15 Photoshop Mess-Ups From Celebs We Just Can't Forget (+ 5 We Can Forgive)

Our favorite Hollywood celebs face a lot of pressure to look perfect at all times. It may seem like they have it easy since they have access to personal trainers and makeup artists  to help them look flawless. The truth is, even the rich and famous struggle with insecurities sometimes. Despite the fact that they appear totally confident, they have their moments of feeling less than perfect.

Thanks to social media, fans get a close look into the lives of their favorite Hollywood celebs. From vacation pics to high-fashion moments, we can catch a glimpse of these ladies in their everyday lives. Without their team present to set up the perfect lighting or to snap through a professional lens, many of these women post pics that look like the rest of us.

Yet, all of these stars actually retouched their pics with Photoshop. They felt the pressure to look thinner or younger than they actually are. They might think that they're being sneaky but fans are quick to point out evidence that these photos have been touched up. From warped walls in the background to obvious smudges, these celebs aren’t fooling anyone. Please enjoy this list of 15 Photoshop fails from celebs we just can't forget (+ 5 we can forgive).

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20 Total Mess-Up: Khloe's Strange Thumb

Screenshot from 2019-03-27 08-38-04
Via IG

Khloe Kardashian was called out by fans on social media when she posted a pic that was a Photoshop fail. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shared a photograph in which her thumb looked like it was totally disappearing. She captioned the pic, “You are so much more powerful than you know! Keep going.”

Her followers looked past her positive message and were quick to accuse Khloe of editing the photo. One commenter wrote, “Some bad photoshop girl. Why u got 2 thumbs?” Another person said, “Ummm Girl, It’s either that you were moving your hand too quick or that’s a bad photoshop fail.”

19 Total Mess-Up: Beyonce's Disappearing Knee

Via Cosmopolitan

Beyonce may preach about body positivity but her IG pics show quite a different story. Queen Bee has been criticized by fans for doctoring her photographs. The pop star can be seen lounging on a deck, with a glass of wine, and wearing sunglasses.

She may look laid-back but her followers didn’t hesitate to point out that her thigh looked a bit too thin. The wine glass and iPhone sitting on the table in front of her do look totally warped. That was enough evidence for IG users to pounce on the singer for editing her pic to look thinner.

18 Total Mess-Up: Lindsay's Warped Stairs

Screenshot from 2019-03-28 07-13-47

Lindsay Lohan caught flack for dabbling into bad editing when she posted an altered selfie on social media. She may have intended to show off her new waist-training corset but things backfired for the star in a big way. Her followers quickly noticed that the photo was a total Photoshop fail.

The stairs behind Lohan are obviously warped, indicating that she had whittled away at her waistline with editing tools, which was in line with the stairs. Her fans engaged in a brutal takedown of the actress.

One commenter said it best when they sarcastically wrote, “Photoshop is hard.”

17 Totally Forgivable: Selena's Bent Door Frame

Via Pinterest

Fans love the IG account of celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo because he’s always posting fab pics of celebs wearing his magical makeup. He had tongues wagging when he shared a pic of Selena Gomez that was obviously photoshopped.

They may have been working on a hush-hush project together but it was no secret that Vanngo had mysteriously edited the photograph of the Gomez. The bottom left corner, just above her shoulder, is clearly warped. Followers wondered why it was necessary to virtually shave off her shoulder.

We’ll forgive Selena for this mishap since she didn’t actually post the pic herself.

16 Total Mess-Up: Miranda Kerr's Misshapen Bookcase

Via IG

Miranda Kerr may be a Victoria’s Secret model but that doesn’t mean that she feels confident all the time. She’s totally guilty of fiddling with her pics on social media. She posted a photo to IG performing a ballet pose in her living room. She looks beautiful, of course. There’s just one problem: she totally retouched the pic.

Behind her left hip, the bookcase in the background is distorted. We all know that this is a telltale sign that the photograph was photoshopped. It’ totally perplexing that someone as trim as Miranda would even think it was necessary to trim her body digitally.

15 Total Mess-Up: John Mayer's Soft Face

Via Pinterest

Ladies aren’t the only ones editing their photos. John Mayer confused fans when he posted a selfie to IG and it looked like he softened the pic a bit too much. The singer is hardly recognizable in the photograph of him sitting next to his friend Ricky Van Veen.

The two dudes have nary a wrinkle on their faces. As a matter of fact, we think that they almost look like cartoons. It’s surprising to see that even men alter their photos on social media. Although we suspect that the whole incident was just a joke. John’s been known to be a prankster.

14 Totally Forgivable: Kourtney's Wonky Armpit

Via Pinterest

Kourtney Kardashian joins this list with her sisters because she is totally known for touching up her photos on social media. One pic in particular drew criticism from fans because it was so obvious that she used Photoshop on the image. One fan suggested that she smudged the photograph to cover up some unsightly armpit hair.

Another user wondered if Kourtney felt like she had an ugly armpit and softened that area. We feel like letting this example of bad photo editing slip by. Out of all the things that people fix on their IG pics, an armpit correction is pretty tame.

13 Total Mess-Up: Kris Jenner's Fuzzy Face

Via Insider

Kris Jenner was totally caught in the act of posting an airbrushed pic to social media. The “Momager” found herself in some IG drama when she shared a pic of herself posing with celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay. The duo had teamed up to promote her cookbook In The Kitchen With Kris. She used a filter that made them both look wrinkle-free.

Yet, Ramsay posted the exact same photograph on his IG without using any filters. They both looked older and Jenner was caught red-handed. Although she’s so shameless, we bet that she probably loved the free publicity that it sent her way.

12 Total Mess-Up: Miranda Kerr's Curved Carpet

Screenshot from 2019-03-27 09-12-17
Via IG

Miranda Kerr is a repeat offender of using the smudge tool on Photoshop to edit her social media pics. She shared this pic on IG of herself wearing a glamorous evening gown. She once again looks stunning but we have proof that the pic was manipulated to make her hips look smaller.

We couldn’t help but notice that the carpet alongside her left hip shows a curved line in an otherwise rigid carpet. This is yet another example of how Photoshop can leave clear evidence that a photograph was altered. Kerr has such a beautiful shape, we wish that she’d post pics of her natural self.

11 Total Mess-Up: Kim's Tiny Car

creenshot from 2019-03-27 09-18-55
Via Pinterest

Kim Kardashian posted a manipulated photo to IG that was hilariously obvious. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star managed to crush a vehicle that was parked behind her in the snap. She also warped the curb with editing tools in the process of trimming her waist and thighs.

She captioned the pic, "So ready to March today! ‪@AMarch4OurLives @EveryTown ? BACKGRID" Her followers went into a frenzy and totally called her out on the epic Photoshop fail. Although many of her fans praised her for her marching efforts, Kim K is the queen of smudging photos on social media.

10 Totally Forgivable: Oprah's Third Hand

via Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair published a laughable photo fail. The publication featured 12 movie stars on their cover in a photograph taken by Annie Leibovitz for the magazine's Hollywood issue. We can’ help but notice that Oprah has a third hand in the photo that appears to be wrapped around Reese Witherspoon’s waist!

The magazine responded to the outcry on social media and handled it all with a sense of humor. They posted, “As for @Oprah, how can we expect her to juggle it all with two hands?” We’ll forgive them for this Photoshop mishap since they admitted their mistake and corrected the image.

9 Total Mess-Up: Kim Kardashian's Touch Ups

Via Pinterest

It’s well known that the Kardashians edit their photos so it’s no surprise that Kim finds herself on this list more than once. The reality star was caught doctoring yet another pic and posting it to social media. Kim shared an unedited pic of herself with Kanye by mistake.

She quickly swapped it out with a touched-up version and fans took notice of the subtle differences. Kim had cleared up a few stray hairs around her ponytail and shaved a bit off of her jawline. Followers were not shy about calling Kim out on the retouched pic.

8 Total Mess-Up: Mariah Carey's Crazy Cabinet

Via Pinterest

Mariah Carey is another celeb that loves to use Photoshop to alter her photos. The pop diva found herself caught up in some serious social media drama when she posted a pic to IG that revealed hard evidence of editing. She shared a photo of herself holding a can of whipped cream and a pie in honor of Thanksgiving.

Fans immediately took notice of the distorted mirror over her shoulder and the crooked cabinet by her right knee. It’s obvious Mariah made herself look thinner but she just ignored the haters and left the picture for all her fans to see.

7 Total Mess-Up: Madonna's Blurry Face

Via Buzzfeed

Madonna is addicted to blurring her photos and posted quite a doozy on her IG. The 60-year-old singer posted this pic of herself with James Corden and her skin looks too flawless. She captioned the photo, “Riding around Manhattan with this Hunk of Burning Love.”

There’s just one problem. Corbin is also hardly recognizable thanks to Madonna’s poor editing skills. She has a penchant for using the smudge feature on Photoshop and isn’t afraid to share pics that put her best face forward, even she has a totally fake glow.

We don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling in this photograph.

6 Totally Forgivable: Paris Hilton's Weird Arm

Via Ranker

Paris Hilton is another celeb that has been said to use Photoshop on her pics. The reality star posted a pic to IG that may seem like an innocent photograph of her on a plane trip but her fans were convinced that they caught her in the act.

Her left arm is totally misshapen and followers suspected that she shaved some skin off her arm to make it look smaller. We’re not sure if we see the evidence in this one. The seat behind her doesn’t have the telltale sign of the curve from the smudge tool.

We can’t help but wonder if Paris just has a knobby arm.

5 Total Mess-Up: Kate Upton's Tiny Arm

Via Pinterest

Kate Upton may be flawless but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t smudge photos now and again. The Sports Illustrated model posted a pic to social media with a puppy and something looks like it’s off. Her right arm is questionably tiny. We can’t help but think that this is another example of a Photoshop fail.

This isn’t the first time that Upton was involved in a controversial picture. She was featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar and her armpit was totally removed in the editing process. We think that she’s gorgeous and has no reason to edit her photographs.

4 Total Mess-Up: Kylie Jenner's Round Rump

Screenshot from 2019-03-27 09-39-12
Via IG

Kylie Jenner has an hourglass figure but we think something is amiss with this pic that she posted on social media. She’s totally been called out before by fans for smudging her photos but this one is pretty obvious. Her behind looks a little too unrealistic.

Her followers analyzed the curve of the waistline of her jeans and came to the conclusion that Kylie was guilty of photoshopping the photo to make her rump look rounder. We totally agree with them and think that this IG pic was doctored before it was posted.

3 Total Mess-Up: Naomi Campbell's Nose

Screenshot from 2019-03-27 09-41-22
Via IG

Naomi Campbell may be a supermodel but even she has been guilty of retouching her photos. The 47-year-old beauty posted a close-up pic of her face on IG. She put her natural face on display and captioned the pic, “Mood” followed by #bare.

Although she looks amazing in the photograph, fans were quick to focus on her nose and noticed that it looked narrower than usual. One follower even tracked down the original photo that had been published in NARS founder Francois Nars’s self-titled book. Her nose looked totally smaller on the airbrushed pic and many of her fans were disappointed.

2 Total Mess-Up: Kim Kardashian's Lost Arm

Via Pinterest

It may seem like we’re picking on Kim Kardashian but she just makes our job so easy. The reality star could win a prize for most altered pics posted on social media. Case in point, this absurdly touched-up photo of her with BFF, Jonathan Cheban.

The duo looks all glammed up for a night on the town but there’s just one issue. Kim is totally missing an arm. It’s obvious that her editing skills went wacky when she attempted to shave her hips a bit. Even Kim was confused and captioned the photo, "Ummm where's my arm lol."

1 Totally Forgivable: The Kardashian Christmas Card

Via IG

The Kardashian family Christmas card has become a holiday staple and they didn’t disappoint fans with their 2018 card. Kim posted the pic on her IG and claimed in the caption that they waited until the last minute and realized they were all together so they called their kids to pose in the pic.

Fans weren’t buying it and immediately claimed that the photograph was heavily photoshopped. They had a good reason to think so since the Kardashians had admitted to superimposing family members into the Christmas card in the past.

We think that this one is totally forgivable since they’ve been so open about it in the past.

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