15 Photos Of Olivia Munn

When you think of Hollywood's sexiest leading ladies, many come to mind. Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston (Team Jen all the way), Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, and more. Someone that stays under the radar, though, is Olivia Munn, who is really one of the most sultry and physically attractive stars of our generation. She is known for movies like Magic Mike and Date Night, but her really big publicity break came when she began dating Aaron Rodgers in late 2014 and they became one of the hottest Hollywood and red carpet couples over the course of their three years of dating. Then, earlier this year, it was revealed that Munn, 37, and Rodgers, 34, had split up. Hollywood, and the whole world, seemed to mourn. Well, maybe not all of us. Rodgers is on the market again! None of us girls are complaining, but Munn isn't someone you want in your rearview mirror.

Below we show you 15 sexy photos of Munn-- and exactly why Rodgers will regret his choices for months (years) to come.

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15 ABC: Arousing Stare, Bouncy Curls, And Cuddly Cleavage

The picture above gives me major and sexy Magic Mike vibes, a movie Munn was in in early 2012 with stars like Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum. She plays Joanna, the girlfriend of Tatum's character. The movie was shot with a yellowy old school vibe and glow, as we also see in the picture above. Munn is wearing a mismatched suit of maroon and beige, seductively unbuttoning a few buttons at the top with a necklace hanging low. What's beautiful about this picture is that dark and bold red lip, as well as the way her green eyes pop! Her brunette hair falls perfectly along the crown of her head, too, making her look like a sexy at-home wife just hanging out-- and looking perfect!

14 See-Through And Suggestive

Well hello there! Munn is leaving little to the imagination thanks to this barely there gray tank top. We can see everything and then some. Her hand lightly holding up the shirt giving a peek of her tummy is an inviting gesture. The mismatched undies have an innocent polka-dot pattern, contrasting the seductive theme of the rest of the photo. We have the short hair again in this picture-- and we still can't decide which length of hair we like better! The ends of her hair flipping up are just another sexy piece of the picture. And, even though Rodgers is damn good at football, he isn't so good at prioritizing, because he clearly didn't see what he had when he had it.

13 Water Play

How fun is this picture from Munn's 2012 Maxim photo shoot? She had some sensual and sexy fun playing in the water, posing topless in a field, and seductively modeling a neon pink bathing suit while in an infinity pool. Specifically in the picture above, she is caught candidly splashing the water in the hot tub, with spurts of water hitting her in the chest area. Speaking of, her chest looks so good in that bathing suit! We did say green suits her. Her white teeth nicely match the white bubbles of the water, giving good color under the evident flash that the photographer used. Some tidbits from her interview? She loves Comic-Con and dirty jokes. Sounds like the perfect guy's girl, right Aaron?

12 Could You Resist This?

What is your eye instantly drawn to in this picture? For men, the answer is obvious. But, for a girl up on her fashion, I couldn't stop staring at the great colors and patterns on her bathing suit bottom! Sexily posing as usual, Munn gives us a nice peek at her natural cleavage under a classic white t-shirt. She isn't smiling, another classic move of hers. Instead, she is sensually giving a head-on sexy stare, almost inviting you to join her with whatever she is about to do. The teal color of her bottoms give us a beachy vibe, along with the pattern on the pillow sitting next to her. She can't do anything without looking sexy! On top of her physically obvious qualities, Munn is also funny and modest, so we wonder what went wrong with her and Rodgers?

11 Blues And Greens Beach Babe

Another green shade making her tan body just pop! Usually it makes her beautiful green eyes pop too, but in this case, we don't get the luxury of seeing that thanks to her bug-eyed and beachy sunglasses. With a matching bathing suit top and bottom, Munn poses casually and somehow still looks sexy with her flat stomach and natural cleavage. But, what gives this picture an extra layer, is that sexy black lace that adorns the top and bottom of her bathing suit. It contrasts great with the beachy green color of the suit, as well as the ocean blue of the background-- and we wonder, because it looks so casual, is this one that Rodgers may have taken while on one of their vacations?

10 Light Pink And Flirty Florals

Another close-up of Olivia Munn, this picture gives us a completely innocent theme with that sexy eye gaze that almost gives it all away. A dark blue background of a dress with pink florals gives us an innocent and modest vibe, while the teardrop necklace accentuates this as well. The low-cut of the dress screams sexy, but it is reeled in with the matching pink lip, eye, and blush makeup. The kicker for this picture is the seductive gaze, the one Munn always seems to give in virtually any photo. The sexiness comes so naturally to her that she almost can't help it! Her dark locks contrast perfectly with the tan color of her skin as well as the flirty floral and light dress pattern!

9 There Isn't A Pose She Can't Rock

And as we can see, there REALLY is NOT a pose that this girl can NOT rock! The camera really soaks her up and she doesn't hate being in the spotlight either. Even though she is a modest yet confident woman, she boasts a level of sexiness that very little women in Hollywood these days can pull off. In our picture above, Munn looks away from the camera and slightly bends her back forward, which lightly whispers a vibe of a woman needing help. The dark blue wetsuit pulled half off of her body invites the audience in, as does her natural beauty and the hourglass figure she has. Her hair half up in a ponytail, some wisps of hair are flying up in the contrast of the sky behind her-- and she just cannot look any better! You go girl!

8 Barely There Underwear

How playful and sexy this magazine photo shoot of Munn is. In early 2016, Munn graced the cover of the Stndrd magazine with an article all about the show that gave her her start, as well as her childhood and some life lessons she's learned so far. One thing we learned from her interview was her complete modesty and lack of cockiness when it comes to making it in Hollywood: “I didn’t go to LA thinking people would accept me or like me. A lot of actors face their demise because they go to LA thinking they will be loved and that can break people down when it doesn’t happen. When I came to LA I had no expectations about how I should be treated. I understood that just because you want people to like you—it doesn’t mean that they will.” Above, she shows her fun and flirty side, too, by somehow making innocent polka dots and a simple white tee look ultra sexy.

7 Red Hot Party Girl

Beer pong in a secluded and tropical location with Olivia Munn in a sexy red one-piece?! We're there! Just tell us what plane to get on. Earlier this year in February, Munn posted the above picture on her Instagram, along with a follow-up picture of her in mid-happy dance posing and dancing. (We take it she won the game.) She actually said in her caption that it was her FIRST time playing beer pong, ever! The bathing suit from Private Party says "Ride or Die" and started a cyclone of obsessive fans trying to find the same exact bathing suit. That's just how popular she is! Yahoo! was eventually the winner that found the bathing suit and let fans everywhere be a little sexy with their Munn-inspired beachwear. Even though she is focused and in a casual setting, Munn is still sexy with her skinny legs and torso!

6 All Black Everything

Sultry. Candid. Casual sexy. Olivia can really do it all and she shows it in this picture. Not only does her cleavage, long limber legs, and flat tummy scream seductress, but that dreamy off-screen stare she is giving makes her look even steamier. Why, you may ask? It's a classic model pose, something candid that makes the audience think you (the subject) aren't even bothering with them, like your attention toward them isn't even needed. And don't we all want something we can't have? Munn just knows how to leave you wanting more. Poor Aaron had no idea what he was doing when he broke her heart! Plus, the color contrast in this picture makes her body just pop that much more, with the all black outfit and heels contradicting the light blue hues behind her.

5 Seductive Leather Lady

A few different things are happening here for Munn in this picture. First, the longer hair we usually don't see on her is flowing freely to the side of her oval-shaped face. As we usually do see, she is giving the camera a head-on, seductive stare, oozing with her sensuality. There is more color contrast making her look really good, too! The green plants behind her contrasted with her brown leather short jumpsuit naturally attracts the eye. And, have we talked about her eyebrows yet? They ALWAYS look good (or, on fleek, as some say) and frame her nut-shaped dark eyes so well. There are also great lines in this picture with the pin-straight earrings, her arms, and the sleekness of her body that the jumpsuit gives off. Sultry must be her middle name!

4 Take A Bite

I think we would all like a bite of that apple-- or maybe we'd like to BE the apple! What was Rodgers thinking? If he were to ever see this picture, he would probably cry into his beer bottle while staring at her. What is not to love here? She looks great in anything green, as it brings out the color in her eyes. We see some side boob, her thick bottom, and that seductive gaze-- with a little passive-aggressive smile thrown in for good measure! My favorite thing about this photo, however, is how natural her body looks. She doesn't have the perfect skinny arms or skinny waist, but she is just beautiful the way she is! And the innocent Eve theme is enough to get anyone a little excited.

3 Titillating Tousled Hair

A rare close-up of Munn, this gives us a chance to really dial in and see what Rodgers saw every morning he woke up-- and boy, was it a good sight to see! In this picture, her dark and wavy locks frame her face in a way that makes them noticeable, but also draws your attention straight to the beautiful natural structure of her face. Her eye gaze pierces you, as does the bright pop of her cheeks and lips. Furthermore, there is something very sexy innocent to be said about the subtle freckles on her nose. Lastly, even her collarbone, decorated with a thin gold necklace, has a sleek and sensual feel to it. Her natural beauty really shines here and we love it! Rodgers must be lonely waking up to nothing, after waking up to this beauty for so long.

2 Provocative Pajama Party

A candid and homemade picture of Olivia, this is just about as sexy as you can get. Knowing this was not a posed or pre-planned picture just makes it all the more sultry. Found on her Instagram, the picture gives us a completely sexy vibe despite the random wire, bottle opener, and pipe also present in the picture. Really, all you see is her. In fact, I didn't even see those details until later on. Her tanned legs are in an innocent pose, while they are also adorned with, well, it looks like nothing! Her shirt hangs just low enough to cover anything, yet it gives a low-cut peek under itself, too. Her dark hair falling in her face hiding her left eye screams sexy-- and we wonder if this is what she wore to bed every night. Rodgers, are you upset yet?

1 Steamy Skyscraping Starlet

One of my favorite pictures! I had to include this one for so many reasons. First of all, wowza! Could her pose get any more sensual? Her body looks elongated, thanks to the pointed toes. Her left leg posed up contrasts the city skyline in the background-- and we don't know how anyone can focus on the pretty buildings when Munn is in the foreground. Her shoulders even look sexy! The black dress thins her body, making her look sleek and modern, as does the high-cut that gives us a peek at her sexy legs. There is just nothing about this photo that isn't screaming sultry seductress! Munn, a very modest woman, just makes it that much sexier with her starry gaze and slightly open mouth adorned with a pop of red lips.

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