15 Photos That Prove Kylie Jenner Is The Most Gorgeous Kardashian Mom

Unless you totally avoid pop culture and media of any sort, chances are, you've heard about Kylie Jenner becoming a mom. While big sisters Kim and Kourtney were very open about their pregnancies, Kylie took a bit of a different approach. She was a very young mom, and though she grew up documenting basically her entire life on camera, she decided to be much more private when it came to her pregnancy and essentially disappeared from social media for nine months.

Now, she's the proud mom of a gorgeous baby daughter, Stormi, but if you thought she might change up her style now that she's a mom, don't worry. Kylie is still the same sizzling beauty she was before her baby, and we have a feeling she's officially going to be taking the title as the steamiest Kardashian mom. I mean, all those ladies have managed to sculpt their bodies and look totally gorgeous after baby, but Kylie is a step above.

From her selfies pre-baby to her selfies post-baby, one thing is for sure — Kylie Jenner is majorly gorgeous, and we have a feeling that Stormi will grow up to be a total beauty, too. Here are 15 photos that prove Kylie Jenner is definitely the steamiest mom in the family.

15 Another Hair Colour Switch — This Time, To Blonde


Everyone knows that Kylie Jenner has changed her hair color countless times throughout the years, from jet black to ocean blue to mermaid green. Whether she switches up her actual hair colour or just rocks a wig, she's the type of woman who isn't afraid to take a risk when it comes to her hair.

Recently, she followed in big sister Kim Kardashian's footsteps and went from jet black to platinum blonde.

It's certainly not an easy process — anyone who's ever bleached dark hair knows it takes a while to get to such a crisp blonde shade — but she definitely looks amazing. Having to touch up her roots so often may seem crazy for a new mom's schedule, but let's be honest — Kylie isn't exactly your typical new mom.

14 Getting Her Pre-Baby Body Back With The Help Of A Waist Trainer

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Several of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters — the curvier ones, not the petite Kourtney and Kendall — have been spotted singing the praises of waist trainers. And, it seems that Kylie is determined to get back her hourglass physique after having baby Stormi. She took a selfie here rocking a waist trainer over what looks like a casual outfit for around the house. It seems like a lot of discomfort, especially when she's going to be running around after Stormi all the time, but hey — she makes her money by looking good, so we kind of understand that she'd want to bounce back as fast as possible. Plus, who knows — maybe the discomfort of the waist trainer will help distract her from the sleep deprivation that most new parents face.

13 Showing Some Major Leg With Sister Kendall

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The Kardashian-Jenner sisters all seem to have a fantastic relationship, but Kylie has probably always been closest to Kendall because, well, they sort of grew up together. The sisters are all adults now, but for several years, Kylie and Kendall were the children, then teens, of the family, while the three older sisters were already out in the spotlight. In this shot, Kendall seems to be practicing her modeling poses while Kylie just hangs out and keeps her company in some casual shoes and a robe. However, if we're being honest, our eye is totally drawn towards Kylie in this shot, not Kendall, even though Kendall is literally posed on the front of a car. There's just something about Kylie that draws you in — no wonder she's quickly becoming one of the most popular of the sisters!

12 Showing Off Her Street Style — And Spicy Shoes

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Kylie may be a mom now, but that doesn't mean she's about to change her style in any way. Fans who lusted over her amazing walk-in closet will be happy to know that she's still all about the accessories. She may be rocking a hoodie here and not a bodycon dress, but she tends to bounce between sultry looks and looks that are more on the street style side of things. The hoodie may not really show off her curves much, but those shoes definitely make the entire outfit better.

We absolutely can't wait to see what kind of clothes Stormi ends up rocking — if Kylie buys them, you know she'll be the best-dressed baby on the block.

Perhaps the two of them will even have a few matching mother-daughter outfits.

11 Proof That Moms Can Totally Rock Crop Tops

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There are tons of gorgeous celebrity mamas who are super stylish post-baby — in fact, a large percentage of the big name celebs have kids and still rock their personal style. However, Kylie takes it a step further by rocking a straight up crop top, not long after she gave birth.

We're absolutely living for this look — super cozy looking track pants and a cropped sweater is basically the perfect new mom look.

It's still stylish and pays tribute to her former love for crop tops, but it's cozy enough to wear for long days hanging with Stormi. We have a feeling Kylie's mom style will be even better than her pre-baby style, and we can't wait to see what other looks she has up her sleeve in the months to come!

10 We Hope She Teaches Stormi Her Selfie Skills

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There's no doubt about it — Kylie is definitely one of the selfie queens of Hollywood. Sure, big sis Kim Kardashian West may be known for her selfie game, but Kylie's following right in her footsteps. The woman has grown up on camera, and at this point, totally has every single angle mastered. She knows how to look fabulous on camera, and she shares those gorgeous shots with her followers because why not? Stormi will obviously still need time to be a kid and grow up, but when she decides to start up her own social media presence, she'll have her mama right by her side telling her exactly how to look her best on camera and how to apply your makeup so you look utterly flawless. I mean, moms know best, right?

9 Making Even A Plain White Tee Look Totally Steamy

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Kylie is definitely no stranger to fashion risks. She's rocked plenty of looks that have caused eyebrows to raise, especially when she was still just a teen. However, this shot proves that she can look equally sultry in just a plain white tee — which means that she'll definitely be one hot mama.

While moms can certainly dress up and get glam for events, her everyday style will likely change a bit since she'll be playing with baby Stormi all the time.

She had street style mastered before she was a mom, so now, we have a feeling her street style game will be taken to the next level — and we can't wait. I mean, honestly — who looks that amazing in just a white t-shirt? Kylie is definitely a posing queen.

8 A Much More Natural Look For A Steamy Photoshoot

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Kylie's average look tends to be, well, a bit more on the glossy, carefully made-up side. She may not always have a full face like her sister Kim, but more often than not, she has her lips done, eyebrows on point, nails done, etc. Add to that her always flawless locks, and you definitely have a polished, sleek look.

This photoshoot took a bit of a different approach, putting Kylie in very minimal make-up with damp, slightly frizzy hair.

The overall result is absolutely stunning, and it just proves that she doesn't need pounds and pounds of makeup to look gorgeous — it's something she seems to enjoy playing around with, but she can be just as glam and comfortable wearing next to no make-up with her hair not even fully done.

7 A Throwback To When She Rocked Pink Locks

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Kylie has rocked every shade of hair under the sun, and while she sticks to her natural black locks more often than not, she's dabbled in green, blue, platinum blonde, and even pink. And we have to admit — she looks flawless in just about any shade she decides to rock. This rose gold/pink shade is particularly stunning. Bleaching your hair is quite a process, so perhaps if she tires of the platinum blonde she'll return to pink once more — I mean, this shade just screams 'chic mom.' Sure, colors like this require a lot more touch-ups and maintenance, but hey — she's Kylie Jenner. She can make time in her schedule for salon visits when she needs to. After all, she has countless sisters who could all serve as babysitters for the afternoon!

6 She'll Likely Be Incorporating More Exercise As A Busy Mom

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Thanks to her total transformation, Khloe Kardashian is definitely the Kardashian sister most known for her love of fitness now.

Kourtney has always been all about healthy eating, and the rest of the sisters definitely work out from time to time, but Khloe is an absolute boss in the gym.

Now that Kylie is a new mom, likely holding on to a few extra pounds of baby weight, perhaps she can enlist her big sister as a personal trainer — better yet, once Khloe's baby is born, they can hit the gym together to work off those few baby pounds. We have a feeling she'll naturally return to her curvy physique, given how young she is, but still — exercise is always a healthy thing to incorporate into your routine, so why not?

5 Showing Off Her Amazing Bathroom — And Gorgeous Printed Top

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Okay, we have to admit — while Kylie is the queen of the close-cropped selfie, we really enjoy shots where you can actually see the background and get a glimpse of her gorgeous home. She definitely doesn't need to worry about having enough space for Stormi to run around, get baths, etc — her home has plenty of room for a new addition, especially once she learns how to crawl and later walk. And let's be honest — we're betting she has a cleaning service to keep her home looking pristine, so she doesn't have to worry as much about tidying up in between playtime. She can just focus all her attention on her adorable baby daughter — she's probably already taking endless pictures of her, just for sharing with her family and keeping for herself.

4 Rocking An Outfit That Showcases Her Killer Legs

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We're not sure if this wall was too tempting not to take a picture in front of, or if she was just feeling herself this day, but this is definitely one of Kylie's steamiest shots. She's posed in tons of swimwear and skimpier attire before, but somehow the contrast of her top half is pretty much entirely covered up and her long, tan legs stretching out for miles makes this majorly steamy. Now that she has Stormi, she'll probably be hitting up plenty of new destinations — after all, babies don't really care about shopping or Sephora, they want to do things like go to the zoo or the playground. Perhaps Kim and Kourtney can give her some tips on baby-friendly destinations with killer selfie walls so she can have the best of both worlds!

3 Major Pin-Up Vibes In This Sultry Shot

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With the contouring and the sleek hair, most of the Kardashian sisters look totally modern. And while Kylie can definitely rock the edgy millennial vibe, she can also channel a major pinup vibe when she feels like it. This picture is the perfect example.

Her hair is slightly tousled, her make-up is a bit lighter, and that outfit is showing off her curves to perfection.

We have to admit — we love Kylie's current style, but there's a small part of us that would absolutely love if she decided to go vintage-inspired, just for fun. Regardless, we can't wait to see what kind of mother-daughter photoshoots she plans with Stormi — you know they're going to be legendary. As the Kardashian-Jenner family's annual Christmas card proves, this isn't a family that does things small.

2 Posing Outside Looking Like Straight Fire

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Pretty much any opportunity is an opportunity for a photoshoot if you're Kylie Jenner. Whether she's taking a selfie on a quiet night alone at home or en route to a glam destination or having a pose-off with BFF Jordyn, the camera is always out. One thing is for sure — this is one mom who won't miss any of her baby's cutest moments because she'll always have her phone out taking photos, to begin with.

This look may not be her most glamorous ever, but there's something about it that's just cheeky and fun.

We love that Kylie doesn't always take herself too seriously — she's taken enough gorgeous photos that she's fine with just having fun and posing in goofy ways with her friends, and just plain old enjoying herself, because why not?

1 Showing Off Major Glam Vibes — Although Nothing Too Scandalous — In One Of Her Rolls-Royce

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We don't even know where to start with this one. From the super steamy dress to the peek at her sky-high heels to her literally blinding highlighter showing off her gorgeous features, this is definitely Kylie looking her very best.

And, we kind of love that she's rocking a messy top knot rather than loose, flowing locks — it just proves that, when it comes to style, there are no rules.

You should rock the outfit that makes you feel the most fabulous, wear your hair and make-up however you like it, and just go out and enjoy yourself! Kylie may not be attending quite as many events at the moment as she tries to figure out mom life, but soon enough she'll be back hitting the town looking this glam yet again. Or, who knows — maybe she'll just rock highlighter galore for movie night at home.

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