15 Photos Of Khloe Kardashian Looking Nothing Like Her Sisters

It's impossible to read a celebrity gossip magazine or website these days without seeing something about a member of the Kardashian family. If you're a pop culture addict, then that's exactly the way that you like it. There's no arguing with the fact that these ladies are seriously fashionable and that you love everything that they wear. Whenever you want some inspiration for what to wear when running casual errands or heading to a more formal, elegant event (even though you don't go to many of those...), you think of the Kardashians. They always look good. The truth is that sometimes, they even seem to dress alike, especially Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. There's one member of this famous family that doesn't always look like everyone else, though, and that's Khloe. Whether it's her hair color or her outfits, she's definitely unique. Here are 15 photos of Khloe K looking nothing like her sisters.

15 #NoMakeUp


A rare sight coming from the Kardashian clan, but every so often the sisters step out, and are caught without any makeup on. While Kourtney and Kim look flawless without makeup, Khloe on the other hand looks like she's been through a rough night of partying. She is unrecognizable. It's almost a given that Kourtney would look great without makeup because she is so health conscious that she probably only glams up when she has to. Kim more recently has been showcasing how to wear her new KKW makeup so we are starting to see more of her without any makeup. As for Khloe,  even though this image was one of her younger days, it's still bad enough to never want to leave the house without any makeup again!

14 Even From Behind


While the Kardashians are known for their curves, and Kim especially for her behind, it's hard to imagine that Khloe can ever be considered a Kardashian with that old school look. Sure now her butt seems to be the biggest of the three, but you can't help but wonder if she maybe got it plumped in order to fit the Kardashian mold. While Kourtney was always the smaller sister, she still had a nice little romp that was easy to identify. Kim's backside has never changed, sure it might have gotten smaller and bigger with time and babies, but her curves were always what made her a true Kardashian. It's crazy to think there was a time where Khloe was flatter than a plank of wood from behind. Who is she?

13 Throwing Different Shades


If you didn't think that this was Khloe Kardashian, no one would blame you. It's been a while since she was a brunette. You're probably so used to seeing the celebrity with blonde hair that it's tough to recall that she didn't always dye her hair that shade. This particular hair color is more of a reddish brown, and while it's definitely beautiful, it's not the hair color that you associate with Khloe. This photo was taken a while before Khloe embarked on her now infamous fitness and weight loss journey. Even though she looks like a completely different person now and you could never look at this photo and one of her today and think that it was the same girl, she still looks amazing here. You have to admit that she's got a great smile on her face and she's wearing a cool vest and her makeup looks really pretty as well.

12 What A Sight


Here you have an image of all three sisters in similar outfit shades and sunglasses. While Kim and Kourtney are easily spotted in the image, Khloe almost goes unnoticed in the background. She just looks like some random person who happened to be in the shot or like one of their assistants. It also doesn't help that Kim and Kourtney are holding onto each other for dear life that makes it feel like no matter what they got each other, and poor Khloe is left out in the background to fend for herself. It makes you wonder that while Khloe and Kourtney do seem to be the closer sisters, if often times Khloe feels like the odd one out when it comes to her famous family, especially in the looks department.

11 With Her Sisters


This photo was taken several years ago at a red carpet even in London, and Khloe was hanging out with her sisters. On the left you have Kendall Jenner looking super young so you can tell that this was quite a while ago. She's wearing her hair slightly wavy and has got a sophisticated dress on. Next to her is Kim Kardashian wearing a super glam dress and a pretty necklace and her hair up. Then you have Kylie Jenner wearing a cute black and white strapless dress... and looking nothing like she does today. Khloe Kardashian is next to Kylie and is wearing a strapless grey dress. Her hair is an auburn color and based on that fact alone, she really looks like her sisters here. Then you have Kourtney Kardashian on the right with curly hair that you never see on her these days. Would you think that Khloe was part of the family? Probably not.

10 The Odd One Out


It coms as no surprise that Khloe has been the odd one out her entire life. This throwback is a perfect example of that. While Kourtney and Kim donned matching outfits and looked like the happiest little girls, Khloe is often seen photographed looking miserable as a child. Do you think she knew that her sisters would grow up to be such beautiful dark haired Armenian babes, while she watched on the sidelines as the tall sister? She always said that she was considered the "ugly duckling" or the "ugly sister" which is why she set out on the wonderful journey of transformation. But is that enough? With throwback pictures like this, you can't help but wonder if all those rumors about Khloe's real dad are true! After all, she looks nothing like her sisters!

9 A New Nose?


This photo was shared along with comments that Khloe Kardashian had gotten a nose job. Who knows if that is true or not. The truth can sometimes be kind of a funny thing when it comes to Hollywood. There are so many rumors flying around at any given time. Whether or not Khloe got a new nose, you have to admit that she looks nothing like her sisters in this picture. She still looks pretty. It wouldn't be possible for her not to look pretty. That just couldn't happen. You're just confused that she can look so different from the way that she usually looks. Is she doing that on purpose? Is she trying to break away from her brand and the way that her sisters look? Does she want to look super unique and like she isn't a part of this family? You have so many questions. Just so many questions.

8 Aunt Koko Is That You?


This is a photo that was taken at Penelope and North's mermaid birthday. You almost can't even recognize Khloe in that bright purple wig. While the hair color is something you've never seen before, she almost goes completely unnoticed in this disguise. We have definitely seen the other Kardashians in wigs before, but none were ever so different looking that you didn't notice it was them. You have to say that this photo really shows just how different Khloe looks without her usual look. You wonder if the kids even recognized their own aunt! If she was trying to look like anyone except who she really is, then she totally succeeded. You love Khloe the way that she is and you don't think that this look really suits her (even if it was for dress up). Sure, she looks pretty, no doubt about it, but it doesn't seem like her.

7 Too Much Face Tune


Yes, Kylie Jenner has been rocking a lob for a while now, and this hairstyle looks awesome on her. Kim Kardashian has also had a bob before. But you have to admit that you associate the Kardashian sisters with the long, wavy or straight hair that they usually have. It seems like Kim and Kourtney are pretty attached to their long hair, which you totally get since chances are, if your hair is longer then you are in the same boat. It's tough to let go of long hair and get it cut. You basically start mourning your long hair as soon as you leave the salon. #girlproblems. Since you don't think of Kim and Kourtney as having short hair, you don't think that Khloe looks like her sisters in this photo since she's got a super wavy bob. Of course, her hair looks insanely good here, and you wouldn't mind having the same style. She also looks like she has used a lot of enhancement apps in order to get such a perfect airbrushed look. We do think she could have toned it down and it definitely makes her look nothing like her sisters (or herself).

6 Awkward Family Photo


This image was shared on Kim's app but it is probably not the first time you've seen it. The Kardashian family is notorious for taking the most extravagant Christmas card photos, and this one here is no different. While the family is decked out in similar Christmas outfits, Khloe almost goes unnoticed. You are able to spot everyone in the photo easily, but when it comes to Khloe your eyes seem to wander around looking for her. It also doesn't help that she is shoved off to the far left away from the rest of her siblings. It makes you wonder, is she in it just because or is there more to their family tree?

5 A Good Blow Out


Again, there's nothing wrong with the way that Khloe looks in this photo. She's got a perfect blow out just like her sisters. Also like her sisters, her hair is a darker shade that we are not used to but still slightly different than Kim and Kourtney. Again we have to mention the body language of this photo, Kim and Kourtney are side by side and Khloe has her back towards her two sisters as if she is blocking them off, and she kind of looks mad too. She just doesn't look like herself. And when she doesn't look like herself, that means that she doesn't look like her sisters, either. You probably always thought that she looked a lot like Kim, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie, and so these photos are definitely making you think twice about that.

4 Who Wore It Better?


Does Khloe's hair seem to get blonder the more that you look at it? Sometimes it seems that way... All jokes aside, she doesn't look like a Kardashian in this picture, either. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the way that she looks here, of course. Her eyelashes look insane (in a good way), her orange dress is super flattering, and her makeup is the best. You really think that you need to get some pointers from her on the best ways to apply eyeshadow, mascara, blush, and lipstick because she's got it down pat. This high ponytail is what makes you think that she doesn't look like a member of her famous family because it's not a hairstyle that you see her sporting on a regular basis. It doesn't look bad, of course. It looks great. It looks better than it would on most people since she's so gorgeous. It just doesn't look like her.

3 Same Order Different Look


Of course, every celebrity seems to love their Starbucks (and you do too, so this is an example of when stars really are just like you) and so it's not strange to see a celeb walking around holding a coffee cup or some kind of beverage. But this just doesn't look like Khloe Kardashian. She's not wearing something that she typically wears. Although this grey t-shirt-style dress is cute and you would totally wear it, it's a bit, well, casual for her. Her hair has been dyed blonde but it's not a shade that you have seen her rock before. And when you look at her face in this particular photo, you can't say that she looks like herself. If you saw this photo and weren't told that it was Khloe Kardashian, you would wonder if it was an up-and-coming celebrity that you had never heard of before.

2 Close But No Cigar


Khloe looks incredibly thin in this photo and it's hard to focus on anything except for that fact. You know that her weight loss has been highly publicized and that she seems to have dropped pounds the healthy way (aka through exercise and better food choices). You don't think that she looks like her sisters here, do you? No, she definitely doesn't. For one thing, her hair is super straight, and while Kendall and Kourtney and Kim do rock straight locks sometimes, Khloe's hair looks even straighter here. For another, Khloe is so thin here that she doesn't have any curves, and as you know, the Kardashian sisters are known for their curves. It's impossible to see a photo of Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner without seeing their lovely, beautiful, inspiring curves. They are body image role models since they prove that beauty doesn't have to mean starving yourself to be a size zero if that's not your natural body type.

1 Is That An Alien?


Okay, what?! This can't be Khloe. Can it? Can it really be her? That's totally your reaction to this photo, right?! This doesn't look like Khloe Kardashian. She doesn't look anything like her sisters. Not at all. Not one bit. You can kind of tell that it's her based on her makeup alone because it seems like she loves wearing these shades of eyeshadow and lipstick, but beyond that, you're at a loss for words. You've never seen her like hair this. It's much shorter than her usual length. You're going to be thinking about this photo for a while since it's honestly super confusing. You have no idea how someone can look like her sisters most of the time and then, all of a sudden, look absolutely nothing like them. It's a head-scratcher for sure. But even when Khloe looks nothing like her sisters, she is still absolutely gorgeous, and she's still #goals!

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