15 Photos Of People Failing Hard At Taking A Selfie

What’s more embarrassing than getting caught doing something stupid or questionable? Having a photo that commemorates it forever and ever. Almost like America’s Funniest Home Videos, these photos capture the strange and struggling, the weird and worrying. And the best part? A lot of people didn’t even know they were getting caught in a revealing photo. Selfies are supposed to be totally self-focused. It makes sense that we wouldn’t check the background after shooting it, right? Well, these people have learned that that’s probably the worst thing you can do. No doubt none of them are going to want to live with these photos on their Facebooks after seeing just how gross, disturbing, and revealing the photos are. Be it babies, or toilets, or any other mix of typically embarrassing things, these people drew the short straw when it came to selfie luck. Hopefully none of their reputations were damaged too badly!


15 Wait… Cat Groping?!

Yeah, we weren’t sure what was happening here either. This one might seem disappointing at first glance, but trust us. Let us get into what’s going on here and we’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s so terrible about this shot. First off, let’s look at the hair. Whoever this person is had a terrible, terrible haircut at this time in their life. It’s not complimented very well by the white wife beater either, and that ancient cellphone also has us in stitches. Aesthetic aside, what’s the worst part about this? The groping of the cat. We hope this person wasn’t hoping on keeping their eyes after taking this photo, because that cat looks shocked and alarmed, and totally ready to seek revenge on the human that violated them. Ugh… It’s too terrible to look at. We’d rather this wasn’t revealed to the internet, but what can you do?

14 Sob Stories

This photo that looks like it was pulled from snapchat is a great example of what a sad human being looks like. This guy may or may not have a girlfriend, who knows. The important part is that he was totally lying, and totally getting caught in his own lie. Girlfriend trying to sneak pictures of you? Yeah RIGHT! He’s got an awkward selfie up his sleeve, and the car reflection behind him just shows off this horrific lie. Not to mention the fact that it’s really… a sad thing to try and fake. If you want to fake a girlfriend, it’s easy enough to photoshop (or pay a model) to take a photo with you. Don’t run the risk of getting caught doing it alone! No one would question a partner shot, but this? Good luck finding love after this embarrassing photo shoot.

13 Private Peeking

Ugh, what could be more disgusting than this? While the women in the photo aren’t really at fault here, the guy certainly is! Look at that creep, taking photos up a woman’s skirt. It’s disgusting, and totally an invasion of privacy. We’re surprised nobody noticed it happening, to be honest. You’d think a man bent over double with a camera would draw some attention, but no. He seems to have gotten away scot-free, with only this one embarrassing selfie as proof. The two ladies in the shot don’t have any idea what’s happening, and don’t really seem like they know how to take a good selfie either. Most of their bodies are cut out, and you can’t really see their faces. It’s embarrassing on every level possible, and we feel bad for all of the people in it. Hopefully this guy was caught!

12 Baby Photographer

Oh man. Who thought this was ever a good idea? Okay, we get it. You want a cute picture with your man. Or your woman. You two wanted a cute photo together. But what the heck were you thinking, using your baby to take the shot?! Especially when Mom is in a sexy and very revealing outfit, and Dad is shirtless with a post-coital glow. This kid is going to grow up with some weird memories of his parents, we think. Not that there’s anything really distressing happening, but c’mon. That mirror clearly shows your baby with your flip phone. At least put on some pyjama pants before getting the kid to take the shot, Mom. Maybe this family isn’t embarrassed by the shot… But we sure are. No doubt the other people looking at it are embarrassed for them as well. Right?

11 Party Pooper

Oh no. Oh no oh no. This is what happens when people took selfies before there were front-facing cameras. People can’t actually double check how they look, how their hair is, or whether or not there’s someone in a stall behind them. We have no idea where this is, or even where this could be. It’s kind of weird to have mirrors right in front of open-stalled toilets. It seems to be just begging for situations like this. While the girl in the background looks cute, It’s ruined a little by the fact that her shorts are around her thighs and she looks like she’s mid wipe. At least the selfie taker looks cute, right? I mean, if cute is a synonym for blissfully unaware of the huge amount of embarrassment that’s currently going on around her. Hopefully this shot was forgotten, and the two girls identities never revealed… No one would want to live with this stain!

10 Chocolate Delight:

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Does anyone? We’re pretty sure chocolate deserves to be its own food group. There should be restaurants solely dedicated to chocolate, Clearly this guy agrees, or else why would he be pouring it all over himself? It’s definitely not for the appeal, and definitely not for the street cred. There’s none of either of those going on in this picture, even if he might think there is. We can’t help but feel embarrassed for him, because who actually works up the steeliness to pour chocolate syrup all over themselves and photograph it? This guy must not be able to feel embarrassment, or else he would have thought twice about even putting himself into this situation. To each their own, right? We hope the person he sent it to was into the chocolate delight… Because we sure aren’t. Cover up and clean up, mister!

9 The One Bedroom

It’s night of the living dead in this bedroom shot. The mirrored closet doors seem like a great idea, but are they really? Maybe not when you’ve got grandma (or grandpa) death living in the background. Sunk into their armchair, there’s nothing more awkward than thinking about taking sexy bikini selfies with them hanging out around you. But that’s exactly what this person did. She pulled out her hottest, tightest, most peachy pink bikini and wiggled on into it. She then decided to take a photo featuring the grandparent in the background. Why? Maybe she was desperate to send this shot to her friend/significant other. Maybe she just didn’t have space. Maybe she simply didn’t notice until this shot was plastered all over the internet. Oh well. It’s only really hilarious, not damaging in anyway. Now, if grandma or grandpa were peeking at her… THAT would be mortifyingly gross.


8 Too cool

What’s the most embarrassing thing that could happen when you’re taking a selfie? It’s not something crazy in the background, and it’s not naked people or peeping tom pics. No, the most embarrassing selfie situation is one where you’re caught taking a selfie. You don’t even have to know you’ve been caught in order to feel the embarrassment! All you need to know is that someone saw you taking a picture of yourself, and they thought it was funny enough that they would photobomb it and let you find out later. That’s what happened in this shot, where this super cool chick tried to take a cute picture of herself. Instead of getting a nice car photo out of it, she got some male jerks in the background flipping her the bird and making a silly face. It’s not as revealing as some on this list, but it’s definitely one that we can all relate to.

7 What a Cute Train

How do you tell someone that they look awesome, but there’s a train in the background that looks like it’s going to kill them in a split second? Well, we don’t know. It’s likely that this person didn’t know either, as the whole point of a selfie is that it’s taken by yourself. He didn’t have anyone around him to help save him from the oncoming train, but we certainly hope he escaped. Imagine how embarrassing that would be? “Kid, why were you on the tracks in the first place?” “Well, Ms. Paramedic, I wanted to take a selfie…” No one would be very impressed with him after that, and we don’t blame people. This is a ridiculous thing to try and pull, and while we wouldn’t want him to be hurt, we also wouldn’t want him to get away with such a ridiculous activity.

6 Weird Internet Challenges

You knew there’d have to be at least one of those on here, right? Whatever this upside-down-hang-off-the-door challenge is, we’re a little confused by it. Is it a challenge to see who can snap a selfie while holding on to the door for dear life? Or is it a pose this person created just to show off their great peach? Or flexibility? It could be both. Maybe she started the trend of “the ultimate butt shot” because she wanted to show off hers so badly. Rightfully so, too, but we can’t help but notice that she’s actually… Really awkward. How did she even get up there in the first place? And how is she going to get down? We feel that the true embarrassment in this is when she gets caught. Or has to yell for help, because she’s caught between the doors.

5 Poor Kid

What is it with these Moms and kids? There’s too many embarrassing selfies out there that feature both mothers and sons, or mothers and daughters, or parents making fun of their sons and daughters. It’s a rough time to be selfie-ing, as this child will no doubt agree. While we all experienced as kids the pain of Mom going shopping and us having to be dragged along, this child is getting a whole new level of torture. He’s given up on life and is ready to throw himself off of the dressing room chair in a desperate cry for help. It’s not like he has any choice in the matter, though. He’s too young to be unattended, and when Mom’s gotta shop, Mom’s gotta shop. She’s done the right thing bringing him into the changing room with her, but he won’t appreciate that until much… MUCH later. Oh well!

4 Classic Beach Selfie


Who doesn’t love a fun afternoon at the beach? We know we certainly like it. These ladies look like they’re having tons of fun too, despite the fact that there’s an unwelcome snake visiting in the background. It’s so painfully obvious, too, thanks to those tight little shorts the guy has on. It’s surprising that he can hold a regular conversation while it’s happening, though maybe he just didn’t notice. We can’t really blame his member for getting excited. When you’re having fun outside and are surrounded by beautiful women like these, maybe he just couldn’t control it. We do wish he would have covered up though, especially since it made a perfectly good selfie totally and completely embarrassing. Better luck next time, beachy babes. Hopefully there won’t be any gross man sticks poking up behind you.

3 The Ultimate Embarrassment

We had to include this one for all you Kardashian fans out there. What’s more embarrassing than a weird background of a selfie? The context of which the selfie is being taken. Kim Kardashian might have grown up in front of cameras, but she definitely doesn’t know the appropriate times to utilize them. Khloe was on her way to jail, which was when Kim decided it would be appropriate to snap a quick pic or two. Not of Khloe though, oh no. Kim was taking selfies, much to Kris’ chagrin. She was quickly told to stop, as it was disrespectful to Khloe and her situation. We think it’s hilarious, and ultimately the most embarrassing thing that could happen. Mom telling you to stop taking cute photos because your sister is going to jail? Yeah. It’s awkward. We would blush if we were Kim.

2 Creepy Hands


Or rather, at least make sure your room is cleaned up and or the weird mess is out of the frame when you’re taking a photo. It’s hard to look at anything except the creepy hands, despite the fact that it seems to be a picture of two lovely, happy girls. What in the world is that? Was it planted there by a terrible roommate? The possibilities are endless, and we can’t rip our eyes away from it. No doubt someone thought they were being really smart keeping the creepiness up and out of the way, but it looks like that didn’t have quite the effect they were going for. Maybe it’s just the way it goes. You need somewhere to hang your weird stuff, but the only place that works is on this awkward hook in the middle of the room. We guess we’d do the same, but we certainly wouldn’t take a selfie with it in the background!

1 A Star is Strawed

Wouldn’t you expect our superstars today to be constantly vigilant about the embarrassing stuff that appears online? We know we certainly would be. There’s a certain amount of pressure to look presentable and relatable, without revealing too much. Lena Dunham, our sources have told us, certainly has the relatability down, at least when you’re looking at this picture. A little out of focus, a little uncomfortable, and a little confusing, this shot is a harsh look at reality for some drunk stars at awards shows, performances, or whatever is going on in the background there. Lena is really embracing her everywoman status, being super relatably smashed in public. While we don’t know if this is a true selfie, or if this is her friends catching her in a terrible situation, we know that we’re glad the moment was captured and preserved forever… Even if she’s not.


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