15 Photos Of Kate Middleton That Will Make You Jealous AF

Kate Middleton is definitely one of your favorite celebrities. She's beautiful, she's sweet, and she's incredibly fashionable. Don't even try to hide it, you are definitely envious of whatever she is wearing. Oh yeah, and then there's the fact that she is married to none other than Prince William and they have an absolutely adorable family. Yeah, you might be a bit of a green-eyed monster about that, too. But that's okay. Because everyone feels the exact same way. You probably have had more than one conversation with your closest girlfriends about how much you love Kate Middleton. Don't even get you started on how obsessed you were with her wedding day. That's another story entirely. So let's take a look at even more amazing photos of Kate where she looks absolutely gorgeous. Here are 15 photos of Kate Middleton that will make you jealous AF.

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15 Perfect Polka Dots


Look, let's just get one thing out of the way: it's not easy to wear polka dots and look good in them. You have tried and failed a whole bunch of times. You might be a big fan of the pattern but whenever you try to wear a polka dot top or dress, you end up looking like you're trying way too hard. Or you look like a kid again. It just doesn't work and the dream is over. When you see this photo of Kate Middleton looking super stylish in her sunglasses and with her perfect hair and wearing a black and white polka dot dress, it's impossible not to be jealous, right? It's just impossible. She looks amazing. That's really all there is to it. You would love to hang out with her and get some pointers and tips on how to pick out the perfect polka dot outfits and how to look good in them. You think that she would have some great advice.

14 Wedding Day Dream


Yup, you were definitely super obsessed with Kate and William's wedding day... along with everyone else. Hey, why not? She was literally becoming a princess. Okay, okay not literally. She's technically a duchess, not a princess. But still. This was the kind of wedding day that you and other girls have dreamed of. You are definitely super jealous of this wedding dress and how beautiful Kate looks because you just can't help it. This dress is so awesome. It's sophisticated, it's elegant, it's detailed and ornate and just puts a smile on your face. You love that it's got long sleeves and all kinds of lace and flowers. This dress gives you some serious feelings of envy, but it also gives you some major inspiration for your own wedding day. Of course, you already have the whole thing planned out whether you're engaged or not. Just the way that it is.

13 Pretty In Green


Wearing green is not easy. It can make you look, well, green. If anyone was going to look absolutely gorgeous in a green dress, it would have to be Kate Middleton, so you're not surprised by this even one bit. This dress is pretty special. You love that it's super long, you love that it's a beautiful shade of green, and you love that it's got a high neck and a belt. It all just works. You're pretty sure that you wouldn't look this good in this dress. You don't say that because you're self-conscious because you know you're awesome or anything like that. You just really bow down to Kate and believe that is the queen of fashion. She looks amazing no matter what she wears or where she is or what she's doing. You definitely wish two things: that you looked good in green and that you had this dress hanging in your closet. Sure, you don't have a fabulous place to wear it, but that's okay. You would just wear it inside your apartment and feel great.

12 Casual And Cool


Do you look this incredible wearing super casual clothes? Yeah, you look good, but come on, Kate looks absolutely awesome here. She's wearing brown pants, flats, and a white shirt with polka dots on it. Yup, she's wearing the polka dots again, and again, she looks great. You love that she has tucked her sunglasses into her shirt because it just looks so effortlessly cool, which is really the way that you would describe her sense of style. Whether she's wearing a fancy ballgown and heading somewhere as fabulous as she is or she's running errands or walking around with her one true love, you always think that she looks effortlessly beautiful and cool. It's just a thing. Of course, if you tried to put your sunglasses into your shirt like this, they would totally fall onto the ground no matter where you went.

11 Adorable In Boots

Vanity Fair

Kate totally looks like she's heading to the stables to ride some horses and that's why you are so into this particular look. There's something so chic about the whole equestrian look. Hey, maybe she was at the stables here, you have no idea. You do know that she looks awesome. You are seriously crushing on this entire outfit, but you want those boots especially. They look so comfortable and perfect and like they would go with absolutely any outfit. Actually, you think that they would look amazing with everything in your closet. Maybe Kate would let you borrow them. You wish. It would be your dream to be friends with her because you hope that she would let you raid her closet every once in a while. You wonder if her best friends do. They must, right? How would they not want to wear whatever she does?

10 Prim And Proper

Hollywood Life

Can you imagine someone wearing a fancy and formal navy blue coat with matching heels and looking as beautiful as Kate does here? No, you definitely can't. If you wore this, you would look super frumpy and would feel like you were wearing a Halloween costume. When Kate wears this, she looks like the very definition of elegance. Plus, let's talk about that hat. That hat is epic. It's special. It completes the outfit and matches what she is wearing perfectly. And best of all, she doesn't look silly wearing that hat. Nope. Not at all. She looks super beautiful. Can you imagine seeing someone else in that hat and thinking that they look great? Probably not. But it's Kate, of course. She can do absolutely no wrong in the style department. She's also got a perfect necklace on that is pretty and delicate and goes with the rest of the outfit perfectly. She just knows what's up and never looks horrible.

9 Perfect Hair And Wave


Let's talk about this hair for a moment. Kate has really, really, really good hair. It's the kind of hair that girls dream about. It's the kind of hair that hair stylists would be super psyched to work on. It's pretty perfect. It's wavy but it's a certain kind of wavy. It's not so wavy that it's almost curly and therefore is a pain to deal with. It's got a natural wave to it (or a wave that was created by styling products and yet looks natural, which still counts). You're into it. You also love Kate's wave. This photo definitely makes you jealous since you can't believe how fabulous and royal she looks when she waves. It's like she invented the whole waving thing. Okay, maybe that sounds kind of dramatic, but that's honestly what you think when you look at her. She knows how to wave and probably makes the people that she waves at feel super great. Because you would love if she waved at you. You really would.

8 Tousled Hair


Okay, let's chat about these sunglasses. It's a super cool girl move to put sunglasses up on your head like Kate has done here. It's a signal that you are awesome. People want to talk to you and hang out with you and be your best friend all because of the way that you put your sunglasses on top of your head. No, really, that's totally true. No lies. When you try it, you feel like it totally hurts and like you can't pull it off, but this photo of Kate looking as amazing as she always does has inspired you to give it one more try. This is a great photo since Kate looks super happy. She's waving (of course) because she is great at waving. her hair is perfectly wavy, she's wearing green because she looks really good in green, and she's even got green earrings. Yes, her earrings match her dress exactly. Because she's Kate Middleton. So of course they would.

7 Red Checks


On some people, this dress would look like a tablecloth. You know the kind. The ones that you see at Italian restaurants. You're not saying that she looks like she is wearing a tablecloth. You're just admitting that on some people, that is what it would seem like. But not on her. You love Kate's dress. You think that she looks incredible. You're starting to realize that she really looks amazing no matter what color or pattern she is wearing... and, yes, that's enough to make you jealous AF. Because you love fashion. You love color. You love patterns. You wish that you could wear anything that your little heart desired. Sadly, that's not usually the case, and instead, you have to live with the fact that only some things work for you. You're going to sit there and secretly wish that you could pull of this red checkered dress.

6 Stripes And Jeans


Now that you've seen how great Kate looks in jeans, white sneakers, and a striped top, you totally want to run out and buy the exact same outfit, right? Maybe you already own items of clothing that look like this and you can race to your closet right away. It's really inspiring how Kate can wear super fancy clothes and then super casual clothes and she honestly looks pretty no matter what. There aren't a lot of people who can do that, whether they are famous or not. Some people look great in suits or fancy ballgowns but don't look so hot in jeans and a t-shirt, and for others, it's the total opposite. That's not the case with Kate. She is just so fashionable, she is totally #goals. It sounds cheesy and it is but she also has a big smile on her face most of the time that she is photographed, and that is really cool.

5 Patterned Pants

Daily Mail

These are super cool pants, don't you think? Don't you wish that you had them in your own closet? The truth about patterned pants is that they can be really cool or really horrible. And when they are horrible, they are a total eyesore. If you have friends who wear these types of pants on a regular basis, you've probably been afraid to tell them what you really thought about them, but you definitely had some negative thoughts toward them. You just couldn't help it. Of course, Kate Middleton can pull off any trend, any style of clothing, and any pattern, so you know that she would look good in patterned pants. Just look at these. They are blue and a really tough pattern to pull off and yet, there Kate is, stylish as always. But don't get upset. You can get jealous, sure, but don't let it be a super negative emotion. Channel that feeling and step up your own fashion game and you will be thankful to Kate for motivating you.

4 Pregnant Chic


Of course Kate would be the most fashionable pregnant woman ever. Of course. There is not even a question. This is a great photo since it proves that it doesn't matter if you are carrying a baby or not, you can still look as stylish as ever. Kate's wearing a pale pink dress with a beautiful salmon-colored jacket and she has paired this look with chic and trendy high heels. Don't you just love how she pulls outfits together? It's like she always knows exactly what colors or shades will look good together. She just gets it. Even this jacket would be hard to pull off for most women. Salmon is like green: a hard color to look good wearing. This is also such an amazing photo since Kate looks truly happy and calm and at peace. You can just tell that she really had a great time being pregnant and that she couldn't wait to grow her family.

3 Stylish In Blue

Fox News

Kate is wearing such a cool dress in this photo, it's impossible for you to not want to wear the same thing. You probably won't be able to get your hands on it, of course, but hey, a girl can dream. You definitely dream about all of the outfits that you see her wearing and the fact that you can never own those items of clothing doesn't stop you. Kate is one of your style icons for sure. If she wasn't before, then seeing this photo of her wearing this gorgeous blue and white dress would make her your fashion icon. You don't even have words. That's how much you adore this dress. It's fun, it's just colorful enough, it's sophisticated, and it could definitely be dressed up or down. Yes, you love that she's paired it with simple heels, but if it was in your closet, you would wear it with some other shoes or boots as well.

2 Plaid Coat


Have you ever thought about buying and wearing a plaid coat? Probably not. But after seeing Kate Middleton waring this particular green and blue plaid coat, you want one. You need one. You have to have one. You can't believe you never considered having this item of clothing before. In true Kate fashion, she has paired it with jeans and boots and a matching green hat. You really don't think that most people could pull off a coat like this and yet she does it completely effortlessly. It's like this coat was made for her. That's how well it fits her. You have to look closely at this photo, right? Because you probably didn't notice it right away, but Kate's jeans seem to have holes in the knees. Like all the cool kids wear. Yes, Kate Middleton's jeans have holes in them, and you are on board. You definitely want to wear this outfit.

1 In Love


Sigh. Don't you want to take a photo like this with your boyfriend? Or better yet, don't you wish that you were Kate in the moment that this picture was taken? You totally do. It's not even weird or creepy because every female that you know would agree with you. This is just such a sweet, charming, and romantic photo. You can tell that Kate and William really love each other since they are holding on to each other super tightly and they look so happy. More than that, though, they look totally at peace. They look like there is nowhere else they would rather be and that they want to stay in each other's arms forever. It's seriously envy-inducing and it's enough to make you tear up. It's just great. No doubt about it, you're a huge fan of Kate Middleton, and that is something that is never going to change.

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