15 Reasons Why We're All Obsessed With Everything Kim

Let’s face it - there isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t know who Kim Kardashian is. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are all collectively infatuated with Queen Kim and her royal family. Our guiltiest pleasure is keeping up with Kim, whether we’re watching her reality show, following her on Instagram, or basking in the latest Kardashian tabloid fodder. One thing is for sure: we’re super consumed by everything that is Kim Kardashian. We’re almost as obsessed with Kim as she’s obsessed with, well, herself. Even when we’re sick of seeing her face and (often scantily clad) body everywhere we turn, something sucks us right back in and we keep waiting and watching for more of what she has to offer. You may love her, you may even love to hate her, but either way, Kim Kardashian is always on your radar. Regardless of what it is that makes her so appealing, Kim has managed to solidify herself not only as a pop culture icon but she's also proven herself as the true queen of reality television. With millions of followers and fans across the globe, it’s abundantly clear that Kim K. is here to stay. So bow down and take a look at these 15 photos that prove why we are obsessed with everything Kim Kardashian.

15 The Early Years

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Kim always knew that she was destined for stardom, and she made sure to do everything in her power to make it happen. We all know that Kim got her start working as Paris Hilton’s assistant and the two were once besties. Paris was the biggest reality star around at the time, and she and Kim were often photographed together at VIP parties and events, as seen here in 2006. Kim wouldn’t let Paris be the only one soaking up the reality TV spotlight when Kim herself was the one who would eventually become heir to the throne. Fresh faced, voluptuous, with a golden tan and a thousand-watt smile, it’s easy to see that even in the early years, Kim had all the makings of a future phenom.

14 Dance Till You Drop

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Queen Kim knows how to get the party started, and she’s sure doing just that here in this photo from 2007. Kim is having tons of fun, dancing the night away and shaking her moneymaker alongside fellow famous sister Kourtney. The dynamic duo was celebrating Kim’s birthday at Les Deux in LA. There were plenty of reasons for these ladies to rejoice. This shot was taken at the very start of Kim’s breakthrough career as Keeping Up with the Kardashians had just made its debut the previous year. By this point, the Kardashians were already on the map and the star of the show was already a household name. These days, it’s rare we see Kim let loose. She always stays poised and keeps her queen-like composure, so it’s fun to see her live it up back in the day.

13 Living Mermaid

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Kim is a woman who wears many hats. She’s been an actress, model, singer, socialite, author, savvy business woman, and of course, a reality star. Now we can officially add “mermaid” to the list. With so many interchangeable jobs, Kim is like a real-life Barbie. All it takes is one swift costume change and poof… she’s living the life we can only dream of. Kim decked herself from head to toe in mermaid attire for the 2012 Midori Halloween Party in New York. Always committed to staying in character, she wowed us all with her blonde beach waves, seashell-covered bust, and form-fitting sequenced skirt. This mermaid getup was such a hit Kim even went as far to reprise this outfit for her daughter North’s mermaid-themed birthday party earlier this year. Not many would be capable of pulling this look off, but this ruler of reality TV always manages to look flawless every time.

12 Denim Diva

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She’s unapologetically breaking the cardinal rule of fashion, and we can’t help but love her for it. While pairing denim with denim is a universally known fashion faux-pas, Kim remains without any imperfections, as she usually does. Only someone with such an insurmountable level of fame and fortune would dare to be so reckless. Here Kim is seen taking a casual stroll through the streets of LA, likely on an impromptu shopping trip. Because she is so famous, the paparazzi stalk her ever move. Never failing to deliver the sass, Kim nonchalantly gives the paps a simple hair-flip while showcasing her massive rock of an engagement ring from Mr. Kardashian himself, King Kanye. Kim finishes this effortlessly chic ensemble off with nude pumps, leaving her looking positively fit for a queen.

11 Selfie Superstar

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With so much of her full figured physique on display, it can be easy to forget that Kim’s face is as important as her billion dollar bod. Here Kim reminds us that she’s more than just a couple of overflowing assets stuffed into an undersized bikini - she’s also a timeless beauty. Her hair is straight, sleek, and extension-free. Her makeup is on point and contoured to absolute perfection. Kim seductively makes eyes at the camera, drawing us all in as if she’s looking right through to everyone’s soul. She’s alluring, irresistible, and an indisputable temptress... so, basically, she's got all the makings of a true reality TV maven.

10 Lounging In Luxury

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Being rich and famous is hard work, and every so often even queens could use a break from the hustle and bustle of mega-stardom. Kim is constantly posing for photoshoots, promoting new products, and traveling the world while doing positive things. In a change of pace, here we see a carefree Kim relaxing by the pool, sprawled out on the diving board, likely getting herself a sweet tan. She looks like a goddess with her perfectly-sculpted body donned in a white string bikini and matching lace-up heels. Her beauty is unrivaled as she runs her fingers through her luscious locks. What we have here is a prime example of elegance, refined beauty, and poise all wrapped into one ravishing bombshell. All hail the queen!

9 Casual Kim

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Kim Kardashian is the one person you can always count on look her best at all times. No matter what the occasion, Kim is always maxed out with professionally styled hair, expertly applied makeup and first-rate fashions. After all, her bountiful career and legacy as reality royalty depend on it. In a bold move that proves to the world that she’s not only unpredictable but also gorgeous underneath all of the glitz and glamor, Kim never fails to deliver. In this photo, we observe Kim in a rare state – virtually makeup-free and keeping it casual in sweats. When a member of the Kardashian clan reveals themselves to be both bare-faced and fully clothed, it's essentially unheard of, but Kim scores rave reviews for this look. Even in her natural state, this woman can amaze us and grab our attention more than ever before. It’s no wonder she’s such a wealthy person, really.

8 Natural Habitat

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This is Kim Kardashian in true form: looking like a million bucks while walking the red carpet at a high-profile event, surrounded by paparazzi and flashing lights. It’s safe to say that here we are observing Kim in her natural habitat. Kim is depicted wearing her signature form-fitting pink latex dress, an ensemble that got her ample media attention – and we can see why! Kim looks impeccable in her latex-like number by designer Atsuko Kudo. She is a real diamond in the rough and pairs it all together with a neutral toned high heel. She’s simply ravishing and upholds the title of queen to the highest standard. Isn’t it obvious why we all are so enamored by her!?

7 Keeping Up With Kim

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Everyone’s favorite queen is so busy with being fabulous, she barely has time to catch up on hot-button issues such as world news and political debates. Don’t worry, here we have Kim checking out a newspaper and reading up on current affairs. As it turns out, the most currently trending topic is actually Kim herself, as she’s featured on the front page. She displays an expression of pure shock... but also pure bliss because she is the center of attention yet again. Fans across the globe are fascinated with watching Kim’s every move…and she loves every minute of it. This trendsetter is a living legend, and she deserves to revel in her own fame and fortune every once in a while. You go, girl!

6 Fitness First

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A proper queen knows that the key to looking good is feeling good! Kim’s fantastic figure didn’t just happen overnight. It took some good old-fashioned working out to sculpt her curvaceous body in all the right places. As shown here, Kim is getting in shape by lifting weights and doing squats, very likely filming scenes for her own workout video a few years back. She is modeling some all-important workout attire, wearing a tank top, mid-length yoga pants, and Nike sneakers. Even in the hot sun, Kim still manages to look great without even breaking a sweat! Her hair is coiffed to perfection and her makeup is superb, showing us all that you can still be fierce even while working on your fitness.

5 All Hyped Up

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Of course, Kim Kardashian endorses a wide range of products. When you have millions of people who follow you and want to emulate everything that you do, it’s no wonder that big companies are willing to pay big bucks for you to work for them. After taking one look at Kim in this Hype Energy Drink ad, you’ll know she means business. The diva looks striking beyond belief in this eye-catching campaign, wearing an all-black animal print turtleneck dress and matching miniskirt. Kim is the textbook definition of a “girl boss” in this photo, and she makes a powerful statement in her thigh-high lace-up Tom Ford boots. Kim is a cover girl, skilled model, reality TV vixen and a true force to be reckoned with.

4 Wedding Bells

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Kim is found bliss in every aspect of life, both professionally and personally. She finally had the fairytale ending she always envisioned when she finally married her longtime love, Kanye West. Our favorite female celebrity spared no expense for her over-the-top wedding, tying the knot at Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy. Third time proved to be a charm for Mrs. West, as she was draped in a custom made gown designed by Givenchy Haute Couture. The pure white dress perfectly extenuated her famous silhouette, and the couple said “I Do” in front of family, friends, and an exceptional flower display. Naturally, portions of the big day were documented for her popular reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Ratings for the episode went through the roof, proving yet again that Kim always comes out on top.

3 Flower Power

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Kim definitely knows how to give us something to talk about, and that was proven to be true after Kim’s appearance at 2013’s Met Ball when she was pregnant with her first child, North West. Kim is shown wearing an extravagant Givenchy gown by designer Riccardo Tisci. The dress features a high neckline, long sleeves, and even gloves all covered in the same floral print pattern. The starlet shows off some skin with a slit running up one side of the dress, putting her legs on display as well as her matching flowered open-toe heels. As you would imagine, Kim received a lot of backlash for her fashion choice, leaving most of us to wonder – what was she thinking? Side by side photo comparisons even made rounds on the internet of Kim’s Met Ball frock next to a similarly dressed Mrs. Doubtfire, a character from the film of the same name. Regardless of what the fashion critics had to say, Kim accomplished what she had set out to do: getting everyone buzzing about her. The best kind of publicity is any kind of publicity, right, Kim?!

2 Buxom Blonde

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Leave it to Kim to switch up her look yet again and always reinvent herself. Here we have a confident Kim serving up some fierceness as shown here at her husband’s 2016 Yeezy Fashion Show in NYC. Looking like a snow princess, Kim is wearing a long blonde wig paired with a dangerously low-cut top. Our fair maiden is enthralled in a white fur coat while giving the camera an intense stare. This image shows that not only is Kim unafraid of making unique fashion statements but she is also a serious trendsetter. There isn’t an outfit she wouldn’t wear in order to make her rapper/designer hubby happy, and we commend her bravery and willingness to be bold.

1 Breaking The Internet

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Of course, in a daring and groundbreaking cover story for Paper Magazine in 2014, the magazine proclaimed that Kim would "break the internet." And you know what? She actually kind of did. The magazine featured a range of exotic images showing Kim in various stages of undress, but the most memorable shot of all is of Kim sticking out her prominent (and plumped up) posterior while spraying champagne into a glass that’s balancing on her backside. Kim is seen here looking not only glamorous but exceedingly happy. Decked out in a fancy black sequins dress with matching gloves, strings of pearl around her neck, and her hair in a trendy top-knot, Kim is all smiles, as if she knows that this will be the photo that launches her even farther into super-stardom. This image shows that Kim is perfectly capable of poking a little bit of fun at herself while generating tons of attention (and money, of course). The queen of reality TV is not only nice to look at, but she also has a great sense of humor, and that’s just another reason to love her.

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