15 Photos That Prove Why Celebrities HATE The Paparazzi

It has been obvious for decades now that celebrities and the paparazzi have a contentious relationship. While a lot of up and coming celebs will use them to help further their careers, it always gets to a point where the celebrity wants to protect their privacy. The paparazzi are responsible for a number of scandals. One of the most infamous ones being Princess Diana's death for whom it can be argued the paparazzi are responsible for. And we have watched many celebrities over the years lose their cool when it comes to paparazzi, some of them multiple times like Alec Baldwin and Kanye West. Even our dear Brit Brit went crazy because of them, and who can blame them? Sometimes you just want to walk down the street without having cameras document your every move. Would you enjoy having every move you have documented? The good, the bad, and the very ugly? Probably not.

Unfortunately, the more controversial the shot the better it is for the paps, so they actively seek out celebrities doing something they shouldn't. They also goad them into losing their temper. What's getting a black eye if you can sell the picture for thousands of dollars? This collection of photographs has celebs caught in the most embarrassing situations, to getting caught being truly crazy. You can bet that they wish these pictures were never taken. Sometimes people forget that celebs are actual human beings, well look no further than these photos to be reminded.

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15 Kylie Jenner Caught With A Cold Sore And Fresh Fillers?

NY Daily News

You will be hard pressed to catch a Kardashian /Jenner not looking totally glammed up and perfect. We are pretty sure that the pap who gets a bad photo of them and dares to try and sell it simply disappears in a cloud of smoke. Perks of making deals with the devil! So it is pretty shocking that this picture made its way to the public. You just know that Kylie would lose her mind if she saw this picture. Not only does she not have her hair and make up done, but her lips look raw and sore they just get got freshly injected. And then there is that not so small pimple / cold sore situation. Kylie is the kind of the girl that see's a picture of herself like this and immediately books an appointment with her plastic surgeon just to get SOMETHING done.

14 Britney Almost Drops Her Infant Son

The dark era of Britney Spears provided a lot of fodder for the paps. She was driving around L.A. talking in an english accent while walking around gas stations bare foot. And don't even get us started on her hair in those days. Tracks and exposed extensions for days. That is until she herself had had it with her hair and shaved it all off giving the paparazzi a show that honestly probably bought them all a summer house when they sold the photos. If anyone has cause to hate paparazzi, it is Britney. They have caught her breakdowns and poor moments in parenting. Of course since then Britney has come out shining on the other end is living life as the good mom and superstar that she is.

13 Justin Bieber Gets Rowdy And His Bodyguard Has To Hold Him Back


Justin Bieber definitely did the customary child star melt down. Things could have probably gone a lot worse than they did for him, but he went through some dark times. Including getting very angry with the paps in public, but who can blame him for that? It is not hardly as bad as the time he used a bucket in a restaurant as an improvised toilet. Not only does this pap photo catch Justin in a very angry moment, it just makes him look like a little kid too. His big bodyguard is simply picking him up and making him settle down, super manly. These days the Biebs seems to have calmed down, and he has even reunited with his first love Selena Gomez. If you had to deal with the paparazzi as much as he has, you probably would have lost it eventually too.


12 Kevin Hart Is Caught Red Handed!

Radar Online

This is a pretty recent scandal, and in Kevin Hart did cop to it. He got caught with a mystery woman in Vegas a couple of months ago in the very early hours of the morning. Nothing good happens in the back of a car at 4 am in Vegas. And because there is cold hard photographic evidence of the recently married Kevin Hart with someone that is not his wife, he had to own it. So we are not sure how many brownie points we actually give him for that. The funny man claims that he knows he made a mistake and is working on things with his wife. We're not so sure how sorry he actually is as oppose to just being sorry he got caught and how he is going to have to cheat much more carefully.

11 Kanye West Beats Up A Paparazzi

Guardian Liberty Voice

Did you know that Kanye was once charged with attempted aggravated robbery? How did this come out you may ask. Why would someone with more money that G-d every try to steal something? Well if you are a paparazzi getting in Kanye's face and taking photo when he does not want you too, he is going to want to take that camera. And then rough you up a little! Kanye got in trouble with the law for trying to take this pap's camera and basically beating him up. Do you think you would eventually lose it if you were a celebrity dealing constantly with camera's getting up in yours and your families face? You may not like Kanye, but you can kind of understand him in this moment.

10 Patricia Arquette Caught With Her Pants Almost Down

NY Daily News

She looks so happy too. But what is going on here girl??? The esteemed actress and sister to David Arquette was caught in a strange wardrobe situation by the paps. We know as well as her what it's like to have your hands full when you are walking but we almost always make sure our pants are where they should be first. Did she just have a big lunch and then had to unbutton the first button? We have all been there! Was she just popping a squat outside when she heard someone coming and then tried to do her pants up as quickly as possible? We will never know. She does not look super upset to have been photographed in this situation though, pleased even.

9 Kim Kardashian Almost Gets Assaulted By A Creep


So the paparazzi are actually not the bad guys in this situation. They didn't photograph Kim looking bad or something embarrassing. They just got a photo of her being victimized by this creep who goes around trying to get reactions out of celebrities in public. This is not the first time he has done something like this, he is YouTube guy that does this for attention. Too often people forget that celebrities are human beings and they do not owe us every party of themselves. He would never try and kiss the backside of a normal person in his life, at least we hope not but he did to Kim K. Thankfully, he could not get close enough and her security team took him down. Also he just looks like a pathetic loser!

8 Nigella Lawson Is Strangled By Her Husband In The Middle Of A Restaurant


If you were a pap, and you saw a celebrity getting choked out in public wouldn't you do something? Well the same could be said for the rest of the patrons in this situation. Nigella Lawson is a British celebrity known in the gourmet food world. A couple of years ago she was in a restaurant with her then husband Charles Saatchi when this violent scene unfolded. The resulting photos caused police intervention and for the couple to eventually divorce. Saatchi tried to explain it away as not a big deal saying he had to hold her head up to make her pay attention which just sound like the words of a psychopath. Even though it is horrible no one stepped into help her, it is hard to imagine that this is the first he has gotten violent with her. Maybe the photos going public are what it took for her to leave.

7 Michael Jackson Dangles His Infant Son Over A Balcony

The W1nners Club

Michael Jackson is an icon and an enigma. When his youngest son was born, at 9-months-old in an attempt to bond with fans standing outside of his hotel room in Berlin, MJ though the best way to do that was dangle his son over the balcony. Yea. Back in 2002 when it occurred this was huge news, and is still one of the most infamous photos taken by the paparazzi. People were really mad at MJ after this broke out, and he tried to explain it away by stating that it was 'a horrible mistake' and 'he was carried away in the moment.' Any parents reading this think they would ever get so excited and carried away that they would do this to their little baby?

6 LiLo's Hair Saves Her From Over Exposure

LiLo also provided a lot of good material for the paparazzi to work with over the years. These days she keeps a much lower profile, but we can always take a walk down memory lane to find some good shoots of her. Well good for us, bad for her. The photos of her looking totally trashed in the back of a car, or worse even in the front seat have been over played so we choose another shot. What kind of dress is she wearing? We have heard of side-boob but this is something else all together. And if it wasn't for those pesky paparazzi the world would have never seen her wardrobe malfunction! Thank goodness for long hair.  Paps need to be so patient to get the perfect shot, but it's worth it when they do! Oh and just for old times sake.

5 John Stamos Gets Arrested For Drinking And Driving

Entertainment Tonight

John Stamos seems like a great and friendly guy, and who doesn't love his smile? Well he has had his fair share of trouble over the years, including two DUI's both which were in the middle of the day. And both times paps were on hand to photograph his humiliating situation, so you can imagine how much he hates them. There was also the time he showed up intoxicated on a morning show in Australia. It's safe to say that John Stamos clearly likes, or at least really liked the sweet nectar. If you have two DUI's under your belt, that happened in the middle of the day  you probably have a problem. And the thing is, it's one thing to read the headline about this but a whole other seeing the photographs.

via: giphy.com

4 Alex Baldwin Goes Crazy

NY Daily News

Alec Baldwin is a top tier respected actor. His talent is undeniable, just as his temper is. Everyone remembers the voicemail he left on his 11-year-old daughters phone. The verbal abuse shocked people and we got to see a glimpse of what really goes on behind closed doors.  And then there are his multiple altercations with paparazzi, he has that old man strength at this point so you know those paps are probably hurting. You'd think they wouldn't risk it, they have seen so many of their fellow paparazzi get their behind handed to them by Alec Baldwin. But as we mentioned earlier, a black eye is worth the pay out they get when they get a photo of an A-lister like him loosing it. Safe to say that Alec really hates the paparazzi. Him and Kanye should start a club.


3 Katherine Heigl Shows Off More Than Anyone Was Expecting

Ny Daily News

Why would anyone decide to stop and have a wardrobe change in the middle of New York City? She was filming a movie when she decided to make this bold move, but we don't think things went according to plan. And of course, there is the ever present paparazzi standing by ready to take any potentially unflattering photo they can. In this case, Katherine certainly delivered. It must be so annoying to have to worry about being on all the time, and making sure that you are looking good from every possible angle, because they will find that one bad one and they will blast it out to the world. No wonder so many celebrities have breakdowns because of them or end up attacking them. That kind of constant pressure would cause some massive anxiety and resentment.

2 Amber Rose Gets Caught With Some Interesting Padding

Ny Daily News

Amber Rose is basically a knock-off Kim Kardashian and a big part of that is making sure that they have extremely exaggerated body proportions. You know, what real women look like. Amber was papped wearing some leggings that show to have had some interesting padding in the behind area. It must be shocking to you that Amber Rose is anything less than totally authentic and real, but the proof is in the padding, oh sorry, we mean pudding. Amber Rose and the Kardashians work so hard to maintain a certain image and all it takes is a pap in the right place at the right time, and the whole illusion is shattered. But honestly, how do they expect anyone to believe that their bodies are real? The paparazzi delivering some truth!

1 When We Saw What Kim Looks Like Without Photoshop


If you don't already know, you best believe that the Kardashians have their own paparazzi on their payroll and they try to control every image you see of them. Well, almost every image. When Kim is not in charge of her photos, we get to see a totally different version of her. The un-photoshopped, unaltered version. And Kim was NOT happy when these pictures came out! In an episode of her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians she addressed these photos and even cried over them. Yea okay, chill out girl. She claims that she does not actually look like this, but we are going to trust the photos that she hasn't had any input on to be more real than any photo she releases. It is actually refreshing to see her NOT looking perfect.

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