15 Photos Of Kate And Meghan That Really Make The Queen Angry

In May 2018, Suits actress Meghan Markle will officially become part of the royal family when she marries Prince Harry. For the past few years, the world’s attention has mainly been on Kate Middleton who became the Duchess of Cambridge when she married Prince William, but now the world's gaze is very much on American actress Markle who will become the latest royal addition.

While we have fallen in love with Kate and Meghan for their style and outward friendliness, they both have some pretty embarrassing and shocking photos that have been captured of them and continue to follow them around. Meghan, being an actress, has been caught in some pretty compromising positions, and Kate, who is now considered the height of class and poshness, was actually once a wild party girl. The photos snapped of them don’t always paint them in the best light, and we’re sure if the Queen saw them, she would be pretty upset that they were tainting the royal name. Here are some of the most shocking photos taken of Kate and Meghan that are sure to have put a bee in Her Royal Highness’ bonnet.

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15 Rolling Royal

Kate hardly looks like the future Queen of England in this roller disco pic, and we can almost hear the tut tuts that must have come from Queen Elizabeth II's mouth as she saw this picture splashed across the newspapers. This look is definitely a far cry from the chic, classy outfits Kate is usually seen wearing, and those skimpy little yellow hotpants are definitely not royalty-approved. Despite her rather unroyal look though, Kate seems to be having a lot of fun, and it’s crazy how good she can make pink leg warmers look. One thing's for sure, if we ever need to go to an 80s-themed party, we’ll definitely be going to Kate for some pointers. Thank you Kate for bringing some fun into the royal palace, we’re sure they could use it!

14 Fight Club Cutie

Being a royal lady is all about staying classy, demure, polite, and elegant, so we’re not quite sure how the Queen will have taken this picture of Harry’s future wife looking like she’s about to kick some serious butt. This cage fighting scene is taken from a remake of the show Knight Rider in which Meghan starred as tough army girl Annie Ortiz. Although Meghan looks enviously fit and hot in this pic, she’s not exactly looking like a future royal here. Although the Queen might disapprove of seeing Markle in this way, we think it’s great to see an empowered female on the screen, and hopefully Meghan will bring this fire and strength to her future royal role. This picture makes it very clear - don’t mess with Meghan!

13 Bewitching Beauty

Halloween is the perfect holiday for us to don our cutest outfits and dress up in a way that maybe we wouldn’t normally dare to. Well, Kate is no different in her love of a good Halloween costume and as we can see here, she’s decided to go for a sexy witch look. If there’s one holiday the Queen probably frowns on, it’s likely to be Halloween, and the fact that Kate has decided to partake in the costume-wearing holiday is likely to have disgruntled her somewhat. Kate is wearing quite a short dress and those boots she’s sporting are definitely not Princess-worthy attire. We’re glad Kate is getting into the Halloween spirit, but we doubt she’s off to Buckingham Palace dressed like that. One thing’s certain though, this look is definitely more trick than treat when it comes to the Queen.

12 Un-ladylike Lounging

If there’s one thing that can be said of Meghan Markle, it’s that she is undeniably hot. The Suits star is known for her gorgeous looks and her killer physique, and really it’s no wonder that Prince Harry fell head over heels in love with her. This picture is a classic example of just how beautiful Meghan is, and although we’re all drooling over how stunning she clearly is, we doubt the Queen would be as impressed with this young American actress as we are. Meghan is bearing quite a lot of skin in this pic, and with the sultry pose she is striking, we’re sure the Queen is clutching her pearls in shock and dismay. Move over Liz, there’s a new royal storming the palace and our hearts.

11 Too Leggy For A Lady

Although Kate Middleton is known for her class and style, every once in a while the Duchess of Cambridge slips up and makes a royal faux-pas. There have been quite a few times when Kate has been papped with her skirt blown up by the wind and honestly, it’s not her fault if the weather decides to toy with her outfit. This photo shows one of those instances where Kate and the wind just didn’t seem to get along. Kate is clearly trying to do well by her royal duties of meeting and greeting, but seems to be battling with the weather trying to blow her skirt up. Because of this, this photo makes Kate look rather un-royal, and we’re sure the Queen would be displeased with how much leg Kate is accidentally showing.

10 Panty Princess

Once again, Kate seems to be having some trouble exiting gracefully from a car. Poor Kate, when will she learn to properly get out of a vehicle in princess fashion? The paps went wild when they caught this picture of Kate with her underwear in full view, and the tabloids didn’t hesitate to plaster this pic all over the place. Although this wasn’t exactly a great moment for Kate, at least she was wearing underwear, right? The Queen would never be caught dead with her under garments on show, and there’s no doubt she was highly disapproving when she saw these pictures of the young royal looking less than ladylike. Either Kate needs to start wearing longer skirts and dresses or she needs to come up with a better way of getting out of a car. Otherwise, she’s likely to get a royal telling off by Her Majesty!

9 Bendy Babe

Meghan Markle is a huge fan of yoga and has been practicing the discipline since she was a little girl thanks to her mother who is an instructor in Los Angeles. Meghan has said she does yoga regularly as part of her health and beauty regime, and looking at this photo, we can clearly see that that Meghan is pretty skilled at it. Although Meghan’s yoga skills might impress us and have us reaching for our mats at home, it’s unlikely that the Queen sees this kind of bendy exercise as anything except a bit of nonsense. The Queen probably isn’t very interested in seeing just how bendy her grandson’s new fiancée is, and most likely doesn’t approve of her advertising her flexibility for the whole world to see. Who knows though, maybe Meghan can get her grandmother-in-law to do some downward dogs with her in the Royal Palace!

8 Catwalk Controversy

We all know the story by now of how Prince William first fell in love with Kate. She was strutting down the catwalk in a St. Andrews University fashion show, and when Will laid eyes on her in the sheer dress that revealed lingerie underneath it, he was instantly smitten. Their first encounter isn’t exactly a conventional royal love story, and we’re sure the Queen had a few thoughts when she saw this picture of Kate that so caught her grandson’s eye. Admittedly, Kate looks absolutely stunning in this photo, but it’s a bit risqué nonetheless. We’re not sure how the Queen would feel about her grandson’s wife parading around in just her undergarments, but we’re certain she wouldn’t have been best pleased. That’s certainly not how royals met their future spouses back in her day!

7 Low-Cut Kate

Kate has been snapped a number of times by the paparazzi in slightly compromising positions as she’s tried to exit a car. This photo captures one of those moments, as we can see by the low-cut top she’s wearing and the subsequent revealing of her cleavage. We’re sure this rather revealing photo caused outrage in Buckingham Palace and made the Queen angry that Kate couldn’t look more demure as she was getting out of the vehicle. It looks like Kate could have used some more princess lessons as she clearly skipped the class on getting out of a car without your cleavage hanging out. This isn’t exactly the poster photo for the perfect princess, and we’re certain Prince William didn’t enjoy having the world see his wife’s private bits showcased for all the world to see.

6 Game Show Starlet

You might not know this about Meghan Markle, but before she met Harry and before she made a name for herself in Suits, she was actually one of 26 “suitcase girls” on the TV game show Deal or No Deal. Meghan admitted she took the job in 2006 to make ends meet while she auditioned for other acting roles. Meghan, like the other suitcase girls, would wear a revealing dress on the game show and stand on stage with a briefcase that contained a certain amount of money. Not exactly the most prestigious role is it? And not exactly the type of girl the Queen probably had in mind for her grandson! We’re sure Harry thinks this pic of his fiancée in her game show days is adorably hot, but we’re not sure if the Queen is as keen on this look for Meghan.

5 A Rather Trashy Look

Oh my, this photo certainly isn’t very princess-like! In fact, Kate here looks like she’s just another gal needing to take out the garbage. How very relatable indeed. And, although we may think it’s great to see Kate doing the chores just like the rest of us, we’re sure this pic didn’t impress the Queen very much at all. In fact, we can almost hear her commenting on how “common” this all looks. Kate has proven to us just how endearing she is, and this photo only serves to deepen our love for her. The worst thing would be to see someone acting like they’re too good or too important to take out the trash, but Kate proves she’s just as used to doing domestic necessities as the rest of us. We’re pretty sure Kate isn’t allowed to handle the garbage any more, but it’s nice to know that she once didn’t used to mind!

4 Lady In Leather

Wow, doesn’t Meghan look gorgeous here? And what an outfit! Whereas most of us will look at this pic and think how much we wished we looked like the actress, this picture of Meghan probably made the Queen blush! Markle’s body looks incredible in this photo and she’s definitely giving us all fashion envy. However, this skin-tight outfit probably doesn't exactly conform to royal standards, and we find it hard to imagine many other royals sporting sexy looks in leather. We’re certain that Meghan Markle will become a fashion icon, and she may even take Kate’s place as the royal with the best taste in fashion. There’s no stopping Meghan, and we can’t wait to see her officially become a part of the royal family.

3 A Royal Mess

Before she became the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton was quite the party girl. Just like any other twenty-something-year-old, Kate enjoyed going out on the town with her friends and having a good time. Unfortunately for her, Kate was a prime target for the paparazzi when she was dating Prince William, and she was caught a number of times looking a little worse for wear when she was trying to have a good time. This photo was one of many taken of Kate looking a little rough around the edges, and proving that she may have had one drink too many. The Queen must have been shocked and appalled when this picture surfaced, as getting drunk and looking like this are not things a princess should be doing. Kate has definitely toned down her partying since marrying Will and becoming a royal mother, but sadly for her, these pictures will always haunt her.

2 Cleaning Up Her Castle

Of all the pictures of Meghan we’ve see so far, this one is definitely the most racy! This photo would get any man hot under the collar, and we’re sure this picture is one of Prince Harry’s favorites. But what would the Queen think if she saw Meghan like this? We’re pretty positive Her Royal Highness would be less than pleased knowing her future granddaughter-in-law was trotting around dressed like a sexy maid! A picture like this is pretty scandalous, and definitely would not go down well with the older generation of royals. We’re sure Meghan isn’t getting this photo out to show her new family her body of work, and she’d probably like everyone to forget this scene she was filmed in.

1 Getting Steamy On Screen

Meghan is best known for her role on legal drama Suits, and in the show she has had quite a few steamy scenes with her on-screen colleagues. The photos pictured here definitely will have made the Queen raise her eyebrows and we’re certain she had some thoughts about her grandson marrying the actress depicted in these sultry scenes. It’s hard looking at these pictures and not wondering what Harry must think about them, but as long as he’s cool with it, we’re cool with it! Now if only the Queen had the same open-mindedness that we do...Then again, there’s a chance that maybe Her Royal Highness hasn’t seen these pics. We doubt that she’s an avid Suits fan, but with all these photos of her grandson’s future wife coming out in the press, we’re certain she’s got a glimpse of them.

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