because it minimizes this false notion that that's what matters. I know that to not be true, and I know I'm fine without it. That's why maybe I'm so independent. I never expect anyone to give me anything—the notion of someone supporting me would be absurd to me."

14 Wildest Dreams

Doesn't Amber kind of look like Taylor Swift in this photo?! Both girls are so cool and so gorgeous, so it's really the best compliment ever.

But Amber is a true beauty in own right. She appeared on the cover of GQ Australia and that's what this photo is. As the magazine's website states, they're pretty big fans of the actress: "Brave and beautiful, Amber Heard has been a fearless advocate of women's rights, helping to redefine feminism in a modern age." The statement c, An advocate for women's equality, Heard has cemented herself as a role model to young men and women and not surprisingly, is our GQ Woman of the Year."

13 Pretty In Plaid

Amber's hair is a lighter blonde in this photo and it really looks good on her. But she could never look anything other than completely beautiful.

Apparently Amber's not a big fan of movie scripts that call characters beautiful, though. According to Vanity Fair, Amber said, "I started saying to my agents, ‘Don’t send me scripts where the first adjective in the female description is ‘beautiful.’ And if the second is ‘enigmatic,’ throw it in the trash.’ The word ‘enigmatic’ means ‘Her backstory doesn’t matter.’ I fell for that so many times." Oops. But, hey, you can't help it. She really is beautiful. Of course, you know that's not the only thing that she has going for her, and you definitely respect her as a person.

12 Like A Mermaid

Any beautiful actress is going to look awesome in a bikini and she's also going to look awesome if she's photographed in a pool or in the ocean. That's kind of just a fact.

Amber Heard looks particularly gorgeous in this photo and honestly always brings something special to whatever photograph is taken of her. She's got that star quality that people either seem to be born with... or, well, not born with. You know how some people walk into a room and everyone is totally captivated by them? Yeah, that's definitely what Amber Heard seems like. She looks so beautiful with wet hair and in this strapless bikini top. She's like the most perfect mermaid ever. Maybe she'll star as a mermaid in a movie soon? You would see that movie for sure.

11 Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

This is a really great picture of Amber and you can't help but love the styling of it, right? This is so much more unique and creative than just a photo of her looking pretty (which she always does).

You've definitely learned one thing after viewing this photo and that's the fact that Amber Heard looks absolutely amazing in red lipstick. Like seriously amazing. Not everyone can pull off that color. You're either a lipstick girl or you're not, right? You might want to wear a bold red lip to a party or event, and then you try it and realize that, nope, it's just not for you. Amber doesn't have that problem because red lipstick looks like complete perfection on her. You can't help but love the fierce expression on her face, too.

10 Blue Jean Baby

If you've ever wanted to buy a denim shirt but weren't sure if you should, now you know that you absolutely should. So you should probably run out and get one ASAP and add it to your wardrobe. Amber looks awesome in this jean shirt and jeans combo, which also proves something else: that it's totally fine to wear both of those things at the same time. It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks or says. You've seen Amber looking flawless and you know that you can do the same.

This totally looks like an ad for a jeans company, doesn't it? Amber looks so pretty and so perfect. From her soft makeup to her long flowing hair, it's all good, and there isn't a single thing that isn't amazing about this entire photo.

9 Flower Girl

How much do you love this photo of Amber Heard? You love it a crazy amount, right?

First of all, the flowery dress that she's wearing is insanely gorgeous, and it's something that you would enjoy having in your own closet. You would never take it off. Ever. You would wear it to work and to run errands and to your best friend's birthday party and you would even wear it to bed. Yup, you would sleep in it. You love it so much. Amber looks beautiful in it and her long flowing hair is amazing, too. It's also hard not to love the sweet, cheeky look on her face, too. She seems happy and healthy and confident, and those are the best ways to be.

8 Chill Vibes

Amber just seems like such a cool, chill girl. She gives off that vibe in every photo that's snapped of her, and this one is no different.

There's a lot to love in this photo. Amber looks amazing because she's just wearing a plain black bra and her hair is down and not in some intricate, complicated style. She's not wearing a lot of makeup, either, and you can totally tell that she looks good whether she's going barefaced that day or wearing a full face of beauty products. She definitely doesn't need makeup. She's just so pretty. If you didn't know who she was, you could absolutely tell based on this photograph alone that she's famous in some way. She just seems like someone really special.

7 American Beauty

How adorable is her belt that says her name?! You want one (but with your own name, of course).

It's not hard for a gorgeous celebrity to look good in a pair of jeans and a simple white t-shirt, but come on, Amber looks especially beautiful here. She really wears clothes so well and that goes for casual and fancy looks alike. What's so special about this photo is her hair. It's super messy (like incredibly messy... like it couldn't possibly be messier) and it really suits her. You honestly don't think that she ever needs to brush her hair. It looks so amazing like this. Of course, you're pretty jealous since your hair seems to always have a mind of its own. So unfair.

6 A Girlier Look

This is totally one of those things that celebrities wear for photo shoots and you think, "That looks really cool, but of course I could never wear that. Where would I wear it? It just doesn't seem practical or logical. But it's so cool."

Amber looks like the coolest girl ever in this light pink fur coat. Everything about this photo is so beautiful and perfect, from her red lipstick to her messy hair to the serious expression on her face. You really don't have enough positive words for this photograph. It's a girlier look than the other photos on this list but even though she's wearing the color pink, you can tell that she's strong and confident and tough. She makes pink look really, really cool.

5 Interview Subject

This is, hands down, the coolest photo of Amber Heard. Maybe it's even the coolest photo of any actress. Yup, that's a bold statement and it's one that you're sticking to.

It's not hard to adore Amber's polka dot shirt, polka dot belt, and distressed jean shorts. She looks like she's about to go to the coolest summer barbeque ever or maybe a party on the beach somewhere. You just know that she would be the life of the party and that everyone would want to talk to her and hang out with her. She's just that kind of girl. She's always going to be the coolest girl in any room that she's in. Again, she's rocking that perfect red lipstick, and it's really making you wonder if you should adopt that style too, isn't it?


LBDs found fame after the amazing and classic 90's movie Spice World when Posh Spice/Victoria Beckham kept talking about choosing between little black dresses (aka those were her only clothing options) and since then, pretty much every celebrity has worn them. And for good reason: they're such an easy way to look elegant and sophisticated and romantic.

This is a really pretty and lovely photo. It allows Amber to let out her softer, girlier side, and thankfully her hair is still really messy because you really love when it looks like that. It's seriously giving you major hair envy and you wish that your hair looked that good when messy. But her hair is totally messy on purpose, which takes a lot of skill and talent.

3 Movie Star

If Amber had never starred in a movie and then this photo was taken, you would totally think that she should change that and become a movie star. Because this looks like a photo of a movie star. But not just any movie star. It looks like a photo of the most beautiful, elegant, sophisticated and lovely movie star around... which is honestly what Amber Heard is.

Whenever she's photographed for the cover story of a magazine or publication, she shares smart opinions and proves that she's a really inspiring person. She's so much more than just a pretty face and she's really a celebrity that you can respect and admire. She's just so inspiring. But, yes, she's really pretty too, and that's even more obvious in this photo of her in this maroon dress.

2 Mystery Girl

There's something so attractive about someone who is super mysterious. You've definitely felt that way about guys that you've had crushes on. It's the whole bad boy thing. Sure, you might get that they're not the healthiest person for you to date or have your eye on, but hey, they're good-looking and there's just something about them that interests you. You can't quite put your finger on it. You just know that you're totally captivated.

That's the vibe that Amber has in this photo. She looks like a mystery girl that absolutely every guy would have a pretty massive crush on. They would wonder who she was and where she was from. She looks so pretty in this soft, cozy sweater, which is another thing that you wouldn't mind adding to your closet.

1 Playboy Bunny

In 2011, a show called The Playboy Club debuted, which was of course about Playboy bunnies working at the club in Chicago. And it didn't last very long. Not at all. In fact, only three episodes of the shows made it to the air before the network canceled the show.

Amber Heard played one of the main characters, and this photo is of her character, Bunny Maureen. Amber definitely looks gorgeous here in this light blue outfit. Her hair is really cool, too, and the old-fashioned waves really work for her. Of course, she's such a beauty that she would literally look good no matter what her hair looked like or what she was wearing. If you were a fan before seeing all these beautiful photos, you love her even more now, right?!

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