15 Photos of Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is the total definition of a girl boss. She got her start acting on the TV drama Dark Angel in 2000 and won praise for her roles in movies like HoneyInto the Blue and Sin City. These days, she's best known as a mom of two daughters, Honor and Haven (and is currently pregnant with her third child), and as the founder of The Honest Company. Jessica's doing an amazing job running her business, which makes household products that are both good for you and good for the earth, too.

It's amazing to see a celebrity who is not only a devoted parent but also an inspiring and accomplished businesswoman. That's absolutely not something that we see every day. It just proves that you can do anything that you put your mind to and that you can absolutely follow your dreams every single day. Of course, we have to bring up another very important point about Jessica Alba: she's pretty good-looking. Okay, okay, she's super good-looking. She's one of the prettiest female celebs in Hollywood. So we just had to round up some photos of her looking ridiculously hot. What can we say?! It was our duty. Check out these 15 photos of Jessica Alba! She looks so hot that you'll totally forget that she's a mom.

15 Baseball Beauty

This is a much sportier look for Jessica Alba than we normally see, and we're loving it. Of course, we love her so that's not much of a stretch. We would never say anything negative about her because she's a true beauty. And she looks absolutely beautiful hanging out on the baseball field in this Dodgers jersey.

We love this picture because she looks like a regular girl. If we didn't know that she was a famous actress and businesswoman, we would totally say that she was just one of us. Okay, we would say that she's so much prettier than the average woman, because just look at it, but we would feel like she was the girl next door. We love seeing candid shots like this one.

14 Babe In Blue

This is one sexy photo, that's for sure. From the one-shoulder bright blue bikini to Jessica Alba's tanned and toned body to her slicked back updo to her closed eyes, it's all just really hot. This is another photo that is totally any man's fantasy. Absolutely.

Every time we see a photo of Jessica Alba's abs, we honestly can't believe how good she looks. She really has killer abs. We know that most female celebs are fairly attractive and they have access to gyms and personal trainers and pricey boutique fitness classes, so most of them probably have similar abs. But come on. These are really something. They're the definition of sculpted. They're what we think of when we think of abs. We really need to learn her secrets. Jessica, teach us your ways.

13 Just Dance

This image is from the 2003 movie Honey, which Jessica Alba starred in and which started her rise to fame. She played the title character who had a bunch of jobs but really wanted to be a choreographer. Jessica had some killer dance moves in the film... and she had some killer abs, too. Because wow. We can't even with these abs.

Sure, this photo is from 2003 so that was quite a while ago, but honestly, we don't see any difference in the way that Jessica Alba looks from then to now. Yeah, she's a bit older and she has different hair now since it's not so curly, but she still looks as hot as she ever did. Then again, we don't think that she could ever not look hot. That's our story and we're sticking to it.

12 Babe On The Beach

Take a pretty actress, put her in a white bikini, make her skin super shiny, and put her on the beach. Yeah, she's going to look really, really hot. There's just no doubt about it. That being said, Jessica Alba looks particularly beautiful here, and she rules.

What we really love is Jessica's confidence. Just look at the fierce determination in her eyes. It's like she's saying, "Yeah, I'm hot, so what? I totally know how good I look." If that was really what she was thinking when this photo was taken, we wouldn't blame her. We would think that it made perfect sense. She does look insanely beautiful all the time, but this is one photo that really brings the heat. It's getting hot in here for sure...

11 Roses Are Red...

Roses are red, violets are blue, and Jessica Alba looks super hot in this photo. We wonder if this was taken as part of a Valentine's Day photo shoot or at least for some fancy publication. The whole vibe is both sexy and romantic, and we would love to recreate this for our own boyfriends. There's an idea...

This was obviously taken a while ago since Jessica looks super young here, but that doesn't make it any less of a super hot photo. We love that she's wearing a fairly simple outfit -- just a red dress (or a romper, it's kind of hard to tell) and wedge shoes -- because it lets the red roses be the star of the show. Of course, Jessica's the star of the show, but the roses definitely bring something special.

10 Wet And Wild

Jessica's definitely bringing the heat in this photo of her in a white bathing suit with a towel draped over her shoulder. The way that she's looking at the camera is incredibly seductive, and we're sure that any guy looking at this will start sweating immediately. Yup. That's our prediction. And we just know that we're 100 percent right.

It's like this photo was taken so it would literally be every man's fantasy, right?! Just look at all the sexy elements here: Jessica's wet hair, shiny skin, cleavage, the towel, and her flawless makeup. She couldn't possibly look bad with these elements, but since she's so good-looking, that makes this photo a million times hotter. This is one of the hottest photos of her for sure.

9 Sunglasses Queen

It's pretty cool to see that someone can be a mom of two (soon to be three since Jessica announced that she was pregnant again this past summer) and look this incredibly hot. It gives us all hope, right? We definitely don't think that you have to "let yourself go" or anything depressing like that when you have kids. You can be hot and sexy and whatever else you want to be. It's not like that all has to go away.

For Jessica Alba, she's definitely just as beautiful as she was before she had kids, and we love following her on social media and seeing all of the selfies and fun photos that she posts. This one is from her pretty Instagram account and it's giving us serious vacation vibes. Now all we want to do is chill out on the beach and wear sunglasses like this one.

8 Alba's Abs

Jessica's two-toned bikini is super cute, but of course that's not what anyone who sees this photo is going to focus on. Nope. Everyone is going to go crazy over how hot she looks, and hey, we're no different. We think that she looks like perfection here.

She was on vacation in Saint Barts with her husband, Cash Warren, when this photo was taken, and she looks like she was having a really fun time. Okay, so we might not be able to read that much from a single photo, but she really does look happy. We love this photo because it's a really chill, natural look for her. She doesn't look like she's trying too hard or anything like that. She's just being herself, and she looks beautiful.

7 Bubblegum Fun

This photo was taken for GQ, and that publication always does an awesome job with their celebrity photo shoots. The pictures are always super interesting and have really cool concepts and backgrounds. This photo of Jessica Alba in a simple black tank top and gold bird necklace blowing a huge bubblegum bubble is really hot. That's really all there is to it.

She looks really edgy and cool here, and we would definitely never think that she was a mom when looking at this photo if we had no idea about her life or family situation. After all, she's blowing a bubble, which is a pretty suggestive thing to do, and our eyes are drawn to her cleavage. Just being honest here (no pun intended...).

6 Sultry Star

Is there a bad photo of Jessica Alba in a bathing suit? We don't think so. That doesn't sound like it would ever be even remotely possible.

This time, the star's wearing a really gorgeous black one-piece, but it's not any ordinary one-piece. Of course not. Nope. It's got some sheer fabric so we can see the outline of Jessica's awesome abs. It kind of looks like a black bikini crossed with a one-piece. It's pretty cool and we wouldn't complain if we could get this suit for our own summer wardrobe. Jessica looks amazing posing for this photo with windswept hair and red lipstick. This is yet another photo that totally brings the heat... not that we had any doubt. By now it's pretty clear that she's always super hot.

5 Blue Crush

Jessica's acting career got off to a great start in the early 2000s, and the whole vibe of this photo definitely screams that time period, so it was probably taken around then.

Everything happening here is super hot. Her tanned, bronzed skin. Her belly button ring. Her golden blonde hair that's flowing in the wind. Her bikini. Her perfect abs. It all works. This proves that Jessica has always had the best abs ever (yup, we're calling it) and that she looks just as hot now as she did back then, kids or no kids. Wait, we have to chat about her abs again. We get seriously distracted everytime we see them. They really are a thing of beauty and we just need to know how she manages to keep them up.

4 Fun In The Sun

This is a really stripped down, chill photo, and that's the reason that we like it so much. Sure, it's sexy AF, thanks to the fact that Jessica Alba's kneeling on the sand and her knees are all sandy. Oh yeah, and she's wearing a white tank top over a bikini and staring seductively at the camera. Those things make it pretty hot, too. But it also looks like this is really Jessica Alba and she's just hanging out at the beach, being herself.

Maybe that's just because she's got messy, wet hair and she's not wearing anything fancy. Whatever it is, we'll take it, and we would definitely never guess that a mom of two (soon to be three) looked this hot. We should all stop thinking that way, of course, since just because someone has kids doesn't mean that they automatically get less hot or something. Jessica proves that hotness can definitely last.

3 Bikinis For Days

Any woman who's fairly fit can look hot in a bikini. It's basically one of the hottest items of clothing that we can wear. It takes someone special to look hot, healthy, and happy at the same time. Of course, if anyone could, it would be Jessica Alba, and that's exactly what's going on here.

We can just tell that she's not only a happy girl but that she's also really healthy. Whenever she's interviewed about what she eats on a regular basis and how she works out, she talks about loving hot yoga and making smoothies with almond butter. We think that her lifestyle is really working for her. If we could look like this, we would eat all the almond butter in the world.

2 What A Babe

We could totally look at photos of Jessica Alba in bathing suits all day long. She's just so pretty and makes us feel like if we could just up our fitness game and set some goals, we could totally look like her. Or, okay, fine, we could look like ourselves, just healthier and fitter. Life would be super boring if we all looked the same.

We're loving this bathing suit since it's pretty unique. We like that it's a one piece so it's fairly modest, but at the same time, it shows off Jessica's amazing abs and the sides of her body. She looks sporty and sexy and incredibly healthy, and that's a very attractive thing. It's great when someone takes care of themselves and lives a healthy lifestyle, whether they're famous or not.

1 Into The Blue

Jessica Alba starred in the 2005 film Into the Blue with Paul Walker (R.I.P. -- still the worst news ever) and it was all about living in the Bahamas. We can definitely say that any movie that involves her wearing a bikini or bathing suit for most of it is a winner in our books. We think that she's some major #fitnessinspo and we're always down to get some more motivation to step up our fitness.

It's pretty obvious that we as a society (especially us females) want to know what celebs do to stay in shape and look so awesome. In Jessica Alba's case, she told Brydie.com that she's into group classes and hot yoga. She said, "I really like taking group classes, or I like to work out with friends. I like high-intensity workouts; I like moving around a lot. I don’t like a lot of repetition. I like Spin classes, depending on the teacher and the playlist. I do like hot yoga classes, if it’s done at a good pace. I prefer it mixed in with light weights, so like a sculpting hot yoga class. I’ll always work out with a friend because it’s more fun." Sold. That's our new fitness routine for sure.

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