15 Photos That Prove Khloe's Changes Are WAY More Drastic Than You Think

When the Kardashians stepped foot on the scene, they looked a lot different than how they look today. While Kim jumped feet first into altering and changing her body, Kourtney kept her changes more subtle, and Khloe took her time when it came to tweaking her physical appearance. But it seems as if Khloe has now caught the plastic surgery bug, and she's all about changing the way she looks from head to toe. Her changes are very drastic, but she has yet to fess up about which procedures she's undergone. That leaves us all to speculate about what augmentations and enhancements she has received to turn her into the vixen that she is today.

We're not here to advocate plastic surgery or to look down on those who choose to go under the knife. We're simply here to be in awe of Khloe's physical transformation. She claims going to the gym and focusing on her diet have helped to morph her body into an hourglass shape, but that's pretty hard to believe, especially when you take a look at these 15 photos that prove her changes are way more drastic than you think.

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15 When Fillers Go Wrong


Plastic surgeons use fillers to plump up fine lines and wrinkles and to slightly alter the appearance of your nose and cheekbones. When done subtly, fillers are a plastic surgery procedure that can really enhance one's look, but when a doctor is a bit heavy handed with the syringe, the results can be shocking.

In this photo, it appears that Khloe trusted her doctor to give her a bit of a re-up on the fillers, but he obviously went a little overboard. Instead of looking beautiful and flawless, Khloe's face looks completely bloated and uncomfortable. Thankfully, the effects of the fillers are temporary, and the swelled appearance on Khloe's face likely went down over time. Let's just hope she continues to go for a minimal amount of fillers the next time she books an appointment with her doctor.

14 Her Entire Body Has Changed


When the Kardashians became popular in the early-2000s, Khloe's body was much different than it is today. She was still a beautiful girl, but her waist was less defined, her arms were a bit bulkier, her body shape was different and her boobs weren't as big. Over the years, her body has changed, and everything has been slimmed, nipped and tucked. Khloe spends a lot of time in the gym with celebrity personal trainer Gunnar Petereson, but there's no amount of lunges and situps that can completely change someone's body type. This photo just proves that Khloe's changes are drastic, and they were definitely created by the hands of a very crafty plastic surgeon. That doesn't change the fact that the girl looks good, though! We hope she doesn't go too far and start o look unrecognizable, but this is a Kardashian we're talking about here. When it comes to plastic surgery, there's no such thing as subtle.

13 Lip Injections


The Kardashians and the Jenners definitely love their full, plump lips. It seems like lip injections is the first procedure they each sign up for to start, and then things just spiral out of control from there. Khloe's lips were perfectly fine all her life, but she eventually gave in to Hollywood's demands and went for the plumping.

For some celebrities, a little but of injections in their lips doesn't really do any harm. In fact, it can actually make their face look more proportion and attractive, but Khloe went a little too far with the injections at one point, and the results were shocking! It looks as if her doctor over-inflated her top lift, which gave her the appearance that she was suffering from an overbite, and we all know that's not the case. Today, her lips are still plump, but she must've switched doctors because they look much more natural.

12 Is This Chrissy Teigen or Khloe?


During her now defunct show Kocktails With Khloe, Khloe must have went in for some last minute tweaking of her appearance. And looking at this picture of the former talk show hosts proves that the changes she underwent were beyond drastic! Khloe doesn't even look like herself in this picture. She looks more like supermodel Chrissy Teigen, don't you think? I actually thought it was Chrissy at first glance until I did a double take. If you stood Chrissy right next to Khloe, I'm sure you wouldn't be able to tell who was who either!

Khloe is beautiful in her own right, but I think she went a little far this time around. Plastic surgery is done best when it enhances one's natural beauty. But to completely change someone's appearance so they don't even look like themselves is just wrong!

11 Her Lipo Scars Exposed


Khloe got into a vicious online battle with Chloe Sims, and Chloe revealed the reality TV star's liposuction secret. Chloe referenced a picture of Khloe on vacation with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, where Khloe was wearing a revealing red bathing suit that showed off her backside. Chloe suggested the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star had fat removed from her waist and moved to her booty.

In a tweet, Chloe stated, "I was looking at pictures of Khloe Kardashian in a bikini and saw scars that look like she’s had the procedure. Years ago, I had some fat removed from my body and put in my bum and I’ve got the same marks she has."

This brought a lot of attention to Khloe's rear, and if you look closely, you can definitely see the indention marks in her butt! Khloe refused to cop to the procedure, though, and she insists her new booty was plumped up with some help from squats and numerous hours in the gym.

10 It Runs in the Family


Just because one family member gets plastic surgery it doesn't mean that entire family has gone under the knife, too. But when it comes to the Kardashian-Jenner family, we have to believe that Khloe is definitely following in her sisters' and mom's footsteps when it comes to altering her body. Although most of them have stayed quiet on what procedures they have received, many believe Kim and Kourtney were the first to visit a plastic surgeon when they had their boobs enhanced. Kim has since undergone many procedures, although she has copped to only fillers and botox. Kylie has also admitted to getting lip injections when she was just 16-years-old, and Kendall is quiet about any work she has done, although many have suspected she has tweaked her nose and received lip injections, too.

With a family full of plastic surgery aficionados, it's no surprise Khloe decided to follow suit on her journey to have a body that looks beautiful and one that she's proud to show off.

9 This Throwback


OMG who are these people? Seriously, where are the Kardashians? We don't recognize these three ladies at all! Ok, I kid, I kid. But this throwback is all the proof you need to see that Khloe has gone through some major changes throughout the years.

At the time this picture was taken, Khloe had her OG face and body, and she looked beautiful! All natural definitely worked for her, and she was definitely the favorite in the family. She was down to earth, humble, and she always made sure to talk about how much she loved her body. We held out hope that Khloe would stay true to herself, but as the years flew by, she got sucked into Hollywood's unrealistic beauty standards. She wouldn't be the first celebrity to fall victim to the industry's ideas on how celebrities should look.

8 More Shapely Than Kim?


When the Kardashians rose to popularity, Kourtney was the quiet and unbothered older sister, Khloe was the feisty and fun-loving younger sister, and Kim was known for her curvy body. Over time, Kourtney's role has pretty much stayed the same, but Kim is no longer known for having the most shapely body in the family. In the past, you couldn't even say "big butt" without thinking about Kim. But these days, Khloe's body is now what most people refer to when the think of celebrities with shapely bodies.

UFC fighter Conor McGregor gave an interview and said he wanted to go to Los Angeles just so he could see Khloe's big butt. If this was four years ago, he surely would've mentioned his desire to see Kim's butt. But now that Khloe has a big one of her own, her booty is dominating the entertainment industry! Move over, Kim, there's a new booty in town!

7 She Looks Good, But, Come On, Seriously?


Khloe has admitted she's into cosmetic enhancements, but she insists she has never had a nose job or any work down on her body at all. But judging by this Instagram photo, we're going to say she's not telling the full truth. The reality TV star posted this photo as well as two additional shots, and a fan asked her, “What did you do to your face?? Seriously, it doesn’t move when you laugh?? Please stop you were perfect before, very Joan Rivers now.” Khloe usually ignores the "haters," but it's definitely not fair that she pushes this imagine of herself but she refuses to tell the truth about the origins of her new body parts. it's pretty obvious that she's now made of plastic but she continues to deny and deflect. Instead, she wants her followers to believe that with hard work in the gym and a clean diet, they too can look just like her.

6 A New Chin?


When many celebrities go in for a nose job, the plastic surgeon sometimes suggests a chin implant to go along with it. These two body parts should be in proportion with each other to give the face a more symmetrical and aesthetically appealing look. We're not too sure if Khloe had her nose tweaked in the picture above, but it's pretty obvious that there was something wonky going on in the chin area. This leads us to believe she definitely had a chin implant and possibly jaw reconstructive surgery to give her face a more chiseled and pronounced appearance.

Although the after picture was taken a few years ago, you can definitely see the changes in Khloe's face, and we think she looks amazing! Sometimes, all it takes is a small alteration to really change someone's entire look. Khloe's enhancements were obviously done by a talented plastic surgeon who wanted to make small and subtle changes to her appearance over time.

5 Her Face Is Unrecognizable


While on vacation with her family in Costa Rica, Khloe posed for this photo that made the Internet go absolutely wild...and not in a good way. The photo, captioned "Island Vibes," shows the extent of Khloe's facial reconstruction. We have to hand it to her, though, she looks pretty amazing, but she doesn't look like the Khloe we all know and love at all!

In this photo, you can definitely tell just how much she has plumped up her lips throughout the years. It's possible she had just gone in for lip fillers prior to jetting off to the exotic location, and after a few weeks, the results would settle down and give her a more natural appearance. But Khloe wasn't going to wait for the swelling to go down, so she snapped this photo with her full pout on display.

Her nose also appears to be slimmer, and we wouldn't put it past her if she had cheek implants. Many of her social media followers pointed out her noticeable changes with comments such as, "Lay off them lip fillers girl."

4 The Progression


Still not convinced that Khloe's changes are way more drastic than they appear? Just take a look at this photo showing the progression of her face and her ever-changing appearance. The first photo on the left shows Khloe back in the early-2000s when the Kardashians were dominating cable television. The middle photo is when she began to dabble with plastic surgery, and the photo on the right shows what happened when Khloe's doctor went crazy with the fillers and botox.

The photo on the left is how many people remember her, and looking at the progression and how she has changed over the years is a bit unsettling. It would be one thing if she made a few changes here and there, but her whole face looks completely botched in the photo on the right. Too many fillers back to back definitely changed Khloe's face in the worst way possible, and her face appears to be a bit puffy and swollen. We're surprised she was even able to crack a smile.

3 New Nose?


Many suspect Khloe has undergone a rhinoplasty, and this photo really seals the deal for us. On the left, Khloe's nose is a bit fuller, and on the right, it has been slimmed down a bit. Many celebrities have blamed their facial changes on highlight and contouring, but there are not enough makeup products in the world that will give you changes this drastic. Khloe has denied getting a nose job, but this picture says otherwise. We can't fault her for wanting to make a change, though. We think her slimmer nose definitely fits her face better and gives her a gorgeous profile, but we wonder why Khloe and the rest of the Kardashians are so against telling the truth? Anyone with eyes can see how she has completely changed herself, but she'll continue to deny going under the knife until she's irrelevant and no one gives AF anymore.

2 WTF Is Going On Here?


YIKES! This is yet another cautionary tale for those who may be thinking about getting plastic surgery. Doing small changes here and there is no big deal, but when you go overboard with the enhancements, fillers and botox, you're bound to end up looking cray. The photo on the left shows Khloe at the hight of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And on the right, you can see how much she has changed throughout the years. Khloe's doctor went absolutely bonkers with the fillers, and her face is completely unrecognizable. It looks like the muscles in her face are numb, so she's unable to even smile naturally. And then, her entire face is pumped with so much botox and Juvederm that she just looks completely puffy. Hopefully she learned her lesson after this fiasco because we would hate for Khloe to walk outside looking like this again.

1 Obviously, Her Butt


One of the most notable changes on Khloe's body is her butt. Back in the day, her booty was flat, but it fit her body shape and size. It was a natural tush, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with the way she looked. But over time, Khloe must have visited her big sis Kim's plastic surgeon because her booty went from non-existent to WTF.

Diet and exercise can definitely change the shape of your body, and squats and lunges can build up the muscles in your glutes. But this right here is ridiculous. There is no way possible that Khloe can say with a straight face that she boosted her rear by doing squats with some five-pound weights. We would definitely give her props if she just came clean and said she had fat transferred from other parts of her body and had it injected in her butt. People would probably respect her a lot more if she opened up and told us the truth. But instead, she ends up on the cover of a fitness magazine and gives her exercise workouts to women who think they can achieve the same look by spending hours in the gym.

Don't get us wrong, her new butt looks great, but it would look even better if Khloe stopped lying about how she gained it.

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